The Backpacker Lodge, Panagsama, Moalboal – Philippines

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  1. Henry, glad you’re back in the Philippines and I’m enjoying the new videos. Especially enjoying seeing more of the locale’ and new areas. I’m curious, when you set out on your tour, what led you to Moalboal specifically? You mentioned you signed an apartment lease, how long are you planning to stay there? and again curious what was it about Moalboal that you decided to hang your hat there for the time being. Across Tanon Strait is San Carlos City where my wife is from. Is there a chance you might venture that direction?

    1. I had heard about Moalboal through a viewer here on the channel (Bob Huff), who has lived here in Moalboal for almost 10 years.  At first I had planned to stay only 30 days, but decided on 3 months.  It’s a relaxing community, and I really needed that to catch up on some work.  My next stop will be Dumaguete in 2 months.  🙂

  2. ive always been a resort kinda guy while on vacation but your videos really make me want to go off the beaten path when I visit abroad.

    1. My name is Henry, but I was married to a woman from Mexico for 10 years so my name became ‘Enrique’ with her and the whole family.  I came to the PH as Enrique (my Dad’s name) but everyone in the PH pronounces it as, “Reekay” or “Ricky”.. so I stuck with Reekay.

  3. Great you found a wonderful spot, I love Panagsama beach, lots of place to just to hang out. It reminds me a kind of hippie hang out place in Cal. There was a place owned by a guy name Steve form the UK had great pizza. Moalboal overall was a very cool place to visit. I can not wait to see more!!!

  4. Thanks for sharing your trip and detailed information about the hostel.  In another time  I could see my self being an adventurer an doing the same thing!

  5. Bit too rough and ready for me henry give me a hotel or an apartment I like my privacy. I am glad your enjoying yourself and I really enjoy the travelling with you with your video’s it allows us to dream.

  6. Thanks for the info. I will be heading that way maybe in Nov. I am leaving Afghanistan then(Job is Over then)
     and I will need a place to stay for 3 months so I am not stuck with paying the tax’s back home in Texas 

  7. As always, another great video Henry– I just wonder ?? is there
    any problems with bedbugs over there ?? I hear there is ?? Good
    thing is that they stay usually in the place your at. They do travel with
    you in your clothes though, to the next location. Best thing to get rid
    of them is DDT which as you know is banned in North America. I
    read your article about dating April 4 /2013, titled May to December,
    and was very impressed as to how you really break things down to
    understand the psyche of the Filipino people–great article. You are
    much like me, in that you totally want to understand your environment,
    before dealing with it–ask a lot of questions and listen. Your just a
    wealth of knowledge. Like to visit you when I come there–we’d have
    a great conversation. Keep up the good work Henry.

    1. I bounce around a lot and.. so far, not one bedbug issue.  It can happen in even a nice, upper-class hotel though.  New York has had them, Los Angeles.  Kinda like roaches and rats.. they’re in every city.

  8. Great Review, and yes i do love the $12 room 🙂  How are you finding your cheap hotels. Online? if so what sites do you use or do you ask around as you roll in?  Thanks again. 

  9. Hello again Henry, must be different traveling as a foreigner alone in Philippines. When my wife (filipina) and I travel in Philippines we stay in hotels or also called a Pension House. Not sure why they are Called Pension House?. We get a large private room with AC and TV with private bathroom and hot showers for P700 or about AU$17. Nice to see your clips helps with homesickness 🙂

  10. Hi Rickie:
    I always enjoy your videos. I travel the Ph at least once a year. One quick question, do you recommend any shots prior to coming over for rungs like malaria etc?

  11. Henry! Just a short note about pronouncing Moalboal…It should be sound more like Mo Al Bo Al…what I`ve heard from my wife and her relatives! Anyway, thanks for a really nice videos! Safe journey!

    1. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines heheh…Same here! Even my wife`s ancestors did come to Cebu and Camotes from Loon Bohol…I had the same problem right at the beginning for pronounce  Lo Oon. In the future if we finally meet some day ( I really hope so!) You have a double more difficult to pronounce her family name Loon-Löppönen!  😉  Lo Oon Loeppoenen?

    2. In my upoming videos I’ve been trying to remember to pronounce it that way.  It took me a while to figure out the right pronunciation for ‘Loon’.

  12. Henry when you go back to Dumaguete, Harrolds Mansion great place cheap clean air con rooms backpackers hostel free oysters fridays ( I think)

    1. also has area upstairs and outside rooms on each floor, I like backpacker places, a lot more character and can find out local places worth visiting etc. rooms are a lot bigger but around 900 pesos with bathroom table 

  13. Kinda diffclt get you responding. Im looking for golf connections….I coach Golf. I saw your video bout Len….barlady…..things went Pear shaped…… Lol.
    I’m realistic. Me and Judivine will wana work as soon as 2015 kickoff

    1. @tinus young i rarely can keep up with the messages to the youtube inbox, best place to reach me is on facebook, search ‘Reekay’.  i, myself, don’t play golf but i did hear about a big golf course near Moalboal that you may want to google.  I passed through it to get to the beach but wasn’t sure if it was a private course or public.

    1. @Hannes Rand when i went i had two padlocks with me, so that’s what i used for my room.  even then a good hard shove would have torn the hinge off so it really wasn’t all that secure.  i used each of the rooms on the top floor during my stay.

    2. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines I think it was at the end of November 2012 when it happened. I stayed in a private double room what is facing the street and I used the padlock they gave me. There was bigger amount of money in my wallet and suddenly there was little bit of it missing. Just like those other guys are describing in their blog.

    3. @Hannes Rand thanks for the heads-up.  when you were there, did you use one of their padlocks on your things, or your own padlock?  just wondering how they might have gotten access.

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