The Tortilla Press Arrives

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  1. Add 2 tablespoon of oil to flour when u knead it. Then make nice round balls . Apply oil to the press plates before you press them. Yes you can line the plates with wax paper as well.

  2. Hi Brian, there’s a video called “Tortilla Press Hack” on channel “Jack Paynes Food Pains” that will give you a cheap, easy work around that doesn’t require re-designing or re-building the tortilla press. Looks like the perfect fix to me.

  3. Just get one of those 2mm thick flexible cutting boards and trim out the shape of the tortilla press and insert that each time you want to press a tortilla shell.

  4. Just knock the pin out and put a fatter bolt in so there’s no slop. I Also when you let off of it they tend to shrink fast. My ex-wife is Mexican and they use 2 round sheets of plastic cut out of a plastic bag to make tortillas in a press the box need for flour mess. I spent 20 years making tortillas and tamales with the beast Um,, I mean the ex and your press has the wrong size pin. Chinese knock off. You can make corn flour tortillas that way too. Tacos are better with corn anyway ha!

  5. Put a piece of pipe or something in the middle of handle so it pushes down or puts pressure to the middle of plate press since both ends are the thinnest you want do you know what I’m trying to say that would stop the bending in the middle of plate

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