1. Anyone else getting turned on by women wearing face masks during covid ?? Any how that’s enough about my weirdness . Great video again . πŸ‘

  2. Jonny, it is so sad to see the cows. They are not being fed well. When I saw the title of your video, I thought you meant you had the company of a lady escort who is from Poland πŸ™‚ By the way, the time lapse and music you used to end the video made it an awesome ending

  3. Excellent polishing. Always enjoy seeing Magic Man. OMG what a huge breakfast challenge Simon has. There’s no way I could compete in that. Nice seeing Simon, Mem, and Ian. Thanks Jonny. All the best. Mitch πŸ™

  4. The car looks great, I did like this vlog for its meaty content. Lots going on.
    The phone app hasn’t got the arrow for casting to another device, don’t know why.
    Simon is looking well. On behalf of Ripley I’ve been on to the union about illicit trips without him, be prepared! 🀣

  5. When I saw the title I was sure you was talking about the ford,but I guess a lot of people thought you was talking about escort girl!!🀣🀣🀣 take care bro.

  6. Very good very good Vlog. The Escort shined up a treat and was money well spent IMO although I have spent less on Escorts in Thailand myself if you know what I mean. Liking the more regular content, please continue as it is much appreciated. Where are Ian’s teeth? don’t tell me his girlfriend has hid them to keep her man safe from the Ladies 555. How is Sebastian?. Cheers and stay safe.

  7. The ford focus sport cars in australia are a rocket on wheels 4 cylnder tubo motor mate and they use them a lot in across country dirt track rallys in australia to

  8. Hi Jonny , i have to tell you that the job that they dit for your is amazing really its e nice classic car. You can be proud of it.πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜„

  9. You got me with the title mate. I thought I was going to learn how to polish an escort, but I did not know it was your ride. 555555 Hope to see you again soon. Peace and love, TTT

  10. Nice car what’s its history? Did it originate from the UK? I like Simon’s videos, I was in Hua Hin in February. God willing I will be back again next year. Cheers mate from the UK.

  11. Car looked amazing Jonny, my 1st ever car was one of those..2 tone silver and blue bird puller on the streets of England back in the 80s lol πŸ‘πŸ‘Œ

  12. You can invest in Thailand. Rule number one, donΒ΄t invest more than you can afford. Simon did a really bad investment. Good luck to him. If moving to Thailand, think before you act. Cheers Jonny!

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