Thailand’s #1 Tourist Island is a Ghost Town

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  1. Found your channel recently and I’ve been binge watching since. Awesome variety of videos. If I was 30yrs younger I think I’d been out there with you. Doing a great job Chad, keep it up. From the UK.

  2. Each time I check out one of your videos, Chad, I get more and more anxious to retire. Hopefully, this year. Your videos have displayed the beauty that is Thailand while keeping us grounded in the realities of living there.

  3. Wow! I’ve been to PP many times! Looking at this is kind of sad but also a great time to be visiting this island as it’s normally very loud and busy all day and night!

  4. Yo Chad, bro you freaking got me with the kitty cat innuendo! I’m thinking nooo,you’ll be demonotized!! Good one bro, good one πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ˜œ

  5. I lived over seas for many years on Guam. The Locals called that tree the Taotaomo’na tree. They also believe it houses the spirits of their dead.

  6. That’s seriously crazy seeing Koh Phi phi like that. Traveled Asia last year and Phi ohi was just packed with people. I’m so jealous right now Chad. You’re living a dream. Love your videos! Enjoy the beer 🍻 Cheers!

  7. Wish I was there instead of here shut getting Cray in America bombing downtown Nashville Tennessee in my city! Riots everywhere! Embarrassing man

  8. Cool, looks like best time ever to be there almost alone on that island. Still probably way to hot for me, canada is too hot for me we can hit well maybe 40C what’s that 110 F? But thankfully it only lasts few weeks.

  9. I miss Thailand so much! Been to Phi Phi last 2 years and there million of tourist around the World!! I’m Thai living in America and I just want to go back to visit… Hey Chad, wanna switch life? πŸ˜‚

  10. Scary to see this island so empty. I was there only for few hours during Phi Phi island tour from Phuket but I remember this island was full of tourists and life. The true is it was overcrowded then.

  11. Thanks for educating us on the beautiful islands, culture and people there. Was in Thailand and other asian countries in the mid-80’s and things seem to have changed for the better.

  12. We in malaysia usualy avoid those tree they put ribbons on.. yeah its true. Paranormal activity is very high on those tree.. well if u believe in such a thing as ghost n stuff

  13. Phi phi is so overrated and i would say a tourist trap (when it was normal). If you want to eat in a restaurant the cheapest food you can get there is Mcdonald, when you get off the boat to the island. If you dont mind eating street food, there is a market in the morning round the corner from the 7 11where the locals buy there fried chicken and sticky rice…etc for 25 baht. But if you are a typical good looking skinny caucasian male/female and you want to Party and pull opposite sex you will spend alot of Bahts there.

  14. I made my first trip to Thailand in october 2004, it means 2 month before the terrible Tsunami.
    With my wife, we have been to Phi Phi, and I think that we had the chance to know the “old” version of Phi Phi.
    I think it was much more roots.
    In any case, it is so sad to see this place looking like a gost town.
    Hope I will have the chance to go back there.

  15. Chad, my main man! You gotta make longer videos when visiting such awesome and famous place. I don’t care if they are abandoned at the moment. You gotta give us at least 12-14 mins of interesting content or recommendations. Thank you in advance.

  16. Wish I was there now to see the real beauty of the place
    Was a disgrace a couple of years ago, boats from one end of the beach to the other
    Had to literally reverse into a small space and push the other boats aside
    Totally enjoy your vlogs mate πŸ‘

  17. Koh Phi Phi is my least favorite place on earth. Spent one night there and found the first ferry out back to Phuket City the next morning. I’m not a frat bro toga party dude, so that’s why it is not for me.

  18. When I start e new economic manager game on PC, like Rollercoaster Tycoon, I always wonder, what kind of people show up there, when I just started building some ice cream and lemonade shops. It’s you! You are always the first guy showing up to buy lemonade (beer) in an empty rollercoaster park. xD I love you bro. Greetings from Berlin.

  19. All this bullshit just so Bill Gates and his friends can fill their pockets… Yeah some people still believe its conspiracy. I tell you something, the plan is that the lockdowns never end until first world countries economies are destroyed. Google “Klaus Schwab the great reset”. He even wrote a book about this. They (Bill Gates and friends) simulated all this months before covid. Agenda 2030 is the great reset. Call it conspiracy. Until you realize you lost everything. Then you will start to think. But it will be too late…

  20. Was head chef i timber house resort and working at krabi resort as well go there and ask the managment about stephan may only the pukaoluam family will remember me

  21. it’s covid it’s normal….and thailand is closed now I can’t wait to go there πŸ‡ΉπŸ‡­ πŸ‡ΉπŸ‡­β™₯️β™₯️β™₯️β™₯️ my favorite Asia country of all time. I never want to other Asian country since I’ve been to Thailand…. also they have best food and culture as well

  22. Hey Chad, is Maya Bay open right now? It is THE most beautiful place I visited in Thailand. I was lucky enough to camp overnight with a small group and experienced bioluminescent plankton AND such an incredible view of the milky way! Hands down my best natural beauty experience.

  23. That’s my dream visit.Enjoying the beautiful sunset on that island with just a few good people. Tourists just about ruined the that place. So lucky to see it like this.

  24. I was waiting for you to throw that fire baton and catch it, you would have been totally safe trying thatπŸ”₯πŸ”₯, and hopefully you got that girls digits

  25. the other phi phi ley is even quieter, no bars. get up early chad watch the sun rise. i remember laying on an empty beach with my 1 year old son ( 23 now) to watch the sun rise on phi phi. it’s those memories that spur me on to return one day. whilst in ao nang you could visit gillhams fishery to catch a 500lb arapaima!! there are monsters in there and it’s a beautiful place honestly

  26. Chad, you did not see those monitor lizards?!?!?! When i was there in Feb 2020 I had a monitor lizard that hung out under my bungalow. You did not see them??

  27. so so sad to see, when i was their it was in nov 2019 and it was i guess not the high season yet, and it was still pretty busy…..sad to see it like this, but it would be nice to have all beaches to yourself, miss you Thailand everyday

  28. Now you make me want to go find and watch a video of what this place looked like pre-Covid lolz: cheers!🍻 from NYC on a Sunday afternoon

  29. Forgot all about this island. Have not visited it yet and have got to make a plan to go some day. And the girl towards the end by the fire dancers was very cute, eh! Thanks for the video, bro. πŸ‘Œ

  30. We don’t see what is happening?
    I was on Elephant island off season & there was still tourists there in 09.
    The world is in a sorry state over a lie!
    All those people you meet are totally fucked!
    My wife is Thai & this makes me upset.

  31. I don’t like crowds either, but Chad, this was depressing. Only the scenery was good. I need some people to people watch. One cute little Thai girl πŸ˜ƒ

  32. It really saddens me to see this. Koh Samui is the same. I tried so hard to tell my friend on Koh Samui that she needed to go back home to her province because this situation isn’t going away for a long time. It maybe three or four years before the same levels of tourism as before are achieved. My girlfriend lives in Ubon Rattachani and I don’t know when I’ll be able to see her again. Ao Nang, Railay beach and Phi Phi are without a doubt the most beautiful places to visit. Never forget my times there.

  33. Weird to see it sooo empty… I hope my favourite restaurant is still open (Efe Mediterranean) when I finally go back! Has anyone else been? It’s soo tasty!!!

  34. Awsome, also avoides it before, but visited end of march 2020, were 2!!! Boats including us… at ”the beach” location… off course my brother droped a pair of swimming cyclops, 500baht fine ;D ahhahaha enjoy the islands!

  35. I stayed at the pirates guest house years ago Snorkelling daytime parting of a night Apache Bar not sure it’s still around Fatimas massage as well seems a thousand centuries ago happy memories thanks for the vidπŸ€™πŸ»

  36. I was originally planning to come to Thailand this January or early February but when I’ve heard there is a mandatory two week quarantine only. I can stay one month. Can anyone give me any advice? this is totally enforced or not?

  37. That’s the best you got with a fire stick in hand Chad? 🀣🀣 You are so funny mate. Appreciate all the unseen hard work that goes in behind the scene for churning out such quality content. Dope. Been to Phi Phi in 2016. Can’t recognise what I see now.

  38. Incredibly strange to see so few people there, have been here 3 times before, there have been two much people each time.
    March. April and September. 2009-2010

  39. Koh Phi Phi, has totally revamp after the Tsunami. When I went in 2001 it was just a small bars on both side of a small dirt laneway in front of the pier. Now it has changed so much with paved lane and more better built stores etc. I will go back once just for old time sake. Cheers another good video bringing back the memory. Thank you Chad!!

  40. the islands on phi phi,
    can’t help but notice of the guy standing in the water in the next frame. the waters got a green/yellow tint

  41. Beautiful beach, I was there years ago and the beach was just packed with tourists. Great video as always thank you. Miss Thailand but enjoying Mexico and Colombia for now

  42. I look forward to you clinking the camera for the sunset beer cheers in every video! Something about that sound, seems like you’re really cheersing with all of us!

  43. I’ve not been to Phi Phi for 12 years but visited for many years before that. It was such a beautiful place to relax. Some people say that 3 days is enough but not if you like to chill. I remember once hiring out a kayak and paddling to some nearby islands.

  44. I was on phi phi when had nothing on it just a few huts,I did say I’d subscribe if you went south so I will now, it gets better further south you go past krabi, grab a motorbike krabi and ride south and do the islands also, couple months left before tourists will start flowing back, the Chinese 1st know doubt

  45. I was there x-mas 2002, exactly a year before the tsunami. It is a beautiful place. So sad to see it suffering. It’s everywhere. A silver lining is that nature gets time to recover. Wish I were there. Thanks for taking us!

  46. Thank you for another great video. We all appreciate your hard work. Chad, you obviously like seclusion, but do you ever worry about the lack of people? As in….do the areas feel creepy? Perhaps they won’t ever be quite the same in the future?

  47. Nature has likely been given that reprieve from human pollution and abject stupidity. I heard James Bond Bay was closed for some time so the reefs could repair themselves.

  48. Krabi and phi phi ! Couple of my favorite spots! Krabi is nice and quite even durning high season usually ,especially compared to Ko phi phi. I’m surprised you didn’t film more there since theres an even better beach just a walk away from that one with the cliffs over hanging the water plus the view point and lagoon! Man this one time on phi phi I was partying with a couple of hot Japanese’s tourists at party beach jumping through fire rings and drinking Thai moonshine …. I barely got off the island the next day I was so hungover. Lol

  49. Wow so crazy to see! When I went to phi phi u couldn’t even walk down the sidewalk to many people! And the beach yeah right didn’t even see it !! Lol awesome video chad!

  50. Chad, this afternoon I was walking in the tourist area around my village, which is normally full of tourists. For 30 minutes I was completely alone, no one was there. Very surreal. Just read on the news that our lockdown will last for several more weeks untill February 10. This situation is everywhere the same, everything is closed. I hope I will get vaccinated soon and be able to visit Thailand within a few months. Stay safe and stay healthy. Greetings from the Netherlands.

  51. Dude you are the luckiest man in the world right now. Thailand all to yourself. I was going to go in may last year,but my flight got cancelled just a couple of days before. I was so looking forward to being stuck there,but unfortunately. At least you provide the escapism now πŸ˜†

  52. i knew it….. since your last island video you were in james bond island i thought to myself “hey maybe the next island video would be in Phiphi island since it’s kinda near” and tadaahhhh here we are. keep doin’ it bro.

  53. Insane to see it like this after experiencing it last January. I have to say Ao Nang was still pretty quiet in January 2020 on the beach compared to Railay. You are keeping the dream alive for returning soon and it is incredible that you have it all to yourself. Have fun out there!

  54. Super beautiful place – sad that it’s quiet – but would be special to have it to yourself basically – πŸ‡¦πŸ‡ΊπŸ™πŸ‘πŸ»

  55. You have become my favorite Thai blogger. The combination of motorsports, cars, and the natural beauty of Thailand is the reason I enjoy the videos.

  56. hey chad your a photographer right? if you are not taking advantage of these empty beaches with some artistic photography you are missing a trick,buddhism and empty beach shots sell sun sky sea sand

  57. Was there Jan 30 last year first ever time abroad and it was an amazing looked nothing like that! super jealous to see you there much love enjoy that rare experience

  58. The girl’s facial expressions in the fire show was priceless. Fascinating to see what’s going on – or not going on in the resorts. Terrible though for the people impacted.

  59. Finally I’ve been waiting for you to go to this town. Go have a beer at dawn of happiness resort just outside of town .It was the first place me and my son stayed in Thailand and I absolutely loved the simplicity of it.

  60. Nice to see you picked up a Sheila to drink with those beers. Never been to Ko Phi Phi but seems the beach is the best bit! I’m over the bar scene and there’s way too many for me. God it must be like hell when it’s busy! Plenty of other spots in Thailand far nicer. Thx for the warning!

  61. Domestic travel are now stopped completely because new wave of COVID outbreak. That’s why it’s like ghost town, no local tourists. All January bookings all cancelled.

  62. Hello Chad,, thank you for this video,,
    Very sad to see so many busnisses closed,,,
    I hope that the β€œ Situation” goes away,, y feel for all those poeple that depend on turists to keep places open,,, take care,, peace✌🏼🍺

  63. Beautiful Chad. But such a shame to see small business devastated in such a manner. Lets all pray everyone survives to become strong and vibrant again. It’s really like this almost everywhere and you are fortunate to be able to have the amount of freedom you do. Looks like a beautiful place that is for certain. Hope you are able to follow up with some of the insanely beautiful scenery that obviously exists there. Looks like a pretty tight place even just you walking around, certainly more relaxing than it would be packed wall to wall with tourists. Enjoy those experiences as it’s probably a once in a lifetime moment, we can only hope.

  64. I stayed at Viking Nature Resort in a hut right at the beach. The natural path made getting back drunk challenging at times.

    I can’t believe how dead and dark it is. There were a lot of farang bar promoters there at the time. Guess they had to go home. The Reggae Bar has a Muay Thai ring inside and patrons can challenge each other to a fight and the winner gets free alcohol. That was interesting.

    My best experience was taking a longtail boat to where the beach was filmed, and swimming from the the boat with phone & money in a plastc bag above the water in one hand, to the cargo netting on draped over a cliffside, then scaling that to get onto the island.

    Viewpoint 2 is pretty cool,. I miss that place!

  65. Happy ending. Thank you for a peaceful and informative tour of Ao Nang and Koh Phi Phi. Hopefully the tourists are coming back soon. Stay healthy. Cheers!

  66. The wife and I went to Thailand 6 days after the tsunami and after about 4 weeks, we decided to head to the south as we knew they would appreciate the baht. We were practically the only ones there so I totally know how you feel; that sense of being lucky to experience it mixed with the guilt of enjoying, what is clearly a hard time for the locals is a conflicting feeling.

  67. Bro this is literally the best entertainment YouTube channel in history!! I am a big car guy and always so interested in what other parts of the world have to offer and I love everything video that I’ve seen and you know classic alot of people who seen this channel probably came from his riverboat videos! Was scrolling though YouTube, that video popped up, never looked back!!

  68. Can’t imagine why the place isn’t full of Thai tourists ? Looks delightful and just as I remember it from 35years ago ! I imagine all those missing foreign tourists would bring a real quality to the place !

  69. My god Chad, you are sooo privileged to have this over touristic place to yourself. YOU created your seemingly fabulous, enviable nomadic lifestyle. Good on ya for that. ;-] My only visit to this place was on a day trip from Phuket in about 1998. I’d NEVER go back. I,d love to meet you one day for a sunset beer, but never when sober. ;-]

  70. I envy yet am happy I am not in Thailand right now. I miss the food, culture and good times, but it seems like because so many shops are closed and night life is dead, there isn’t much of a reason to do much. Am I wrong to think this?

  71. G’day Chad, it’s awesome watching your content mate, over the past 12 months . You have added a lot to the Thailand bucket list. Cheers mate, if we ever get a chance to meet, we’re definitely having a beer

  72. It’s even more quite because Thais and expats cannot travel from Bangkok or Pattaya etc as the Mayor of those city’s have restriction orders not to travel outside of those province areas

  73. I love your videos and yours is probably my favorite YouTube channel, but this video did make me a little sad… All of those businesses and no patrons; I so hope these people are able to survive this ‘scamdemic’. Life can’t get back to normal soon enough.

  74. Why is Koh Tao called ” Death Island” ? Over a dozen tourist have died there and besides the accidental drownings there are mysterious murderers and rapes near sairee beach reported by british backpackers over the last few years. Perhaps you can visit there and have a few beers out of curiosity.

  75. Last time I was on Phi Phi you couldn’t even walk full stride without bumping into someone. Also if you don’t bring your own girl there will not be one. 55555 Thanks for the flashback brother. God bless

  76. Another great video Chad..Always entertained by all vids…I like the fact you refer to the so-called pandemic as the situation knowing it’s a scam..If you told the truth your ass would be deported in a hot minute…Anyone who does any research discovers its a scam…There are censoring doctors all over world who speak out against it. You tube censoring Dr Erickson is one example…Thousands of people testing positive with no symptoms..People dying from other causes but are listed as Covid deaths…..It’s a treatable cold bug Vitamin C D zinc hydroxychloroquine, inhaled Budesonide…Only a fit tested N95 mask will protect you from in the the air…

  77. Great video. Trying to keep it entertaining and ended up feeling very real and personal. I could feel the isolation and freedom of no other tourist. Awesome job!! πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

  78. walked those little streets sooooo many times over last 15 years almost surreal to see it this way … i’ll miss my winter trip this year πŸ™ i kinda envy you being there experiencing these strange times …i’d love to see it being one of few people there πŸ™‚

  79. ❀❀ Chad, I was wondering if you could download a translator app? If not, try using a VPN to get to the app store. This could be a big help when the people have no idea what the crazy American is trying to say. Love your show. πŸ‘πŸ‘

  80. Crawling with pussies! Hahahahahaaa…😹😹😹😹
    In Malaysia, they call those veiny/rooty trees “Pokok Ara”,which the old also say harbor spirits and nornally avoid staying nearby..
    Awesome video,Chad!
    Fire stick!!!πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  81. Wow bro that’s pretty sad, hopefully they’ll be able to recover…keep up the great workπŸ‘πŸΏπŸ‘πŸΏπŸ‘πŸΏπŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦

  82. Chad.. I have a hate/love relationship to you’re videos. Love the content! Hate that I can’t travel to Thailand! You’re videos makes me hungry for some travelling!

  83. Bro 243k subs almost too 250k.

    Wow literally a ghost town. That sucks. But I’m like you I want to stay away from the huge tourist places it’s awesome your able to go there right now.

  84. I got the whole of thaton to myself yesterday. I rocked up, parked my bike n took my helmet off. Then i slowly turned around shouting ‘FARANG’ which i ended by coughing 3 times while pointing at my chonburi number plate.
    Ghost town in 2 minutes.

  85. What is really heartbreaking is to see Phi Phi built up so much. I was there several times more than 20 years ago. All those paved areas used to be just sandy tracks and the buildings were no more than shacks hand built from old driftwood and tin sheets. It as bloody lovely back then as the ferry rounded the cliffs and the bay came into view with nothing but beach and palm trees and a few boats visible. I’m glad I saw it then.

  86. That is the only place I’ve visited in Thailand and you’re right, I am stunned!!!! and a bit jealous because when I visited it was so crowded you couldn’t really enjoy the scenery.

  87. My fav spot… β€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈπŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜
    The beach Resort is the spot…Private beach with a reef right in front of it…Please take us there !!!😁😁😁

  88. Its sad to see Phi Phi overrun by tourists but also sad to see it empty, I feel for the locals, if you haven’t been to Phi Phi it is a unique island and well worth the visit.

  89. Id stayed in a room beside the steps to the view point , its definitely not where the night life is , only nightlife on phi phi is on the beach full of idiot pants with buckets , longtail boat trips are amazing from phi phi but unfortunly its back packer heaven

  90. Bro, I like your videos, but you have got to learn how to pronounce these Thai city and province names. Krabi is not where krabby patties come from πŸ˜‚.

  91. I’ve been to Koh phi phi twice now, last time was in Dec 2019 and it was great. got drunk at that Dojo bar lol. The half day longboat tour to Maya bay is excellent….sad to see it like this.

  92. Chad this is just something that has been happening over the past 2 months.
    I get a notification that you have posted a video. I go to open it and then I get a message that says the video has been removed. I follow several other Expat YouTubers
    ( James – Chocolate Man in Thailand, Lucas @ Rides4Kicks, Kevin @ Issang Farang) This is not happening with their vlogs only yours.
    I am wondering if this is a YouTube glitch or because of a YouTube algorithymn. Could it be your content?
    I do not see how ! Your Videos are on the edge of insanity at times but you never put down others or Thailand. You just show things that are real and that most others would not dare. The automotive & motorcycle races & competitions are out of this world. I love them…. Your videos never are demeaning towards anyone nor have any
    been in bad taste.
    I am so looking forward to every post you put out there….
    It is just a big let down when getting the message that the post has been removed. ( note
    Not all of then messages report that the post was removed by then poster ( you )
    Sometimes it just says it has been removed but without notification by who.

  93. Man, I feel really bad for the Thais and expats who have businesses there. It’s neat to see those places without throngs of people, but devastating at the same time. I know it’s just a drop in the bucket man, but good on you for going to these places and spending a few baht on food beer and hotel rooms. I’m sure every little bit helps 🍺

  94. OK, every time you say “this is the most beautiful island”. Dude, you don’t disappoint, the next island is better than the last. The more I see, the more I want to travel there. Keep up the great work and the badass videos. By the way WATCHOUT, fire stick!!!!Β Β  Haaaaaaaaaaa ha ha

  95. Your very lucky your free to move around the country. I’m in Philippines and cannot do anything or go anywhere without tons of papers that they make impossible to obtain.

  96. I was on Phi Phi Island exactly one year ago and spent 5 days there. At certain times of the day, there would literally be thousands of people on the beach. Sad to see it like it is.

  97. Discovered your channel 3 days ago and have been binge watching since. Love your content and gosh I miss being able to travel to Thailand .
    Your new subscriber from Australia

  98. Thanks for sharing and reminding us of the great adventures that are currently available for those of us who are fortunate enough to currently be in Thailand.

  99. I am currently in Thailand, in one of the 5 eastern Provinces, being closed.. Bangkok is a red zone as well.. How can you manage to travel, without quarentien??

  100. I’ve been to Phi Phi 8 times! This is unreal how dead it is especially during peak season. All the places I used to eat frequently are closed (hopefully temporarily) It is normally shoulder to shoulder walking in that village. The tourism did go down slightly before Covid due to the closure of Maya Bay (The Beach) I’ve gone a couple of times in the off season July/August where it’s not as busy but this is scary dead! Those bars used to be packed with gorgeous blonde Australian and European girls! WHERE HAVE ALL THE GOOD TIMES GONE!!!

  101. Bro i was supposed to head to Thailand and the phillipines this year. Corona messed it all up.. wish I could get out there been saving for years and ready to go lol. Love you’re channel and videos. I hope to make it out soon as the world and corona will let me

  102. Deserted…yes , just like Koh Nangyuan was eh ? Well, last time I set foot on Koh Nangyuan, I didn’t see a soul for 10 days, except the family who ran the 3 bamboo bungalows. But I guess that was 1986. Miss those days, before mass tourism f’d it all up. Wait a minute, Russel the London courier guy was there ! Russel, what happened ? You went to get some cash on Koh Tao, but never came back !!

  103. Un believable that they are closing a economy down for a “situation” that has a 99.97 recovery rate……shocking Chad, but keep those amazing vids coming man, just love it. When this whole “situation” blows over me and the missus will certainly try to visit Thailand!

  104. Seeing that long tail in the beginning made me think it would be so cool to wacth one race against an old flatbottom drag boat that would be a sick race

  105. Coming to Phuket next? Leatherback turtles are laying eggs at Kata for the first time in 2-3 decades. First group should hatch 3 week of Feb . I’m guessing during a new moon

  106. The “situation” sucks. Cant wait to get back out there. Great videos as always Chad. I’m sure in the near future you will be doing a vaccine video . Keep up the good work🍻

  107. I went to the Maldives in November which was in a similar situation and I decided to make sure to make it to Thailand this year for the same experience, and a week out of ASQ this is definitely a trip like no other. Going to wait a week before I start traveling around and hopefully the covid restrictions relax.

  108. To anyone reading this.
    I hope you manage to achieve your wildest dreams in 2021
    Stay healthy,happy, wealthy and blessed! πŸ™
    Please kindly check out my Youtube channel if you love travelling in Thailand.

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