Thailand’s Insane Motorbike Races – 9 Second 1/4 Mile with 150cc

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NGO’s Drag Party is INSANE! Such a wild experience for motorsports enthusiasts here in Thailand, definitely put this on your bucket list!

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  1. Glad they took the time to use juan manuel fangios bucket 🙄 I swear theyre asking to be admitted to trauma wards. The concept of safety in these developing country, well i dont think theyve invented that yet…

  2. เด็กแว๊นเต็มไปหมด อยากให้แว๊นทุกคนมาแข่งสนามแบบนี้อย่าไปแข่งบนถนนสาธารณะ

  3. Become more excite when outlaw street-bike racers are capture public road and change to the course at every night, avoid from Royal-Thai police every time.

  4. Bro that’s some of the Most epic foreign country partying I’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing & the Fast motor 🚲 bikes was a [email protected]!N bonus & Free BeeR HELLYEAH 🍺 IS @ I CAN SAY IF IT WASN’T so Far away I’d be Their 4SHO..🤟

  5. Are these monkey bikes 2 stroke ? 2 strokes are banned here in India . And one more question if they race so many people at a time in a batch how are they deciding on the winner 😀 ? . Another Gem of a video man , worth the wait !!.

  6. More more more!! See I think this could have been 2 -15 minute videos. One of the morning and girls and stuff they have bikes up close? And the. 2nd the racing and night life and the girls!

  7. The illegal street racing is a major concern in Thailand so any promotion of legal racing is super positive. Thanks Chad for bringing where to legally ride safe. 555

  8. There is a Thai saying, “Only when your cow got stolen, then you will start building the fences.” Yep, only when there is an accident, then they will start using safety precautions. Well, at least some are wearing helmets.

  9. Gotta hand it to you. There is NOBODY who goes out and finds this kind of original content in Thailand and has the balls to put his face right into it the way you do. Truly the next fucking level!!

  10. Hi Chad, i am a dutch dude who used to live in Hua Hin for some years. on sudays i used to go to Pranburi, between Hua Hin and Prachuab khiri khan where there is an abandoned airstrip. Every sunday they have those races and me and some farang friends went there many times to watch the races. like you saud mostly we where the only white guys there. it sure was a lot of fun tho. love your videos buddy……keep em coming! greets from the Netherlands

  11. Thai people often call some of these kids (ones that drag race on the streets at night) “Dek Waen”. It’s a pejorative term used to describe kids who drag race, in groups, with very loud exhaust pipes on the public streets at night and cause a lot of controversies. To me, I think they are interesting! Also, those events are there to keep them off the public streets so that they can show case their talents and enjoy themselves without getting into trouble with the adults and the police. Yay!!!

  12. Chad. Your ears still OK after being that close to the bike blasting off? Haha.

    I’ve watched similar races here in Malaysia few times, gone deaf for a few days after each event.

  13. What’s that, they’re actually wearing a helmet. Thailand ya getting to safety oriented, it’s outta caricature for you. At least the run off area is ten deep

  14. อยากให้เด็กแว้นไปอยู่ในที่ของเขาแบบนี้ ดีกว่าไปปิดถนนแข่งกันเองทำให้ผู้ใช้ถนนเดือดร้อน

  15. ผมยากให้คุณพูดไทยได้ด้วยจัง เเน่นอนคุณจะมีFC.ในไทยเพิ่มเยอะเลยครับ

  16. แข่งเรือพี่ก็ไป
    เหลือแต่แข่งรถไถนากับวิ่งควาย Thank you very much. I followed your channel.

  17. Another great video Chad. You have put a smile on my face again. I can’t wait to get back to Thailand when the situation is over. I am waiting for the next edition. Currently locked down in Melbourne waiting for parole from chairman Dan 555.Cheers 🇦🇺🦘🍺

  18. How good is this
    Doing possibly 100 mph with a helmet but no leathers should you fall off
    And a bit of rain to make it interesting
    I’ve seen these bikes before
    Yes they are crazy and crazy fast and yes all us ferang need to go and watch this stuff
    It Is incredible, I think I saw your girl friend there
    While I’m watching in my cab media shirt 👍👍😍😍

  19. that race was crazy….. I’ve been going to races for 40+ years and I’ve never seen anything like it… pretty darn crazy… the “human guard rail” was nuts…. but it was a good time and I enjoyed the video. Thanks for sharing. You’ve got a good gig happening and you’ve got me as a regular viewer!! .

  20. I can relate to you Chad, in 2018 I went to a Taiwanese euro and classic car show (Rally Taiwan) and during the whole day I spent there I was the only foreigner there. It was well worth it going and I hope to visit some in Thailand one day. I found the event on a Facebook ad just randomly as when you’re in a foreign country the ads change to what the local companies are on Facebook and YouTube.

  21. From what I’ve seen in your videos, the Thais have found the secret to a happy life: ‘Don’t be so afraid of dying that you forget to live.’ Another great video Chad! Keep it up!

  22. POCKET ROCKETS!! This video leaves me with a need for speed! Watched the vid twice already. I think I need to jump in a car and floor it! YouTube gold, Chad!! 👍🍺🌅

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