1. Andrew is 100% correct when comes to the Vietnamese Cultural shift and thinking, when it comes to wanting to move abroad and study or live, a American vietnamese friend of mine said that only 15% or less are now choosing to come to America or Europe and it has been a growing sentiment for the past few years now amongst the younger generation and older I’m also a person of African & Caribbean decent living here in Đà Nẵng Việt Nam, for the past 3 years now and I’m also a English teacher part time an can speak enough Vietnamese to conversate with the locals, according to the one of my good friends Cang who’s Vietnamese said to me that he and his wife are saving to send their 2 boy to Japan to get a higher education instead of sending them America or Europe because there’s too much violence and he doesn’t want to have to worry an it is going be cheaper to send his kids to school in Japan where it is easier for him and his wife to visit.

  2. Secondly Andrew is also correct about the grim look an what life looks like after lockdown and social distancing plus the local Vietnamese community has adopted to things as if it’s just another day when as a foreigner we can see the disparaging lack of enjoyment in the atmosphere compared to what it looked and felt like before Covid-19. Plus when it comes to the borders reopening no one really knows because the news changes every day and really hate it when some youtubers make videos about it’s all fun in the sun again, sending a false message to the outside world.

  3. Another very informative video. My flight to Saigon was cancelled by the Asiana Airline last week. I left Saigon at the end of March, when they start to close some of my favorite restaurants. Also, I have decided not to invest in Vietnam, but rather I chose Germany to invest. Somewhat I feel more comfortable/peaceful with this choice. Maybe in few years, I might re-consider investing in Vietnam. Best wishes to your career in Vietnam.

  4. Good video, my frien he is living and teaching English in Hanoi. I was in Vietnam in 2017 can not wait to come back to Vietnam. My friend said lots of teaching English jobs but not much foreigners as most have gone back to their own countries.

  5. Vietnam without tourism will be OK for the local people because they will adapt. Vietnam tourism is a large part of their economy. However, I think Vietnam is looking to be more independent and less codependent on other countries. The year 2020 is a big change for Vietnam. The world now is a global marketplace and Vietnam cannot survive on their own.

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