The Azolla Has Turned Into Quite The Challenge

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  1. Dang sorry to hear about the pits not being terraced correctly. Gonna be quite the venture to fix. When you get to the end of the production pits to the 4 foot deep holding pit for the run off is it possible to put a submerged pump in there then use that water to pump up to the garden? I have such lame suggestions. I’ll be able to do better once Im over there and can see things first hand. Understanding more of the topographical and other challenges you are facing will be much easier. Lyn and Anthoney have given me a couple of houses to look at in Anda. One is huge! 7 Bedrooms! It would be like living in a hotel for me. Wouldnt know what to do with all the rooms. I want beachfront for sure but I was thinking of something much more simple like maybe a 2br incase I have guests that will spend the night. They did show me a video about a 3 br that has the fish pond out back. Its only 5m but not beachfront. The beachfront 7br is only 16m so still really cheap about 306k american dollars I figure. It needs a little TLC but might be totally worth it. I think once anthony gets settled in from his quarantine I will ask them to go over and make a video of it for me.

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