The Throwaway Ticket – Entering the Philippines, 1of2

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  1. Hi, Henry! I’ve tried to find some form of contacting you, but… maybe I’m not looking on the right spot.

    I’m from Europe, I’m going to spend the summer there and I contacted the embassy because I’m going to stay more that 30 days and they got me a 6 month visa (at no expense, excluding some copies of documents), so I just would need that throwaway ticket if I would stay more than 6 months (not the case).
    Maybe this isn’t that helpful for someone moving there (but never the less they could save some cash in 2 extensions), but for people who just want to stay let’s say 3 months it is really helpful.

    Well, maybe I’ll see you in Cebu.


  2. I am an American and my wife Filipina. When we buy our tickets to the philippines it is for 4 or more months not no 29 days and we have no problems at the airport. 

  3. A friend of mine has gone to the PI three times with a Round Trip ticket that was for two months.  A through-away ticket was not purchased or asked for.  Of course, an extension to the VISA was required.    I thought the through-away ticket was for those who arrive on a one-way ticket only.  

    Also….I read recently about the changes made for extending VISAS.  I read that two Pass Port style pictures are needed, along with two references with names, addresses, and phone numbers.  Is that true?

  4. i have only been ask for the ticket out when processed thru imagration upon entering the country out has to be within the 29 days they let you stay on tourist visa.  then for extensions now you just need 1 current photo. but got to buy 4. and i have always just put 1 reference on the form and they extended me no problem before the change to 3 yrs you didnt have to have pic and they changed form. so you got 3 throw away pics. lol

  5. Throw away ticket worked a treat thank you. Brought a $50 ticket to Malaysia and they were happy after sighting it.
    I am happy because i did not have a return ticket. Now I know when I am returning brought a ticket home.
    I needed to extend my visa also and needed a copy of the bio page of my passport and 2 small passport photos for the application.

    1. @Oland Stone yes. i had a one-way ticket from usa to cebu. i also had a separate ‘throwaway ticket’, going from Clark to Malaysia (about $40), which i only used to show at my connecting flight and entering the PH.

  6. I watched the video however one thing that is not mentioned is if you still need to have a visa to do that?
    I will be going for 2 months but having been my first time going to Philippines by myself. I am not sure if i will still need to get a visa, I did however already buy a throwaway ticket was only $38 so I have that part covered.

    1. +thbrett all major western countries are given an automatic 29 day visa upon entry, no other visa required. countiries on that list are those such as usa, canada, uk, australia, germany to name a few. only a small list of minor countries, called “visa required nations” must first get a separate visa for entry or stay. the list of which countries do not require or do require a visa are listed here;

  7. hey, i was trying to find your email or pm you on fb, i bought land in ilocos sur under my friends name, how do you manage to stay for so long? do you pay for the extension? and if you do are you allowed to come in and out of the country freely? im dominican but like the philippines alot more, and seems alot safer especially up north. thanks.. keep in touch

    1. +Phillip B i renew my Tourist Visa every 2 months. (for about 3,000p) i can do that for up to 3 years. then i would need to leave the PH for 24 hours, and then could repeat the process.

    1. +Jualberto Ortega in order to apply for an ACR card, you must first stay in the PH for 59 consecutive days. about a week prior to the 59 days, you can apply for both your renewal and your ACR card at the BI (bureau of immigration). cost is about $110 from what i remember, maybe less. (i got mine back in 2012) then you renew it once a year. from the time you order/pay-for your ACR card, it will take about another 6-8 weeks before it arrives. you pick it up at the same office you applied at.

  8. Hello, not really sure about the throw away. Does it need to show departure within 29 days? Or, can I purchase a throwaway months out?

    1. I’ve been in the Philippines for 3yrs now. When I first traveled here the airline industry Chicago made me give them a 400$ deposit that was refundable
      2 months after arriving in got my money back and continued living in the Philippines of course I kept my visa current every 2 months
      Meanwhile after 1 1/2 yrs I traveled back to the US
      Upon returning to the Philippines I was never asked for a throw away ticket at the US
      But was asked when I landed in the Philippines
      I told them “why should I need one I live here” showed them my I card my Philippine driver licence my Philippine Bank card and of course my passport
      They had their little discussion and let me proceed…..just saying it’s been my experience the past 3yrs if you ask the same question to 3 different people here your going to get 3 different answers. ….

    2. immigration’s website does not make that clear. what i’ve always done is gotten a departure date that is within the first 30 days of arrival.

  9. I’m flying to the Philippines August 29th and I’m returning November 30th I have to buy a throw away ticket in order to get into the country I’m confused .

    1. when you enter the PH, you get your first 30 days of tourist visa status free. if you plan to stay beyond 30 days, you will need a visa extension. as for arrival, the PH immigration website doesn’t say much about your situation. only that if your stay is beyond 30 days, you need an onward flight. (not necessarily a return flight to your home country.. just a flight OUT of the PH within 30 days.) so.. the safe thing is to get an onward flight to ensure you will gain entry into the PH upon arrival.

  10. Hey Rickeeythis Fly onword site how safe is it ?? I’ve been Hearing a few Vlogs say it’s a scam!!
    I like the Idea of useing it!

    And if I do use it how soon is it to get ?? I’m leaving November 2 and also can I get in time to Print it out before I go to the airport??

    1. it’s not a scam. thousands of people continue to use (including me) with no issues. what some people do is they forget to delay the Activation of their ticket until departure time… so their ticket expires a day or two after purchasing it online. i covered all this in detail in my video here;

  11. Thank you Rickey I’ve been watching your Videos for a few years now ! We are kinda Neighbors I lived in lake Elsinore and family in Wildomar, Ca.
    Maybe we can meet up in a few Months

  12. Good evening i was hoping to reach you. I am in lapu lapu, I am here till the end of January was hoping we meet for lunch and speak on a few questions I know u could answer please at your earliest convenience thank you.

    1. First and foremost please have yourself a great Christmas and a happy New Year. I also like to apologize because I completely lost track of what day and the holiday this was I will be back in the states on the 24th of February When you return and you get everything situated I will message you and ask you at a better time no worries please enjoy your vacation and thank you for reeaching out so quickly.

    1. the immigration website is not clear about that. but technically, you’re supposed to be able to show a ticket that says you are leaving within 30 days of your entry tourist visa. so getting a throwaway ticket for about $50 or less would be good insurance.

    1. flyonward went out of business sometime in 2017. the ‘rented’ ticket was not being accepted in Taipei and after that other airlines began refusing it as a valid onward-ticket, so the whole thing fell apart soon after. but you can use and search for ANY flight out of the PH to find a ticket onward for about $45.

    1. A balikbayan visa is a visa given to dual citizens.
      For instance, if you were born in the Philippines and you go to Australia and become an Australian citizen, then when you return to the Philippines to see family or just a for holiday, your are given a free 1 year balikbayan visa.

  13. I know you made this video awhile back. I’m trying to book a oneway ticket to the Philippines for April 1, 2019. I downloaded air Asia to my phone and I’m trying to find a cheap ticket out of the Philippines 29 days later which I think for me is going to be on April 30, 2019. I put destination Kuala Lumpur International Airport and they want $254.00 US dollars. Then I tried Bangkok and they want $295.17 US dollars. Any other ideas? Maybe it’s because I’m trying to book only a month in advance

  14. At the time I bought a forward ticket, my intention was to retire here in the Philippines which I’ve been here 6yrs.
    I bought a one way ticket only from Heathrow . When I was at the airport, they said that I needed a forward ticket otherwise they may not let me into the country, despite my retiring. So I had to buy another ticket. When I reached Manila and cleared customs and immigration. I went to the airline desk and cashed in my forward ticket. I had to wait about a week for the money and they deducted about 15% for administration fees. At least you haven’t wasted my money on that ticket.
    An observation, apparently there are 1000s of westerners stranded in the Philippines without money. This tells me that when their visas expired, the authorities don’t come chasing you. They’re not going to pay for your deportation home. Stands to reason, also I can’t see them locking you up either, it cost money.
    Point being, what is the point in keep extending your visa, especially if you’re staying for good.

    1. yes. absolutely if the return flight is booked for less than 30-days after arrival. if it is beyond that, it’s kinda up to the immigration officer you get. so in that case it might be worth getting a throw-away ticket, cheap out of the PH that leaves within 30-days just to be sure you won’t have issues.

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