The Best Burger in Thailand REALLY!! Lots to do today in Pattaya

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  1. Ewww Fake meat… whoever created that should be sent to jail for life… jk… lol I hope they don’t make meat super hard to get in the coming years… 🙁

  2. I stayed at the same place a few years back due to the burning in Chaingmai. I escaped for one month. They charged me $500usd or 15,000 baht thorugh Airbnb. It would have been cheaper if I just showed up and asked the manager at the front desk who also rents out room for the owners. So, if you want o save money call them or show up. They always have condos or units available. Kinda small but work out. Also, you can catch the 10 baht bus by walking two blocks down to the beach. The 10baht bus goes all the way into Walking Street Pattya. This Property is located in Jontiem. And yes they do serve breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner. Sometimes Airbnb can be a scam. Call the place first of find them on Facebook and ask for availibility when you stay somewhere in Thailand or Vietnam. Just sharing Lesson Learned.

  3. Very cool! That motorbike at the beginning, it’s gotta be awesome to see someone can build a cart and make a living without getting in trouble for it! Someone tried that in the US they’d get arrested!

  4. Is Daz in East pattaya? He did a good job getting that lease for 8K baht and another 1K baht for electric and water. The Daz Man knows his way around.

  5. Hello chuck and Paige,I’ve eaten at Prime Burger 🍔 many Times never disappointed, yes best burger in town, thanks for another great video chuck and Paige,🌴👍🏻🌴

  6. When you come to Melbourne, Australia I’m inviting you and Paige for dinner at my Burger 🍔 Restaurant 🍔🍔🍔🍔 and great Vlog as always .., Never a time to be Sad !!!

  7. Wow that burger looks great! Is prime burger available in other areas of Thailand? Or at least Bangkok ? I want to give it a try don’t know if I’ll go to Pattaya and you almost have to go through Bangkok sooner or later if you go to Thailand it seems.

  8. Another great effort Chuck. Ron is a nice guy and Daze is fun, he needs a few tequilas I think. Good looking burgers too. The “maze” on Koh Larn is where the seafood market is. Fun place…….

  9. Will try Prime next trip. Looks good. Best burger i’ve had in Patts is Carl’s JR. and i’ve had at many places when I lived there. Great view on Carl JR’s deck (Central Festival)

  10. Pattaya has some of the best international cuisine in all of Thailand. A melting pot of food. Great video. Thank you Chuck and Paige. All the best. Mitch 🙏

  11. Hi Chuck and Paige
    I enjoy your vlogs, i live in Kalasin i have a house there, but i also rent a condo between Pattaya and Jomtien. Can i just say its like living in 2 different countries NE/SE

  12. hello there Chuck and page my name is Ed I’m from America and my girlfriend’s name is Nan I’ve been living in Thailand now about a year-and-a-half we presently live in kanchanaburi we’re on our way on the bus right now headed to Pattaya where’s the hamburger place located I watch your videos everyday and really enjoy them have a great time at the I may see you there I don’t know haha

  13. Ok… very nice spending time with you guys. Can’t say it enough. So The March Hotel looked nice. Being from Maine, we always would say “March winds bring April showers that bring the May flowers.” Enjoy the rest of your trip and be safe my friend. C u on the next one.

  14. Im glad that you tell people how to correctly pronounce Pattaya..
    Iis not hard to say,but im surprised at the number of people who dont say it correctly.
    Even some long time vloggers refuse to say it correctly.
    I find that very ignorant and rude.

  15. Loved the intro 👍🏼 another great video, thanks for sharing. I look forward to when I’ve been in Thailand so long that I crave western food (it takes about 2 months for me), that was a good looking burger. Many blessings to you, Paige and family 🙏🏼
    Cheers 🍻

  16. Amazing Daz got a place like that furnished, with a washing machine, and it still is only $267 US. Amazing price and then just another $35 for utilities and AC……..just amazing you can live in Pattaya and have a wonderful life. In US Dallas area you can’t live anything like Daz has at that price.

  17. Great Video. What a hotel! You’d think you were in the UAE. They’ve got magnificent hotels. Prime Burger looks like the best burger in the world. Yum

  18. As usual, Chuck. Thanks for my Thai video fix for today. I usually stay at Centra by Centara, next to where you stayed the other day (Soi Diana), due to having a sauna and steam room. So the sauna you pointed out is for March, April Hotels etc? Are the different months just wings of the one hotel?

  19. I really enjoyed my stay at the same condo in Jomtien for a month . I had a ground floor unit where I could swim to the restaurant from my balcony on hot days 🙂

  20. Hey if your in Jomitien beach let me know. The best hamburger is at Hemingway’s in Jomitien but if u go order the ribs also. There is many good places besides surf kitchen

  21. Pattaya is a heck of a lot different now than in 1971 when we were doing R&R from the Vietnam War…March Hotel do they play Taps in the evening?… It is nice when Husband and WIfe can skinny dip, in the pool at night….What no Python Burger?… Buddha bless you and your friends 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  22. Daz’s place is cool .
    Like how he keeps it clean and tidy .
    He has a beautiful daughter like me , so very content , has everything worked out .

  23. Prime burger, next to Norwegian bar 😊
    Kaare’s party bar. Been there a lot, when I’m in Pattaya 😁
    I miss Thailand a lot… I’ve gone from missing, being annoyed, missing, feeling depressed, missing, and feel some relief… watching your videos .
    But, all in all, thank you Chuck and Paige 😊
    Now some english dude say Thailand will be closed until February or March, and now new date for new talks about opening…
    And a thai lady say new talks in September.
    Miss your updates on that!

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