The ‘Golddigger’ Issue – Philippines

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    1. The internet is wonderful.  I talked to my prospective filipina gfs high school and college classmates (from 40 years ago) before I started to seriously talk to her.  Also talked to her present friends.   Then we talked for a year and then I visited her family before we got serious.   It is not wise to jump into a relationship in any culture. 

  1. Another great video that gives strong practical advice to these guys who come to the Philippines and are in love with a dream. Love and life and really the same all over the world! Romantic affairs of the heart are precarious anywhere, and the Philippines are no exception. Be smart, forget your ‘dreams’ and be aware of yourself and your partner.
    I got lucky and took a lot of advice from these videos and found a great girl who is self supportive (a managerial executive), similarly educated to myself (her MA and my PhD), and full of the joys of life and love. Guys, be smart and don’t be fooled or prejudicial about your new life and country. Be yourself, and know what you want for the long term, not just Ms. Right Now!
    Be well and Go well…

  2. Great video and subject Henry. It’s easy to understand how this happens to guys. These are such incredibly beautiful and sweet-looking women, and I’m sure, as you said, that many, many of them are…Being a naturally trusting guy, I could see myself having to hold back some as I personally always just naturally want to give the benefit of the doubt and think the best of people…especially if the “Love bug” bites 🙂 I know that just speaking for myself, it is my natural tendency to “put my best foot forward” when I’m interested in someone (not that my “worst foot” is all that bad) and I also think most if not all women do the same thing. I thought the best advice that you gave in the entire video was to take the time to really get to know these potential mates as well as their families and their friends, so you can see if they are consistent in temperament as well as consistently well spoken of by those who know them well. I think if you can be patient, and they ‘are’ less sincere than they seem at first, in time the mask is bound to slip. I suppose the trick is to be reserved enough in the matters of the heart that you don’t ignore these signs when they display themselves, or even if you do recognize certain troubling aspects of their personality to resist the temptation to think you can change them. If your advice were taken a lot of heartbreak as well as financial hardship could be avoided…

  3. Spot on Henry! Women are women no matter where you are in the world. There will always be gold diggers and stupid men who will fall for their tricks. Good Filipino women are some of the most loving caring women I have ever met in my 50 years on this planet. Filipinas are for me the simplest women to understand. They only want three things. them and only them 2. Take care of them (home, food, etc) and finally the BIG one 3. DO NOT CHEAT ON THEM! In return they will do everything they can to keep you happy.
    I have met many Filipinas when I was living in the Philippines as a single man who were users and wanted to use me. Needless to say they can only use someone who is willing to be used. I quickly realized you don’t find a good Filipina at the bars…. It took me two years of searching before I found the Filipina of my dreams. We have been married for over two years now and are more in love today than when we married. She is an amazing woman! Good luck to the rest of you men looking for a good woman… Although I got the best Filipina, there are many more good ones left for you to find. 🙂

  4. A lot of guys on the base marry these Filipinas fast the big px in the sky bro the top people on the base say don’t get married so fast these Filipinas just want to get out of the PI to the USA and live on base free rent food guy gone for six months too

    1. @edmhie1 Not married yet bro why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free ha ha  but will buy a cow soon who don’t need a green card  

    2. @atcroccas but how do you know if she is real if you are a nice guy honest guy she my play you for everything you got and use you to get to the USA and tell you what you want to hear how can you tell her family is telling her how to do it to get over

    3. you went to that route with your eyes closed? every country or culture has a golddigger in their midst why pick on Filipinas? if one goes into a relationship expecting to be duped then that will happen. But if you are the real deal then you’ll get the real one’s a loving, faithful Filipina for life.

  5. When  PI Filipina come to the USA they upgrade to richer guy who has more money its better to keep her over their that’s what they say on the base ? I guess she changes in the USA if I marry one I would stay over their in the PI

  6. There are lots of opinions but what you said Henry is 100% fact.  The guys that get taken are suckers.  There are good and bad no matter what country you go to.  You have made the point on previous videos but not this one.  The upside with Filipina women is that they are the most caring and sweet girls.  True definition of proper care and feeding.

  7. Very well said Henry … I see many negative comments here pertaining to their experience,  however, in my case I took my time an have a wonderful wife (filipina) an we are very happy together (going on 7 years together) 

  8. I met my girlfriend in the Philippines last January and now we are in a long distance relationship and I support her financially. Even though I didn’t take my time to know her better (and I really should have) I know I have picked the right girl, and she has proven that I can trust her.

    Also I must say that just because some or most Filipino girls expect their foreign boyfriends to pay for them all the time it doesn’t necessary mean they are golddiggers. They may mistakenly think that we are wealthier than we actually are.

  9. danny I read your message but you are so baby.  2 years?  are you serious?  I think, with out a doubt, philippina women ( more so than american women ) are always looking for the better deal.  the key to success in the philippines is to be the best deal your wife or gf can get.  money alone is not always the best deal.  the difference is ( drum roll ) – philippina girls are kind and respectful while deciding your no good as compared to american girls who are boistress about your flaws from day 1 ( maybe you have a month of in-love period in us ).

  10. In the U.S. there are many examples of gold diggers. Women in their 20″s marry men 80 years old or so. Of course,these men are wealthy and the marriage is more of a financial arrangement ,on the woman’s part.

  11. Your so right what your saying,,,Ok Gold-diggers is universal..But usally its family behind your loved one who asking for pera etc..And the never ending jelousy behind the cortains…But every thing depends on your self in the end of the day..To find out whats going on.Burt is a very delicate thing to understand theis culture so on…Belive me im from Scandinavia and make all mistake in the book…But still im with same woman after 12 years,….I love how you put all together,and hope your doing good…

  12. Employ basic common sense fellas … it shouldn’t be that difficult. Do these guys “have it coming” to them?  No way.  Is it partially their own fault?  Absolutely.  

  13. Some of these comments kill me . Where do I start , ok if you are afraid that your your wife/girlfriend will leave you if you move back to your home country than you shouldn’t be with her . Yes there are gold diggers in every country , but people would not be leaving there home country’s to travel around the world for a women if the picking was good in there countries . Men are looking for traditional women , not women that will bleed you dry and than take half and who will not let them see there children . That’s not going to happen in the Philippines unless you let it . Henry is right there is a lot great women in the Philippines . I have one , for 9 years and live in the states . I see all these men here in America that have so many problems and are screwed . The wife’s can’t do a thing around the house . They can’t even take out the trash . My wife can’t believe the way the women are over here . Bottom line a women will only make a fool out of you if you let her .

  14. its world wide. i dealt with americans, dominicans, chinese and filipinas. all want security for sure. but then some i dealt with wants a rich guy. yep i been turned down since im not rich 😉

  15. Well Henry I agree with what you said but there is more to it. I met my wife online in 2007 and to this day happily married for almost 7 years.
    But the bad reputation started with online dating. My wife had friends who “worked” at internet cafe’s they would rip of one man after another they always had money.
    Even my wife wanted to try doing this but while learning how to she met me lol. She did it for a better life and who can blame her or others in any poor country around the world. But my life is better now due to her as well so we both benefited from it. We now live happily in Australia with our kids. So there is some truth to the gold digger label knowing of Filipina’s traveling the world breaking hearts where ever they go. A lot of foreigners also look for love in the wrong places. But very important do not forget most people in a happy relationship do not go online telling others their news as they are too busy being happy. But those who got burned or had their hearts broken want to tell the whole world. There is always more bad news than good.

  16. Well Henry I agree with what you said but there is more to it. I met my wife online in 2007 and to this day happily married for almost 7 years.
    But the bad reputation started with online dating. My wife had friends who “worked” at internet cafe’s they would rip of one man after another they always had money.
    Even my wife wanted to try doing this but while learning how to she met me lol. She did it for a better life and who can blame her or others in any poor country around the world. But my life is better now due to her as well so we both benefited from it. We now live happily in Australia with our kids. So there is some truth to the gold digger label knowing of Filipina’s traveling the world breaking hearts where ever they go. A lot of foreigners also look for love in the wrong places. But very important do not forget most people in a happy relationship do not go online telling others their news as they are too busy being happy. But those who got burned or had their hearts broken want to tell the whole world. There is always more bad news than good.

  17. If you’re an idiot in the U.S., you will still be an idiot when you touch down in Manila.  Some guys just don’t have any sense.  They’re going to have problems wherever they are.

  18. Last month my Filipino wife brought me $300.   She said the $450 a month I was budgeting for food here in Montana was more than she needed and the fund was growing bigger each month.  Yesterday I took her out for a chicken dinner and she insisted on paying.   I guess she is not a gold digger.

    1. Yah.. ‘rich’ is a truly relative term.  In the States, I’m not rich compared to the Beverly Hills crowd.  But in the PH, when I see small families living under shade shelters with no walls, it puts my idea of ‘rich’ into a whole other perspective.

  19. My filipina is the best thing that ever happened to me.   I’ve been married twice to American women – big mistake.  Had my first wife been a filipina I believe I would still be married to her.

    She’s great at saving money.  She better be because we live on my social security check!  Guess that kicks the gold digger notion in the head.  hahahaha!   Keeps the house so clean you can eat off the floor too.

    American women don’t seem to understand this simple fact about men and women and love.  Women equate security and stability with love.  Men are different.  Generally, a man will love a woman as long as he feels respected.  Filipina women seem to know this.

    1. @Guido DeMaio I was speaking in relation to Western women, dont get me wrong man, I understand you, I didnt strike gold with the first Filipina I met, I was engaged to another Filipina for almost 2 years before I met my wife, in fact I was scammed by another Filipina before her, because it was my first time getting involved with a Filipina and I was naive. But now I’m much wiser from the experience. I don’t know about you, but from my experience, the Visayan girls are raised better and generally more honest than girls from the main Island. I prefer a girl who is more conservative, unlike the girls from Manila who are more liberated. My wife is from Leyte, and while Visayan girls are more conservative and make you work harder for their trust, the payoff is worth the effort. You have probably been married to a Filipina longer than I have, but this is just based on my personal experience. I don’t know what happened with your first Filipina wife, but if you really want to find a good woman, you need to travel deep into the provinces away from the city. From my experience, the girls who live closer to the cities have had more exposure to Foreigners and they already have a preconceived notion about how you should act, and they they usually have higher expectations of you. I dated many Filipina girls before my wife, but I realized that once you get away from the cities and go deep into the provinces, you can find a woman who isnt brainwashed with misconceptions about foreigners and start from ground zero. I can see that you have already found your girl, so I wish you the best of luck, but if things don’t work out, try looking some place that doesn’t have much tourist exposure, those girls will appreciate you much more than a girl who has seen many tourists and already has certain expectations. John

    2. @Guido DeMaio I totally agree that the family dynamic has eroded and western women play a large part in that. They dont even take care of themselves nowadays, much less their children, they leave the kids at home with the PlayStation or a child minder and the kids grow up confused. Just look at kids nowadays, in modern day households the roles aren’t as clearly defined as say, the 50’s. The men worked, and the women stayed home with the kids and looked after the home and did the chores, as they should. When women began screaming about equal rights and left the home to work, this marked the beginning of the downfall of morality in todays society. Filipina are more than happy to accept the role of a traditional wife, in fact they embrace it. My wife won’t even allow me to help her with the chores, and I’ve offered many times. She knows her role in our relationship and never complains about a thing, which is a far cry from Western women who behave more like men than women nowadays. Asian women, in general, embody what femininity stands for, most of them don’t drink or smoke, or go out clubbing with their “girls”. They take care of themselves for the most part and they are selfless, willing to make sacrifices for the good of their family. I’m so lucky that I saw the light early, otherwise I would still be living in misery with a foul mouthed Western woman who would rather stuff her face with chocolates and watch soaps instead of looking after her family. Amen!

    3. I hear you Jack, I’ve had the exact same experience as you, been married a couple of times, I was married to British gals, but they aren’t much different than American girls, they all smoke and drink and put themselves before their family. Im so happy with my Filipina now, I just wish I had met her 10 years sooner so I wouldnt have had to experience all the heartache and pain. Fortunately for me, I made all my mistakes when I was young, so I gained much life experience at a younger age. I’m 39 now and my wife is 30. She had never asked me for a dime as she has her own job. As time went on we built trust and I decided I was going to make her an honest woman, so I take good care of her now. She actually manages money better than me, and she tells me exactly how much she spends and what she spends it on. She takes good care of me and keeps a clean house. Her parents love me and its always a pleasure to visit them, even though when we leave, my pockets are a little lighter, lol. But when you marry a Filipina you marry her family also, and its worth the sacrifice if you want to have a good wife. She is the perfect woman for me and I couldn’t be happier. LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines you’re articles are spot on man, keep up the good work. John

    4. That is a great observation.  A man who is respected by his wife (and vice-versa) have the foundation for a great relationship.  But when a man isn’t respected in his own home by his closest mate in life.. that marriage is doomed.  Filipinas (many) still have that foundational concept in practice.  Meanwhile, feminism in the West continues to erode the nuclear family.

  20. The expensive lifestyle in the U.S., and especially in big cities like L.A. and New York, dictates women to become even more “golddiggers”, if they are not already very materialistic by character, since the surrounding of “stars”, the TMZ and “Entertainment Tonight” and other such TV shows, the Kardashians, etc., are brainwashing all the women in the West into believing you can, or better yet, you are entitled to have the rich lawyer as a boyfriend or husband and thus live in luxury and drink “Crystal” champagne every night. That’s why many of them are looking for the “highest bidder” and just using the “mid.level” guy ($$wise) as a stepping stone and many of these women eventually end up bitter and single and with no family and they excuse this fact of being lonely by saying-“.. I was just pursuing my career and missed the “train”..,,yeah right..aha. The main reason, why many of us guys living here in the U.S. are looking for the Asian lady, is exactly because they are less of “golddiggers” and are more appreciative of what they have and thankful to what we will offer them and don’t expect the stars, the moon and the $250,000 because most of them come from nothing. It’s a well known fact, that even an average looking L.A. woman, is “high maintenance”, with high expectations ($$). Also there is too much feminism and “pants wearing” among many women here in the States and this is why marriages don’t last too long and this is why, we Western guys look for the humble, appreciative, islander girl, that not only will appreciate and respect us, but can cook us  a meal or two..;-). Sorry but it’s true.

  21. My father, who passed away in 2006. I love my father, but HE WAS THE BIGGEST FOOL THAT EVER LIVED. My father wasn’t rich but he made 6 figure income as a financial director of a major hospital in Burbank, California. He married this white woman (we are Afro-American-mixed) uneducated, earning minimum wage, My father financed her daughter education a UCLA and his wife convinces my father to sign over the deed to a $500,000 house. To make long story short, after 10 years of marriage ( 10 year she gets half of his pension for life) she kicks him out of his own house and divorces him. Some years later, she tells my father she only married him for his money and to get a good education for her daughter. But, my BIGGEST FOOL FATHER does the same thing again with another wife some years later. Moral of the story some guys are just BIG FOOLS.

    1. Ronald Armstrong I am sorry for what happened to your Father , but not All Men allow that to happen . Keeping your eyes closed is far worse than being blind .

  22. I got another one, back in the 70’s I was in the US Navy, our ship ported at Subic Bay. The guys and I would go to the clubs, this one guy in our group we called him Mooche would  give all his money to the girls and mooche off us until next pay day. But here is the kicker, years after I left the navy, I went to a party and who do I see Mooche, he told me HE HAD GOTTEN MARRIED TO A FILIPINA AND AS SOON AS HE BROUGHT HER TO THE STATES SHE WAS GONE. Again, moral of the story he the BIGGEST FOOL 

  23. For an expat, you are better off in Thailand. Food, people, culture, safety, women, etc is much better in Thailand. Philly only has better beaches and people speak better English, but the safety is top issue, at least for me it is. 

    Source: Im an American who has lived in both countries for 4 years each.

  24. My advice is always meet the family. Just like in the US you get a better perspective of the quality of a person by meeting the relatives. I spent a long time getting to know my wife before I decided that she was for me, but meeting her family sealed the deal. My experience has been that Filipino families are very close nit and I really liked that attribute. I personally haven’t met any gold-diggers from PI, but I’m quite certain they are there. I have dated materialistic women in the US and for me that was quite common. I try not to generalize anyone and I can only speak from my own experience, but I’ve found more of those types of issues dating American women than Filipina’s.  My two cents…

  25. My Filipina wife buys gifts for my parents and children from previous marriage. She also pays 1/2 half of the bills. I never intended for her to work more than part time but now she’s on a 12 hour shift and is grateful for the opportunity to make money, help me ,  and send a little bit back to her family. Love my Cebuana and have no complaints. Some of these other guys whom are complaining are simply a bad judge of character. I didn’t marry the very hottest or youngest girl I could find. I married the best girl I could find and am glad I did. .. not too mention she is very cute too ! .. ha !~~~~   Bihaye Tayo

    1. I married a Cebana too she was 44 y.o. five years ago.  I am 60 now.  A 28 y.o. I knew asked me why I marry an old girl and not her.  She said old buffalo like young grass and why marry an old girl.   But like you I considered character, maturity, money managing ability, and work ethic as well as looks.   It has been the best five years of my life.   Decisions have consequences and I made the right choices the second time around, thank God.  The young girl is now married to an American and lives in USA with a husband near her age and a young child.  We are moving to Cebu to retire.  We are all happy.

  26. You are right bro, not every Filipina is a gold-digger. But on the other hand there are a lot that are. I been married for 10 years, happily married couple. 

  27. Relationships are a gamble anywhere on Earth. Like gambling, you need to go in slow and steady. If you bet the farm right away when gambling, you’re likely to walk away with nothing. Same thing with relationships.

  28. I totally agree with you. The same thing goes on here in the states. We have no right to judge. Those guys that got taken, I guarantee they went to the Philippines for wrong reason and didn’t take their time. Wonderful job Henry! Their bad apples in ever country and race. US men in particular, need to be more humble and treat the ladies like they would want be treated. Then they will attract the right one in the right environment. In addition, most respectful filipinos will not ask for money and you have to meet an elder (father/mother/aunt) before taking her out on date.

  29. It all depends on her character. The faster it happens and the less you know about her in context, the bigger the chances are you will be gutted. For the guys who ‘date’ online, come to the Philippines and marry quickly, it’s a crap-shoot. For the guys who come to the Philippines, network with locals and expats BEFORE finding the girl of their dreams, the better the odds.

    As for taking her back to the First World — another crap-shoot. She may have been perfect in the RP, but may go off-the-rails after the negative influence of First World women poisons her mind.

    1. One way to filter out the gold diggers for all gals (especially for online dating) is to tell the gal that you have no intention of bringing her to the USA or where ever. State that you are retiring in the Philippines so there is no need for her to leave the country. If she is after a sincere relationship she will have no problems and will stick to you no matter what. If she is after the Green Card she will try and give excuses like she wants to help you in the USA or where ever, and its easier to help her family etc etc,,,

  30. My feeling on the subject. yes I agree good and bad people all over the world. When you go to another country it is easy to point out what is different or wrong. I will admit the people here in the Philippines think American people have this never ending bag of money, maybe not all but most.

  31. I agree, regardless wherever in the world, there are gold-diggers out there … have to do with up-bringing too, family values and lifestyle, how you are raise and expose, education, etc.  

    For the most part, church-going Christian women in the Philippines are more feelings and family oriented, on the other hand, if you look in bars and clubs for women .. you get where you look .. For one, family-oriented dedicated church-going women HARDLY hangout in bars/clubs .. they are busy spending time with their family staying at home being home-bodies, going to work or running a business majority of the time, etc. (regardless where .. Philippines, USA, Canada, UK, etc) .. for the most part, same goes with men ladies, you get where you look

  32. I`d say every country around the world has its fair share of women golddigger and of course this would also be true about a fair percentage of the men as well. thus a very important topic to talk about when someone is thinking about getting involved in a relationship..thus this topic is exactly why I chose to stay single!

  33. when I was 19 a black guy in a gold Trans Am cut me off and almost forced me into the ditch… ever since then I’m hated black guys, especially ones driving fast cars!
    Pretty stupid scenario isn’t it???
    Same goes for lumping ALL Philiippinas or ALL Americans, Canadians, Australians or whatever into any given class of society!!!

    1. I was being facetious, not ALL filipinos are scammers and I also have some really close friends from Ghana (northwest Africa)
      I’m fully aware that not all Asians or Africans or Caucasions-any race are bad people.

  34. Wauu your perspective is excatly what i advocated in a discussion in a Facebook group a week ago. Really well put Henry .. Salamat 🙂

  35. You say at the end that men are to blame for trusting women too much before handing out money.   However you are missing an extremely valid point.   Throughout history women have been manipulating men to provide for them.   This is ingrained in every culture on the planet including the Philippines which has more poverty than anywhere else, resulting in the women having to be even better at manipulating men (for money) because they need more and because Filipino guys don’t earn much.  You say its men’s fault but you completely dismiss how easy men fall into the manipulation traps women are so good at.   Women have other women to learn from, their friends, even watching their mother manipulate her father.  They are experts at doing it and most of the time men do not even know they are being manipulated.   I ask you, how many times have you opened your wallet because your ex wife cried or complained that she needed XYZ?  Women are as much to blame for being gold diggers as men are for not spotting them doing it.   You mentioned you have a daughter, can you honestly say your daughter has never ever used manipulation to you, her father to get what she wanted?  Obviously yes and since you bend over and gave her what she wanted, she learned (from you) what to do next time she wanted to get something from another man/boyfriend/husband…. and so the cycle continues and have continued now for 1000’s of years.

    1. The only men who are happily married in the Philippines or anywhere else, are those men who can spot manipulation happening and have let their GF / Wife know that its not acceptable and therefore are less likely to experience what most women are so good at, being manipulating gold diggers.

  36. if you met a girl online don’t go into a relationship first,especially,dating sites … get to know her first … if you think she’s trustworthy then go,if you think she’s not, then run as fast as you can away from her … for western guys, it’s more safe if you’ll find filipinas on facebook rather than a dating websites … facebook is more of a building a friendship first then start dating … at least,over there you can find lots of educated and decent girls … and please don’t forget to tell them the truth about your economic situation … and lastly,as a musician,it’s really hard to find decent girl if you met them at a bar … maybe a coffee bar where some students like to hangout … not a liquor bar with booze & many drunk people everywhere … just sayin’ … good luck to u guys … matsalams !!!

  37. I spent most my life in The States, also. I married and divorced 4 women Stateside, that were gold diggers. the 4th one committed suicide because ehe couldn’t take anything from me. I have been widowed & single this entire millennium. After the 1st 3 mistakes, I learned my lesson! I may find a 5th wife, from China or Thailand this time! She must have her own wealth to spend as I am retired now. I only have enough for myself. I own my home & have no desire for a car. If she desires security & loving protection, I am her man w/13 past years of Marine Combat experience, & 12 near-death occurrences from stupid & distracted Americans. I can make a new home for us anywhere. Canada would be #1 on my list.

  38. Nice topic.. those guys who care always have in mind that Filipinas are golddiggers…you should be aware too.. that there are American men who asked money from Filipinas… those who fooled Filipinas.. . the bottom line is that there are men who fooled and there are who let themselves be fooled. It s a matter of using your head..
    There are golddiggers around the world not only in the Phil’s… worst as I read in between the lines of men with extreme experiences about American women..they are most materialistic and not a home bodies..
    they can’t even put the garbage out… Filipinas are more caring… very clean…very domesticated.. very intelligent.. and a good cook and not all are living in poverty… mostly are educated… Foreigners should open their eyes whom to choose… and select the best with quality and not always the quantity and most of all.. not always your desire you should give priority… but instead your brain.!!

  39. Well said Henry, been watching some of your videos and i really like your thoughts, ideas and values 🙂 Keep it up! Btw, are you Filipino though?! 🙂

    1. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines Thanks for the reply, you look like Filipino though 🙂 Cool watching your videos, i think i might go through all of them when i get the chance 🙂 Hugs ;D

    2. @albrenza i’m not filipino, but am half-mexican/half-spanish via my lineage so.. maybe the half-spanish part of me qualifies as ‘part filipino’. 🙂 but my nation of birth is usa, lived my whole life in california before moving to the philippines in 2012.

  40. I am an example of one whom has broken through the programming of stereotyping(divergent) what if its a same gender couple… we as people, many of us think sexual attraction is in the formula for the LOVE frequency … if reproduction is not the objective then pleasure is the incentive not love hare krsna!

  41. I agree with you on the aspect of the man should know better. I disagree with you on the security thing I think people confuse security with stability and it really isn’t a question of how much you make but how you manage it ,for example I know people who make far more than I do yet they can”t seem to put a dime in savings.I manage to pay all my bills every month and I am still able to save 800 a month on a monthly salary of less than 1900 a month.I think the difference is I don’t need a bunch of toys and material things.great video Henry

  42. I believe life is what we make it! I believe in taking life as it comes and dealing with what is before me! Money is an issue in life! If a person grows up with little to nothing, then when money comes into play, it can be a euphoria! A place to get lost in dreams that you have had! I wouldn’t call it gold digging, but wanting something more than you have in life currently! Everybody wants nice things!!!! I don’t have the right to judge, and will not judge!

    1. +Howard Bare yes, it’s true. i’d say the same thing goes for the euphoria men experience when in a female-rich environment upon entering the PH. i’ve spoken with so many men who lost their bearings by having so many choices available to them. it helps to stay focused and remain patient.

  43. You’re right it’s unfair to pick on Filipinas in particular. All women should be called out equally for their bad behavior. They’re just as selfish as men.

    1. “I like a men who are passionate/ambitious” Nothing wrong with that but yeah call a spade a spade. They call it “personality” but that’s no less shallow than men liking women with nice legs.

    2. +ChernobylPizza with the situation filipinas are in, it’s easier to see the same dynamics in play. but western women are no different, they just try to be a bit more coy about it. “So.. what do you do?” translates as, “So.. how much money you make?”.

  44. +forfunsabaidee each side (men and women) want something from their mate. some people are honest in their search for a relationship, others are ‘mercenary’ and only in it for themselves. so, there is no one statement to be made that applies to everyone. some people find love. other people get deceived, on both sides.

    is it fair? of course not, but that’s Life. that’s just how it is. i don’t make any excuses for either gold-digging or liars who make false promises. i’m simply saying that each side has different attraction triggers to the opposite sex. in love and business, it’s ‘caveat emptor’. which is why i constantly remind people to “take it slow”, get the facts, be slow in commitments because it is not a fair playing field.

  45. Great advice. Here in Iquitos, Peru, 2,000 miles up the Amazon river is a more rustic version of Henry’s paradise. As one who has been living here for 35 years, the gold diggers are easily spotted, they ask for money and the nice ones make your life happy.

  46. Hi Henry,
    You should put all of your experiences into a book and it would become the bible for Americans thinking about living out of country.
    As a guy from Minnesota, who is an immigrant to Peru and has been living in Iquitos since 1983, your words can be taken to the bank.

  47. Great speech Henry… I just scratch my head when I hear about some men that get ripped off. The way I explain it is simple… some men are just plain dumb… I say it this way… “they think with there wrong head” I have no sympathy for those men.

  48. I really like you Reekay, but I think it’s more important to teach a child especially a daughter to be independent and not have to rely on a man for security in a financial way…..being independent goes much further in life….just ask my mom…..she became a nurse while married to my rich father because she realized one day that being independent means you don’t have to rely on any man….and I respect her for that…..I have a daughter and I will teach her to be independent first….relying on no man…..Just my opinion,,,,but I respect your right to your opinion…..thanks

    1. i think you may have read into what i said something based on the experience you mentioned with your mother. i never, with any of my kids, taught them to rely on a spouse. the exact opposite, to own their own business and be as independent as possible. especially in their thought habits. my reference to my daughter was to steer her AWAY from marrying a guy who has no ambition, no work ethic and is a poor provider. that was the point of my advice to my daughter. choose a mate who is financially stable, not a slacker.

  49. I don’t know if you’ve covered this, but what if you just want to get your grove on and pay a woman to leave when your dun. What is the going rate for me love you long time.

  50. I think that most of the guys that have had golddigger experiences in the Orient have had the sane experiences in the West, If you’re gonna be a sucker then it really doesn’t matter where you go to get scammed. It can, and does happen everywhere.

  51. I couldn’t agree more. By far most Filipino women are not golddiggers. I would say there is a bigger percentage than in the US, I believe it is for two reasons 1} There is more poverty here. 2). It is hard to find a girl over 20 that doesn’t have a child or 2. A much higher percentage of them then in the US.
    I could not be happier with my GF then I am & I have never given anyone money online except for her & she didn’t ask for it & still doesn’t actually do it since I have been here,
    Yet Filipino girls still ask for money even knowing I am with her. Some go as far as to tell me she is a scammer when, I’ve known her for 2 years & them for 2 days. I just block them. Great video keep them coming.

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