1. Yes it is very shady and u can tell how they are trying to separate the kid from the mother all this bad stuff they say like she is violent Troy has not experienced maybe she did get violent after the way they are treating her because they feel superior in their society and u can hear some one coaching her in the background also the attitude she has towards her mum is probably being made worse by the way they are encouraging it and probably bad mouthing her mum to her in a way a child won’t realise what’s happening. Maybe u can help her start fresh somewhere new away from there. Also saying she should be in an mental institution was really bad

  2. Must be difficult for Troy. He’s trying to help impoverished people but there is always somebody looking to take advantage of the situation.

    Poor unfortunate little girl. This sucks balls. 😥

  3. Also now she wants to change her name I wonder who put that idea in her head . Was wondering does the shop keep have her kids around it not then maybe they are think they need someone to help them as they get older but the thing is she’s not their kid

  4. I agree with your thought’s that the shopkeeper is trying to entice Chau Anh away from the mother. I think the shopkeepers actions are probably the main reason that the mother shows signs of mental health problems and in Chau Anh’s best interests she needs to be living with the mother, away from the shopkeeper. I don’t know how you would do this and/or what resources you have but Chau Anh is becoming a pawn in the shopkeepers game and needs to be seperated from the problem (the shopkeeper) Good luck with this one Troy, she’s a very bright kid and needs help

  5. Are there any boarding or residential schools in Vietnam? Assuming it was an affordable option, it would give her some stability and remove her from the influence of the shopkeepers. It would also give her mother the chance to get on her feet.

  6. Hopefully Troy you can steer a path than can convince Chai Anh that by being given material things are not signs of love given by this shop keeper woman and what really are the true motives of this woman. Hopefully you may be able to tell Chai Anh that if her Mother did not truly love her she would not have carried her for 9 months in her tummy and she could well be in an orphanage. You might want to tell Chai Anh that every time she is disobedient towards her Mother its like a dagger being sunk into her Mothers Heart. A tough one to solve Troy, best of luck convincing her of the traps and power of the materialistic.

  7. Perhaps you can tell Chau Anh that you are coming on X date to see her Mother in x place. That way she gets to choose to come out and be with her Mother and you, rather than being ‘pushed’ into anything. Take them (say you’re taking the Mother) on a day-trip…get her away from the influence??

  8. what Chau Anh mother is doing around that shop and shopkeeper. why does not she move somewhere else as she is homeless anyway. Chau Anh has to be put to some safe environment as soon as posible otherwise her future is uncertain. her mother is not person capable to do anything good for her. at least she should rent a room, sent Chau Anh to school and that would be enough for relativly normal life. sad for a such briliant young child

  9. Hate to say it, Troy, but I feel you are out of your depth here, no fault of your own. We all saw Chau Anh sleeping on the streets in the arms of mum. We’ve seen her wearing the school uniform during holidays, because she wants to belong. We’ve seen mum continually refuse any help beyond a bit of ephemeral cash. You’re a young lad yourself, doing a great job, but the wisdom of Solomon or Tiresias ain’t gonna help. Shopkeeper is determined to crush Chau Anh’s mum for reasons mere mortals don’t understand. Mum is not well, suffering, and daughter seeks out attention because she is young and shopkeeper has twisted he ear. Chau Anh will be all right, but mum will descend into a very bad state if mother/daughter bond is broken. Other than that, have a nice day 🙂

  10. So sad, but a few hundred dollars here and there won’t fix the problem. This is bigger than you. You need to find/hook up with an NGO (or church organization) that can provide some level of stability for mother and child.

  11. o god, now she’s being brainwashed and groomed to be anti-mom… sigh… as painful as it may be, perhaps its best to just close this chapter and move on…

  12. She is being used as a pawn in Adult games, the shop owner should be ashamed, driving a wedge between Mother and Daughter. God knows what she has in store for her!

  13. I agree that she needs to reconnect with her Mother, and that is not going to happen whilst they stay there!! The evil with of the shop will see to that!

  14. We all like chau ahn. We wana see her do well. Stick with it troy. Shes a good kid. But yes becareful of the woman at shop. Chau ahn belongs with her mum full stop.

  15. You are 100% right Troy, you need to intervene here they are brain washing Chau Anh to hate her mother and its working… The name change thing is evidence of that I bet the shop keeper told her that she needs a new name so she will disassociate from her mother…

    The good thing is that Chau Anh really likes you so you can bring her around and undo the damage the shopkeepers have done to her relationship with her mother, was so funny when she said she likes hearing your bad Vietnamese haha she is so sweet.

    Keep at it Troy you are the man!

  16. I think u should have a talk to that woman at the shop. And tell her to stop comming between daughter and mum. And i would say it in a way where she knew i wasnt joking.

  17. I’ll say it again; “fcvk the shop owner”.

    THANK YOU for keeping us involved.
    I’m sure you don’t want to get mixed up in all that drama but it would be a shame to abandon Chau Anh to fend for herself in this horrible situation.

    I was happy you kept coming back to the Mom, its what I would have also done. I’d also do this.

    1. Never give regards to anyone but the Mom

    2. Always direct the conversation to the Mom. Ignore anything about a new dress, food, etc. if it’s coming from the shopkeeper. I’d even probably even start refering to her as “the shop owner” or “that lady” just to stay away from being familiy and comfortable.

    3. Continue pushing Chau Anh to be with / listen to / help her Mom out. Family-family-family.

    4. NEVER use her “new name” unless the Mom gives approval. This seems like an easy way to finalize taking the girl away from her Mom, give her a new name. This really raises a red flag of human trafficking to me.

    5. Obviously things aren’t like they are in the West, but there may be some type of NGO around where you could get some advice from. Again, I think trafficking is a real risk here and that’s a topic that anyone would get behind and potentially help with.

    Good luck and again, thank you for the update.

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