Thailand Travel, it’s just to easy. Next stop Khon Kaen.

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  1. Isan is huge. If I meet an Isan person, I asked them what province they are from. I can speak Khmer to a Isan from Buriram,Surin,Sisaket. I went to a cousin village in Sisaket. Khmer, Thai, Kui, Lao all live in peace Samaki.

  2. Very true words Chuck..What u said. ‘Craziness is there from beginning of civilization and life is what you make of it ‘. From past 4 to 5 months it’s been rough time….things took worng turn for my job and new camper van business I started. Your channel has given entertainment and kinds words to go through this 👍👍👍👍

  3. I signed my retirement papers this month. Done Jan 15th if Thailand opens to tourists I will be there by Feb 1!! Here’s hoping. All the best to you both.

  4. Great Video Chuck , we were and maybe still go to Khon kaen Zoo today if the rain stop we will go for Arnie, love the kinda French music at the start reminds me for my French land France, Cheers Guys stay safe Chucka Beer, Crikey Liverpool Cup now that’s bad lol Go Go Manchester United Lol

  5. You show already enough Chuck, if someone wants to learn more about the amazing places You show with Paige he is free to visit a Library or use the Internet to get those there. You give the inspirational views and experiences. Should be enough to animate half dead minds to explore the source they have. You are just one entertaining under endless ones. Keep it up, I enjoy it as mind and soul food.

  6. Very beautiful , everywhere you have stayed is so so nice , hopefully 2021 or 2022 I will get to go to the bridge ? Fulfil a tick on the bucket list . 👍👍👍

  7. Loved the intro music. Nice perspective on the family singing happy birthday, so true. THANK YOU FOR SHARING THIS KOH SAMUI SERIES WITH US! LOVED IT!

  8. U bypassed the dam chuck u need to have lunch on the water next time plenty to see for yr viewers thinking of something different to experience in khon Kaen

  9. Chuck, I can remember back in 1986 when the hwy from Korat to Bangkok was a 2 lane rd, and were the rest area by the lake use to be seafood resturants all along the hwy there. I use to stop and eat there when I went to Bangkok.

  10. Thanks chuck and paige it’s mick here and donna we love all of your videos we miss Thailand so so much. And keep up with the videos 😎👍🍻🍹cheers

  11. Another great journey you shared with us Chuck and Paige. Cheers for sharing the adventures.
    Missing Thailand and my partner, but loving still getting to see Thailand through your lense.
    Cheers 🍻

  12. Sorry, it’s your grammar teacher here again. Need to use the adverb (‘too easy’) not the preposition ‘to’ (assume US English has the same rules as Oz/UK English). Anyway, loved the trips to Chumphon and KK). Had flights to both those places in March before the lockdown. So must use my flight credits to get there once normality resumes (in 2024?).

  13. Love Khon Kaen… Ton Tann Market is one of a kind. A lot of beautiful sights within an hour drive from the , King Cobra farm to , Ubolratana Dam and , one of the most beautiful temples 🕍 in Essan , Wat Thung Setthi.

  14. Personally next time I am in Anuttaya I will stay at the antique house. I like things like that. Reminds me of the things I remember as a child. When I stay there may be I can watch some episodes of I Love Lucy on YouTube.

  15. Ticket fine goes to buy can of Leo and a Thai donut! When you get older it seems you dribble more of your food on your shirt….. Roads will look better than in the US…ool!

  16. Gratefulness is the start of peace. Governments and civilizations come and go. Everything has an expiration date even us. Don’t dwell on the past and not think too much about the future and enjoy the moment. Thank you for the videos Chuck and Paige!

  17. I just want to explain to you something about the police down here the police only get paid by the state and the building itself is sometimes paid for by the state but sometimes they pay for rent themselves but the money they get in goes to equipment at the police station such as printer paper water color cartridges for printer and everything else withholding and I know for sure as I have worked at the tourist police for 4 years but stopped 3 years ago then now we only had to sit at the station and not come out or go patrol much and we cooperated with the local police so here you have the explanation of their use of money for fines

  18. Greetings from Friendswood Texas!!! Thank you for an awesome trip! I feel like I have been along with you and you both have made the last few weeks more enjoyable than being in the Houston area! Looking forward to your next adventure and your regular day to day life with your Thai family!!!!

  19. Hello Chuck and Paige, you’re right don’t research to much before you go somewhere it’s not your style of videos. Just enjoy every trip 😎

  20. It must be pretty safe in Thailand? Not much crime? You seem confident to take off by yourself and ride a bike in a relatively unfamiliar area. Are there areas that you avoid because of crime?

  21. Way more to see in Ayutthaya than on your video!

    What about to experience River Kwai and sleep at a boat on the river near Sai Yot?

    BTW: We stayed at the same “hotel” with no air conditioning, but cheap.

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