The Place They Want Me To Stop Talking About.

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  1. I love the sites in your videos. I think your vlog is misleading. I don’t see: “everyday life in Thailand.” I see traveling, eating, and drinking. There is nothing wrong with these, but I don’t think it reflects everyday life.

  2. Good morning! It is a kind of privilege watching your travels and life style in Thailand. I wish I could go there one day and even may be pay you a visit. I know it could sound strange but you are some kind of friends due to watching nearly everyday. I miss Soi Mafia gang. ATB.

  3. Sad for me…Ban Krut. 1st time late 1980s. Isolated. One of only 2 or 3 falongs. Beach empty entire length, miles. Every year spent 3-6 months there. Planned to build house there. Obligations occured. 5 years later visited: completely overwhelmed.
    Thailand changes so fast!

    Years, I go to Prachuap K.K. . . . only falang.
    7 years later, inundated.

    Oh well, is life.

  4. Made a vid about Prachuap 3 years ago calling it the nicest beach town in Thailand. Still get messages to stop showing it. Maybe they were right! Seems like a lot more foreigners in lovely PKK now…

  5. Wow the food looks amazing, thanks for some great videos from your road trip was very enjoyable great work 🌴👍🏼🌴👍🏼👈🏼👈🏼

  6. Thanks for another great video with amazing scenery. What swedish resort in Ban Krut? (Probably no place spelled in so many different ways as Ban Krut.) There are exclusive private owned condos designed and founded by a swede, called Livinghouse Thailand Condominiums in Ban Krut.

  7. Very relaxing and entertaining video to watch . It doesn’t always have to be an adventure video , simple is good too. This is also Life ‘s Journey !

  8. Good morning.. Chuck and Paige. We never miss your For the past 20 years .. we have been visiting Thailand every year.But this year..we can’t due to the pandemic.We always feel so happy to watch your video.We feel as though we are there. Excellent .

  9. Like most Thai words spelt with a K the place is pronounced with a G sound as in good god girl… (for American speakers) so Baan Groot….not Baan Kroot. And quick all new youtubers move to That Phanom and start promoting it as the new post xovid haven 😀

  10. Your ride along the beach looks an awful lot like a beach my ex found in Phuket, just south of the Airport. No one around, it was great! Love the Palm Trees!

  11. James was not far off adding ” He’s drunk”. Right after you said ” Don’t forget to tune into Klaus’s channel ” Not time to be Sad”
    No I am just tire ! Funny that you did not look sleepy but your eyes were glassy. The Definition of being Buzzed.
    Ha, ha, ha !!!
    If you plan on winning the bet you need to eat your veggies.
    I could see that you and Paige both did not touch your Matos
    & lettuce.

  12. By chance is your GPS configured for shorter distance vs faster time? You’ll end up on lots of backroads if it is.
    Also, are you doing anything for the local school kids this year for Christmas? If so I’d like to make a contribution. Please advise on the best way to do that. Thanks, enjoy your videos almost daily.

  13. Missing Thailand more and more after watching your video Chuck. When it going to be Normal again, I’ll be one of the First to be in Lovely Thailand 🇹🇭. Great 🎥. Prachup Kirikan is Beautiful and Still Pristine. Hope it stays that way. ❤️🇹🇭❤️🇹🇭❤️🇹🇭🌴🏖🌴🏖🌴🏖

  14. 17:12 i’d be out there catchin crabs every day living cheap and easy. its so beautiful. I wounder if there are any cheap rentals I’ll have to look.

  15. It’s so beautiful driving the peninsula, mountains on one side and beaches on the other for much of the journey. Thanks again Chuckee and Paige for sharing your beautiful life, many blessings to you both and your families 🙏🏼
    Cheers 🍻

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