The FALSE Safety of China

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  1. thats a real shame china is supressing news of kidnapped children – makes no sense, and its dangerous for them not to report it.

  2. Going back to China … NOW!?
    Floods in the South
    Droughts in the north
    Locusts swarms
    Hail as big as golf balls
    Swine-bird flu virus
    Bubonic plague in Mongolia

    Sure, save trip …

  3. I like watching Winston and CMilk because we share a similar background. I’m married to an Asian woman (18yrs now) and I’ve been traveling to Asia, Mainly China, Vietnam and Thailand for 21 years now. Some of the comments on the video are worrisome, and irritating to me. All I’m going to say is someone that has actually lived years of their lives there, you can spot comments from people that have never been there. Just that….

  4. This is guy is always telling truth about China. So many Americans believe China is safer just because they receive many propaganda info Chinese communist part wants them to see. CCP is doing so well on cheating people including Chinese people. That’s why so many Chinese they also think China is much safer than US because they use wechat, tiktok everyday and only watch news from them. Unfortunately, all the news they saw were controlled by CPP. So sad but this is truth. Please let your American people know the truth and tell the how CCP can be such successful in China. —guy from mainland China via VPN.

  5. my brother once left the door open and my sister at the age of 2 went out. her mouse squeak shoes was gone. me and my mum ran out and saw a woman holding my sister talking my my school friend. Apparently the woman was helping my sister find her family. she figured that a 2 year old shouldn’t be alone outside of the house.
    If this was china, my sister will be gone for good.

  6. HI Winston! I can understand the almost reverse psychology of this. China’s way of burying anything newsworthy vs America’s coverage of anything, that goes way over the top!! Neither is good news practice, but at least here, we do know what’s going on!
    You have always proven to be a true gentleman..that suit is not just a “costume” ! I can understand you getting involved, because you care about people. 😉
    I’m very glad I live here, seeing that woman who fainted & no one helped her….broke my heart!!
    Thanks for a great talk! Love to the family! Stay healthy, Stay genuine, Stay Awesome 😎💕

  7. The tail is wagging the dog. The media inculcates the weaklings to do the things the media will profit by reporting. That’s the piece that is missing from ADVChina: Niether of you is a watery eyed zealot who will leap to a popular notion to get light from the Tik-Toc saps. Get yourself an SJW, feed him some XTC and blow his mind with sensational bullshit. It isn’t hard, he’ll go for it.

  8. That shows how ungrateful you are your parents and your grandparents
    Benefited from Africa and now you have married a Chinese and you are putting down the continent that made you who you are
    Good riddance we don’t want you there
    Long live Julius malema

  9. Wouldn’t it be nice if all TV cable providers cutoff CCP news channels in countries outside China? Then the diaspora would have to learn to assimilate to their adopted country/society. Stop the brainwashing at the Border!!!

  10. I just wrote a $450 check to BLM. They will now certify I have rights over the criminals or looters who we call high graders and claim jumpers. The fees they charge to do the paperwork to keep you out of trouble have gone up steadily over the years. For two 20 acre mining claims I created for zones of economic protection. It cost $123 at the county first, then the BLM, then another $160, going up every year, to keep it good. God Bless America. Wanna buy some gemstones?

  11. I respect your reporting on china – but I think you have not much clue about what’s going on in the US.
    If you think the chinese government is corrupt – it likely IS, but you miss the OTHER corruption installed in the US.
    You miss the big bully blackmailing any other country in order to get their hands on their territory, oil, gas.
    You miss them blackmailing numerous countries and corporations, companies, businesses and individuals to try to stop Germany from getting the Northstream II pipeline finished – because the US can’t find any idiots wanting to buy their overpriced, liquified “freedom” gas.
    You miss the US directing the UK to kill Julian Assange.
    You miss the US funneling money to the wealthy and big corporations that their population should receive instead.
    You miss a complete moron funneling tax payer money into his own (businesses) pockets.
    I could keep adding to this list until YouTube would explode …

    You may have escaped China – but dude, you have chosen THE WORST place on EARTH.

    Good luck to you and your family.

  12. my Chinese wife is smart. Her reaction to the Houston Consulate being closed was, “I think it is time to become an American citizen”.

  13. I wonder if they have been to the Native American Museum in lower Manhattan. It shows kid appropriate things on a ring easily seen from the center of the great room. On the other side, you see the bad things both sides did during the Indian Wars where you can easily keep young children from seeing it.

  14. People complain about my near by area of Northfield as being this crime ridden Hell hole….I mean it is, but I’ll take it over China. There are so many places in the world that are just horribly ran yet people have this idealised version of them and they want it emulated over here? No thanks, people don’t realise how good they have it. It’s not perfect, but it’s not the worst either.

  15. The only two physical fights I’ve ever gotten into in my life were in China. But that’s not even why I considered China extremely dangerous. The reason is because there is zero recourse against the law there, and I knew the worst nightmare would be a he-said-she-said against a Chinese national or worse, a facet of the government itself.

  16. Dictator Xi and his corrupt ccp buddies have become a world class dumpster fire. One would hope this is the beginning of the end for the evil tyranny afflicting the good & innocent Chinese people. The entire world suffers because of the ccp but the real victims are Chinese citizens.

  17. Great video Winston! I guess I’m very biast. But l wouldn’t want too live anywhere else but America. Even with all the Bullshit going on. The really good people, out weight the Antagonists. I’m glad You, and your Family are enjoying America. Stay Safe and Keep up the great work! ✌

  18. In America the press will overtly report a story to try and effectively push as a narrative for a political end, if it works against them politically they will try to suppress the story, just like China

  19. I know America quite well..I don’t live there and I don’t live in China either..Actually I dislike both countries.. But don’t try and tell me one is better then the other..both are full of shit America tries to control every country (World police..Which no one wants)China is full of shit also by controlling everything.. In America if a doctor tries to help someone dying on the road risks getting sued by the family..All the shit you talk about happens on a daily basis in the USA.. look at Epstein, look at Snowden ,gangs, police brutality, drugs…China and USA are both for me Shithole countries….I honestly couldn’t tell you which is worse….

  20. It is heartbreaking that the world looks to the US for asylum from oppression and we are moving toward communism. The media ans entertainment industry’s support of radical Marxist organizations like BLM and ANTIFA should scare the crap out of everyone.

  21. The thing about getting sued for trying to help is also a thing in the us. Its honestly safer to just not help people. Yes that sounds bad but you can be sued very easily. People have been sued for SAVING someones LIFE and whats worse is that they lost and had to pay them.

  22. My uncle took his family to China right at the start of SARs. They had to self isolate for 2 weeks when they came back, they were there for a month. And in all that time, the war in Afghanistan started and that was the news that dominated the TV in China. There wasn’t a single peep and they were completely oblivious to this when they came back.

  23. I’ve never met an honest Chinese person in my life
    I would love to just meet one
    just one so I can change my opinion about Chinese

  24. That is sad that the people in China are shielded from all the bad there in their country and especially with all the floods, earthquakes, and human suffering caused by the government. I am an honest person and would not take advantage of anyone knowingly. It is so true that any place you go to there is people who are not honest and I spent two years in Thailand, many months in the Philippines, Japan, and South Korea on and off and saw people committing crimes there just like they do here in the U.S.

  25. snd to think the political left think America is a terrible evil awful no good place. I believe it has more to do with politics and votes than anything else. They should live in China, or Cuba, or North Korea for a year. Stay Awesome!

  26. American press isn’t just “transparent” though. They are straight up lying and deceiving people every day. You have to CONSTANTLY be diligent or you’ll be tricked.

  27. It’s scary! We were parking at Starbucks and a group of older Caucasian couples told us the US government will soon confiscate luxury cars and all our things if we don’t go back to China. We politely said we just want to study but later our car door handle has saliva and key scratch everywhere! 😢

  28. “I have found that it is the small everyday deed of ordinary folks that keep the darkness at bay. Small acts of kindness and love.” Gandalf The White

  29. I would just laugh at them when they call you telling you this non-sense. I live in Canada, but I go to the US all the time and have extensively traveled the US with my American father, Canada and the US are the safest and most prosperous countries on the planet, bar none.

  30. You have to stop saying “I’m not here to crap on China” – it’s literally ALL you are here for. It’s your function in life.😂 Not that I blame you sometimes, but let’s be real eh?

  31. The only way to make China a civilized country is to ☢️ them into Oblivion and start all over. Future U.S. President of the Senate here. Watch out China!! I’m more Republican then Ronald Reagan. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  32. Since there are almost 1300 comments, I am not sure if you can see my comment here. But I would say that I don’t think that the way you make your videos are objective. I admit that the problems you said are current problems in China and thank you for pointing those. But actually these problems exist all over the world. Especially in developing countries. You cannot deine that there are always some bad guys everywhere. In you Videos, you only put your eyes on those bad guys, which lead your audience to have negative impression on China. Or maybe the watchers only want to find some “evidences” from your videos to prove their own bias views on China. Win-Win anyway.

  33. As they say, your reality grows where your attention goes. Just don’t watch non-stop news all the time. All these news networks count on hypnotizing the public with fear and it’s ridiculous. Get on with your lives away from all the pandemic news, riots or whatever. You’ll have a much more enjoyable life.

  34. I had to laugh about your comment that people in California are polite. My son moved to LA with his family. They found that people were very rude, so they returned to Canada. (OK, that wasn’t the only reason…)

  35. Your point is valid about by the CCP, however you are naive about what is happening in the USA. The Technocratic NWO is censoring information and cracking down on Freedoms in the USA. Definitely want nothing to do with the CCP Model of Society, but as the saying goes, “Don’t be naive!”

  36. Great report. Very informative. Eye opening straight honest reporting. No bias sitting on the fence and telling it as it is. Well done.

  37. Wow, what a rotten society. It’s a shame, because Chinese are hard working people most of the time. That wealth and so much poverty at the same time must be depressing for most of incapable people. I’d bet the self killing rate must be rather high

  38. not to mention the false safety of america, where you only matter if you make an acceptable amount of money lol. otherwise you can be cast out into the street.

  39. True story when I lived in China: In the early 90s when motorcycle was something quite new. My dad went to a coach for a license for motorcycle. He got quite close with the coach and during a small talk, the coach said to him, I recommend you not ride motorcycle at all because all my students from the past ten years, all of them died, died of accidents. He wasn’t joking. So my dad told me about the story and kept his license in the drawer. Serpenzas video just reminds me of what a mess the streets in China still remain after this many years.

  40. SerpentZa can you make a video about the chinese triads? We know a lot about the yakuza ms 13 bloods etc.. but not much about the triads.. would that be a topic you’d like to talk about bro?

  41. Dude you and your biker buddy have brass testicles……And ur brass testicles are on the side of TRUTH n Honest perspective…..Keep on rockin in the free world…..Best of health to ur charming n doting wife and adorable baby girl ….

  42. Winston the press in America is dead. At least the major media is….it takes a little time coming from China I’m sure, but you will see it eventually. It is pervasive…the news is what the media DOESN’T talk about. You won’t hear them talk about Climate Change, War unless it is spectacular and immediate or they ate trying to shape public opinion, poverty, homelessness, inequality, medical costs…the list is endless of what they don’t talk about any more then to scratch the surface. Everything they talk about….everything they shape is for the benefit of the elite and only the elite. The stuff they cover in depth my be sensational, but none of it challenges the control of the elite.

  43. Few things you may have overlooked:

    1. Chinese have great respect for Israelis and Jews in general. Why do you think is underlying cause ? Could it be that Jews do tend to make swarm social connections that serve to ISrale, wherever they are ? IOW, they use nationalistic glue for their purposes. You see the pattern here ?

    2. Israel has been doing many “jobs” outside the country – typically in EU, Finishing of that work is to culminate in regrouping and migration of Jewish groups in EU, so that MOSSAD can protect them. SOON ( will plop thge link in reply). Obviously they know somehing. Could it be that China is simply doing the same ?

    3. Xi has been toalking about the reset. USD crash is obviously looming. Xi has been talking about global reset.There are more and mroe stories about “aliens” and “ateroids” that have weirdly deicided to attack us just now, around USD crash point.

  44. “Whereever you are, make your peace, stick together, help each other out… and above all, stay awesome!” — Serpentza

    Thank you for your much needed wise words. Enjoy SoCal weather. Take the family to see the beautiful lights at Sensorio.

  45. There’s a good reason why people in China don’t lend a helping hand and it’s called “the Good Samaritan law”. Most countries have one, in Germany it’s a punishable offense if you don’t help someone who needs aid, but in China there are no Good Samaritan laws so people get sued for helping others. It’s not really Chinese people’s fault, it’s the CCPs fault for not implementing a law to protect Good Samaritans.

  46. The CCP doesn’t care if you talk bad about China the country, only if you talk bad about the CCP, because they think they are more important than China and that Xi Jinping is god.

  47. Hey man I really want to learn chinese to an advanced level. I have been stuck at about HSK4 level for years. Can you recommend a good school?

  48. You can bet ur bottom dollar the young ladies were Probably Unwilling Accomplices to the “begging for my hungry baby scam”……Good on you for providing the local cops ur photos and eye witness accounts…Chalk one up for the good guys……keep on rockin in the free world dude, cheers…A.A.A

  49. The free and commercially driven press will only shows the USA at its worse.
    The CCP controlled press will only show China only at its absolute best.
    It is that simple.

  50. I like you and your friend’s broadcasts because you both have a great sense of balance and perspective. I’m sure you hear the opposite, but I see it and well done!

  51. I’m sorry, but the US is not good right now. so it’s China. the US and China are both fucked. and in my opinion, both countries are getting more and more alike towards fascism. like wtf, stop this childish beef with china and do something real good with your platform. disappointed that you say everything is good.

  52. Hey Winston, you are in So Cal my hometown! It really doesn’t get better than that! We moved to Italy a few years ago! It’s nice but whomever moved out of So CA got the short end of the stick! Enjoy! Best place in the world, bar none!

  53. My father in law is constantly calling my wife to move back to China because Colorado is just too unsafe. It’s caused a lot tension in our family. Even before COVID we could never get him to come visit because he felt it was unsafe. There is crime here but I’ve experienced much more petty crime and being a target of crime in China than at home. I had two scooters stolen, creepy dudes hanging around my apartment and someone tried to steal my wife’s car.

  54. HAHAHAH Love it how you decided to pick on China. What about America dude… 1/5 of people receive unemployment benefits, we vote for 2 parties which have driven the economy to the ground… why should anyone care about what you say.

  55. Hey – I’ve been watching your videos off and on for a couple of years, and I’m always impressed by how level headed and sincere you are. My wife of 2 yeras is from China, but has lived in the USA for over 20 years. But I can still see in her some very interesting attitudes toward China vs USA that are hard to explain. But what you note in this video is one big issue. My wife watches a lot of YouTube news from China. This is understandable, but she ends up with sort of a Chinese party-line interpretation of news events as a result. One interesting historical issue is that I was talking about how horrible Mao was, and she got upset. I realized then that her whole historical perspective came from Chinese news and teaching. The worst she could say was that he “made some mistakes.” And she readily admits she is happy to be in the USA and doesn’t like the Chinese government.
    If you’d like to connect, go to my nonprofit website and use the connect page. It is a site with a lot of papers I wrote about Russian youth culture and American Christian ministry (I was a missionary in Russia for about 9 years). The site is missionconsulting dot org

  56. Maybe because you are an outsider u don’t perceive the difference between the USA’s strictly controlled communist anti-White mass media and the “free press” that they like to claim to be. The same holds true for the rest of the west’s bought up mass media. Wicked as the communists of China and their press may be, at least they are for a powerful Chinese race. The opposite holds true for the controlled press in the west that is for the destruction of the White race and western civilization.

  57. WRT to your argument of invisible threats – that’s circular argument.
    You don’t see threats that _you_ don’t see.
    That doesn’t mean that they< are not there. You are frustrated by many Chinese being oblivious too threats that you see, while comfortably taking the SAME position in USA. Things that _you_ don't directly see don't bother you. You talk much about folks trying to steal your wallet or your phone, yet you are weirdly silent about the ones, trying to take your freedom, monetary system, police, privacy etc. What good is your wallet if you don't have functioning monetary system ?

  58. SA and the USA also have some very similar problems, like anti-white hatred. Dont underestimate this in the US, Winston, it can be calm one minute, and appear in an instant. I am afraid you have a false sense of the security in the US.

  59. If you have not see anything happening then you are extremely lucky, it happens every day in Florida. In China they are trying to create harmony I don’t see the down side, In the United States we using puffery to make thing sound better when they are really getting worse, the goal has become to create kayos and it is working. We call it the Free press it simply is not free, In China the Government controls the media and in the US Billionaires control the media. We have freedom of speech and it is used to lie and mislead. If you are in a group in the US right now of 100 people you have a 88% chance of getting Covid-19. If you don’t believe me go and hang out with 100 people that you don’t know. The second cause of death behind the Coronavirus in Florida is anxiety people are so filled with fear that they are having a heart attack. I can’t go to China right now because Trump other wise I would be there it is safer than here.

  60. That’s the thing about the USA. There are some places, mostly certain areas of some of the big cities, like Chicago, Baltimore, St Louis, Memphis, New Orleans, etc. that are quite dangerous, but most people don’t go there for obvious reasons. Outside of that, the other 99% of the USA is one of the safest places in the world.

  61. I have never liked China mainly due to it being lead by an authoritarian government. Your videos, especially the ones since you have left china, are eye opening and in a sense important. This is not only China. This could be any authoritarian government. This is something we have to work worldwide to avoid falling victim to.

  62. It’s sad this happens anywhere on the world.
    It’s ashamed that China’s relationship and reputation with the rest of the world is going south.
    I now noticed a lot more posts Utube presented by western people selling China as safe crimefree, and open society.
    Some basic research it is easy to see it’s a load of cap.
    Thanks for another great post.
    I find a lot of your info on China really interesting and well balanced.

  63. Looked up that kidnapping women for forced marriage.. damn, I regret it. I forget how horrible the world is. We haven’t gotten much better from our WWII days…

    Enjoy SoCal. I miss the weather so much.

  64. I really don’t understand why if you hate so much China . You spend so much time there. I’m in China for 4 years already. And I love it. It’s safe. Sadly. Your viewers believe you

  65. i miss those days serpentza. NUmber one rule in any country. If a pretty girl comes up to you in a foreign country do not trust her!!!!

  66. YOur are acident story where everybody stopped to help is not a US phenomenon, it was the neighborhood/area you were in. I can take you may places in the US that they wont only not help, theey might beat you or rob your sneakers, wallet etc just bc you are vulnerable at the moment. Im not saying you have to live in fear, but I am trying to give it to you level, seeing the US through rose colored glasses rarely ends well. Even the cops are dangerous in the US, better hope they dont confuse you with somebody they think is s threat. Just trying to open your eyes, remember you were in ,lve with China when you first moved there, well could it be you are similarly blind to the US´s very real problems bc you are here for a short period of time yet? What do you think about so any blacks that say (even on TV) that you should be killed just because you are white? That probably dosent happen much in China.

  67. I remember benoni and the wimpy bar blow up that we would frequent as a family farely regularly and we returned to this little green rock and I will never forget the smell of an African darn and know that is were we all came from

  68. One movie that came out in around 2000 that I feel is relevant to the whole pickpockets and thieves and crime situation you guys are currently talking about is Beijing Bicycle. For whatever reason my library had that movie, and we’d just gotten a DVD player and it was Asian and Asian media in general was hard to find back then, but it really left an impression on me back then. Seemed to show a very honest picture of China’s theft situation, and poverty vs upper middle class city dwellers. I’d love if you guys could watch it sometime.

  69. Any time someone even family cover up the bad among them for the family image they punish victims and allow the perpetrators to evade punishment and continue doing what they do .

  70. I once saw a man beating the crap out of a woman in China. He was punching her in the face like it was a punching bag and dragging her on the street. I didn’t speak any Chinese at that time. I tried to intervene, took out my phone took photos. But that continued. Then I tried to get the attention of passersby but everyone ignored me. Eventually this young guy was riding his ebike, he stopped. Spoke English, I explained to him what was going on. He talked to the guy, who turned out to be her husband. And that helped.

  71. I don’t know if it’s because of YouTube’s algorithm or if it’s because that’s actually all the content y’all are putting out, but man I would prefer less negative videos.

    I get it, China bad. Y’all go to plenty of other countries though and I’d watch a hell of a lot more if you focused on the positives of those other countries rather than the negatives of China.

    Gotta do what pays the bills best though I suppose.

  72. jaja, your content is so boring and misinforming, obviously, the world is not perfect, but I am thinking CIA now is your boss jaja… 17:45 everything is perfect in your area, are you sure?, why did not show the park you took the video?… I recommend you download the citizen app, maybe can help you a lot. Guys Serpentza is just a piece of crap.

  73. In America, we say,”if it bleeds, it leads”. Tabloid journalism in America is a big business. If the media doesn’t like the current regime, it will lie to make things look worse. Every major news source has extreme bias in one direction or another in America. Every news source clips videos out of context and lies to back their narrative in either direction, left or right. There is zero accountability in the USA media. It is not government control, it is large multinational corporation control.

  74. 10:08 none of the girls is pretty. They clearly look like rural Chinese girls without much class. I wouldn’t even want to touch any of them, let alone paying.
    Winston’s friend is too cheap to hire decent providers. Got what he deserved.

  75. When my missus used to live in Hong Kong and I went to visit, I’d try to suggest a day trip to China but was always denied, for the many reasons your video mentions. Losing internal organs when using the bath room wasn’t covered in my travel insurance. She was deadly serious. China isn’t safe, we’re not going. Ah well.

  76. Those who don’t believe Satan exists? go join Satan’s church. You’ll see who prods the weak immoral minds who create every injustice this planet has ever endured from the fall of Adam and Eve. I’ve seen S.H.I.T. that would the atheist’s mind. But as they say, “out of sight, out of mind.” Good luck on that!

  77. China show the rich parts to look like a perfect country while 99% of the country looks like what is in your videos. I feel bad for kids and parents that have to live in those place and can’t relocate because China only let the rich relocate to other countries.

  78. Thanks Winston. Why even go to this disgraced country? It’s so sick in Communist nations. It’s like a land of human sharks! See what Communism does to a great people?

  79. In the west we have an very transparent press… Very untrue in these times. It is very transparent the tyrannic control of media as known in China and such communist areas has an certain control of western media. The only difference is that white people is different and would not conform in the same way chinese asians does.

  80. We are in Michigan and no fires here . My niece lived in China and she said she was home sick , that everyone wanted pictures with her because she had blonde hair and blue eyes and then they stared a lot she also thought they were very racist. She now loves being home in America because she can speak freely and not worry about the government monitoring everything she says and it’s very sad that the Chinese people hate everyone so much because Americans ( and I would know I am one ) love everyone and are very friendly. I wanted to visit China someday because of the ancient medicine but after the way my niece told me she was treated I will wait until they have a more free government someday.

  81. All true, but sadly, USA is becoming somewhat more like SA in its ideological and racial violence,.
    Also in our ideological repressions, we are suffering more and more of the totalitarian characteristics of what has called itself Western Marxism, meaning the Marxism that relies so heavily on the totalistic cultural hegemony, somewhat like what the Cultural Revolution that was supposed to be about (which is why so much of Western Marxism supported Maoism in the 6s( that it claims not to need the violence as much, although that too is following somewhat already.

  82. Just like child kidnapping from unsuspecting parents China has started surreptitiously stealing territories, kilometers by kilometers from India. It has become worse after China became a single party communist country.

  83. My Chinese wife was downright paranoid about pickpockets and other petty crimes and scams. I guess the bubble she constructed for me kept me from seeing anything major or violent. Considering the crazy way people drive, I’m surprised I didn’t see any really bad car accidents or even more fender benders. Most of the time I lived in NE China. I’ve wondered if people up there are more honest and generally better behaved than those in other parts of China.

  84. You are probably right. But, I don’t think you know how bad it is here in the US right now. We are basically descending into civil war. Murders this year are already 33% higher then last year. This Monday alone in my city there were 25 murders.

  85. I’ve had a hell of a time trying to convince people about how fake pretty much all statistics that come out of China are, from the economy, to crime numbers and illness numbers, it’s just so far off that it isn’t even funny. There was a video going around a few years ago of a high up economic minister admitting that his department couldn’t use the official numbers for anything and had to try to manually calculate the number of goods being shipped based on train and ship movements to get a more accurate picture of what was going on in the country. Obviously that video has been wiped from the internet entirely but still.

  86. You are only half right with the media in the US though. They only share tragic stories if it fits the agenda they are pushing like with the riots. You hear almost nothing about any of the violence against innocents as a result. You also see a similar under the rug type situation in regards to child kidnapping and disappearances and human trafficking in general.

  87. But what are you suggestions for the avg. chinese Joe that can’t migrate to EU or US like you? Ask them to be a martyr? What are your solutions others tahn calling it out? Some people are tired of people calling it out and not come with a solution, cause you are talking about their home. No offense, but the guy who points out problems without coming up with solutions aren’t the popular ones in general. It is easy to put on western binoculars and talk about the eastern culture – but perhaps that is not the way to go. There is always a reason for why things are as they are.

  88. DISLIKE the message, they are commies people. Lies, thats the way the Democrats want us. Mushrooms, in the dark, fed their horseshit. Wake up America!

  89. Safest places in the world would be Iceland, Denmark, Canada, Singapore, Taiwan, Japan, New Zealand and Australia. Which are by far safer than China and the US. My sister lost her camera in a Taxi while in Tokyo and she got it back right away. The cab driver even went to her location to return it. She didn’t have to wait for the drivers shift too be over either.

  90. Ok, so are you suggesting the English speaking countries are doing things much differently? I’ve met cops who told me homicides happen every day in every major western city and they are generally not reported on unless it will obviously leak.

  91. In america we have good samaritan laws that protect first aid helper when they break your ribs giving you cpr… Good Samaritan laws offer legal protection to people who give reasonable assistance to those who are, or whom they believe to be, injured, ill, in peril, or otherwise incapacitated. The protection is intended to reduce bystanders’ hesitation to assist, for fear of being sued or prosecuted for unintentional injury or wrongful death. Its also a by product of that save “wrong face” sugar coating that people wont aknowlage crimes that they dont lean into improvment.

  92. The U.S. does not have a free press. Just try to publish something that doesn’t fall within the “acceptable categories of dissent.”

  93. When I was a kid I almost got kidnapped back in China. A guy straight up came up to me and said (in Chinese) “Little friend, come with me.” I pretended to follow him. When he had turned around I went the other way. After a while I turned to look back at him. He was still walking as if I was following him. He was a few metres from a white van. I then left.

    When he got there he probably realized his attempt had failed. But remember that they have no sense of panic or shame. When one attempt fails, they try to go for another one. “I’ll try X times today, if it doesn’t work, no sweat.”

    When my family was in China someone offered to pull our luggage for us if we paid them money. My dad did not want to go for it but my mom actually paid him. He said “I’ll go over the bridge, you guys can go on the road below.” Big red flag, he is clearly trying to steal the luggage. There is no legitimate reason for intentionally trying to split up. My dad argued with him. Finally he agreed to go on the road below with my family. But instead of going on the sidewalk like a normal person, he intentionally went in the middle of the road where there was heavy traffic. My dad yelled for him to come back. My dad even offered to pay him to come back and cancel their arrangement. By the time my family got the luggage back there was a long cut on one of the cases made by a utility knife. However, since the case was extra durable, the knife did not actually penetrate the outer layer.

    The worst part is that he was very visibly trying to cut it. He wasn’t even trying to be subtle. There was a deep gash that penetrated the cloth layer but got stopped by the underlying plastic layer. He would repeat the cut time after time with no luck.

  94. 0:33 The West has a transparent press? Oh boy… You have a lot of catching-up to do. Our press is anything but transparent. The mainstream media lies more than its cretins breath. The difference between Chinese mainstream media and Western mainstream media is that China suppresses news of evils done by the state, and frames evils not done by the state as the state having stopped the non-state evil-doers. It’s complete bullshit. In the West, the mainstream media does the exact same thing, but the US isn’t exactly a one-party state, so a lot of the evil done by both the state and non-state actors can sometimes more easily be blamed on non-establishment or rival-statist groups. This is what is going on in the US right now. There is a class of politicians that have deep, corrupt roots throughout the entirety of the US government, and Trump is trying to expel them. As a result, they’re doing everything they can to prevent him from getting re-elected, and that includes churning out as much chaos, smears, misinformation, and the like, because they know that (generally) when people are unhappy with their current conditions, they are less likely to vote for the incumbent politician, regardless of the causal factors of the living conditions of voters, and the less voters know about their corruption, the better for them.

    This is why the police in corrupt cities have been told to stand down and not confront violent rioters; this is why they frame the federal officers defending federal buildings from nutjobs throwing large fireworks and arsonists trying to set the building ablaze as “Trumps violent goons”; this is why they push the narrative that people are being disappeared randomly and for no reason by “Trump’s stormtroopers”, when really it’s because they’re being detained because they’re suspects in said attacks on federal buildings, and they can’t detain these people when giant mobs give the suspects cover; this why scumbags like Cuomo sent sick people to nursing homes to kill old people and pump up those CV numbers; this is why there have been multiple gate “Trump scandals” that have turned out to be complete fabrications; this is why the mainstream media doesn’t cover the FISa-approved spying on the Trump campaign by the Obama administration; this is why Biden is being propped up as the leading Democratic candidate, so that if Trump calls for investigations of their vast and deep-seated corruption, they can claim that he’s just doing it to “interfere with democracy”, despite Biden having a serious and rapidly-worsening case of dementia so bad that there is no way he would even make it all four years; this is why multiple stories that would have exposed the international child-trafficking (popularized by the assassination of Jeffrey Epstein) were not only suppressed, but covered up (keep your eyes on Ghislaine Maxwell, Les Wexner, Alan Dershowitz, Prince Andrew, and their ilk, by the way); this is why the corrupt military industrial complex extracting wealth from taxpayers to fund endless war and genocide in the Middle East has been framed as “they hate us for our freedom” and “our mission is to bring democracy to the Middle East”; this is why there has been no exposure of the Obama administration providing aid to Al-Qaeda (9-11 terrorist group) in Yemen, switching sides to back the Houthis to combat Al-Qaeda, switching sides again to back Al-Quaeda, then siding with Bonesaw of Saudi-Arabia (leading to the US-guided genocide in Yemen); this is why Obamacare has been framed as an attempt to help the downtrodden people struggling to get by, but was stopped by the “evil racists”, when really it was just a fascistic crony deal to inflate healthcare prices, pump up profits of the corrupt “healthcare” industry, and force the taxpayer to hand over their money for it. And all of this is just the tip of the iceberg.

    And to ward against the air-heads that only think in terms of left-right exclusivity: I also don’t like Trump, and I’m not going to be voting for him. There is plenty by which you can attack Trump, and he’s certainly corrupt as well. However, what is commonly referred to as the deep-state (the deep-seated corruption that plagues and runs throughout the US government), which has a near complete monopolistic control of the mainstream media, is under threat by Trump, and that’s why the large majority of this insanity is bubbling up. As for safety, as long as you stay away from bad areas in corrupt cities, and mind your own business, you’ll be pretty damn safe.

  95. 4:12 Crimes in the U.S. are covered up also. A bunch of news outlets just stated that they would not be reporting on crime because it is “racist.” I’m not trying to contradict you, but I think you have rose colored glasses when it comes to America.

  96. the thing with western media is just gathering the info which is accessible. Then ignore the dramatization and hype and come to a unbiased conclusion Using common sense.

  97. Yeah, they say the area in Portland OR where all the protests and “riots” are is described as a 4 square block area with a park in the middle. The news, and especially Donald J. (Jackass) tRump, would have you believe the “violence” is city wide. It’s not.

  98. there are no utubers in China worth watching. Youre the only one I prefer to browse. Of course being in the country so long, its easy to know whats up, just dont make videos about it. just do My own thing.

  99. I’m in the Bay Area, and I do receive messages from friends at mainland China asking how the protesting and burning is affecting my life… I simply told them it was fine for me at the moment.

  100. From my perspective most of the world is a shit hole, think about this – Australia is the best country in the world bar none. Maybe New Zealand is the equal but to me there just a Tasman wannabe.

  101. Glad to see your taking a break from a place like that I would know I live in Mexico home of cartel, curruption and indifference. And being a good samaritan and standing up for others is not a choice for someone like you even when risking yourself, but keeping your family safe is just as important now that you have one. Hope your liking your new home.

  102. There is no two ways about it but china is a shithole(sorry i have to say it)the best thing you did was get out of it winston,leave it in the past now…if it was me i would have came to europe over america tho…your a great guy always love your videos and now i see your much looser in how you speak then when you were in china…seems now that tensions between the west and china are growing more each day which is worrying to see…take care and regards from dublin winston.

  103. 17 min. Winston, you’re fi*&@ng delusional. Try South Orange County. It’s a different planet. LA county drive by shootings police helicopters 🚁. Lots of crazy people on drugs. Your family is not safe there!!!

  104. The problem is that when you have a society like China where anything bad gets covered up it’s a green light for the bad actors. Because the problems are covered up they can never be fixed as the problem can’t even be acknowledged.

    Take the kidnapping as an example. If there was a major problem with kidnapping in a western country the media would report on it and the government would be forced to do something about it. In China it’s just swept under the carpet and the kidnappers just carry on kidnapping.

  105. Hey man great work, if you want safety come on down under, here at the bottom of the world we are pretty safe, plus we are multicultural so you will always have people from your old world . Finally no where is totally safe.

  106. Ive lived in Shanghai 14 years I do love Shanghai ! But Sadly thieves everywhere in town. in hospital, bank, car park,
    library, mcdonalds Starbucks. IKEA Everywhere! .Thats why they need surveillance camera…

  107. I have seen Chinese cause car wrecks that should have never happened. Like driving off a 3 story parking lot to their deaths. In the US the wrecks are often as terrible as their driving.

  108. My wallet fell out of my pocket while I was riding my motorbike in an area of Melbourne Australia full of immigrants, and someone found my address and brought it back, full of my money.

  109. It’s so obvious – of course China censors their media in relation to negativity, that crime coverage would ALSO be censored. I don’t understand how these western YouTubers just can’t (or don’t want to) understand that.

  110. The reason of “many Chinese people don’t help others” is: several years ago, a man who helped an old woman had to give thousands of his money to the old woman, because the old woman required the hero to pay for her medical fees. The result was that the court in Nanjing told hero to pay for the bill as reparation. Even if most Chinese people disagreed with the judgement after watching it on news, the court still insist on their judgement. Since then, many children were taught by their parents that never try to help stranger, especially the old people, in order to avoiding bilk… Today, There are still many old people pretent to fall down in front of others for asking “medical fees” in China. Chinese Cultural Revolution in 1966-1967 caused their lack of education and low salary.

  111. It’s far more dangerous than what they’re showing on the news.
    Hoards of violent Democrats are looting, vandalizing, assaulting and murdering in every Democrat controlled area.
    Don’t believe serpentza, he’s employed by the CIA. Yes, I’m joking.

  112. So I have been watching your videos for two years. You are shouting in the wilderness my friend. But you are making a POSITIVE DIFFERENCE. You may not have everything figured out in your personal life or whatever…..but you are making a POSITIVE DIFFERENCE. Keep going. Stay safe. Love your family….. Love God and most importantly “Stay Awesome”.

  113. More bullshit the press in the US is 100% propaganda bullshit put out by the CIA and other agencies. Whatever media form it is nothing by lies and mind control and brainwashing and mesmerizing hypnotizing bullshit.

  114. Mr. Serpentza, you are modern Macro polo, when Biden won the presidency, I wish he would name you as the ambassador to China. You deserve it, Excellent job!

  115. Wow, I love the part when you were able to implement change by having these fake beggars arrested and authorities putting up posters not to give money to these people. Human trafficking is horrible. I wonder how these people can stomach it, it’s a child for god’s sake!

  116. In the east, the government is corrupt and the news follows or disappears. In the west, the media is corrupt and we thrive despite it and their lies convenient;y disappear. Take 5 minutes and decide which is better… However: our media is trying to appease your government and now we are being choked and our people revolting (not over that, this is an agenda). But this goes for people of any country: Until you go anywhere else, you have no idea how colored your lens is.

  117. Communism creates people with no soul. I don’t mean in the religious sense (pun intended)….i mean people who are bereft of humanity

  118. The “you’re interfering in domestic problems” accusation seems to go all the way up to the higher echelons of society & government – which is why the world is being accused of that today

  119. I’m starting to believe the reason why the west is better is because of our Christian values. I know some don’t believe in Jesus or God but could it have set the foundation of being a good person from the beginning. Maybe if we head back in that direction we can make it even better!

  120. To be honest, suicide rate in western countries are not low. Especially for men. And men are more likely to be kicked out of the house by their partners.

  121. Mental note to one self Don’t go to China Don’t go to South Africa … AAAA Dam I am South African and TRAPPED forget about the mental note.
    Baie bly vir jou mnr dat jy dit gemaak het en mag GOD jou baie meer seen. Groete van die Kaap

  122. In the mid 90’s I met a few Moldovans men who were ex conscript USSR troops who described this horror show and now we can all see.
    We really need to appreciate what we have wherever we live that we may deem as civilisation.
    Stay Safe.

  123. Western media is very very one eyed…. you just haven’t noticed it yet
    how many times do you see news on the ongoing weekly protests in France?

  124. Your posts are filled with so much negativity. Wonder what your Chinese wife thinks about you blasting the country that raised, nourished, and enabled her and her ancestors to have a life..She probably despises you deep down :))

  125. I find it very suspicious that you only referenced damages done to replaceable, inanimate objects in protests, yet didn’t mention the countless horrifying videos of law enforcement beating innocent people to a pulp (both during protests or on a random sunny day).
    If you stand for justice, it should be on both sides of the Pacific. Otherwise, you’re being biased or even dishonest.

  126. I hate to break it but the US has its own set of issues regarding press and accuracy…
    Lots of it is its own propaganda.

    Not saying it’s better or worst than China but we do have issues here too.

    Oh, and don’t drink the tap without filtering it.

  127. No, here in US, 99% of the media dishes out fake news to support the globalists agendas.
    There’re lots of social media censorship!!! It’s most definitely getting worst but we have our Constitution and Bill of Rights still… We don’t want this country to be a socialistic/communistic country.
    Btw, you did the right thing for your family. Your baby girl is so freak’n cute!!!

  128. US is so democratic but then why send federal agent to arrest people gathering ? Let see if military move in later for BLM . Kidnap happen everywhere & any hedious crime if caught will have capital punishment in China. Criminal will be always criminals doing things that is not explanable

  129. Woke up seeing this video, immediately press like button. Just realized people still dont realize about china’s massive press suppression

  130. Serpentza: “I don’t see any fires”
    Also Serpentza : “I see firefighters putting out fires”
    You’re hillarious. Keep up the good work.

  131. If you have the privilege to access both the Chinese and western media and seeing the world from both views, than good on you. The one thing I discovered is that, while the western general public blames China for its censured and state-run news media, the western much-vaunted “free” media is in fact not any better. The Chinese media tell you what they want you to hear, and the western media tell you what you like to hear.

  132. China hides their dirty laundry hence why no one actually realizes how bad China is

    As a Mainlander who immigrated to Canada, its definitely alot safer in here and the rest of Western nations

  133. Wow today I saw another side of China. Beggars street for lack of better word. Trash and trash everywhere. Friends who have visited touristy places in china had impression that litter got picked up in military precision. I would never live anywhere my child can be kidnapped. Nope.

  134. I love this vid because it amalgamates a lot of stuff you’ve touched upon in vids from years ago but can actually elucidate upon, which is nice. Regarding the Chinese non-response issue to emergencies with fellow countrymen, it reminds me of when I first got to Japan, and a girl was crying her eyes out on the Yamanote line and everyone ignored her. As a Brit it was kinda weird so I asked if she was okay etc, but that got me at first.
    Living here for a while now I see that sometimes (Mostly in Tokyo, wouldn’t happen in Ibaraki / Gunma etc) but if it were ever an emergency you’d get everyone on that train helping you, apart from the weird fat 1%er Salarymen of course, that will purposely barge into you on the street to pass you in Asakusa on a Friday night…

  135. I believe the level of propaganda may be equal between the countries. China uses for Government propaganda and the US media is nothing but LIBERAL propaganda. I think the US is worse.

  136. What about the gazillion cameras which are everywhere, shouldn’t it be fairly easy to track down the kidnappers? They can probably follow them all the way home just by analysing the video data

  137. person cannot be sued for providing first aid or emergency treatment at the scene of an accident. All 50 states have some type of Good Samaritan Law which will protect a person who helps out in an emergency its easy to look up.. thanks for your videos

  138. The 2nd time I visited China, some woman in a more expensive mall tried to pick pocket my back pocket. Thankfully my big butt makes it look like I carry my valuables in my back pocket? lol The mall was in Qingdao in an area that wasn’t in a busy part of the city, with my very white American friends.

  139. The US media has spent years making every single country in the world look bad so the USA looks good, over stating situations, generating panic abroad and using that for domestic political gain. Now that the things have turned around and the world is looking at the USA through the same lense the world has been looked upon it is time for some to come up with cheap excuses about the real situation there. The world has never been as dark and dangerous as the USA media has portrayed it and the USA is not as safe as the USA media has loved to show it to the world. Yes China controls its media and yes the USA brainwashes its citizens who control their media. Not much of a difference. And yes if I were oriental as we speak the last place on earth I will feel safe is in today´s USA, problably the same for blacks and latinos. Sad but real situation, pathetic excuses.

  140. Chinese nationals want to leave the US for China. Both countries are going to crap and they seem to think they’re the only two countries in the world.

  141. China is modern day “Naz¡” Germany. They are doing it RIGHT now and the outrage is so low compared to the fake outrage people make towards antisemitism in Hollywood. Pretty sure this comment will be taken out by Chinas homies, YouTube.

  142. Glad you made it out of the ccp.. I’ve been a longtime sub for years because of motorcycles. Enjoyed your outlook and love for China 🇨🇳, and now your pain. I was born in SA Johannesburg left 6mo old to the states 1980. I wonder if I should ever go back to visit since I’ve been a child. Would like your same insight into SA if you have an opportunity. Great work! You and cmilk stay awesome 👏

  143. In Japan if you want to “reserve” your seat at a restaurant you leave your bag on a chair. In Japan you sleep safely in the train. In Japan you get out of an ATM machine and count your money while walking in the crowded streets. In Japan you forget something, go back and find it. In Japan seeing a empty can on the sidewalk is infuriating. Don’t call a Japanese “chinese”. Thank you.

  144. Yep, you hit the nail on the head Winston. I’m surprise to hear from Chinese living here in America, they want to go back to China. When at this moment all hell broke loose. Flooding, earthquakes, dams that could break at any moment and the continuous outbreaks of the pandemic and the national security law for Hong Kong. At this time China is not a safe place to be. And not only that to see the CCP bullying all it’s neighbors and let not forget the coming shortage of food with all those massive flooding, locus invasion, etc and companies moving out from China with their supply chain. Soo all Chinese that moved to the states should stay there. The CCP is attempting to break up couples by hiding the real facts and events currently happening in China. And the CCP don’t even speak of the massive floods. that alone prove your point.

  145. Anytime people claim China is safe because of low violent crime rates, I agree, but then counter by pointing to all the ways in which it’s much more dangerous: faulty vaccines, tainted milk formula, fake children’s toys made with harmful materials, shoddy construction projects signed off by corrupt officials, poor enforcement of traffic laws, air pollution, water contamination … you name it. There are health, safety and environmental dangers lurking all over. Just the other week some guys cut down trees in my complex and they left their chainsaws running on the ground as people walked past, and let the branches just fall onto the path without concern. Yes, we are not at great risk of being mugged or assaulted in the streets*, but there are myriad other ways in which we put our lives at risk every day which I’ve never had to worry about in the West, because the West has learned to regulate itself and reduce the possibility. Some call it “Health and safety gone mad!” but really it’s just protecting people from idiots and corrupt people who don’t care.

    *Not that I’ve ever been mugged or assaulted in the UK either.

  146. So true, I had a co-worker who spent three weeks in China on a tour, when he returned we were comparing vacations ( I had traveled to Bangkok via Hong Kong ) and the subject of the Hong Kong protest came up, he responded, What protest?, And told me in my face that there was no news in China about that and it was all made up, I then responded , Tell that to the people in Hong Kong, he’s such a tool.

  147. Bro the media is controlled by the CIA and right now the CIA is trying to promote regime change in the 🇺🇸. The CIA is not actually part of the US. It is the protection arm for the international banking system. Do the research. BLM is a CIA operation. That is why it is world wide all of a sudden. They are trying to create international support for it so that Americans see this and think “Oh maybe I am wrong”. This is physiological warfare to get rid of Trump.

  148. Safety in China is a joke. There is no safety regulations, work place health and safety/ occupational health and safety. Nothing is really regulated or even enforced.
    I got a bus from Nanning to Guangzhou in China in 2015. Which is about a 10 hour drive. It had bunk beds in it to my surprise. A set down each side of the bus and pairs of bunks in the middle. So 4 wide with small isle down each between the side and middle bunks. They stink also and even worse when full if people. It was very hot and late evening so the people on the bus had been active all day. Nanning is hot and very humid in summer and they don’t use air-conditioning in vehicles in China or for that matter virtually anywhere. The people where removing their shoes, smoking the whole journey and coughing up phlegm. They dragged all sorts of smelly cargo on to the bus. Even the driver was smoking. All the passengers just lie down and almost switch off and become like zombies not taking any interest in safety or of the driver. Even if I wasn’t worried about safety I couldn’t relax because if the stench of smelly body odur, foot odur, smoking and who knows what else.

    We barely get out of the city limits, only been traveling about 1/2 an hour and the bus driver starts falling asleep at the wheel with a cigarette in his mouth. I couldn’t believe it and not one passenger was doing anything or saying anything. Not one passenger even took any interest. I couldn’t relax from the time I got on the bus and kept my eye on the driver like a hawk. He was dozing off at the wheel. His head would drop then he would jerk his head back each time. Slap his face, shake his head side to side and put his head out the window. However within a few seconds he was nodding off to sleep again. Lucky I had a Chinese friend with me. I went to my friends bunk and pointed out the driver falling asleep. My Chinese friend didn’t seem concerned. I’m like what the fk this guy can’t keep his head up for more than a few seconds. After pleading with my Chinese friend for a while they agreed to go and check on the driver. My friend I don’t think even mentioned to the driver about him falling asleep. My friend just sat on the bus floor next to the driver and talked to him to keep him awake. I basically can’t speak Chinese. My Chinese friend basically had very poor English. However lucky my friend could see how concerned I was and went to keep the driver awake. I couldn’t relax for one second for that trip. It was at least 10 hours on that bus.

    I found out afterwards it’s a massive and common problem in China of bus drivers falling asleep at the wheel. Hundreds if not thousands of people are killed because of it in China every year. Yet nothing gets done about it. There in no policing of it. I’d say without a doubt if my friend hasn’t kept that driver awake it would have ended in tragedy for sure.

    Yet China is the safest place on earth just ask the Chinese citizens and the CCP. FFS!!!

  149. I gotta solution! Let’s just nuke them before they get out of hand. Problem solved! That’s the order from Jimmy Cavallo! Your problems just go away. Don’t worry about it and just forget about it!

  150. I left my credit card in an atm in Beijing after withdrawing a bunch of cash and then stood near the atm on my phone and a Chinese young man went to use the atm , saw my English card in there and said in Chinese ‘excuse me is this yours’ or something to that effect and gave it to me . I was so happy and relieved. Just wanted to show a good story , not undermining your ones wincent, I know there are bad stories.

  151. Very very safe to go for a holiday. They take your fingerprint when you enter the country which is fine but if they take my DNA next time I will be booking a flight out of there. They ain’t having my organs.

  152. I used to give generally to beggars on the street when I first arrived China, but then my friend showed me videos about how they are all fake, and I start to have 2nd thoughts on giving donations to them.

  153. Lay off the booze. It’s really starting to affect how you look. Your skin is having an oily look, you’re putting on body fat, wrinkles, and you’re aging fast. Kind of gross. We’re the same age and you look about 10 years older than I do because I exercise and don’t drink. You’re going to look 50 soon if you don’t start taking care of yourself.

  154. Did you miss the daily riots in Portland and the chaos in Seattle and the weekly body count in Chicago? Not that we’re all running around shooting one another. But there is an insurrection going on and it’s well funded.

  155. Sorry to burst your bubble. Media like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter are owned by Americans and they are the main source of media out there nowadays. They can control what they want you to see with ease. Why do you think Facebook sold those data a couple of years ago? And why China kicked these media out of China. As well, the Chinese in China like their government so much that an anonymous poll showed that 93% of ppl in the country are in favour of the government. The US?? Cough…cough….

  156. They don’t just kidnap children for sell. Sometimes they make beggars out of the kidnapped. The kidnappers cripple the children, for example cutting off or twisting their limbs, also most likely poisoned to brain damage and/or can’t speak words clearly as well so they can’t ask for any help.

  157. My experience was when I had a flat tires in the country road somewhere in the middle of the night and no street lights at all, I was approached by passing car and he helped me changed my tires . Another time was when I stopped to use restroom on the side of the road in the country road in the middle of the night, by passing car stopped and asked me is everything OK ? 😁

  158. My friends ex husband sold a house in China. He was married to a PRC national. An PRC ex girlfriend of his kidnapped him to try and get the proceeds from the sale. Then she and 2 accomplices chopped him up into little pieces. He had lived in China, and HK, worked in HK for more than 3 decades.

  159. Some people still don’t understand that China is a developing country.

    and it is increasing looking like some of China’s leaders are starting to believe in their own hype.

  160. You are talking about the things about China that you should have known when you had lived in China for 3 or 5 years. Till now it seems like you still don’t comprehend why those rules or the things happened to you in China exist. what’s worse is that you stick to explaining those stuff stem from a totally different culture that you Westerners could hardly understand from your own point of view. it makes you sound childish man. Never judge something that you are not able to fully understand.

  161. The taxi drivers are immigrants in India too. But every time I lost something, the driver returned and gave it back. I especially remember losing my wallet with quite a lot of money on it. The driver came back to my house and gave it back.

  162. As a single American male in my 50’s, please tell your Chinese spouses this. Things are different in the world today and people are waking up for the first time ever. A good deal of Americans realize that it’s not the Chinese people it’s the CCP Communists. I’d feel safer being Asian right now then a white male. You will be fine but going back to China should not be considered an option. I’ve been monitoring Asian news from Asia and it looks to me that the people of China are getting ready to rise up. I don’t think there will be a war and if there is it will be over in hours. We both have new space age ships and weapons but they stole theirs from us. This will hit main stream before it’s over. Our new stuff is literally 1 million years ahead of theirs and they will be scooped up with out death coming to the civilians. Just hang in there because the future is going to Rock and I think Asians have always been more of a positive group of immigrants that helps this nation which is more then I can say about immigrants from other nations. Besides, your Asian, you just point and say racist and they would all shut up. It will all be over soon.

  163. I drive my e bike to work in China every day and the best advice I’ve received is “drive like everyone is trying to kill you”. Every day I’m terrified on the roads haha I’ve seen people turning whilst texting/playing games on their phones, taxi drivers on the phone, no one knows what blinkers are, and people just stop in the middle of the road for any reason at time time or turn onto a busy road without looking. It’s crazy town.

  164. I like it! You still see cops doing their job pulling people over, firies putting out fires, Clint Eastwood saying, “Get off my lawn!” 😝

  165. That guy went to use the prostitution service and did not pay, I don’t see anything wrong with holding him back until he arranges the money. Pay for whatever service you use.

  166. Well, let’s start with the fact that you are white and the police has issues with more darker skin so you will never face the problem of discrimination in most of western countries, every time I have been in USA have experienced good and bad cops, there are very professional public enforcement and there are A LOT of racists MF, I have been in China and the censorship is there are also and is pretty scary when chinese police shows up in your hotel room, after a random tweet about a “curious” event, my best experiences have been in Europe everyone is chill and yes there is some racist people there but not like USA or China.

  167. I got my camera stolen when I was in Chendu China on 2008, I got my iphone stolen at Xian when I was in China in 2019. Almost every time I will lost a valuable item when I visit China 😭

  168. Given the number of negative views I’d say you touched a nerve. Keep up the good work! If you ever go on tour and make it to my area, I will definitely try to buy you a beer! Stay classy (and awesome)!

  169. The inner cities of the big cities is where the problems are in the US.. Years ago the blacks moved in and the whites moved out and that is what happened.

  170. Very true, you have no say in China and particularly in occupied state like Tibet which consists of not only TAR but also it includes Qinghai, western Sichuan, part of Gansu and northern Yunnan which were traditionally Tibetan areas. It’s much worse then living in HELL. I am waiting for Communist China to breakdown and it will happen some day, might quite soon before 2030.

  171. You hit the nail on the head. The media creates a two dimensional fake reality by replaying the same shit over and over again to create a false reality. It’s what they do. What worries me is how many actually believe them.

  172. Well, Americans on TikTok are crying their hearts out about how they love China. I wanna see them move there and live their fairy tale lives.

  173. The U.S. is really safe in my opinion. I even checked out the protests in Austin when they started to see what’s up after getting my favorite burger near downtown. The news makes it look like the entire world is on fire.

  174. Would be great to have Chinese subtitles for this videos to show our Chinese wives who doesn’t understand fluent English speech and who obviously believes that China is the most safe place in the world..

  175. Are you living in the US,Hong Kong, or main land China my friend? N e way hope all is well with you n the family and I appreciate the amazing content!

  176. Bet if I tore down statues of Lenin or Mao, in China, my life would get very brutalized and shortened for me through government agents pouncing on me and my conviction by a kangaroo court and my undisclosed incarceration period whist bring menaced and coerced into providing false statements by the thought police, daily. While in the United States (or other western countries) you would get a short jail sentence and a fine for property damage. Where does the risk truly lie?

  177. Not being Chinese is a red flag for the CCP because the party is racist. Normally you try to not draw attention to yourself. But in China, not being Chinese gets the attention of the CCP because they interrogate all other races without probable cause.

  178. Once saw a video of a chinese man having his wife in the trunk. He opened it at a gas station and she was able to escape, he simply catched and put her back again. All the people around were just starring, in fact for a moment i thought they would help him close the trunk because he had such a hard time closing it with all her fighting, then he just drove off.

  179. I don’t understand how anyone could think the CCP isn’t covering stuff like this up, especially now. Why else has the entire world had to go into lockdown for the last few months?

  180. I visited Shenzhen in 2008 and traveling from HK to Shenzhen I met a gentleman from i believe Australia who told me to be careful about where I go as there have been several kidnappings of people from Western countries.

  181. Please notify your friends not to return to the PRC and even Hong Kong. The US consulate and Embassy might not be able to assist and repatriate them back to the States if they again regret their decisions by listening to their brainwashed spouses.

  182. Set the record straight.
    Don’t forget that mainstream media (press) is paid by the CCP to play up fake stories and foster hayhem.
    Don’t forget that Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc etc are sites that are under large covert operations fostered by Communist Russia, CCP China, to create as much falsity as possible.
    Thanks Winston for giving it a go to produce a true vision.
    Good work and greetings from Australia.

  183. China is HUGE. Some areas seem fine, peaceful while bigger cities-lots of big cities- have BIG, big problems the others in small places won’t know about.
    To know a religion, I study the ORIGINATOR, the root; to know a country, I look at government.
    Ours is corrupt, btw but NOT CCP.
    There’s someone posting saying there’s FREEDOM in China, FREEDOM of RELIGION!
    I think he missed the genocide of Ughar(?) Muslims, the underground Christian churches, the disappearing Falon Gong. Even my country, corrupt, doesn’t use them for live organ transplants.
    Every country has good and bad points. China looks gorgeous. Once CCP is dismantled entirely, good to go.

  184. I would sew a short piece of 550 chord in my jacket pockets with a latch that would hook to my wallet and phone. If people are using forceps to reach in your pocket, I wouldn’t drop my guard in public. Especially with expensive items.

  185. *DO YOU WANT TO KNOW WHAT IS COMING FOR CHINA?! Listen to today’s prophecy revelations from our Lord Jesus through Amanda Grace, it is STUNNING REVELATION! Go to B2T now and listen to today’s teaching/message.*

  186. You are correct about Asians living in The US, violence against Asians is way up and I attribute this to trump and his vile, untrue words against China. I live in the San Francisco area where people are a bit safer. Thank you for your information sir, enjoy your beautiful family.

  187. The protests in Seattle are a couple miles away from me including the scene where the driver hit the protesters on the freeway. Wouldn’t have known about any of it without the media.

  188. Safety in China? Is this the same China that welded people in their homes and left them to die? Is this the same China that threw people into metal boxes because of covid? Is this the same China that’s imprisoned and tortured muslims,? Is this the same China in which a tank ran over a protestor in nnn Tiananmen square? Is this the same China that treats foreigners like shit? Oh, China isn’t safe, not by any means.

  189. “South africa, the country where i grew up”! uncomfortable to say “south africa, my country”? but comfortable to say “here in the west WE have …”? u haven’t lived in the US for not even half of a decade but you are comfortably calling yourself a westerner and don’t want to mention you are an african 😂.

  190. The United States has one of the highest incarceration rates in the world (for mostly poor people). Meanwhile, Trump has killed 140,000 due to his Covid 19 negligence. Commits crime daily, and gets away with it. Why? Because crime in the streets is punished, but crime in the suites is seldom enforced.

  191. Thanks but on your earlier video you mentioned China a safe enough to let your wife walk in the middle of the night.🤔
    My brother staying at the orange county, they couldn’t drink from the tap.
    I guessed you stay at a safe district where there is no shooting. Thanks God for that but i rather stay in a place where no guns allowed. Just saying.
    If you want to move again, come Singapore. 😊

  192. Used to like your videos. And…… congratulations, you’ve now been promoted to the ranks of a mercenary ! Another thing though, you’ve always said that you’re not anti-Chinese, only anti Chinese Communist government. But hey, man, all these years, your bias, no matter how carefully camouflaged, shows. And, bro, i ain’t no Chinese.

  193. My mother slipped on ice in January in front of her house. This was in Indiana. This was on a major road when it was below freezing. She broke her leg, lay on the side of the road for six hours. Many drivers looked at her and drove on. Finally, a policeman stopped and got her help. Do not claim Americans care about each other. I lived and worked in China 12 years by the way.

  194. I have one question: Are the US preparing to war with China? If the US do not conquer China, the world will be Chinese. Living in the UK I’m fed by press that Russia is a threat to the UK or other democracies but in reality Russia since Gorbachev Russia is rather in the second league…

  195. Yoy should have your wife in the next video with you, talking about the same thing but from her perspective and why she will not go back.
    Maybe if the spouses of your worried subscribers/friends hear it from her they may pay attention.

  196. I would not take a single young child outside in public in China, without at least 2 responsible adults guardians to supervise the child’s safety. Ratio of about 2 adults per young child.

  197. You say you don’t want to crap on China, but that’s all you do. You talk about the petty theft and scams, which is true, but compare that to mass shootings that were happening on a weekly basis in the USA.

    A crooked taxi driver that stole your friend’s phone? That would never happen in a western country. And they’re less of an issue now because of the Chinese version of Uber with drivers that care about their rating.

    The public distress issue is real though, it nearly happened to me. As for kidnapping, that happens in the western world too, it’s not unique to China. The good thing about all the cameras in big cities is that using facial recognition, a missing child can be found amazingly quickly. I saw it happen to a girl that skipped school to go play at a shipping mall.

    As for being treated worse in China because you’re a foreigner, that’s only the case if you’re a shit disturbed. Otherwise, you get tested very well here for being a foreigner, sometimes better than locals. Though sometimes worse, but it’s not like there isn’t racial discrimination in the western world.

  198. Well, once you loved China, after arriving there. You did not like South Africa, and left. Then, you left for the USA. Now, you like the USA. How long will it be before you do not like the USA???

  199. With regards to state media, definite supression of Chinese media exits. But American media has its own flaws with supression and narratives also. To say that American “mainstream” media is transparent, is in my opinion, not accurate.

  200. It’s amazing how many leftist ads I saw on this video… almost as if they want to directly contradict your message.
    It’s so safe in the US. I hear crickets and barely a car right now. I can live alone safely as a woman. Pretty awesome.

  201. You know the world needs to do their homework on China. And wake up to what really happens over in China. I have never been so discussed in a country. The Ccp. That one place me and my family would, never go. Were happy you and your family got away from that he’ll hole. Notice how the Ccp don’t bat an eyelid about the kids. That go missing.

  202. Good on you trying to help an accident victim. Rule of thumb. Any car accident, if the car is not on fire, leave the person alone. Let the EMTs take them out. If the neck or back is hurt moving them may paralyzed them. I stopped at an accident and people were trying to pull a trapped woman out of a car. I had to yell over and over for them to stop. Police came and took over. Then the EMTs came and sure enough her neck was broken.

  203. When I was there last year, the locals said that crime was alive and well, either batteries or entire motor bikes being stolen. With all the security cameras, face recognition and surveillance at their disposal, why is it that the Chinese authorities are unwilling or unable to tackle crime?

  204. even big ciites in the US are very safe. i lived in the NYC for 17 years and there was no pickpocketing. only one time a guy tried to rob me when i was drunk. and now i live down south and its totally safe. my parents do not lock their doors and have experienced zero crime in 40 years in a mid sized city. kidnapping by someone other than an angry dad or estranged mom never ever happens in the US.

  205. I was once somebody that listened to the wrong people and had a fractured view of you and your channel. I now see you aren’t a what the bots try to paint of you. You are and have always been transparent and honest about all even when living in CCP China. All the best in your new adventures.

  206. as someone who lives in the us, i just wanna say thank you for always giving such a great insight into china. I love learning about how other societies are

  207. You’re not here to crap on China? LOLOLOL. It’s all that you do. At least have the honesty to admit that it’s the ONLY thing you do.

  208. Makes me so depressed. What a completely dystopian society. Literally what Cyberpunk 2077 is all about. WHY do we continue to trade with this horrible country?

  209. I’m in the suburbs. Our police are up and running and ready to defend the town. I avoid watching the news but do read about what’s going on. Vigilance.

  210. Thank-you for making this video. MOST people who live where there is freedom of press, take their hard earnt liberty for granted. It’s the feeble, weak in these countries who are usually the most reactive to every little disaster that is reported in the news

  211. ”in the western world we have a very transparent press” <-----0:30 Uhm, serpentza. No we do not , not remotely. Censorship and shadow banning in the west is overwhelmingly common

  212. Hello Serpentza I have been watching your videos from China for ages now and I’m glad that you have left China because of fears for your safety. The Chinese Government don’t like people telling the truth because they fear that the people may cause an uprising. You are much better off in America. Stay Safe for your families sake!

  213. Yeah usa was pretty tame even during protests except for a few hours or days. Press made it seem 10x worse or dangerous when it is not

  214. I support CCP. This party has done a lot of amazing things. There are criminals in any country, don’t blame ccp for their mistakes.
    serpentza, tell me. Do you support your South African government when you leave south africa?

  215. China doesn’t understand that the US government is ALLOWING them to bitch and moan with the rest of the world and what’s happening in the US. If the US did what China did and hid all their shit, what can the Chinese say? Nothing! They would all believe the US is the safest place just like China. We are ALL being allowed to talk about our gov and leaders freely and that includes good and bad, not just sharing the good because that is life.

  216. What is worst,, the MSM covers the story’s ,, leaning left and favoring the communist party of the BLM and Antiva . It’s not as bad as China yet , but the deep state are still trying to distroy the U.S. I would say most Democratic governors. and mayor’s are far left ((communist . And if a Democrate WIns the election it will speed up the down fall of our democracy . We can’t trust some of the Republicans either . So far were better off and the last of the so called free .

  217. He can’t stop smearing China because it’s his main source of income. I’m telling you this dude is now running of content and milking it for what its worth. This video is pretty much a repeat of his old videos pushing a complete lie that China is dangerous. He is in the back pockets of Falun Gong media as well as Steve Bannon and Guo Wengui, He’s literally being funded to push this propaganda. Don’t believe him, He’s a liar and a fraud. He’s basically a puppet for a bigger geopolitical game between Washington DC and Beijing and sold out ages ago.

  218. What many don’t realize is how close the police and criminal gangs are and profit from this relationship. My wife used to do some translating for the police as a favour. On a number of occasions when tourists were targeted and items stolen, all it took was one phone call from the police to the local gang leader to get the stuff back. One Spanish girl in particular had her phone, passport, laptop stolen but got it all back the next day, no questions asked. No police report.

  219. I remember the first time I went to China, I was shocked by the delusional environment. Whenever something was bad or was easily questionable ethical behavior, it was like you were expected to pretend you didn’t see what you saw – what everyone saw. To comment was to berate, instead of observed. And I never could get used to that, no matter how many times I’ went back. And I still g, despite, because I love visiting the country and the people I know there. But while I have sincerely loved my visits to China, I’ve never found a way to tell myself that my eyes and ears are lying when I see injustice.

  220. You praise freedom of expression in the United States while denigrating China. But the US has pursued a discriminatory policy for centuries against minorities and especially against blacks. Having lived in the USA, I find this country the most dangerous for a black person’s life. No matter your vision and your relentlessness towards China, I felt safer in China than in USA, where I could be killed or be the victim of racist acts at any time. As for your hatred of South Africa, it is because the system has changed, and there is no more extended apartheid. You long for the time when you could have all the privileges of being white. I hope you enjoy your new life in the land of white supremacist racists.

  221. China!China!China!, why China is so important in your channels everyday😂 Do you have other topic to attract audience eyes? you are just a loser in China even in South Africa. Your behavior is great evidence to approve Chinese freedom, safety and prosperity while you have been China for many years. China will become stronger and stronger when you were talking about China that approved China is valuable in the world. China don’t want to be an idol like you and be the world police like US as well as we didn’t disrupt the rule of the world ever but we will be self-improvement continuous and feeding loser like you everday. 😂 You are so weak in your mind to say negative things for single country. Why don’t you talk about million cases of Covid-19 and black riot in US.

    Now I teach you some Cinese word, please ask your wife if you didn’t know the meaning of. 欲加之罪,何患无辞。做人不要恩将仇报。

  222. Being living in Asia 15yrs including 9yrs in Shanghai still safer than US on a daily basis, less robbery, bullying, and less agressions

  223. you lied on Chinese government, you are just a English teacher rather than a boss of internet company. You don’t have any knowledge of Internet but now you have become a million YouTuber to cheat people everyday. This is the truth for you. 😂

  224. To any and all of you who may have fears about what’s going on here in America. If you live in Seattle Chicago or NewYork or maybe even Philidelphia. There may be something stupid going on at night in these cities. But ANY where else things are fine. I’m in Texas and it’s substantially better here in San Antonio then it is anywhere in California (sic- that’s a joke).. It costs less to live here.

  225. Welp. Thanks for sharing info. It is indeed not that save in China. I once go to China – Guangzhou, my friend got cheated by the taxi driver at night when we on our way to go back to hotel. He got 4 x 50 yuan counterfeit money. The driver is really friendly and can speak some English. My friend’s mistake is that he “shows” that he have some small change. So, the taxi driver took advantage of that.

    You know what those “China online army” will do right? Denial.

  226. In your video, people in the evening walking in the street so relaxedly late at night. It does not even look like a rich neighbourhood. Try that in the city you live in now. Find a poor neighbourhood, walk bare handedly at night. Shoot a video. So that we can compare apple to apple.

  227. I lived in America for 28 years. I was never mugged. I was never attacked. I never saw a body lying in the streets.

    In six years in Beijing, Each one happened multiple times. And yes, when bad news happens in China, the media runs away from it. But the reality is Beijing is a bloodbath, all day every day.

  228. You lay it all out well, sir. Hope you get through to many. No doubt there are those that can’t, or won’t, question their indoctrination, sadly.

  229. Keep speaking the TRUTH about China Life Society. This was/is your REAL purpose (and success future). Yes, America has TOO many freedoms of expression that needs to be better controlled. It is better to have some freedom rather than NO freedom that the Chinese citizens currently live in. Truly a BRAIN WASHED country.

  230. Welcome to the United States. It was humbling to hear your depiction of our wonderful nation. We’re honored to have you. If you’re ever near Chicago, I’d love to show you the sites! Best of luck to you and your family.

  231. The news makes America look like the whole country is going down the tubes. Every thing here in Houston, TX is normal except for the face masks.

  232. Very informative video…. Truth is always bitter people might say you talk negative but you talk what you observe. Keep going and stay awesome 👍

  233. Those thieves are crafty. I can feel the collective pain of these people realizing their wallet/phone is gone though. Absolute scum.

  234. Red empire is like a desparate guy who does not have any opposition/someone to scold him at he can do anything bad to other people as he wishes to..

  235. Dude every Chinese is a spy of ccp….. I think she will slowly but surely brainwash you and drive you towards madness.. Then will force you to go to china…. Where you will face your doom.

  236. You should visit Singapore, we are better at doing what the CCP does, and yet we have tons of foreigners, mostly Whites, heaping so much praises for our country, simply because they are treated much better than own citizens.

  237. Thank you for this message.. As an overseas American it is easy to get an exaggerated picture of what is going on in my homeland and every time I return it’s not nearly as bad as the media paints it up to be. It sounds bad now but family says its life as usual.

  238. True story. My iPhone fell out if my pocket while in a taxi in Shenyang. Realized about 5 minutes later. My wife called the taxi company and after a couple phone calls and about a 30 minute wait I got my phone back. In China….summer 2019.

  239. The chinese are trying to set up a fake narrative through you. Here is the story- everything from raising the racism card to gigantic proportions, by controlling/funding the American news papers, social media the chinese created this black lives bubble, racism bubble, to mislead people into riots. The opposition parties of USA are also funded by them. They have become hybrid leftist-communists now. The public figures, celebrities that raised the black matter are also paid to post and influence the masses. This is how the brought people on streets against the president, and the corona spread more rapidly, and distraction of everyone from the blames of corona that they are receiving from the US.
    They are doing this in many other countries.
    Keeping this in mind, it is obvious they will try to use people like you to influence the masses, not in straight way but by presenting you different ajendas. But little did they know that you are smart enough to realize the truth.

  240. You’re 100% right about the media. Most of the riots as far as I can tell are happening in major metropolitan areas (like Houston, Detroit, Seattle) and furthermore in poorer neighborhoods because the poor are the ones with the most reason to loot and riot. Also, most protests are not riots and don’t result in deaths. So, if you live in a poor neighborhood in a major city, be extra careful or move out if you can. But is you don’t live in the poor area of a big city you’re probably not in any more danger than you were before. This doesn’t mean America is safe by any means. Just not worse for MOST Americans than before. I am NOT saying it’s not a problem that should be addressed. It’s just not one that is likely to affect your personal safety if you don’t live in those neighborhoods or are involved and could probably be avoided with some forethought and caution.

    On a final note, if you are protesting peacefully. Be observant and smart. If the crowd is looking like it’s getting too rowdy or people start pulling out weapons, then get out of there and let other people know before it gets ugly and you end up being collateral damage in the confusion.

  241. If you’re a foreigner who is eager to visit Asian do yourself and your family a favor and STAY AWAY from Communist China. Go to Japan, go to Singapore, go to Taiwan, go to South Korea, or go to Malaysia. They are cleaner, safer and not drowning in corruption.

  242. I like that brothel story because I was woken up by bangings of the door of the next room in a resort. The guy was caught trying to sneak out early morning.

  243. i have been watching your videos for years, and just wanted to say thank you so much for giving us a global view of things Thank You Thank You Thank You.

  244. The, “Let’s Talk China” echo chamber was mentioning this video in their episode today, being careful not to mention the name of your channel (there must be a pact between them). Their response was what you might expect from this bunch – basically, a collective shaking of heads and furrowing of brows, “Gosh, I don’t know what he’s talking about – I’ve been here for years and I’ve never had my pocket picked!”

    The issue for me is not so much how safe or non-safe life in China is. It’s that these useful idiots parrot the CCP propaganda that says China is the safest place in the world, and its safe because of the Government. Implying, of course, that authoritarian non-democracy is better than a free society.

    Meanwhile, here I am with 24 million people living in Taiwan – a democratic, free society, and crime is at least as low if not lower than in China.

    Put that in your little red book and wave it, comrades!

  245. Hong Kong is already full of hatred about China people and the government. We are still ok in this moment. In China? Good luck.

    The fact is a lot of China people use VPN and leave message in youtube and facebook saying how they have been called by the police just right after they mention about the truth situation in China. Like the virus is spreaded everywhere instead of controled. 70% retail shops are still closed instead of the country is recovering and have 3.2% GDP growth in this season.

    All news in China are fake and those company are controled and monitor by the government. Thats why those people who live in China are so confidence about their rubbish country and government. They just hear fake new all day about how good CCP has done and contribute.

    You will be caught 100% if you are using those China brand phone like hwawei, mi if you leave message that they dont like. This is proven. You need to write an apologize letter and compelling to attend some mind education class.
    YES! I am not kidding. That is how the situation, how this government rule the country in China right now.

  246. “Country on fire” ironically that’s the headlines… however depends on where you are. NYC is having issues and we do see police in danger

  247. Hey Winston have you watched some of Gwieilo’s videos last weeks.Its him who’s now promoting safe China,he sold his soul to CCP already 😭😭

  248. Many times I’ve exited the train to see that my backpack was open. Luckily I didn’t store anything but water and some receipts. They must be like “This bitch is poor lol I’m not gonna zip her bag back”

  249. After spending all that time learning Chinese and the Chinese culture, you must be so bummed that China sucks so bad. I loved Japan for years and when I finally traveled there, I realized that for the most part, everyone is super xenophobic, exclusionary, and racist. I can’t even imagine how disillusioned you must be at this point in your life since China is 100 times worse…

  250. The US media has changed quite a bit – it is owned by a few people, rather than many, as was the case in the past. It is also by far less transparent than it used to be. As such, I’d argue it is by far more similar to the Chinese propaganda machine than you realize. These days, if you want real press, real facts, you now need to look into alternative media sources – that’s the reality.

  251. Is there a big paedophile ring in the CCP? Mass kidnapping of children in a largely lawless place where big scandals are largely covered up suggests to me that this is a likely scenario. Paedophiles would look at this situation and consider it a huge opportunity.

  252. I’m in rural Sichuan now haha. Been to LA over 500 times. I’ll take my chances here. No covid nonsense is the biggest reason. Respect on helping save that kid.

  253. The “security” of Communist China is the security of a cage, and the owners of that cage are the cruelest of the cruel. There is no safety to be had being in the clutches of such people.

  254. These latest videos are ridiculous. Eh, hello, it took you five years to work out China is a dirt hole? The country is a kip, if people don’t know that they’ve been asleep for years.

  255. They had bomb wire around the kindergarten in my compound in China with security guards. Is China really that safe if they need tons of security guards everywhere and kindergartens protected with bomb wire? Some aspects are more safe in China, for example, street gangs like the ones you might meet in the metro in the evening. Never ever felt threatened in the evening in public transport while I have felt that several times in Stockholm and Paris. Still pretty uncommon but it has happened but never in China. I know there are gangs in China but I guess they did not hang out where I went.

  256. You should try to do a podcast with joe Rogan as now seems appropriate due to the latest China news. Just a suggestion thank you for the content.

  257. Unfortunately Chinese citizens have been spoon fed by the CCP to believe that China is all sunshine and happiness and everywhere else is Satan’s bum hole. Until they learn that they are not being told the whole truth, it will be a hard sell for them to understand.

  258. Even back when you weren’t blunt with the things you talked about, I knew a day would come when Winston will start bashing the CCP. I don’t know how I’d feel watching your channel now whiles I’m in China because back when you weren’t a rebel to the CCP and you touched on the lightest of subjects I always felt my apartment door was going to get kicked down from the outside by the Chinese police while I was in the middle of watching one your videos 😂

  259. HI ! i see you pass by my downstairs street 11:02 lol ,there Look like very dirty,i’m so shy,even It has improved a lot .XD l like you channel,you tell people the truth,my english is bad,you do somthing i want do, thank you friend.

  260. So, this is what comes about as a result of Marxism, the same leftist ideology so so many young people in America are warming up to. Be careful what you wish for.

  261. September 11th 2004. I was travelling to Vancouver via New York and stayed there for 5 days.

    This is before I had a cellphone. I needed to call my friend in New Jersey, but I couldn’t figure out how to get the pay phones to work with a credit card and they wanted something like $5 in quarters.

    I want you to tell me what the chance you think is, that if I approached a random stranger and asked if I could borrow their phone, what would happen. Twice, Times Square.

    Both times they just gave me the phone.

    I discuss this later that evening with a couple locals on the subway. They were not surprised, but they were shocked that I didn’t expect this help.

    Whenever I hear people dumping on America, I tell them this story. And I have more.

  262. If you aren’t there to crap on China I’m sure there are locals there to do that for you….

    Sorry I couldn’t let that one go, I mean come on…the leader is Winnie the Pooh…..Ok I’m done now.

    Or wait…not finished yet gotta CC PEE.. OK now I’m done.

  263. “Now, I’m not here to crap on China but we’ll set the record straight by puking and extreme diarrhea defecating on China”
    -Serpentza’s hidden words

  264. Sad this kind of events occur in a country with big security apparatus. This kind of news aren’t in the news, the free press helps a lot

  265. On my second trip ever to Copenhagen, it happened to be during the 2009 UN Climate Conference in December. My wife (girlfriend at the time) lived not too far from central Copenhagen, and she actually happened to know one of the high ranking officials in the police department in Copenhagen (he might have been the chief, I don’t remember). Well we went into the city, saw all the sights, and had a rather enjoyable time seeing the beautiful city. One evening, back at her apartment, we had the news on, it was CNN International, and they were covering the climate conference and they showed “violent protests” in central Copenhagen. It looked like a mess, and quite scary. But as I saw the footage, I realized it was an area we had visited that day. We saw nothing like that when we were there. We were a bit puzzled by it. This type of thing was happening every day on the news, but we never saw anything that resembled those protests, even though we were all around those areas. The day before I left, we saw my wife’s police friend and his wife. So I asked him about all the protests. He said what happens is a group of 100 to 200 people will show up at an area, unannounced, and then start a ten minute “riot”. The news crews will hear about this and rush their cameras right into the middle of these groups that are holding a planned riot to get their footage. As the crews are standing in the middle of the group, it makes it appear much, much, bigger than it really is. Then, after about ten minutes, they finish and disperse. Maybe a handful or so of the rioters will get arrested. But overall the protests were quite small, short, and relatively tame. But the way the news covered it, and by positioning the cameras right in the middle of the groups, they looked far bigger and more violent than they were. The news would then keep showing 10-30 second clips of these protests and made it look like Copenhagen was under siege, when the reality was the overwhelming majority of people had no idea anything was happening.

    Edit – I really enjoy your videos. Many of the experiences you share are similar to what I experienced during my three years in China. One day, when I was in Haikou, there was a man lying on the sidewalk with blood coming from his head. Nobody was helping him, everyone was just standing there looking at him, including a police officer. Following my western instincts, I started to move towards him to see if I could help, but the police officer waved me off and told me to go away. So I did. But I was shocked at the dismissiveness of the Chinese people to a man who was clearly in need of help.

  266. Nothing is more important to a democracy than an informed, free media.
    Clearly the Chinese government is aware of this and acting accordingly.

  267. I wish more people knew about you and laowhy86, you guys are spreading some really fairly represented truths. I don’t think you are overly harsh on China but I also think you are telling some truths about the U.S as well. Thank you.

  268. The police in China would change the minds of the people in the US about police. The privilege and freedom they have in the US they are literally ignorant of. They think they know how bad they have it till they actually learn what it is actually like. Then I guarantee you for a fact they would wake up from their little fantasies.
    The police in China are there to police the people and control the people for the government. That is why I think they are so selective in what they police.
    In the US they are more helpful because they are doing police work more for the community not just the local government.

  269. Interesting at 17min the girl in what appears to be a denim-blue jacket had someone else brush into her and she checked her bag immediately after they passed by. She knows.

  270. Our mainstream media in America is owned by 6 media conglomerate mega-corporations. That means the slice of what they deign to be reportable is tied in to what the CEOs, the Boards, the advertisers want, or don’t want, to see. Progressive politicians are blacked out because they threaten to raise taxes on corporations – but corporations have one goal – to financially please the shareholders – and so don’t want to contribute to the well-being of the society they are in, so they black out those politicians and pundits. We DO have freedom of speech. But you might find extremely important news on a minor publication that few see.

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