The Good Guys of Dumaguete

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  1. interesting. the video is almost 12 minutes long, and yet within 5 minutes of being online.. “somebody” posted a thumbs-down. looks to me like a certain negative, hateful vlogger (pv) will always be jealous of the Expats who are making a true, positive difference, especially in Dumaguete.

    meanwhile, life goes on. 🙂

    1. @*****
      yeah,  then he bitches about a potato costing 1 dollar.   but every one knows you dont go to the big box type store for food,  you go where the locals go to the street markets for a much lower price.   so peter knows he is showing the highest cost stuff.  he must be thinking,  if only he can show his supporters the high priced stuff that he can ask for more money,  pv logic at work

    2. i was talking to pv the other day about how the people of ph dont get welfare and they know they must work for things they want in life, pv sends me a link to the ph gov, welfare web site, and in it, it says only 143 cities in all of ph offer welfare and it only gives 300 peso a month. i used the very facts pv gave me to blast him with, so this means, very few people can ever get welfare in ph. he gave up on that issue fast.

    3. yeah, about a week ago pv made a video and said give it a thumbs down if you want. hahah must have been a joke because that function was disabled. you will never see pv make a video with any kind of quality like the intro on this video, or have the camera centered.

    4. @Bill J​
      Great work. We all know Peter deflicts when he is wrong, proven wrong, and losses a debate. Yeah, Micheal Meltonic is a pure racist. Not only to Filipinos, also black people as a whole. He’s is not a respectable person, and flip flops on his own demented thoughts.

      All those that are putting the hard work to refute Peter, I ask we not clutter, and muddy other expats channels with Peter’s crap. Unless one of his cronies goes on an attack, then full on assault to chase them off.

  2. I love to see expats putting in some effort to improve living standards in the Philippines. There is an expat in Iloilo doing that also. I also like hotel or resort owners adding to environmental projects and schools, since owning a tourist place adds a lot of stress to the Filipino environment. I’m coming up with a blog about 20 pesos, 2 kisses and a lesson learned about myself and giving money, something that happened on Siquijor. 🙂

    1. i’ve seen 20 pesos make a difference, first hand. while people do need material items, the human soul needs to know that someone CARES.

  3. all o’u r YT celebrities, hope to meet u all in person at your fav cafe when I visit that province, what airline goes direct from MNL to Dumaguete?

  4. very kewl article it’s very nice heart-warming to see others share their gifts and wealth for mis fortunate.we take meals for the kids from time time at school unfortunately we can’t feed every class so we alternate.just a few things we do its mainly my filipinas idea.altho I do give money for someone in need..

  5. great post! l think if we knew of all the expats with big hearts doing great things, they would be in the hundreds but most are so humble and are never recognized but you are so right, they should be and deserve support. thanks for doing that! hope all is well with you and Lynn! Randy

  6. I’ve been following you Henry, and all the people you mentioned (except for the Pastor) , cause I only follow you tube , but lets not forget Mike in Iloilo (My Philippine Journey) who helped out in that fire in Iloilo. Also supported a filipina to go to school (college) and other stuff. Like you said there’s probably so many more people (expats), that are helping in their areas in many other ways. That is good. God Bless them all.

    1. yes. Mike’s a good guy. i’ve known him about 2 years and he’s willing to lend a hand to the extent he can, as with the aftermath of the fires and such.

  7. Great video, Henry. You do great work informing people about The Philippines. When I first considered going to The Philippines you were the first you tuber I found. You’re videos gave me the balls to go and now I’m happily married to a wonderful Filipina.

  8. how can I sent you a private massage through youtube (I don’t have any other account). I like your videos, I’m from Cyprus (greek island) and I have a filippina wife, and 6 years old kid. I would like to sent you a private massage through youtube.

  9. I agree fully! Many expats do good things. I think it is a very good idea to give engaged expats and there wifes or GF’s a better platform! Most Filipinos are not aware of all the work, most of us do on a private level and without much publicity. We’ll move from Cebu to Negros (near Dauin) in about a year time and should be happy to help networking as well. Cheers from Cebu City

    1. if you need any introductions, let me know. i’m always up for meeting at the True Love to hang out and have some good food. Orville is a cool guy, a force of nature. 🙂

  10. Hats off to all those people, especially when you help children. Talking about it and doing something about it are two different
    things. Orville and the others in your area show the love by being a little proactive.
    Mike in Iloilo (My Philippine Journey) and Peter White in Cebu I also really like as they get involved and try to help within there communities . I really admire those that can see beyond themselves and try and make a difference.

    1. she went to bais, to take some medicine to her dad and visit her mom for the day. but we’ll be doing a vid together on her day off. 🙂

  11. expats who don’t call the poor lazy. they are not judgemental. instead of criticizing they are doing something good for the community.

  12. We follow ALL the videos from Bud and Gloria; Ned and Michelle; Kyle Jennerman; Steve Montelli; and you. We also try to keep up with most of My Philippine Journey; Blind Owl; Hood winked by an Angel and Landhawk59. All interesting and informative videos, but quite different! We appreciate what all of you have shared. We have made one trip over so far and will definitely go again and stay much longer! Love the Philippines!

  13. Thats a great shout out to the other expats who are helping the locals in their communities. Hopefully good deeds with a good heart can make a difference. In turn I wish that people pay it forward as well. Thanks for the good news. Its always good to pay respect where respect is due. I have heard too many expats causing trouble and so forth as well so this is refreshing info. I hope that some of the local mayors recognize them for their efforts as well. Thanks for sharing!!!!!!!

  14. I am so glad to see a video like this. It reminds me that there are good people still in this world.

    I know you don’t want to mention that other youtube person’s name so I won’t. But there is a video that exposes how he mistreats the poor (a Filipino beggar). For those who want to be warned about the opposite of what these good men are doing, I will just provide the link. I hope you don’t mind, if you do then feel free to delete. Thanks again for restoring some of my faith in humanity. (expat abuser link, )

  15. What really angers me is when these so called people of God be
    it missionaries or whatever, go into slum areas where kids haven
    eaten in 2-3 days, and tell them about the bible. They have this
    big expensive productions to do like a 1 hour documentary to show
    you the impoverished conditions these people live in. They make
    out like their some kind of heroes or something. We all know there
    is a lot of poverty there. We don’t need to see it again and again.
    If these people want to really do God’s work, why don’t they help
    drill a well-for clean water, roll up their sleeves, and help build some
    decent shelters, or raise money and bring in proper food for these
    people-lot’s of things they can do. A kid that hasn’t eaten in 2-3 days
    doesn’t want to hear about God, or be read bible verses – he wants
    to eat and not starve. They can go to church for their sermons.
    The “real heroes” are the small guys doing what little they can to
    provide something real and needed, like these people cited in Henry’s
    video here. They are the people that make a difference, and there
    should be more of them. These are the “real heroes.”

    1. i like orville’s saying, he repeats it every so often, “Love is my religion.” he asks nothing ‘from’ the people he helps. it is enough simply to meet a need.

  16. Great, great, great video Reekay. Thank you for highlighting the good works being done. I have been subscribed to your channel for a couple of years and always look forward to your videos. Keep up the good work.

  17. loved the video Reekay as this is one of the reasons why I am drawn to retirement in the Philippines. I watch all the videos on Smart tv as I am a subscriber, but I logged on to my laptop to post this comment. I am searching for more information on the best hospitals for cardiology in the Philippines where I can have access to ekg’s, etc. my filipino wife of 4 years and in Texas and I love the videos. THANKS.

  18. Big shout out to Reekey thank you for sharing what love should be help one another. I would like to thank you all for you comments Love is my religion. Sharing and caring is a part of it. If we all come together and work together in with respect for other this world would be a better place for you and me True love

  19. Thanks Henry for highlighting those generous guys and their wonderful contributions to those in need in their towns in the Philippines. My heart really goes out to the children and the parents who are trying to do their best for their kids but are trapped in poverty. The children living at the dumps are the most disturbing to me, especially when I have children that have so much, and the guilt is overwhelming at times.

  20. THIS IS A FANTASTIC VIDEO. I love True Love which I try to stop in a couple times a week. And what a great guy he is.

  21. In the last few months I came across your channel and enjoy your perspective as a gentleman at an age similar to mine. During the 1980’s I was in the Navy and made port in Subic Bay at least 30 times. It has been over 25 years since I have been back there. My travels plans are to Thailand, but I still enjoy watching you. Sometimes what we do as ExPats are so small it is hard to see. Just our conversations makes an impact. The chance to speak with a native english speaker can be positive in a community. In Thailand the temples are a great way to get involved. When I served onboard the USS White Plains they did community action projects like painting a school and had a clown troupe who visited children hospitals.

  22. Nice spot to do a video. Looks peaceful. Good place to contemplate life and enjoy the beauty of the PH. I am still a bit lost at what makes the true definition of an “Expat”. I hear that thrown around a bit loosely. Henry, Ned and Bud Brown are I would guess true expats (by definition?).

    1. i don’t have a vid on ‘obamacare/health-act’, but i did look it up last year and it came down to this for american citizens; a person is exempt from the health-act requirement if they are living outside the USA for more than 11 months of the calendar year. for each month beyond 30 days spent in the usa, they are liable to have coverage for those months. (which is really impractical, who is going to sign up for health insurance for 2 months?) otherwise there is a fine imposed on one’s income taxes for the months not covered beyond 30 days. so, example would be (a) an expat who lives in the PH but visits for 2 weeks in the usa, is Exempt from the health-act. (b) an expat who lives in the PH for 9 months out of the year and visits the usa for 3 months total in a calendar year, he would be liable for at least 2 months of coverage (or fine), possibly 3 months.
      here are two links where you can get more information; and…

    2. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines Yes that is the definition. I was thinking more about how loosely it is used by vacationers in the PH. Henry do you have a video that you made already about Heathcare in the PH and how it relates to Obamacare? If one is not a permanent resident of the PH you are still required to show that you have Healthcare? Is that correct?

  23. Larry Malley is a retired American cop, here on Panay, that is doing amazing work with cleft lip surgery for kids. Medical Mission Matters is his charity group. He is way too busy! He probably works harder on this than when he worked in the US. Really good guy. I am sure there are a lot of expats doing great work – we just see the bad ones in the news. It is good for these guys to get some recognition. Sounds like Dumaguete has a lot going on 🙂

  24. I love what all you guys have been doing. Your’s is one of the first YouTube channels I subscribed to. You always have good information, and a positive outlook. I don’t even have to see the video before I hit the thumbs up. Iv’e been trying to watch all the videos from everyone you gave a shout out to. I’m taking my first vacation in November & hopefully moving to the Dumaguete area some time next year. Thank you for doing what you do. Keep up the good work.

    1. and what is really sad is that it’s only 2 or 3 guys. they actually take the time to login to various accounts to put another thumbs-down click. pitiful that they have nothing else better to do with their time. ha!

  25. Great video Henry I am familiar with all of those listed and I remember the video you did about a year ago at that school up in the mountains it was really cool to see.

  26. Wow I’m shocked at how much attention PV gets all the comments below are practically about him, It’s a real bummer your Vlog has to be muddied up by this stuff, hopefully one day soon all your followers will be able to move on and keep his name out of your vlog.

    1. he is so yesterday’s-news it laughable. he has lost all credibility and has nothing to offer. last time i checked it’s pretty much a dead channel with just some accidental views from people who didn’t know better.

  27. The population, square footage and resources are roughly the same, with the Fils arguably richer in resources, as well as the history of western intervention…

    Japan vs Philippines…culture.

    The world is no longer the “White man’s burden”. The Fils needs to look in the mirror.

  28. Yes Henry it is awesome to give back to the people, even if it is a small gesture, it goes a long way, and everyone mentioned is deserving of some accolade’s, though most won’t accept, as they do it out of the love from the heart I hope Alan is doing ok. I believe he was in remission. I pray all is ok. Take care..

  29. Nice video Henry, People need good news to. Hear that there are many good guys who help others when they can. Often people only hear about bad things.

  30. Henry, I just saw this and thank you for including our picture with Bud and Gloria… I missed it because of things going crazy after John had a mini stroke…Thanks for the memories in Dumaguete .

  31. great video I just wish more people would share there good luck in life me and my wife do what we can everyday because of people like bud brown it open my eyes just to buy someone a meal it’s a pleasure for us to do anyway thanks for this video cheers

  32. This is what I would like to do Reekay… Your film here really spelled it out for me. Last February I was walking the boardwalk while 70 boozing bikers held up in Dumaguete were having a night of it, I thought. But there were no bar girls around them? No girls at all? They were riding to bring school supplies from Cebu to Duma and surrounding small towns. Had their saddlebags full of school supplies, not chains and batons. When I talked with a couple of them they told me to be careful and to choose who I hung out with care. Like a big brother helping others, I just had to open my heart to these larger than life real men. It was really great and I will never forget the whole process of their welcoming this expat Hard to believe I came halfway around the globe to feel so at home.

  33. Mike Cason My PHILIPPINE Journey has helped a lot in Medical Mission Matters. The founder Larry Mally was. Killed in an accident recently. I hope that the work continyes.

    1. i met terrance for breakfast, along with bud brown, about a year or so ago. from what i observed, he’s genuinely looking to help the local poor and has been doing so consistently over time. there are always trolls who will cast doubt on anyone’s good work. but real scammers don’t bother to put in the effort that terrance and his wife have to help others. scammers just pocket the money with no good works to show for it. just my own observations. as for the PH govt, he applied for all the proper licenses to the right agencies long ago. but the PH govt has been dragging it slowly through the process. it’s a shame that now he is the one having to defend the work he’s done in the meanwhile without a license to help others when it’s out of his control.

  34. This is Yakiniku Hakusan Dumaguete Japanese authentic beef BBQ restaurant.

    Near Quezon park 2F of ZIPLINK building.

    Come and taste it when you come to Dumaguete City Philippines.


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