The New Well Is Finished

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  1. Man, I love all this work your getting done. All those projects a the things your doing, Those are things after my own heart. Your doing great things. Love it! BTW, really admire your patience in working with these people and the “language barrier” and all.

  2. Your father in law is an awesome guy, he really knows how to get stuff done with what’s on hand. He kinda reminds me of my father in law.πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  3. Well that’s a stimulus check, I say well spent, no pun intended. I spent mine on a dirt clod wall with cement inside it. Otherwise known to the locals as a block wall.

  4. Brian, you and your labor crew work so hard. Good luck on youe endeavors. More iwnership more stress, the price of ownership and success, but think – you are laying the foundation for a strong future for your son.

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