The Friends+ (FWB) Relationship in the Philippines

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  1. Not every expat deciding to stay long term in the Philippines is looking for marriage or to cycle through numerous dating encounters.  That is when a Friends+ relationship might be a better option.

  2. WELL! Learn something new everyday. Friends+ huh, neber heard of such a deal in the 70’s &80’s in Asia. Times, they are a changing. The jealousy issue precluded such, or I was just ignorant of such. Back when there was less female freedom,maybe?  Interesting as always,Henry. Can’t wait to see what you come up with next. Also, I can’t wait to get there and see for myself how much has changed since I was last there.

    1. I should add that the population was smaller and the coconut telegraph would have precluded any privacy of such a relationship and that was before the cell phone. Your talks about the same, would seem to indicate that it is still the same, only faster and everyone would know you and her business and the negative social consequences?

  3. Henry I am not really in agreement with you on the idea of looking for a N.S.A. girl or older woman. You could end up like the Maytag repair man. Waiting for a call from the # 3 string of LOOKERS. I think the best time to tell the girl that is after the first couple of times out with her. She may feel good about that because she may think the two of you are not a match made in heaven. I’m not sure I will ever get a PHD in dating in the Philippines with that mindset. Things like that worry me.

  4. when you are in the hospital bed with no wife and no family to see you that’s a wake up call saying you need a good old fashion wife and have some kids too I was always thinking I was a man of steel at age 47 until my health went bad out of no were it hit me it can happen any one no beer or clubs for me now only eating healthy and keeping the fat off losing  weight and taking my pills ha ha      

    1. @zensun12390 it’s true.  as my ex-wife used to say about womanizers.., “dejado.. como un perro viejo en la calle.”  (abandoned, like an old dog in the street).  I believe in having someone you can trust, who loves you.  but that means choosing the right mate very carefully so you do have a loving, trusting person, and not just a gold-digger.

  5. can someone help me I been wanting to marry Filipina lady I need to know what step by step that I need to do I want to do it as simple as possible im not very smart when it comes to this topic can a person be hired to do this for me to walk me through it please help thanks

  6. When dating a FWB particularly a currently married filipina who’s husband may have left her to start another family CAUTION must be observed on Philippine soil. The only way to end a marriage is through annulment. They are expensive P150,000 and up and can take 2 years. You’ll definitely need an attorney to accomplish this. In the meantime Adultery is a crime here in the Philippines. If her spouse finds out he can file charges against you and you will go to jail or if your a foreigner he surely will try to extort money from you. 
    There are just too many beautiful and single women here to be messing around with a married one.
    The Source(s):
    USN Retired, Married and living in the Philippines since 2002.

  7. Can you please give me an advice what to do?My fiance dump me already as easy as that.Saying that he is another country but still I know he is in California.He said he will go back to US August 23 2014.He told me he will not bring mobile or laptop coz  there is no internet in her auntie house.But still I saw he uploaded a video 5 days ago and he has fb acct in the name of mark cllay and his friend is only my sister Irra cruiset.My sister told me he sent msgs between July 23 to 31.How come my Fiance told me he is in India last July 23 2014.Is he a liar or my sister,He told my sister that he love her so much.Is my fiance is become crazy or he has knots on his head.please give me advice if I should wait for him or start to forget him even though it is very hard and difficult for me coz as you know he is my life and I love him so much

    1. @Dania Tabara Abbas This is pretty simple, really, but hard to accept perhaps.  Your fiance is a liar and a cheat.  So what you really should be asking yourself is; “Why would you want him back?”.  Count yourself lucky he’s gone, cut your losses and move on without him in your life.

  8. i live in cabanatuan , this is a bit of topic .. how come , it seems like forigners here avoid other forigners… often i see other forigners, but they avoid to say hi and so on , and it make me a bit grrr … i need contact with other forigners now and then .. to be social , any one have that experince with other forigners here too…???

    1. @jan diedrichsen i’ve come across the same thing every blue moon or so.  i say ‘hi’ and.. nothing.   my guess is they either got scammed by another expat or the ph has lost it’s luster for them and they don’t want to talk about “how great it is living here”.  i just go my with those guys.

  9. hi henry ….I really enjoy watching your videos and it always reminds me of the great times I have when I go to the Philippines to see my fiancé who ive been with for 3 years now…all the best henry …peace.

  10. Hey I love your site.  I have been to the Philippines and I loved it.  I plan on going back again in November.  Thanks for all the information you provide.

    1. @rbbrmlk ssgth i’ve been very fortunate in this area, it has always worked out well.  for some people it can be quite a disaster.  ha!

  11. I dont believe in friends +very few women do that a one night stand ya that happens. Most excusive with men unless there in mature or a cheater. Opinion

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