Thailand’s Mountain Roads are Epic! – Phetchabun Motorbike Tour Episode 4

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  1. Been a passenger on bikes driven in the city and I’ve seen some gorgeous views but nothing quite like the views you get to see here! 😍Wow! I think I’m jealous just a bit lol. As always thanks for the great content and be safe on those roads ☺️

  2. My wife and I are planning to stay at Phetchabun on our next trip to Thailand and she wants to stay in the tents, after watching this I’m opting for a guest house 🤣🤣🤣

  3. That wide angle shot of the road and the lookout views in this vid are beautiful! 👌 Forget the jeep-rod, get a legit hog. Pushing 100+kph on those light bikes WILL eventually be a seriously bad idea. ✌

  4. I notice that many YouTubers seem to think it is important or at least worthy of note when viewers stay until the end. Is there an extra incentive to you when I watch the entire thing? BTW I only watch clips to the end if they are interesting or amusing. I always stay for yours.

  5. Hi Chad, again amazing video!! If you enjoy this road, please check out the road no. 1081 & 1256 at Nan Province. They are one of the most beautiful routes in Thailand!!

  6. Great Video, I watched it while on the treadmill. You should do a 30minute Road compilation video for those of us stuck inside this Winter. BTW it’s also 20° here just -20°.

  7. 6:52 haha I wish it was 20 degrees here in the UK right now! Highs of just 13 degrees today. Keep this content coming Chad I’ll consume every video.

  8. ไปเนินมะปราง ที่พิษณุโลกต่อเลยพี่ Next station NERN MAPRANG at PITSANULOK province nearby.

  9. Chad. At 2:45 I was beginning to wonder why you were approaching a right curve, and keeping on the left of your lane !!!. That is where all the pebbles reside my man !

  10. Love ALL the content but these motorbike tours are the bedrock of the channel. I have the 100k T and just bought the BKK. Gotta support when I can. Keep up the great stuff

  11. It’s true that the beautiful warm tropical weather in Thailand turns us into bitches with regards to cold. after living in Bangkok a few years I went back to SF to work for a few weeks, it was a brisk November but it might as well been January in the arctic circle for me, I thought I was going to die every time I went outside. Considering I used to wear shorts in the middle of winter, that was surprising for me.

  12. I’m a complicated man , I hear a notification and quickly fumble trying to open my phone , I start clicking shit until the video plays.
    These morning uploads while I’m cooking breakfast with butter on my fingers Throw me off a bit.

    Lol that dude in the back of the truck spent the rest of the day confused 🤣🤣

  13. I’m I wrong to thing that thumbs up in Thailand means something offensive? Last couple of videos I’ve been watching Chad give thumbs up to all people he come accross lol

  14. Hi CB .
    ,,,F,, SUPER FUN

  15. I ride a Honda Goldwing, and been a biker for nearly 40 years. Slayed the Dragon following a sport bike going uphill, and then back downhill. Never scraped the pegs. I truly fear for your well being, Chad, especially on those mountain roads and curves. Your riding skills (and equipment) are NOT what you think they are. Stay safe. That “gravel episode” you had was a message. Please listen to it.

  16. ติดตามชาร์ดทุกตอนขอบคุณที่นำเสนอประเทศไทยในหลายๆด้านดูแล้วมีความสุขครับ ขนาดเพชรบูรณ์กะยังบ่เคยไปเลยข้อย🙏🇹🇭 Thank you and love all your videos

  17. People go to the top of phu tubberk because of morning view, sea of mist and morning sun rise, one of the most beautiful view point in thailand. You should stay there for a night Chad.

  18. another great video, from a fantastic part of the world, but you should have stayed overnight, as the mist rises in the morning, makes another epic view – keep em coming

  19. Awesome Chad. Gonna have to check this road out soon! Good thing you rent, my bike needs new tires already after just 3 months of these curvy Thailand roads 😉

  20. Enjoyed the road, there’s nothing like the feeling of the bike’s torque picking you up as you exit tight turns like that. Bikers will know what I mean.

  21. If you ever make it to Australia Chad, you will have to check out the Great Ocean Road in Melbourne. Its an amazing curvy road with the ocean as the backdrop!!! Great vid by the way 👍

  22. 2:49 i replayed a few times, you didn’t hit any gravel, you brake hard after entering the bend, better learn from this lesson or next time will not be so lucky

  23. Chad so funny yes your blood has thinned out because of the tropical weather . It really is hilarious how Thais will travel to the Antarctic to freeze and breath freezing air just to experience it .

  24. Chad, sort your s**t out ! You’ve kept us waiting for 2 or 3 days ( feels like a lifetime) 555 . Triple x uber road porn bro 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🙏🇹🇭

  25. Awesome Chad.
    Mate I know you are still finding your comfort zone on bikes.
    But this road you are on, would be so cool on a 250cc motard.
    Powering out of those corners and scraping your pegs during the corners.
    Eppic man.

    I know what I will be riding when I get my chance to ride this road.

    Loving your Awesome channel CB🍻🍻🍻

  26. U knw thats one thing i love abt u making these videos, even while all these teenage hoodlums are staring at ya, u stl keep.on shooting, glad its another motor bike tour really love watching u showing us the rest of thailand thanks chad 👍

  27. Epic road man, must have been an uncomfortable ride after you filled your underwear when you almost kissed the ground.

    I see the girls at 6.08 had seen your video at the pew pew museum as all you can hear when you passed them was pew pew.

    Is there a next installment now that you have conquered this booyah bit of asphalt

  28. Chad, I recommend you to go to Nan province at North of Thailand. Searching High Way No. 1256 where the road heading to Doi Phuka National Park. It is a great road for motorbike tour also.

  29. I’m Thai.. living in Chiang Mai I highly recommend you to drive from Maesot district to Maehongsohn city and the road very beautiful along the river and Myanmar border with green nature forest and then you can drive from Maehongsohn travel around with wonderful area stay overnight in Pai and heading to Chiang Mai or Chiang Rai after..

  30. Good catch. I had a scooter before I had my license and dumped it hard on some sandy rubble through a turn. Good lesson learned. Wear your helmet kids.

  31. As a biker myself, there are moments when you hit that rock, making your tire, and heart skip a little sideways, reminding you to chill out. Stay safe.

  32. HAHA u slowin down nah since that last sill where u almost ate shit….be careful man ..i told you many videos ago that every bike you rent will hande differently and have a different kind of tire with different rubber materials…trust me i have a HONDA SCOOTER and its shaed like a retzel after my 70kh collision 2 years ago…. i havent ridden since ..

  33. Love your content bro. Been following for a while. HMU when you’re back in Pattaya. I’m out in Phratamnak,we can grab a beer and speak “American”. Maybe for the Fireworks on the 28th.

  34. Best thing on a friday morning at work. CB Media Video Riding an awesome road. Dude your at 198K subs. Rock on, it’s awesome watching your channel grow.

  35. Amazing view from that hilltop.Dangerous snake road to ride on the motorbike but it’s that unique feeling of freedom when riding on it.I was in January in Khao Kho this year to visit the White Buddhist temple on the hilltop there.The view there from the top is fabulous and unbelievably beautiful.Stay safe!

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