The NY Times Calls it Death Island – Koh Tao Thailand

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After multiple murders and suspicious accidents over the past decade, the island of Koh Tao in Sothern Thailand has been named “Death Island” by the Mainstream Media. I decided to visit Koh Tao to see if I would get murdered or if it is truly is the low budget island paradise many people claim it to be.

FYI – Songkran is normally April 13th-15th but because of the “situation” it was rescheduled to September 4th-6th this year.

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  2. Just started watching a video on the £500k Aston Martin Callum Vanquish and then got a notification that CB dropped a new video. Will watch Chads vid first. CB Media beats a £500k Aston Martin!

  3. only one guy got off the island , The head mans son take that how you like , but two innocent guys are in prison Thais blame Burma and Burmese for all their failings.

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  5. 🤣 well you have made it chad, you are now a commercial channel, congrats! What it must feel like to finally get a legit sponsor! You deserve it man.

  6. Koh tao is as dangerous as any place in thailand, run by corrupt officials and mafia like familys. People get killed all over Thailand, and koh tao is not different. It’s a beautiful Island and you can dive in som nice water 👍 Not really a party Island in my opinion, it’s more a chill out and smoke a spliff place 😁 Stay safe out there 🙏🙏🙏

  7. this is very interesting. totallly forgot about this place. u should go see billy cloud at big blue movies if u wanna to underwater vdo certification, etc.

  8. Dude, there’s two myanmarese on life sentences for murders they didn’t commit. I even know a guy in bangkok whose brother was killed there. Its misleading to suggest that its ‘young backpackers’ who are responsible for these deaths, when the dog on the street knows which family got away with it.

  9. Koh Tao needs this pandemic to last for a few years so it can recover from all the sewage seeping into the main chaweng (beach),. There is no sewage treatment on the island for most of the resorts that just keep building bigger. It is sad to see the conditions change there. For example, right where you loaded into that boat used to be small bungalows made from natural materials that are all gone now and replaced with a 2 story modern hotel. Chunky Charlie eating up the whole F ng world.

  10. Koh Pangang has much more to offer. Plenty of things to see and so besides the moon party’s. It;s also very fun to ride on a motorbike on Koh Pangang.

  11. Great episode as always, we still haven’t made it here yet but we just got back from the Southwest Peninsula of Thailand and did visit Krabi just not this island it was amazing and beautiful!

  12. In the past, many of the crimes committed on Thailand’s resort islands were actually committed by the tourists themselves. Sexual assaults on women were committed by male tourists who had taken advantage of defenseless drunk tourist women. For the most part, the Thai people are peaceful people and desire no trouble unless you disrespect them, then you’re in for a beating by a mob!

  13. Let’s go swimming with sharks off Death Island. Actually, I was more worried for your safety when you were breaking the sound barrier in a hopped up klong boat without a helmet, or life vest, and the driver more than likely impaired. But it all makes for fun video watching:)

  14. Lovely view! Hunt the shark because they are delicious! J/K Is is splash festival time? Oh my, Where is your Super Soaker Squirt gun dealer when you need one ? I actually froze the video three times when you featured the sunset and surfers! Paradise island while those of us in US are in bug lock down!

  15. The bad things at tourist destinations always get reported on but you have to remember all the times nothing happens. It’s true that if bleeds it leads. People love sensational stories. I would trust the statistics though to determine if it’s really unsafe.

  16. Thanks Chad, back in 1997-98….I spent six months on Koh Tao. Super great cool place , amazing skin diving and wonderful people…..oh yes, and super cheap!
    Hin Wong Bungalows. Anyone know it???

  17. Koh Tao is also famous for its scuba diving. You should try it if you haven’t before, the conditions must be perfect now with such few tourists. I have been there last year for a few weeks and it was my favourite spot in Thailand, very chilled, relaxed vibe, nice nature and awesome underwater world.
    The sharks are harmless by the way 😎
    I wish I could go there right now…

  18. My friend almost got sexually assaulted there. As she was running away, she fell off a cliff and now is paralyzed from the legs down. Was a local that tried to get her as a matter of fact.

    The island is undeniably beautiful… Too bad that this island’s reputation is ruined with stories such as that.

  19. I love your videos but this one? Whats up with the Songkran bit? Songran is in April, care to explain? (Didn’t see any facemasks either). The Koh Nang Yuan bit was very nice though and by the way, Koh Tao has more murders than any other place in Thailand per inhabitants….but that is life I guess.

  20. hi dudes !! please don’t disappear like david Carradine actor who was founded with a rope on his sex !! aware thai beautifull ladies . we miss yours videos !

  21. Love your videos. Unfortunately, I didn’t know that you existed when I visited Bangkok and Koh Chang in January-February. Next time, I’ll check with you if there are any fun motor events going on. Greetings from Sweden!

  22. One of your best vlogs Chad. What an awesome place and so true on the mainstream media plus too many potty mouths on online political forums- best just kick them into touch.
    All the best.

  23. This video had it all , Death Island , Cool Boats , Shark Sighting , Stellar Hill Top View , Epic Water Fight , Soap Suds , Chick With Huge Mellon’s , Chicks Doing the Wild Monkey Dance , Nice Facial , Absolution Of Sins , Banana Chocolate Milkshake , Freedom Beach , Thanking Subscriber David , Class Lesson On Solar Energy , Large Tiger Sunset Beer , Cool Music And Cool Dogs , Stellar Sunset Pics , Awesome Good Vibes , Cool Drone Shot , Shit Happens Finally , all in all , one Cool Video , Peace …

  24. Really an awesome island… but it’s rep didn’t just fell out the sky

    Weird to see a Songkran party in September…

    But that’s Chad. NEVER missing an opportunity to (visit a) party!

  25. Some really great video footage, and good to see someone in the world is still enjoying a party…. Agree with your ‘unplug from mainstream media’ advice.

  26. Love your videos. I was in ko lanta and phi phi last October had great time. I had mention ko Tao to my Thai friend I was with and all the news. She did say it was 1 island she would not go looking for adventure alone and she is very independent and adventurous lady!

  27. You keep butchering the pronunciation of the Islands. So Songkran was delayed this year due to the “situation?”
    They weren’t accidents and there was a lot of suspicious circumstances surrounding the murders of the British backpackers. Still isn’t going to stop people visiting the Island.

  28. How often do they do the water fight with the bubbles? Is it a certain time every year or a weekly event? Your channel is awesome! Well I am editing this because I saw were you said what it is looks great .

  29. The sound effect you use for the f Bomb …. fucking hilarious !! Mr. Chad, I’m jealous my dude. Mucho jealous ! Thank you for sharing the good times.

  30. You have the most interesting, Intelligent, watchable, authentic and off the beaten track Thailand vlog on YouTube. Your commentary at the end was so spot on as well. Keep up the great work!

  31. When was the waterfestival recorded?
    Where did all the tourists come from?

    And YES, there are both foreign and Thai mafia, trafficking, drugs and deaths too it this paradise.
    It all depends on what kind of “fun” you seek, and where you look.
    The locals know about the criminals, and they don’t like it too much.

    “Up to you” as they say . . .

  32. Great video, so much fun living life.. screw the globalist elitist bs narrative situation, lies on top of lies, its only about world control with those demons..

  33. 2 questions:
    1. How warm is the water in the Gulf of Thailand for swimming in September?
    2. Isn’t Thai New Year (Songkran) supposed to be in April? What did they do? Move it to September because of the “situation”?

  34. This is my favorite place on earth! Confession, I am an avid scuba diver (this island is No1 dive destination in Thailand) and old guy friendly. I’m 65 and been coming here for 17 yrs. Master Divers the best dive shop on the island. One of my good friends is 83, still diving and comes back here every year. Roll on flights again from England, soon please!!

  35. I’ve never been but have heard many stories from guys that lived there. I would love to check it out but I wouldn’t advise females to travel there alone. Beautiful island no doubt!

  36. Dangerous video,he was almost eaten by the shark.Those water guns also look dangerous,dont mention the huge dogs and scary go go dancers.I wont sleep this night.

  37. CB Media the “Unfake News Channel” and why is the Thai govt holding us back from entering LOL so that there Thai people can starve ? A true shame we cannot enter with a covid test and only 2 day hold not 14 day in Phuket now that’s a crime < Thailand needs us and we need Thailand

  38. Koh Tao may be overblown in the media, but the fact of the matter is that the island is controlled by mob families. And many backpackers have been murdered there and its been covered up as suicides, drownings, etc. The notorious case of the two backpackers murdered on the beach was a muffled investigation from the start. The result were two Burmese migrants used as scapegoats and were sentenced to death. But people who live on the island know who really committed these murders, but they are protected due to being part of said mob families. The fact that murderers are walking freely in Koh Tao is enough reason to skip this island. There are many islands in Thailand anyway, so no need to go to Murder Island.

  39. I was there for nearly two months (scubadiving)..traveling alone and never ever feel in danger or unsecure. dont let the media fool you! Go there and u wont regret it 🙂 i miss the island. as soon Covid is over i will be back Thanks for the Video!

  40. Loved the Miata Hellcat math xD , and What an amazing sunset!!! I pretty much owe you thousands for curating my next trip overseas. I’m just gonna hit the places you did along my way! Feel free to come collect anytime here in Cali and have a tall beer!

  41. Last year I said I wouldn’t miss another Songkran and had a trip planned for April 2020 then Covid happened. Also I was at Koh Nangyuan back in November and that was a completely different experience with a ton of people. You are very lucky you can travel during this time.

  42. Sweet kicks bro! Ive baught those exact same shoes 3 times in a row now. The first pair i found on vacation downtown seattle at nordstroms rack from alaska but they are on back order. Love them so much ive baught two more pairs online. They are the most comfortable skate style shoe ive found in years haha love your videos bro i wanna come ride with you

  43. Another enjoyable vlog.
    However, the Koh Tao case of the backpackers murdered 5 years ago has been in the UK press recently as the 2 “accused” Burmese have had their death sentences commuted to a life sentence of late. As many of us frequent visitors to Thailand know – Life is cheap there but one darker fact is that rape is not regarded as a major crime. (And foreign women wearing skimpy beach wear/attire have been in the past been accused of “asking for it” by senior politicians and cultural guidebooks.) Be safe on your travels folks and never leave drinks unattended or upset the locals even if you think it’s a triviality. Face is a Bitch.

  44. I came for some near death experiences and was disappointed………. i guess the water wars will have to count. Keep up the good content, love the raw language and honesty.

  45. When you were on that mountain not 4 minutes in I New this was going to be another one of my favorite videos of yours yet I don’t no how you do it but we love it it just doesn’t get much better!

  46. I was at that Island where the Beach is a pathway between Islands in 1994. That’s the first Beach I ever encountered Topless Tourists. I was so offended ha

  47. Another great vid Chad. Watched most ur stuff. I never been to Thailand but I will be making it my home when the gates r open. Hope to meet ya & buy ya a beer some day. Keep great material coming.

  48. The sharks are reef sharks they won’t harm you I swan with them on phi phi island and the view on phi phi island is nothing like I’ve seen in whole of Thailand

  49. Hmm this time i dont agree @13:00 being found with you hand thight at you back hanging on a tree with a rope around your neck, and being found with your head smashed by a garden ho are not so drunk/drugged younster errors (deads) wich did occur to much in Vang Vieng back in the days untill end 2011. KT had to much brutal deads of young people , also Thai people gave it the name you mentioned. Sorry but surely no fake news.

  50. After this video I went and checked about this island. Well there has been several murders in the last twenty years here. I wouldn’t call it a safe island

  51. I thought Songkran was in April? Great vlog anyway!. And you are spot on about main stream media. They will sensationalize everything and anything to get viewership.

  52. The tip about the tennis shoes is spot on. When I climbed up to the viewpoint a few years ago, there were blood stains like everywhere from people that did not use shoes.. Those rocks are sharp!

  53. I really enjoy your videos chad but …….Hannah witheridge and David Miller, google them then you may understand why the island managed to get that name at the time.
    The bbc should never be put in the same basket as fox, cnn, msnbc. No advertising influence in the bbc.

  54. CB Media, so glad that you weren’t eaten by the shark, or murdered . The water gun w.a.r. Looked kind of dangerous . They even let preschoolers “carry”. Looked like the whole town had a water g.u.n. ! They had a blast ! You went at the right time , for good “clean” fun ! 😆🤣😂🤪

  55. Dude u give no effort into pronouncing simple thing. Noticeboard Chucky just made a PATTAYA pronunciation jabbing at you. IT’S NOT CO TAO. KOH =/= CO. Ask a Thai how to say Island once and you should learn. It so annoying u keep saying CO TAO CO THIS CO THAT WTF IS CO? CO- PAY? ITS LIKE RAW BUT GAWH-THAO. No CO-THAO. CO-PAY MEDICINE?

  56. At 6:42, you have the perfect example of excellent marketing. I have no idea what Leo beer tastes like but it will be the first beer I order when I storm the beaches of Thailand soon.

  57. Whaoo Chad this is way so far my favourite video that you ever made. The view is amazing, you even done a drone time-lapse ! Amazing, Big support from a French dude !!!

  58. If you’ve seen the raw police images of Hannah Witheridge’s body with her leg still wide open, you would think differently about Koh Tao. Don’t go to that piece of shit island ran by mafias. The police are corrupt af and too incompetent to want to solve any cases involving foreigners. The villagers will not help because they’re too afraid of the mafia. Suspects coincidentally are always poor migrants from neighboring countries like Burma, Cambodia, or Laos.

  59. Wow, I can’t believe you were there for days and didn’t get murdered. 😉
    Seriously, Koh Tao was one of my favorite stays in Thailand (was there for 4 days). I stayed at Sai Daeng Resort, and it was just paradise. Rented motor bikes and explored, saw many of the place you showed off in this video. It’s a beautiful place and I can’t wait to go back some day.

  60. loving the travel videos been to a lot of these places and some I have not.Done songkran twice had a ball both times.The longer the situation lasts the longer I am coming back to Thailand for whenever that is.chok dee krap

  61. Ah, Maya Bar… one of the causes of solutions to all of the small and big problems of island life. Cool to see some familiar places, people, and even my old house at one point. And some of the doggo’s are still there – sweet!

    One of my favourite times of year were the quiet times – few tourists, better music, and a much more relaxed vibe which you captured perfectly.

    Thanks for kicking off my Monday morning with some great memories – I can even smell the frangipani trees outside Seashell Divers at 7:55 <3

  62. Dunno about the deaths being just accidents, a bit hard to accidentally hang yourself with your hands tied behind your back. Some of the circumstances were clearly suspicious but still not worth avoiding Koh Tao because of it. I don’t have much desire to go there mainly because it’s primarily a diving island and not a great deal else happening there. Samui is a much better spot but Koh Nuan Yuan is a gem. Went there in 2006 and was blown away, top spot!

  63. Congratulations Chad for being able to experience Song Kran in September 🙂 Most likely the one and only in the history of the Kingdom! Wish I was there too 🙁

  64. Maybe you should do some research on Koh Tao, including the two poor Burmese boys who got fitted up for the murders and then ended up on death row? Anyhow love your videos!

  65. It’s a beautiful area no doubt, but after I saw the uncensored photos of Hannah and David….no thanks. Chances are you will have no problems, but the amount of murders of tourists compared to the population, shows there is some serious corruption


  67. Been To Koh Tao Multiple Times…You might die of Alcohol poison but thats about it…Amazing lil island…The Natural High Bar is my Fav spot there…Hard to get to but great views….Awesome food…Magic shakes, joints and not a lot of tourist know about it…

  68. Its odd, I DONT like you but i get sucked into your mindset and your honest, no bullshit seeming videos. You are brilliant at what you do in your channel, but I don’t like you. However, I would love to share mindsets WITH beers with you and I would possibly really like you……. Non the less, who cares cos you produce a damn good story and video. Keep up the good work. You are very watchable in a rather arrogant kind of way. ;-]

  69. On my 2nd visit to Thailand I went para-gliding behind a boat in Pattaya and of course, the person driving the boat dipped me in the water 3 times. When I got back to raft after my flight my friends asked me if I had seen the SHARK of course I replied did you see the brown trail coming from my shorts. They said no, then I didn’t see the shark.

  70. you are a real american ….u just saw a shark in the water & on your way back u have your hand in the SAME water ….guess u didint watch shark week or any shark movies …lol

  71. 💯 facts. When I started going to Aruba everyone said stay away from downtown. I’m from the Bronx NY and have seen some wild shit. So, the 2nd time going to Aruba, I said screw this im going downtown. When I tell you the locals were some of the nicest people in the world!! (I travel a lot), It would be understated it!! Bottom line, be aware of your surroundings, don’t act like a dick and you’ll be fine. They don’t want tourist leaving the “zone” because of $$. everything downtown was 50% cheaper.

  72. CB Media’s Beer & Sunsets report is the only news I need (or want at this point). Pro tip, large is “yai” and small is “lek”. So when you order a large Tiger, say “Tiger yai”. Looking forward to the next one and I enjoyed the couple drone shots thrown in there too.

  73. I hate you Chad, because you are there and I am not. If I had one comment of value from my life’s experiences it would be see the world when you can, not when you think you can. Carry on.

  74. Ko Tao was absolutely my favourite part of Thailand. Go to the High Bar for good times and perfect views. Get a scooter but beware some crazy roads…

  75. Love the end part of this video!! Completely ignore the meanstream media, I definitely agree with that part!! Been in Koh Tao couple weeks ago and had a amazing time over there, diving maybe one of the best places in Thailand!! Definitely going back again😉

  76. Think it’s too hot there, but if I did go there, I’d just sleep outside, have a bug net, sleeping bag, small axe and knives , just until I bought an illegal pistol, but I really don’t think I’d ever stay in hotel, unless right in middle of huge city by airport. Canada is too hot for me tho, we hit 40c week or two per year, but hell even 25C is too hot.

  77. Just look at that sunset will ya!!! That’s about the best you’ll see outside of being on a boat on the ocean in the south pacific at sunset……. the best sunsets you’ll see.

  78. It’s not fake news though! Sure, I’ve never felt in danger there, the vast majority of people will be fine and the title “death island” is an inflammatory label designed to get attention to their article…but, you really glossed over the facts that the island has a dark past and there are many unexplained deaths. The lies and threats from the locals were very real after the murder of that young British couple a few years back. Simply dismissing these murders as “accidents” and mainstream media fake news is just lazy.

  79. Yep, you look way to hot…..that whole country looks way to hot……I’ll just keep drunk and high as fuck here in Canada…… BTW I traveled all over USA and Canada, most of japan, but when I was younger, besides I’ve done too much jail time, not many countries will accept me these days!!! LOL

  80. Could be thailand is safe, but canada is way safer, and japan is way way safer, yet whenever I go there, or anywhere ( and for sure USA) I keep a decent arsenal with me at all times, always sit in the corner, I don’t read media, but I did enough shit in my younger days to let me know never trust anyone, NEVER. Read every person whenever you enter any place, be ready to kill everyone and run at anytime. If you treat life that way, you’ll never be surprised,that’s my moto anyway. Love your videos brother, keep it up……if you ever come to Canada I’ll keep you safe…. lol

  81. For those that are new to Songkran or Water Festival in Thailand, it’s usually celebrated on April 13-15. But due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the government decided to postpone it to this month instead. So be sure to come in the right time when this pandemic is over. Peace! 😁

  82. If Koh Tao is called Death Islands, what is New York called LOL Koh Nangyuan is one of the most beautiful island in Thailand…….. same for Koh Tao. You are so lucky to have the opportunity to visit them and have them all to yourself. Envy envy :))

  83. Not sure how you ‘re conflating road accidents , to the actual murders that have occurred in the past decade ?
    Pretty poor form to sweep that under the table like that ….not hard to research the multiple murders .

  84. Only 2k away from 150,000 subscribers! Oh yeah!!! Thanks for all the awesome work and videos, love the drone shots. Hope to be able to visit next year and until then just trying to stay healthy and safe, lol.

  85. Oh, Chad , I was worried when I came to know about the news about arresting an American man with a thai wife, in northern Thailand, on charges of drugs, visa forgery etc. Have you heard of that news?

  86. Chad
    Your video was great up until the point where you downplayed the murder of David Miller and the rape and murder of Hannah Witheridge as well as the framing of Wai Phyo and Zaw Lin. You’re a smart guy, do some research.

  87. Thank you for your candid stream of Koh Tao. I hope many folk outhere can withness the real situation.
    On one side, if it doesn’t count on my bias, I aprreciate those media which, in turn, helps protect my country’s precious nature so it will be kept as adorable and pristine place for our people and few nice tourist.

  88. Koh Tao is so awesome!!! I had the best time over there. I too had gone to Nang Yuan and shocking too see 0 tourists. It really is the best island ,so breath taking. And the viewpoint is the best.

  89. 100% agree the worlds media says what it says for profit, which gives beautiful places bad raps when if you go or act badly anywhere in the world you can up dead so as always be careful and enjoy wherever you go in the world. Another awesome vlog and I will add Koh Tao to my bucket list

  90. Most channels get some stupid sponsor for some learning site and chad just pulled some big solar power whale. Thanks chad for not selling out to someone BS company.

  91. I solo traveled to Thailand in 2018 (Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Pattaya, Koh Phi Phi). It was easily the greatest trip of my life. I’ve been wanting to go back ever since. I didn’t know about Songkran at the time, but I just book a trip back for April 2021. Can’t freaking wait! I just hope they open back up to international flights by then. 😍 🇹🇭

  92. Chad, I’ve been waiting and waiting for you to go to Koh Tao! So glad that you didn’t make me wait too long. But I’m still a little bit disappointed because was hoping that you would try out scuba diving while you are/were on Koh Tao. I can’t think of a better time to learn than now while it is quiet on Koh Tao.
    Thanks for the beautiful photography.
    Sorry so many are chewing you out because you took the high side on the deaths. It’s a balancing act and I understand that.

  93. Chad: Love your car stuff / love your travel – adventure stuff: you need to contact the ministry of tourism to see if you can get a Visa exemption – the exemptions are coming to an end on the 26th # un-plug might catch ya here ???

  94. Agree with what your saying. Great island. We actually learned to Scuba dive there in 2014 which in turn opened up a world of adventures. 😎👍🏻 You should try it! 👍🏻

  95. Yes…… I spent a week there and it was totally chill. Been to a lot of places in Thailand. Stayed on the beach for $35 a night with breakfast. Literally steps from the water. One of the nights there was a high tide and little waves were literally 20 feet from my door. My friend got a tattoo from Kings and loved it. I actually got sick, went to a pharmacy got a zpack and tylenol and was good a couple days later…lol While I didn’t go to save money, I didn’t mind saving it. I noticed many many teenager/college students on the island. You can stay there with no aircon for $5 a night. Not my thing but its for sure a reason it could get dangerous for people. $5 a night to sleep means more money for partying… Saw lots of people leaving the island that were a wreck clearly from little sleep and lots of partying. Great island to visit.

  96. Hey man got to see “ban fai” those massive skyrockets they set off.People have been killed but dont let that deter you anything for some good footage!

  97. Two high profile murders happened there and with Thailands notorious habit of either making tourist deaths look like accidents or just arresting the nearest person from Myanmar or Cambodia and pinning the murder on them.

  98. Did my open water PADI on Koh Tao, at buddhaview diving, my favorite Hangout at night was either bar 1 or 2 , there was not much Else, but that being 25 years ago or so 👍

  99. BRUH you know how long I had to wait to take a picture from the top from the god damn line????!!! And you stroll right up? FML man I can’t wait to go back

  100. Thailand is a beautiful place. Tourist free Thailand is pure paradise. Sitting with a beer, on an empty beach, watching a sunset like that, is what life’s all about. 🌅🍻

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