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  1. My mom worked for a man and woman from the Philippines and they named their dog after the Tagalog (sp?) word for dog. lol I always remember that word for that reason.

  2. Thanks for your dog being fix, but I really could t bear watching any procedure๐Ÿ˜ขthank God our Cole got his before we adopted him! Too bad some dogs never got an attentions and cares๐Ÿ˜ขtake. Are too๐Ÿ‘

  3. So sad ๐Ÿ™ so many caged animals, and i’m not really a big animal person…ok maybe just a bit…but you’re right, people need to fix their animals and take responsibility….

  4. Poor Rocky in the car. He knew something was up. He did not eat the day before. Look at Rocky’s eyes in the car. The pain is coming back to me just now after 25 years now, I was awake then, ouch!!!

  5. Back in 1975, when I was stationed in the Philippines, Filipinos used to eat dogs as food. I use to buy Spam and Vienna Sausages from a Sari-Sari store to feed a watch dog after I saw that it was being fed rice and vegetables. The owners of the dog killed and ate the dog, because they thought that I would give the food to them, instead of their dog. So what happened?
    Is it now illegal for Filipinos to eat dogs?

  6. I agree with you 200% on the animals..if you want a dog or cat..please treat them like your kids…I saw your early video where you first went there to show..about 2months ago we took our 3 male dog there to have them fix..cost for all three was they gave them there rabies shots for took less then 2 hours ..and when we got them home..they were like Rocky..out of took few hours for them to get over they wrote us a prescription to give was for pain and the other one was for infected..
    So it will take time for we now have 5 dogs…they eat better then that ok..I’m a Animal lover any way…

  7. Do you know what they charge for me to bring my dog in and have it spayed?
    Does ANYBODY know a place to get dog fixed here in Angeles City, hopefully low cost

  8. Also have to many unwanted babies. Daddy just #@&I’d and run. Education alone won’t help, mandatory free birth control will. Nation filled filled with single moms going it alone.

  9. You have a good heart Bian, We both love animals and treat our pets like family. I volunteered for many years at a local no-kill shelter and have two dogs from there. I never skimp on whatever the dogs need for flea prevention, heartworm prevention, needed vaccinations or anything else. I wish more people were like us. To us dogs are just a small part of our life, but to them we are their entire life. Dogs love us more than they love themselves and have a loyalty, well beyond what is found in most people.

  10. Many People there buy a dog and then tie it up in their backyards, feed and water it minimally and then it barks 24/7 I do realise itโ€™s supposed to be a guard dog but dogs do need proper exercise and food ๐Ÿฅ˜

  11. noooooooooooooooooooooooo! Philly, how would you like it if Lot did that to you???????? Please consider this comment for your stupidest comment contest. ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. I think most of us agree that it is best to neuter our dogs, but as guys it is still always tough to think about. Yikes! I wish they would always offer that service free here in the States.

  13. Poor little Rock. He knew something bad was about to happen.
    Hope he’ll be back to his old self soon. Brian, you have a soft heart
    And that’s a good thing. It is sad that those dogs and cats are
    destined to spend their lives in a cage.

  14. Yeah i agree with if you buy a pet take care of it, phillipines is the only place i have seen dogs in those little cages and on a 1-2 foot leech for its life. I am not even a dog/cat fan, i like my birds and fish more but no way i like seeing that sort of thing.

  15. Yeah sad thing I the white people abuse pet in the United States they do it here too there’s some foreigners I’m taking in a pet they move to other cities and they abandon the pet. Some people I just cruel at heart๐Ÿ˜“

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