The Best Place to Walk or Jog in Dumaguete

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  1. Another good video, Henry. I’m interested in places overseas where you can walk without traffic to dodge, tripping hazards or people to accidentally bump into. The track surface could be rubberized asphalt, latex or a urethane surface which is good to know for peeps with joint and back issues.

    1. @TheHolapino i thought it felt familiar.  i used to work with polyurethane for years in the medical device industry.  pet, ldpe, hdpe, hydroscopics.. more plastics than i care to remember.  ha!  thanks for the info on that.  🙂

    1. @George Manning it is the hero3, silver edition.  from what i understand, the white edition is the same but with slightly better night view.

    1. @Dan Kolesnik originally i chose it because i’d heard good things about it and it was near moalboal which i was on my way to.  it turns out dumaguete is listed by forbes as one of the top-10 places to retire in the world.  i can see why.  🙂

    1. @obcalif i did meet one girl after shooting this video.  very attractive.  talked for about 45 minutes, exchanged numbers.  tentative plans for lunch but, not sure how interested she is.  college grad, no kids, wants to travel so.. who knows?

  2. Congratulations on your weight loss! Keeping fit and healthy is very important to me now. I try to eat healthily and exercise on a regular basis. That looks a good place to exercise.

    1. @Tambay46 for lowest price but decent room.. i’d say the Check Inn.  for a bit more, the Bethel Inn is a good choice.  those are the only two i am familiar with.

  3. Hi Again Uncle Henry, Its Alara, My folks and I are enjoying your vlogs very much, They are sometimes just informative and sometimes like a soap opera but either way it gives my Mum and Dad lots to talk about. My Dad is English and my Mum is from Barili in Cebu. So I guess I am a Britapino. Along with Uncle Ned and Michelle you guys are all so great. I love sports myself and was so pleased to see you at the track, Just like all the best shows we can’t wait for the next episode of yours. Best wishes Alara.

  4. You know I talked to this guy at Walmart who had his truck full of old
    used car tires. I asked him what he does with them, and he said he worked
    for this big recycling place, and they grind them down, remove the steel
    belts from them,( for radial tires) –then they “recycle them.”
        He said they make all sorts of outdoors stuff, from this recycled rubber,
    and now their even making “curbs” for streets, that were always cement. He
    also said they are mixing it in concrete for roads, so they can expand and
    contract with the hot and cold weather, and avoid the concrete from cracking.
        I just wonder if that track is made from “recycled tires”- a very good way to
    use what would become dangerous junk piles of old tires. There’s a good chance
    that track was made from recycled tires–and if not, it would be a great idea.

  5. So enjoy all of your Videos… I’m married to a Filipina so it nice to see what I WOULD  have had to go through If I didn’t meet her here in the US. Plus you had mentioned Temecula so that makes it more revelent for me. Quirky fun and informative.. Thanks for your YT work Henry.

  6. I am a filipino 15 year old and I am half American I used to live there in dumaguete and now in Britain I used to get in cited to play football games there by MILO, it’s a really nice place

  7. I will always thank you for such a wonderful work done for us… just keep on and we are funs… you made a better decision to became part of Philippines….wish you well and have a nice time…

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