Testing Average Weight Of The Milkfish 8/2/20

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  1. Hi Brian great videos just want to say happy birthday to you and marcel I know that your birthdays together on August 3rd tomorrow keep up the good love between you and marcel this is going to be the best birthday for the 2 of you because you have baby Charlie wish I could be there with you Brian and marcel wishing you both a great birthday God bless you all stay safe always everyone and maybe tomorrow night Philippines time you can do a live stream for your birthday ok have a great day Brian and marcel and Charlie I really appreciate everything that you do seriously I understand all the hard work you do with everything I’m also leaving Calgary Alberta Canada August 28th 630 am when I get a chance me and my wife hanzel we like to come visit you all some time in the future when this lockdown comes to a end so we can travel to bolol ok

  2. Hi Brian was just ont he live stream with Gina and told her I needed a new fish pen video!!! This is close enough though. I love those pen videos

  3. Looking forward to see how you both organise the next fish sale at the Markets? I think and obviously it’s only my opinion, but I think you were royally screwed over mate, the foreigner run around and two step by the market buyers. NNNNGK , just how I thought at the time !!!!!! Will you take out some prospective buyers to the pen first before harvest and work a deal before even thinking of putting in the net? Like—give certain market buyers, the ones who think they are the heavyweights there, a private chance to make a deal? Make them feel they are ”special” and so forth? I think rocking up to the markets with your fish is dangerous. They will again give you bottom price—and you know the thinking of it as we do—huh we screwed him last time we will screw him again. BUT, this time Brian you need to assert yourself and get the better part of the deal. Be bold, be strong and even tho your Bisaya is woeful, ensure you are in on every conversation to do with the sale and stick to your guns. None of the buyers will walk away, they want your fish to buy as much as you want to sell it.

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