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The bars are closed now for 14 days but massage is still open. Every day is different here.

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Thailand Rob currently lives in Kamala Beach Phuket and is capturing video of what it’s like to see Thailand through fresh eyes and a camera. Funny, clever and informational.

I’m walking through Thailand with out a clue!

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  1. As things getting shut down here more things opening in the US and less restrictions. But European countries are locking down. This thing is something we have to live with and wear a mask if you feel you need

  2. Will the madness ever end anywhere ? LOL . I can only say Rob you have a very good place to be quarantined with local ladies poor man i feel for ya LOL

  3. You’ve come a long way since those awkward early days of your vlogging Rob, Well Done !
    Who knows you may even get some sort of suntan one day !

  4. Rob, don’t let the others dictate to you as to how to do what to do, or what to eat. Do what you want and how you want to do it.
    D O Y O U R O W N T H I N G ! You don’t dictate to others as to how to do what they do.

  5. So many familiar places in the vlog. Wow, is it ever deserted. So many tourism dependent businesses. There must be a lot of people suffering right now.

  6. Rob, it’s Soi “Bua Kow”. The white lily flower. which is sacred to Thai Buddhists. Some effort required. BTW I am a subscriber for some time now!

  7. It’s starting… from Sanook / ThaiVisa … 🙁 … Chiang Mai: All entertainment shut for 7 days – no alcohol in restaurants as new variant hits North

  8. Hey Rob , I’m from Melbourne Australia 🇦🇺, And 70 Baht for a slice of pizza 🍕 is expensive,, ( 70 = $3 Aud) Domino’s pizza will make you a whole Small pizza for that 🤔 A larger one for $5 ( Working on the exchange rate off 23 b = $1 Aud) ⁉️ Let’s face it ,,, it’s only flour and water with a few toppings 🤔🤔🤪 They must be making a killing 💵💰💵💰🤪🤪🤪

  9. Trying to come back soon to help the families. Last time I was there before covid I was feeding children on the streets until 5am in the morning. I miss the people very much and selling everything off to try and not come back to America. Thanks for the vid rob and will be back soon.

  10. So.. all those “SALE” signs are really leases/rents, and unless a foreigner has a Thai wife and lots of cash to gamble, there is no way to BUY something there.
    I am not sure if setting up a company lets a foreigner buy land, or he needs a 51% Thai partner to do that. If it’s the latter, those “SALE” signs are the epitome of the scam that is Pattaya.

  11. Its like it was in california. Most bars recently shut down that did t serve food. Bars just reopened recently that just serve alcohol only. Stay hydrated with Leo. Patreon dave

  12. Imagine being locked down for 12 months to finally get visas tests jabs … pay for a quarantine then after that everything’s closed …. no thanks

  13. Good video Rob, nothing like a cold beer good pizza. Everybody is looking forward to being able to travel to Thailand again….Cheers from Australia

  14. Home Entertainment required now, we have just cancelled our trip to Bangkok.
    Numbers will Spike in the next two weeks as Songcran will spread the Covid.

  15. Good bid Rob… But I can’t stand pizza. To me it is just glorified cheese on toast. Thai food is sensational though. Once I leave the UK I never eat crap western junk food. Always eat the local foods, wherever you are in the world.

  16. 1:19 pronounces Pattaya wrong after telling us so many times how to pronounce it correctly.
    2:29 and 2:30 does it again …. 2:37 does it again and many times after that !

  17. Love you Rob👍…Dont gett any thoughts😉…Just like your videos👍…I hope you got your friend indoors 😉…You no so you dont drop him when you go to hongnaam…..😳😉😉😄

  18. it’s a shame that this was a PLANdemic for the world so evil powers can keep the people under rule….it’s time for ALL people over the world to STAND up against tyranny!!!!

  19. It’s getting crazy in Yunnan, China. I heard some government officials in charge of a border town with Myanmar was arrested for not preventing the spread of the recent covid outbreak down there.

  20. You were wondering if people folded their pizza or not. I will fold one like that only when the topping is trying to slide off. Doesn’t matter how you eat pizza, just so long as you’re eating pizza.😁

  21. The world is shut down trying to beat this virus, but all the chumps in Pattaya only care about cheap girls and drinking beer. Maybe try to enjoy the real thailand and not only care about beer and mongering

  22. They should have banned places or events that have more than 30-40 people; as it was a big event that did not follow rules that caused this lockdown. What happened to the event being checked and monitored

  23. At 53 seconds in your vid ” more things are closing down in Pattaya” Never mentioned field hospitals with 10k beds the gov has ordered in BKK 48 hrs earlier.
    The 3rd lockdown is the big one, 65 police have tested positive, field hospitals have been erected throughout the Kingdom, all entertainment has been closed throughout, private hospitals have stopped swabbing. Get back to Kamala whilst still having A chance Rob! Love ya and take care

  24. this is bull ,just in time for songkran ,does anyone actually have flu or is this just more government crap to break the will of the people ,i watched youtube video at the start of this crap and some guy said exactly what was going to happen ,i cant remember who it was ,but so far 100% correct

  25. Wake up people this is all a bloody hoax ! all to bring in a New world order ! not a health issue at all , is all in the name of Control ! Agenda 2030 / Event 201 , Rockafella foundation operation lockstep !

  26. A little over dramatic don’t you think there Rob.” We’re being shut down” You complaining about it. No one is forcing you to live in Thailand. You have invested no money in anything , yes it’s tough for the Thai people but you as a foreigner can pull out any time not like the Thai people and if you can’t afford to go back to the US then that’s your own fault.

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