The Adventure Continues – Blue Lake, Tham Phatai National Park Thailand

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  1. I’m first! Breakfast looked like a decent spread.
    The Blue Lake National Park was really well done in terms of access: cement/stone steps, stairs, platforms, etc. Quite different from say, the Pai Canyon where you need to be fairly fit and wear good hiking footwear.

  2. Nice!!! I miss travelling a lot. I really hope this virus will be over soon. I’m soo jealous. I need to get back out there.

  3. One moment you’re on a lone mountain top looking into an esmerald lake, 2 hrs later in the flats between rice fields… amazing Thailand.
    The views in this vlog are out of this world

  4. You guys are on a awesome adventure, such beautiful country! Living in the USA with all the nonsense going on its so nice to take a break and watch your great vids. Thanks for sharing. God Bless…

  5. Too bad you couldn’t fly your drone over the cenote (sinkhole) it’s huge, I was there in February 2018 and was the only foreigner there all day, it’s like a holly spot for the local people, I tried to explain to my driver what a cenote was but to no avail 555, his English was about as good as my Thai nid noi 555. Thanks for sharing, many blessings to you Gift and family 🙏🏼
    Cheers 🍻

  6. Nice choice of lifestyle in your vacation discover new places in your video instead of some people just drinking beer or any alcohol every day.

  7. I miss the countryside of Thailand and all the beautiful people 💕
    I not been in Thailand for 2 years now, it’s getting unbearable..😭
    But I’m so glad to see your videos, I know that the beauty is still there waiting for me.. 🙏

  8. Great video ,, I have wanted a Drone for sometime =I know who I will be asking for advise from ,, Oh Yea I found some good video music free to use –=I will send you the links !! Needless to say If you want to visit Thailand and check all the good places Start an exercise routine NOW!! Randy + Boom

  9. You found a cracking resort there Joe 1000 bht a night , we’re gonna try that one later if we’re ever allowed to fly again lol

  10. Really nice video Joe and Gift,that breakfast looked great. The emerald pool was really pretty,the bungalow looked really nice,decent sized rooms and a beautiful rural view. enjoy your travels can’t wait for further installments.

  11. Hi Joe And Gift thanks for showing me this area and house never been to this area place it’s on my wish list now perfect house and pretty. Thanks for the drone view showing the pretty of Thailand

  12. I’ve been a glider pilot most of my life. That old antique glider at the rest stop would be worth quite a bit if sold to a collector in Europe or the US… they probably have no idea of its value.

  13. hey! what is the name(link/webpage?) of the resort you payed 1000 bht for the nice house? amazing/absolutely “killer deal”!!! such a big house, the deck, view, location….!!!! great!!!! are you booking all the accomodation in adcance via agoda or so? thnx a lot, have a great time!! cannot wait to be able to travel again…, missing it so so much!!! cheers

  14. I’m a definitely check that rest stop out next time I’m traveling to the north …..very cool…I’ve seen some badass ones but that one is nice for sure ….

  15. Great video..the picture quality was amazing..thanks for sharing..I’ve started noting things down now in a book from all the videos I watch to remember the great places you share..thanks

  16. I’m shocked you didn’t take a 75 kilo side-trip to Sukothai Historical Park by turning east on Highway 12 out of TAK. I wanted to go there, but never made it. I have to assume you have been to Ayutthaya. The ruins you saw on the way up were nice, but Ayutthaya is incredible.

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