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  1. Mall hookers. hahaha. I just tell them that I’m waiting for my wife and she should be back any minute (even though I’m alone there). That makes them run.

  2. Hey Rod, off your topic, but interesting. Today a foreign guy that was living w his GF in the Philippines has returned.
    This same guy is a utuber, and had left the Philippines about 3 months ago for the USA and apparently has now returned today to the Philippines.
    Is that possible with no quarantine of 14 days?
    He’s either lying or Philippines is not enforcing the Q period at all. He did a video today showing his return.
    The only other option is that he did the 14 days but he won’t say.
    Is the 14 day Q in effect there upon return from the USA?
    I was under the impression that no returns were not allowed no matter what.

  3. Rod you got professional experience. Not like those bloggers in duma. Those guys in duma know tomuch I mean they know every thing. Look at they gf young with empty buckets. Hehe

  4. Hey Rod. If and when I make it there to retire I will be going to retire economically and not looking for a dependent. I have been through the western woman wringer and not up for it any longer. I am actually MGTOW. I will travel and explore doing only the things I want to do. If church is my agenda then I go to church but if it is a day I want to sleep in then guess what I’m doing. LOL I will have friends both female and male but I am done with the drama of relationships. Glad you found what works for you even though your cupboards are a mess. LOL God Bless

  5. My kind of topic lol. Its very easy to find someone when you live in the Philippines as a foreigner. The quality of women is A LOT better there too, especially if you’re an older gentleman lol. That said, dating in the Philippines has its flaws and it’s a of flaws. You can find yourselves getting scammed and taking care of a lot of people if you don’t think with the right head. Remember when you marry a Filipina woman, you marry the entire family.

  6. Lol Rod if you need help finding someone but I’m sure you’re doing ok my wife is a administer for a dating site in the Philippines lol if you want the details I’ll send it to you ?

  7. I’m almost 60. Dating women in the USA in my age demographics, feels like a job interview. Tired of it.

    Mall hookers? 🤣

    I’m always on the lookout for a future ex wife……

  8. My life here has improved so much since I started learning to speak the language. Now I can communicate more freely with my wife and her family. Still learning but getting there. The online course “Bisaya Buddy” is fairly inexpensive but you can learn a lot over the course of a few months to a year. I am not associated with the owner but check it out if you want a happy wife!

  9. Rod, you have a great perspective and what’s even better is your actually living in PHL and seeing everything “on the streets. We also know of men that have met and married without knowing each other more than 2 weeks and the rest online in an LDR waiting for the K1 visa. Or going to PHL buying their new wife a house in her Provence. Some work out, some don’t. Kinda like most relationships but that grown man crying about being a victim, really? It wasn’t a “shoot gun” wedding. The fool was delusional and believed only saw what he wanted. I’m not sure why men complain after having a relationship when most likely they would never have that opportunity in the USA or other countries. Look at reality, the young Filipina’s is accepting of an older man because she doesn’t have many options. It’s up to the older wiser man to take it slow and not get fooled. You know the saying, don’t think with the wrong head. I believe that most Filipina’s really just want a caring man but obviously they want support. Face the facts, it’s a hard life in PHL and most foreigners have never experienced a “life without” like Filipina’s have had to endure. How many men in USA grew up without a car or their parents didn’t have a car? Not any of my friends, that’s just 1 example.

  10. Coming up on my 3 yr LDR with my PH Honey September 14th. Was supposed to be there last March. Now waiting impatiently to return. Lots of good comments and observation in the video! Stay Safe!

  11. Good Video. You did mention something I have experienced that I have never heard commented on before My GF of 2 yrs. speaks really good English but every great once in a while seems to forget it. It is usually the way we parse things differently that will cause miscommunication

  12. Rod,
    Life is just at a stand still .Everything is because of COVID -19. I call customer service almost anywhere and “Out of concern for our employee’s health and maintaining social distancing you may experience extended wait times.” Shopping hours have reverted back to the 1980’s. ( Nothing open past 9PM except Circle K.) I guess COVID is more contagious between the hours of 9PM -6 AM. The pool at my complex is only open while the leasing office is open ( I surmise that their corporate lawyer deducted that it would reduce their liability by have staff around to enforce social distancing. The Philippines may or may not reopen to tourism by the end of 2021. etc. etc. etc. “I could go on and on “. (sound familiar?) Thanks for the topic. Take care.

  13. Good points, Rod. I’ve found that jealousy can be a big issue. A lot of Filipinas can be extremely jealous. Nay sayers would say it’s because they’re scared of losing their meal ticket but I think it’s more than that. Not sure if you can say it’s a cultural thing but it seems to be pretty common.

  14. Rod very wise advice , BETTER to Avoid a situation than to try to get out of one , most girls are looking for stability and the relationship is more for her benefit

  15. Compromise, something I could never do and that’s why I never married, sports and relationships usually don’t go well together as Gf’s don’t like to come 2nd.
    Would never live with a female for the reasons you mentioned. Couldn’t live full time in the Phils either for the reasons you mentioned.
    I do my thing and any gf can do hers. Phils is great for a 3 month visit and that is suffice for me.
    Yes I will die alone but not lonely, I prefer to march to my own drumbeat.

  16. You’re so full of s*** how hard you work on a video I haven’t seen any original video on this one so would you do go find you another girlfriend

  17. Hardest thing is her family always needs financial help. And im expected to help. It gets very old. Two of her younger sisters live full time with us. Her other two always need something. It gets very old!!!

  18. ya gotta keep lookin for the perfect relationship … you : spend all day on your own TCB …
    her : works 7/12’s comes home takes a long bath, eats somethin then off to bed …

  19. met my wife online and we chatted for 1 year came over and met her I was taken back by her beauty and personality it was love, at first, sight, came back the following year and got married. there are so many beautiful and talented women here and meaningful relationships can be had.

  20. Hello everyone! Especially to the Americans who are living in Cebu. Off topic: I’m from Cebu and I love American Football. I’ve been looking for an American Football ‘Ball’ but, unfortunately, haven’t found one up to now. I am just wondering if any of you has one?

  21. I decided years ago when I came here that THIS IS MY NEW NORMAL..
    Even with the changes that are going on here now,,THIS IS MY NORMAL….
    (Just keep an airfare ready if you like your old normal).

  22. Well how appropriate a vid Rody. “I may now have me a honey to help me spend my $”. I’m 64 she’s 39 & a good mall worker who I’ve spoken to a little bit over the last year but may be a keeper. Good communication is VERY important ! Do things happen fast ?? LOL, more like days & possibly even hours sometimes . All is good but patience, taking it as slowly as possible but w/o breaking the chain may advisable. Meeting girls here is very easy & good ones out there if u take yur time and observe especially during these hard times.

  23. Well, I think most of Filipino girls are poor and attracted to older men for financial security and in my opinion after COVID-19 this going to be even more an issue due to lack of jobs and foreigners be hot commodities

  24. I guess im lucky, my wife loves to participate in anything that i like and want to do, 4 years later, we are still together, and she also loves what i like to cook.

  25. Hi Rod, a good topic, and one that many can relate to. I’ve lived on my own for over twenty years, so for me to live with anyone 24/7 would be very difficult, or maybe even impossible. I have also travelled many times on my own, and have no problem with that. Having said that, I have also often taken a gf with me and often enjoyed the company, but I have found also, that often they are not really interested in the same things as me, so again it’s being willing always to compromise. After spending my whole life putting my ex wife, and my kids first, now in my twilight years, I want to do what I want. My kids are all adults now with their own lives, and my ex has remarried, so it’s my time now. Two things to accept with a Filipina gf. 1) at our (older) age, they are rarely attracted to us purely by our physical looks, often it’s economic reasons. 2) relationships are easy to get into in the Philippines, but much harder to get out of. I really like the Philippines and love long visits, but I have never had a desire to live there. I have a long distance relationship, but that is far from ideal now when I can’t visit. Maybe you , like me, are at a crossroads now.

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