The World DOESN’T NEED China!, China needs the World!

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  1. Not going to happen. Not anytime soon. Greed of the Western mercantile class has no limits and now, with the backing of the insidious ideology of globalism they can even pretend to have a high ethical ground for that greed. After all, it is better that a Vietnamese 8 yr old girl finds employment in a factory working 16 hrs a day for 50 cents an hr than nothing at all,right? Or wrong?

  2. Too right! They gave the world COVID19 and now they’re WASTING money on space travel! (Landed on the moon today.) PLEASE someone, nuke the whole country TODAY! Sorry about all the innocent people there, of course, but “casualties of war” and all that…… one day you’ll learn.

  3. Can’t help feeling that the world hates Chinese (race) people in general even though people saying CCP, Beijing and the Chinese government directly. I’ve been to China and people there are nice and friendly (well some are not) but majority are.

  4. History shows consumer boycotts almost never work, better off asking your audience to share the shit out of your content. Keep up the good work mate!

  5. I’ve said that exact phrase countless times. When there’s a population of 1.35 B in a country, that country needs to find its people JOBS which means exports, exports, and MORE EXPORTS. The fact that China is alienating itself from the world is the absolute dumbest thing it can do. The dream of a closed China and its economy being driven mainly by internal consumption is complete CCP propaganda and an utter pipe dream when half the country’s population earns less than $300 USD a month.

  6. Not “Muh good Chinese people vs evil CCP” again. The Chinese people love the CCP because it represents Chinese unity and power. They hate YOU, laowai.

  7. If Trump doesn’t reverse the swing states it’s over for the world Beijing Biden is having his families pockets filled with Chinese kick backs that make there way to the Big Guy AKA Joe Biden.

  8. Hey Winston, greetings from Australia. Thanks again for an informative video. Its ironic that the CCP’s bullying tactics have “woken up” nations like Australia, Canada etc. I think our government would not have a dared to take on China in the past but now its great to see them standing up even though it might cause some economic pain. I know from my sources in the Aussie government that they are moving to align the country more with Europe and the UK but it will take some time. Thanks again and remember to enjoy an Aussie wine or two for Christmas.

  9. Absolutely great vid. Loved the history lesson. The world needs to know that the Chinese people are being suppressed and their government is evil. Keep it up my friend and I’ll keep supporting.

  10. Winston never says he married a Chinese women it’s always that he married a Chinese DOCTOR and he wants to make sure that you know his wife is a Chinese DOCTOR ILMAO!!! By the way a Chinese DOCTOR isn’t the equivalent of an actual real American or Western doctor. Chinese Doctors don’t go to school for anywhere near as long as say American Dr’s do & Chinese don’t get as quality of an education as a western doctor would. That is why if you’re a Chinese Doctor or you got a doctorate degree in China you can’t come America or Europe and work as a Doctor because they wont license you as a Doctor. An American hospital would laugh at you if you tried to get licensed here with a Chinese Doctorate degree , you’d have to get an American doctorate degree before you could practice.

  11. It’s hilarious when I read comments on here on ppl talking about how the world doesn’t need China. YES YOU DO. I studied economics and know a thing or two about that and international trade. It’s not that the WEST or wall st particularly LOVES China for their ‘greed’ it’s not that you simpletons just can’t understand how free market (synonymous to core democratic values and beliefs) works in international trading. PEOPLE WILL BUY CHEAPER GOODS AND SERVICES. Economics and numbers talk. Not some political or ra c3 bs. As long as China can offer the most competitive pricing money will follow the trend. It’s really not that hard to understand you simpletons.

  12. UNTIL the rest of the world can manufacture and produce at economies of scale same level as China the world needs China because any rational consumers and countries will minimize cost and money and numbers will talk. Keep making these kind of videos so China can use it as fuel and have more chips on their shoulders to give reason to accelerate further looo.

  13. lool at a westerner speaking on behalf of another nation’s people’s understanding and feelings how typical. The majority of Chinese citizens are happy about their government for GOOD REASONS. They’re not stup1d or sheeping or brain washed. There are GOOD reasons why the MAJORITY likes their government. Afterall if the average Chinese were so b rainwashed and d um b they wouldn’t be responsible for manufacturing basically every goods in this world now would they???

  14. Yeah well said mate learned a lot from ur Vids ova last few yeats ..just let know i had resubscribe to u yesterday mate they fucking with u..ezy mate

  15. The CCP regime will end, sooner or later, like every totalitarian regime ends. Let’s hope it’s sooner rather than later, but the longer it goes, the higher the price in lives will be.

  16. Much of the leftist/labor party people are anti-capitalist and anti-American. I am now convinced that the USA should not have sacrificed so many lives to fight for other countries in such as WW1, WWII, Balkan Wars. The US should have just let the Europeans and Asians just fight amongst each other. Then, the US just deals with the winners.

  17. You may not have been over here at the time, but we have a well known politician a couple years back that actually mentioned the airports we had during the American Revolution. So the CCP missing an occasional AK-47 or digital watch in a WWII film is not too bad a boo boo. The Flying Tigers are a good example of some of the help the west facilitated for China even before the USA entered the war. Flying over the hump in DC-3s with supplies for China would be another.

  18. Also do me a favour buddy. Don’t be speaking on behalf of the ‘west’ and ‘western democratic values and beliefs’ when you’re not even close to being a westerner LMAO. You’re hilarious my dude i watch you for sh 1ts and gigs. It’s honestly hilarious your videos I watch u two du mmies for the lols.

  19. Pray and hope for better things for the Chinese people 😔🙏🏽 Already I have noticed big Made in USA stickers on more and more products and Amazon is trying to hide where things are made or coming from on the website because it’s affecting there business.

  20. Chinese are crafty selling their produce (here in UK) items are advertised from a UK address, then when it arrives, it was dispatched from China..

  21. im not sure i read ww2 quite like that .. sure the japanese army made great headway and captured a large amount of land .. but then it seems they reached a maximum logistical expansion and couldnt really occupy more land cause they just didnt have more guys .. at this point the war settles into something closer to a fair contest
    and as to “the allies helping china” .. well to be fair we were sending weapons to Chaig Kai Check you know? (I apologise for the spelling Im BOUND to have fucked that up lol) so I can see why Team Mao might feel a little left out eh 🙂 those buggers wernt REAL china to them Im sure
    as an aussie i think also the good strategy would be transfer all our china trade deals elsewhere .. Im sure india and pakistan are massive markets for instance .. but will our Prime Minister, stooge for the megacorps, play ball? guy “speaks in tongues” hes a FUCKING idiot unfortunately

  22. yeah you speak facts bro lol dude went to other Asian countries to get ‘massages’ too fully knowing and intending. Dude became too sour after getting jumped and getting this wallets stolen and more. Dude is so salty. We’re all entitled to our opnions no matter biased or not, but we’re not entitled to facts and this dude speaks out from behind.

  23. The big problem with the belligerence of the CCP (for them at least) is that they have shown their hand now. The west wouldn’t deal with the USSR from the end of WW2 as they were constantly in a state of Cold War with the west.

    The CCP has now shown its willingness to go down the same path with its constant annexation of territory and disputes with other countries (south China sea, Arunchal Pradesh etc) and obvious military build up to gain superiority over the west. I think (hope) that the world will be more critical of the CCPs motives now.

    The CCP has always played the long game and world hegemony is their ultimate goal. They truly believe their system to be superior and that people (and by extension other countries) shouldn’t have any rights. If they were ever to obtain an unassailable advantage over the west militarily I virtually guarantee that it would be nazi Germany all over again (Chinas since ancient times = lebensraum).

    As much as I haven’t really agreed at times with the US hegemony of the world (especially actions in Iraq and Afghanistan) it has on the whole been positive and responsible for the relative stability of the world since WW2 and at least is based on a system of freedom and democracy.

    The CCP can’t be allowed to gain hegemony over the world as it’s going to result in the rest of the world being annexed into the CCPs “superior” system of authoritarian capitalism (they might not even keep the capitalism part if they don’t have to). There is no other way because the CCP would delegitimise itself internally if it was to have a superior position and not use it to “teach the unbelievers a lesson”.

    At the moment the countdown is on to the annexation of Taiwan which has to happen before the 100 year anniversary of the CCP as promised by Xinnie the Pooh. So by 2049 we will have either sat there and watched Taiwan be forcefully annexed by the CCP or WW3 will be on. Fun times ahead!

  24. So much BS from this dude. Does Japan kicked China’s ass?? Don’t think so. They win some battles but not the war. China lost some battles because China was not in a re-unification state where warlords are not fighting together against the Japanese. China at the time is still recovering from foreign invasion. The allies?? USA was selling weapons to Japan until days before they bombed Pearl Harbor. What happens when China is unified and somewhat recover? China fought the whole United Nations force in Korea and didn’t give in.

    Perhaps you need to let your international people know to stop look at China like they are in their 1980s. We are tired of so your BS white supremacist

  25. you know what the issue is? Americans think they’re smart being all free this free that free for everyone but don’t put jack into action. Chinese are contrary opposite. They’re all about the action boss.

  26. How do Chinese people think that WW2 ended?

    I ask as I recently watched Ip Man, where at the end, Ip Man fights the Japanese (it skips the part about how Japan took over China); when Ip Man wins his fight, it says the following before the credits roll.

    “Ip Man refused to be subjugated by the Japanese Army and used his fists to call forth the unity of the Chinese people… [Personal Story Removed] On August 15, 1945, Emperor Hirohito of Japan surrendered unconditionally. The Chinese won and ended a war that lasted eight long years.”

    There’s no mention of American or Allied troops fighting a war in the pacific, so I’m curious how Chinese people believe the war ended.

  27. They could give two flying f about political freedom or social freedom. Economic freedom is what is tangible and improves society collectively. America is still fighting racism something that they’ve been fighting since inception of the country LOOOL when will these d ummies realize racism will never end to cease??? Fighting a meaningless invisble war I swear. I mean it only took year 2020 to undo like 50 years of progress made in racism especially against Asian Americans.

  28. It’s hilarious how stagnant Europe and North America are loooool. You mad bro? Chinese will undercut pricing all day long and as long as price and money talks East Asia still taking your market share. Keep being mad bro it’s the fuel that we need we need you to keep giving us chips on our shoulders.

  29. Anyone who says differently to this man is also controlled & delusional. The amount of money the Chinese GOV owe to to the world is mind blowing, China’s sovereign debt amounts to trillions dollars through the sale of Chinese bonds & investment. All that aside…the real problem here, is the little regard the CCP have for human life period! Hundreds of Chinese nationals seek asylum in Australia each year, how many Australians seek asylum in China? the answer is a big fat 0 F#%k the CCP & the horse they road in on.

  30. North America and Europe are just jealous because their government has failed them. They are just frustrated and let off steam on another country. They choose one party but cannot solve their problems. They choose the other party. Also cannot solve their problems. So they chose Trump. Problems got worse. Don’t hate them. Pity them.

  31. Communism is not a good idea. China has become a corporate multinational….. Wrestlemania franchise. Covid 1984 is a brand. We are so kept in the dark, and decieved. The frog thing? Perfect. Same with us. Just the same. It’s _all_ fake. You silly things.

  32. Why would Asia need Europe and North America anymore? We just signed RCEP and ASEAN trade deal agreements looooool. WE are the powerhouse now. You’re stagnant. And when I mean you I mean both North America and South Africa loooool.

  33. …….capitalist roaders they are now….could not help notice those KED”S on that Chinese man near the end of the video…..the camera even made a point of recording it. How and why did that happen?

  34. Not long ago China announced they had eliminated poverty. But only in the party.
    To paraphrase Bob Hawke.
    In 2020 no CCP member will be living in poverty.

  35. I believe Samsung left China? They are really mad at S. Korea for being more popular and allowing Thaad missiles. They’ve been banning Korean movies/drama/products/BTS(K-pop)…etc..for a few year even tho it’s hugely popular. The CCP is lashing out at everybody! Nobody can do business with people like this. We all need to divest and step back from China.

  36. The manufacturing giant will pass just like other countries in the past. After the second world war Japan manufactured every thing. Then Taiwan goods were avaliable every where. Now China is the manufacturing hub of the world. Which country will be next maybe Bangladesh.

  37. serpentza,

    ( 12:02 ) The Chinese government could very quickly achieve their stated intent to become the dominant power in the world economically, politically, militarily, culturally, etc. without conflict with other nations. All they would have to do is release the people of China to become free and pursue their own interests.

    Adopt a Constitution and legal system that guarantees their civil rights. Apply all of the energy now being used to suppress and control the citizens to more productive purposes. They could play fairly with no cheating, stealing or lying and still no other country on the planet would be able to compete with them.

    If they were to also use the power that resulted from that for the benefit of the rest of the world, rather than as they behave now, think how different the rest of the world’s attitude toward them would be.

    Could the leopard ever change its spots? Right now, war and tragedy seem more likely.

  38. I do not think the Barrets (father and son) would agree with you.
    They seem to think everything in China is great if you watch their China propaganda vlogs.

    I try to avoid buying Chinese products but it is often impossible.

  39. The reason the west invested in China was not because of the quality of it’s workers, it was because the cost of labor is a small fraction of what it is in the west. In many ways, essentially slave labor. it is also because there are almost no rules or regulations to protect the worker, the consumer, or the environment. It is also because some very evil people wanted to destroy the west and capitalism. They are a long way towards their goal of succeeding.

  40. Totally agree as an Australian I think we need to stop buying made in China. But we cant do it alone, if the whole of Australia stopped buying Chinese good the CCP wouldnt even blink, but we need to the USA and Europe all to come the party then they will really start listening.

  41. ROFL, when this snake needs to discuss CHINA in his every single vid to get the views and sponsor money,
    he told the world doesnt need china, u are slapping ur mouth

  42. And learn the difference of buI Iying and defending. How is China the one starting when Australi was the one to instigate and perpetu at3 rac1sm all while Chinese people living there are contributing to Australia’s GDP???

  43. Most often times China finds themselves defending against bs not starting. Even with the recent Americans patrolling around China sea Xi told military to not cave into any instigation.

  44. Aussie that clueless Morrison calling it the Wuhan V 1 rus and then the museum while not even showing solidary or public support for Asian Australians during this time??? loooool I figure most ppl watch ur videos for entertainment purposes but if not and if you’re watching these videos for informational purpose then I feel sorry for you.

  45. Stupid topic. Humans killed each others more often than they needed each others. As Europeans tried to take over America, what did they do?! Of cause killing.
    If the world could get rid of US,China and Russia. The rest of the world would appreciate that. Especially Europe, which will become the new boss again. Does it matter, if all humans get wiped out?1 No, the world will be a world without humans and there will be peace for animals, which may evolve to a new intelligent species. The world doesn’t need any of you, even though there is still a ranking of most useless human beings. Someone who is trying hard to cause hatred among people is on top of that.

  46. Good one Winston. The Message is quite clear: by Australian wine for Christmas and boycott Hua Wei and other Chinese firms.. large corporation should move their supply chains out of the PRC. This will take some time but it will be worth it in the end.

  47. On winston, watch Cyrus Janssen’s video. His opinion are quite opposite of yours. Also cheap crap from china is due to foreign business man paying very cheap price too……….. Also China is making better products too but at a higher cost….. China isn’t a place where u have freedom of speech. U canot speak about those evil CCP……..

  48. The CCP is a disgrace to its own people, causing more deaths to their own population than the Japanese ever did, and fooling the people a spin of lies about the rest of the world.

  49. Ignorance, ridiculous. The world needs builders, and the world does not need warmongers, ideological promoters and political interventionism😂😂😂

  50. Trump had Aussie wine featured this week during a WH dinner, and several media outlets did special reports on it to promote Australian Wine and highlight it to the World because of how China is treating Australia.
    If ppl were capable of removing his name and just looked at his political actions and success… they would be very sorry to see Donald Trump leave the WH for Joe “Corporate Establishment” Biden, “Beijing Biden”…. smh

  51. The world doesn’t need China but you do. You need to make your profit on China. Leave China along. We Chinese don’t need help or suggestions from someone walked away from his home country South Africa.

  52. Defeated countries like Japan and Germany, now stronger than ever econ wises with good human rights political system, keeping their culture and their king even, Winners western countries haven’t culturally racially wipe them out. I wonder will communists or dictatorship countries will do the same, give similar helps and torrents? Are Hong Kongers, Mongolians and Xinjiang Uygurs etc. are clear enough examples?

  53. “serpentza” LOVE YOUR WORK AND KEEP EXPOSING this murderous and the gangsters of the CCP/PRC/PLA as they will NEVER EVER SUCCEED with that Xi Jinping murderer and tyrant as their leader! The CCP/PRC/PLA will never ever succeed in taking over the world and/or beat our Aussie spirit! Greetings from Australia, we never ever needed the CCP pre and post 1990 and WEDON’T NEED THEM NOW!

  54. Love the Chinese people, but hate the CCP. It’s hard to say this but the best way to help the Chinese maybe to boycott Chinese goods. Cut off the CCP from the world and show them that the world wants China to do well with a true democratic government that genuinely listens to the people. We are already boycotting Chinese goods. Have just cancelled buying a car due to the fact it was manufactured in China. Told them I would be quite happy to buy it if manufactured in neighbouring Japan, Taiwan, or South Korea which are all democratic countries that respect human rights and listen to the people.

  55. ‘ It’s hard to say this but the best way to help the Chinese maybe to boycott Chinese goods.’ LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL

  56. I mean America and the west are still fighting racism something that they’ve been fighting since inception of the country LOL when will these d ummies realize racism will never cease to exist??? Fighting a meaningless invisible war. Religion is cancer that’s why China banned religion not because they’re trying to actively ‘suppress’ or ‘censor’ freedom of religion. Chinese are all business and economics because they understand REAL meaningful freedom is ECONOMIC and not BS cultural social or religious.

  57. Oh Winston if you wanna play white knight go fix ur birth country first, which is basically one of the most corrupt countries in the world before talking about another country LOL.

  58. While I completely agree and would love nothing more than to have the CCP’s wealth and power completely diminished, until we stop living in a monetary system money and those that control all the worlds resources (land, oil, etc) will continue to win and hold everyone else hostage via salary. It will take generations of video, media and stories showing how we can live in a system that is run without governments that instead uses advanced computer systems to intelligently manage the worlds resources to undo the conditioning of consumerism and control that creates politics, poverty and war.

  59. ‘Although no western freer countries systems aren’t perfect, but they clearly proven have more humanity human rights & morals, until someone came up even fairer better system.’

    Fair and humane country? Are you serious? In the ‘name of democracy’ they use this as excuse to invade middle east for oil and stole pacific bikini islands to use as nuke missile test sites and missile grounds and guess how they came over initially? ‘to give freedom and democracy to the people’ LOL. Don’t be silly.

  60. Also consider that it was the greed of corporations in our own countries, who outsourced manufacturing to China so they could increase profits. We got an abundance of cheap goods, but we lost a lot of jobs. Our middle class shrinks while China’s has grown. We need to hold corporations responsible too.

  61. If only those corrupt politions take heed and assert their position against china like you said. ccp would have taken heed and behave.
    I don’t think this is gonna happen till more western countries have nose-bleed by china.

  62. lool at some of these ppl talking about china is not part of this civlized world loooool. Your sinophobia is showing and also there’s literally nothing you can do about Asia domination soon. Be angry more do you little protests loooool. Bye felicia.

  63. Corrupt Communist capitalists run China with huge bullying force. Communist doctrine is supposed to mean everyone is equal but China’s elite government are fat cats with huge bank balances. China is a lie, a farce, and its hard working bottom of the barrel population know no better.

  64. profits corporations make go to debt and equity holders. The issue isn’t corporations outsourcing jobs elsewhere. The real issue is that the top wealthy ppl who finance these corporations wealth doesn’t TRICKLE DOWN as they continue to hoard as much as they can under a ‘free democratic market society’. The west needs a strong discipline a strong government that would crack down and intervene and distribute top wealth evenly to simulate the economy.

  65. I’m not sure if you know about this but we just opened our new museum in Perth WA. Not even a week after opening, the Chinese Embassy demanded that many exhibits were removed and altered, including one stating that the virus originated in China and another which didn’t include Taiwan on a map. The influence of China in Australia is far greater than you might think, our educational institutions are now bowing to the CCP

  66. It really honestly and truly saddens me to see how many misinformed/biased/racist/uneducated people are here watching this bs and being brainwashed. It’s truly sad to see so many uneducated or not enlightened people who can’t understand how world works in politics and economics just talk negatively about China. Learn politics and economics FIRST at face value before you say something that’s valuable to contribute to this discussion. There’s a GOOD reason why top think tanks in politics and wall st love to do business with China. LEARN first before saying something misinformed and frankly d um b.

  67. The first step towards learning history from all angles is to look and evaluate things at FACE VALUE. Critical thinking skills come with education and knowing both sides of the coin. LEARN first before you say anything d um b.

  68. I agree. But as a plumber, %90 of the supplies are from China. I try to buy from Taiwan, and the west. But it’s just not in the store shelves.
    Write to the big box stores, and wholesalers.

  69. All of my guitars and cameras are MADE IN JAPAN and are of EXCEPTIONAL quality. I never buy made in China when I don’t have to, but in a lot of cases… there is no choice. We need Trump but the CCP helped the elite globalists steal this election so… it’s going to be nearly impossible with Beijing Biden in office.

  70. I really wish I could teach people the truths so that people can learn how to think critically and independently but seems like the majority audience here have a long way ahead to learn towards enlightenment.

  71. you are really lazy person! I understand why you got not degree…
    Your undestanding of history is partial and unaccurate.

    1- China opening: that started with Mao and Nixon and the aim was to isolate the Soviets from China. Ask yourself why China and not India in term of foreign investments…Mao needed US money and knowledge to face the Russian threat.
    2- China vs Japan —> Roosevelt gave the autorisation to Japan to colonize some countries in Asia and specially China based on the Monroe doctrine. In reality, this strategy was to avoid Japan taking over Indonesia which was full of oil and under Dutch control.
    3- The comparison between Hitler and Mao could be done for Churchill… Britain was used to steal India’s food and send it to UK as a result people dead more than 20 millions. Mao tried to develop his country and failed miserably but Churchill knew what he was doing but did not care about Indian’s life… Then Churchill is more like Hitler and not Mao…even if Mao was really reckless and machivelic person.
    4- knockoff: Before war world I UK was used to counterfeit German products with better reputation. Japan is well known for reverse engineering and that is normal check Schumpeter theory great economist.
    There are so many unaccurates arguments it seems your brain is like a Swiss cheese.
    You should dig further in your investigation and be more impartial and less biased.
    Good luck loser I am going to watch what your friend laoway got…he seems to be above you! that is the difference between education and you…

  72. I’m sorry….I don’t think you recount global history accurately or make logical assumptions pertaining to U.S. …..I even question your global outlook….I think it would be helpful if you provided data supporting your claims- so you could compare it to mine….use the force young jedi and the truth will be revealed 😉…. I find travel vlogs more entertaining and less controversial.

  73. Very nicely said! Don’t buy “Made in China”. It’s not always possible but as long as you try your best, the world will thank you for your efforts.
    Xitler is a turd just like his predecessors, only much worse, because he wont flush.

  74. Buddy when ppl say china quality is bad for example a guitar but Japanese quality is exceptional…. Chinese business model is different and the price reflects it… They mass produce and sell so obviously lack of quality would be a trade off. It’s hilarious when ppl always talk about china bad quality but they don’t wanna pay more for better made things.

  75. 14:13 “we have to stop buying made in China goods” – easier said than done. Perhaps someone should invest their time making a website where any product you search on, it tells you if it’s made in China and suggests alternatives that aren’t.

  76. Here in Australia we as in “private industries” are in the process of shutting out all trade “Our Export” with China despite the wishes of the Australian Governments spineless lack of action towards China’s aggressive self destructive Trade practices, It pains us knowing we are going to hurt the Chinese population ergo forcing them to revolt against their oppressive CCP, once unemployment begins to rise, but enough is enough! the oppression and inhumanity has to cease, and if it means some suffering will prompt China’s populace into action against the regime then so be it..

  77. you may justify it internally however you want but most of what u say is false and we all know that by now you’re just making videos perpetuating n3gati vity because it’s become a source of 1ncome for you and a routine in your psyche. You’re entitled to your opinions but not to facts.

  78. And my last piece of advice. Just because you felt h ur t in China or initially saw something negat 1ve about China, it doesn’t mean that you have to necessarily stick to that narrative and continue making video contents that perpetuate n 3gat ivity. It’s good in the beginning but when you continually keep making the same contents it really doesn’t reflect good on your character.

  79. Err, YES the World DOES need China. The World needs China to liberate it from Western Imperialism. Somebody needs to stand up against the US and it’s apologists for bombing the World to oblivion.

  80. I don’t agree with Winston that China needs the world. But China definitely needs something better than its current form of totalitarianism, cause this thing just doesn’t work and makes China weaker.

  81. Is this just a sounding board for what I have come on my own to believe about China. Listening to this gentlemen only affirms my beliefs. Thousands of Chinese students pore into our province of Ontario Canada to learn and yet China threatens Canadian citizens in hong Kong threatens grave action against Canada if we don’t release the Meng the woman who broke sanctions with Iran. China more than likely provided the means for Kim Jong to obtain nuclear capability despite the atrocities in his country. Overfishing environmental
    genocide threatening Taiwan. I think its time the world gathers together and starts threatening back.

  82. first of all Australia is in no more position of being able to pick and choose who to buy from because your economy is literally in shambles. Second, even if you choose India or other democratic countries to do business ironically and I bet you didn’t know, they become the middle people. China sells to India first and then you pay China AND India in the end lmao.

  83. Look into how Chinese government banned selling of generic drugs so ppl who can’t afford life saving drugs from hospitals in China Chinese people would travel to india who would sell those drugs OTC and guess who sold these pharmacies the drugs? Chinese firms!!! LOL so it’s hilarious when Australia or other countries who are in no position of pick and choosing who to do business with to buy they say oh we’ll buy from India but unbeknownst to them China manufactures and supplies India with the drugs LOL.

  84. You all have a beautiful daughter. Fascinating how gentics works. Clearly she has her moms Sssha’s Chinese eyes and has the light brown hair as expected, but I can see Winston’s eyes in her eyes as clear as day also.

  85. China needs to make reparations for the damage that it has done to the world in 2020, what is clear is the CCP will do anything in
    Order to ensure we do not linger on the WMD it released this year,
    It wants the rest of the world not to know, and has done everything
    It can to keep us ignorant, when australia called for an independent
    International inquiry into the sources of the virus earlier this year
    The CCP responded by threatening sanctions against australia,
    The CCP has to be taken down, period,

  86. You are too kind to the CCP. They can’t be taught a lesson – they’re the only ones who can dish out punishment as they move towards world domination. The only way the world, including the good people of China, can win is if the CCP is completely eliminated.

  87. It’s not embarrassment in failure to defend, war in itself is an embarrassment, I hope the future generations will view imperialist colonial expansionists as shameful and fallen out of grace, instead of worshiping warrior like superheroes and archetypes like ironman etc. China occupied Tibet, a poor and weak neighbor met with no resistance, that is shameful for China.

  88. Your talk about China’s situation in the 2 WK war is not very respectful. Also the attitude of the title shows no respect. I’m a German liberal person and I’m also anti-communist and anti-CCP-minded but I doubt that you achieve anything positive to your question whether “we can all be friends”. If you want to support international understanding you should probably present history in a more neutral way instead of a gleeful way (“kick asses”).

  89. It’s not that China is in ca pabI3 of making premium quality goods. They most certain can – just take a look at the infrastructures in the cities today. But when you say that Japanese made guitars are excpetional in quality in comparison it literally just means that items are priced to perfection

  90. Chinese business model is to produce in mass and for cheap. They can make premium quality like NIO but it’s hilarious to me when ppl complain about the quality when the price reflects it lol.

  91. And winston you denounce talking about whataboutism but here you are bringing up ancient historical events to talk s mack lol this is an all time low for your character buddy. Ironic and hypocritical coming from a dude who can’t even help his sorry country South Africa.

  92. no point in talking to serpent fanboys. They will just dismiss anyone with a common sense and can look at things from neutral point of view and at face value and who is not biased, they’ll just dismiss them as wumaos, 50 cent armies, or shills and all that as if that’s supposed to be insulting lol.

  93. The CCP killed more Chinese people than the Japanese army. I mean Winston, you couldn’t say it any better. And yet, the ccp is like Japan is evil they are bad. Just like this famous proverb: First extract the rafter from your own eye, and then you will see clearly how to extract the straw from your brother’s eye.”

  94. Pretty much what I came to conclusion: China’s success is as much of a “miracle” as the amount of Western investments and tech transfer. The CCP didn’t have to lift a finger, only went as far as agreeing to push the door open to the world. Now with trillions of dollars invested in the country, the CCP uses it to contain information, control its people and construct the largest army in the world, with the end goal being the God of the century.

  95. China is an example of a counttry where the government has all the power and the people have none. Our democratic republic can change quickly if we allow our leaders to take away our rights in the name of a crisis. Our freedom is precarious.

  96. I’m American….I visited Australia last year ( I wanted to see some cool Australian people, not asian people ) …..everybody was asian Australia….I felt robbed

  97. I thought Apple is moving it’s factories out of China, no? Are they just saying so until Biden takes office, hoping he’ll get rid of the crackdown on slave labor?

  98. lol the west always wants to take credit for whatever they can (like investing into China when really it’s the people of China that has made the miracle happen) but at the same time criticizing it lol only the arrogant west can do something like.

  99. I had learn so much from this channel ….i dont know much about nothing ,but the desire to understand the world and the people from different countries. Make me be you follower….Thank you 😊

  100. we chinese people live fine recently and believe our systom is more efficent than all of other systom …who is more like a frog here?or you can have a better solution ⋯⋯ dont tell me this democracy 2 partys systom shiit

  101. The hypocrisy. If that’s the case then whoever future Republican President taking office will also be responsible for the 250,000 plus deaths from Covid-19 mismanagement from here on end!!!


  102. CCP not in good shape right now THE WORLDS REALLY PISSED OFF hmmm wonder if sanctions would hurt 😊””””” TRUMP “””””” grab some popcorn sit back it’s gonna get interesting

  103. The saddest part is that the Chinese people are too proud for not know the differences for their own achievement meanwhile CCP claim all the glory.

    Deng Xiaoping chosen Shenzhen as the first SEZ in the 70s, because of the success of Hong Kong (the only rich city & close proximity to China for CCP to copy). CCP had very little involvement with the rebirth and subsequent success of Hong Kong since the British took over (until 97 handover).

  104. lol the world’s pissed off at ccp? Even tho antibodies found in other parts of the world still lay blame on China for the origin looool. Also most of you have 0 clue of what’s going on at all just hating looooooooool. WTO even said back in 2016 US needlessly and was at fault for placing tariffs. Learn a thing or two before you start expressing your d u mb opinions.

  105. As a Chinese, I can’t agree more. That big bear has been a parasite to China for years already. He needs to go. However, China doesn’t need democracy. We’ve been living in a feudalistic and strongman Emperor-like system for millenias already, giving us democracy won’t work.

  106. But it’s good tho keep up that energy and keep on h a t lng. It’s the fuel we need we need more chips on our shoulders to not get arrogant and be humbled it’s the perfect recipe we need.

  107. Your CCP experiences has jaded your views of the history of China. The world did not saved China during WWII. The U.S. belatedly got involved against Japan out of retaliation for Pearl Harbor. The Chinese GMT, like the Soviet Union at the time, was considered an ally out of political convenience. To say the rest of world (if by that you mean the U.S.) is the white knight savior for China is like saying U.S. is the saving grace for the UK from a Nazi invasion. Both of which are nowhere close to the truth. And just as Mao conjured the Great Leap Forward and the Cultural Revolution, Deng and the CCP must be given credit for the opening of the Chinese economy and the reform of the state owned enterprises in the late 70s and throughout the 80s and early 90s. Since then, the rest of the world has benefited from Chinese exports and foreign investment abroad just as China has benefited from trade and investment from them. Don’t be like those 50 cent key board warriors. Let’s try to be more fair and balanced.

  108. The Chinese population has lived in an isolated world for so many years. This is the issue at hand. Many Chinese people are good hearted yet there are an abundance of Chinese population living in a world of lack. They believe they must cheat and steal to survive. As unaspiring as this is it may be the realty of today. Fortunately there is an element of the population well purposed and light years beyond all of this,, a leading element of China and will become the enemy of the CCP. The free world the “five eyes” will step in and see the transition take place. This is todays world of the CCP. They will become no less or more than food for the dogs.

  109. Food for thought:
    The only reason CCP stayed in power and not the KMT in mainland because of the Imperial Japanese during WW2.

    Therefore, Hong Kong belong to Taiwan, not China:
    Qing gave up and loan Hong Kong (fishing village) to British Empire
    KMT defeated Qing
    Japan defeated KMT
    Japan got defeated with nukes and return KMT to power
    CCP rise up against weakened KMT and moved their HQ to Taiwan
    But CCP never conquered KMT e.g. Kinmen Island
    KMT became democratic Taiwan

    Therefore, Britain should return Hong Kong to Taiwan, because CCP never defeated anyone.

  110. Joe Biden & his family are good friends of China… China is celebrating Joe’s win.
    1:58 Sounds a lot like the Democrat Party and their treatment towards any Black person that dares to leave the party & think for themselves.

  111. Sounds like you’re starting to troll a bit. I don’t suppose you’ve been picking up any bad behaviour from any of the sources you’ve been analyzing? 😉

  112. Amazing! This little story of the frog is similar to the lesson from Plato, allegory of the cave. An interesting philosophical concordance across cultures.

  113. Thanks for this video mate. A lot of Australians are on board with not buying Chinese products. The CCP has upset this country deeply recently , we are feeling the change coming. I just hope that Chinese people living here don’t cop the brunt of it.

  114. The astounding thing to me is the CCP comprizes .01% of the population and yet rules absolute and owns vast vast amounts of wealth. Of course when it comes to the hypocritical rule of power these days, it’s easy to critisize the blatant, and hard to criticize our own hypocritical leaders and ignorant fellow westerners.

  115. 1. It is certain true china ought to be grateful the U.S., but the U..S. does so out of its own self interest. They got bombed by Japan.

    2. It is also true CPP did some horrible things. Things change. There was a time when America regime was supporting slavery, and imperialism. They don ‘t anymore, at least on paper.

    3. CPP are still support all these bad things now? Well, if we hold a microscope on American war crimes in the last 50 years. The U.S. or by extension the west is all that innocent, or a force for good.

    Frankly, there are so much bad reasoning in the video, it is not even funny.

  116. Now I look for others countries products …if we all do that, we will stop this madness from China…manufacturing companies should pull out and move to more fair countries …

  117. Sad news and the fact is the world still needs China more than ever, and will still allows her to bully the world by all means… Just need to learn and move…

  118. As an Australian it is becoming exceedingly apparent that we put all ours eggs in the China basket & now Winnie the Poo is smashing them. This current situation is actually good for us, it’s a wake up call to look for other markets that appreciate high end, clean products. The C.C.P. will create knock-offs, (as they’re already doing with wine), but we know what to expect from the secret ingredients they would use to create them.

  119. The rest of the world are to greedy to pay a living wage for the production goods. We all want our goods at the lowest price which is typically self centered of western consumers. So, while I agree with your sentiment, I feel that in reality no companies will pull orders from China on a moral basis. Their clients/consummers will just not make that sort of demand on them.

  120. I really don’t blame the Chinese people. When you’re brainwashed all your life to love a person/ government, it’s very hard to actually go against it. Also, if you speak out and actually start questioning things they will stamp on your mouth and you’ll be called a traitor and you’ll be hated by your own people including your family. This makes it almost impossible for them to actually put pressure on the government to improve.

  121. Way to go Winston. Polite and proper, and brutally honest. You are in a unique position to press the point and reveal the fact that the Emperor has no clothes.

  122. Excellent video!👍 You couldn’t have made it any more clearer. What china did to Australia was appalling and utterly disgraceful. The world definitely needs to come together and fight the criminal organization, that is the CCP.

  123. If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything.
    The CCP has taken advantage of the Worlds good will and greed, while they enslaved most of the Chinese people. It’s time to stand with the people and let the CCP fall.

  124. What the frog actually said in Chinese made me laugh so much!!

    Basically told the bird to f off, he’s an effing foreigner and “this is OUR China! You’re not Chinese, go back to your own country! Long live the CCP, China number 1!!!”

  125. your forefathers sell opium to china makes million addicts and extracted the fat of the land..china eventhough poor held its other and slowly help its people…know the history of its leaders especially yours and then compare it..your leader is far more serial killer than them..Xi government help 700 millions out of poverty …howabout yours

  126. My neighbor bought an artificial Christmas tree. Made in China printed on the box. How ironic that the country that oppresses religion makes Christmas trees. Anyone see the irony here. Also noticed that they make US flags for the 4th. Please read the label before buying. Otherwise you are placing valuable dollars in Xi’s pockets. Read “Stealth War” by Gen. Robert Spaulding. It is riveting!

  127. Hey Winston
    I have been watching your Chanel from the beginning
    I can’t recall anyone in the whole world that is so factual and not biased to a singular belief
    Man if you are ever in Melbourne Australia I would consider it an honour to buy you dinner
    Keep up the most honest reporting I have ever witnessed
    You are unbelievably straight down the line man

  128. Every dislike or negative comment that this video gets only further proves the truth it contains. Continue hiding behind your onesided single mindedness refusing to question, you will only find new ways to repeat the horrible mistakes of your past. You may live in comfort today, tomorrow your children will scratch at the earth looking for crumbs because you refused to stand for them.

  129. USA save China and many countries in east Asia during WW11 from Japan. 50s, 60s, 70s Chinese people were poor and hungry. America and the world give them the opportunity now they want to destroy USA and the world. Thank you China for CCP virus!!

  130. well, Winston should claim he loves chinese people and his chinese family in every video before he criticize the issue of China. isnt it a problem already, why so many ignorants of China wanna only hear blindly praise of China? for me a praise not based on facts and truth is an assulting. only losers who can’t prove themselves in real life tend to tight themself with the pride of the country, but in reality the truth is they are still losers who discriminated by it’s own country.

  131. 如此诋毁中国对你有什么好处?你这优越感十足的孩子是怎么变傻的呢?满口谎言还一本正经的样子,无知而又傲慢,真是十分的可笑。相对于发达国家而言,常年来中国人的收入只有你们的百分之二十,但是所付出的努力却是你们的5倍。中国的廉价劳动力向世界输出的廉价产品降低了全身老百姓的生活成本,中国对世界的经济增长的贡献率也是最高的,我已经打了不少字了,感觉是在浪费时间。但是最后我还是想告诉你一句话,傲慢和愚昧是拯救不了你的。

  132. Please read and study hard. Have you read the constitution of the Communist Party? Have you studied the theory of socialism? If you still have an American dream in mind, you don’t need to comment on China here. Serve the people. The people are responsible for themselves and the country. What we want is a safer life and equal space and opportunity to rise. The country and the people also respect hard-working people more. That’s it. Everyone is also fighting for the happiness of themselves and the next generation. This is the traditional Chinese culture. You should come to China more often to see the people’s living conditions and then evaluate China.

  133. Spot on Winston, China isn’t inherently bad, it’s been ruled by fools and despots in the past, and now the CCP for the last 70 years. It’s time for them to evolve and become a trusted part of the world. The old game is dying, obviously and the new needs to now come.

  134. China’s growth will slow down and they will get stuck in the middle income trap. With rising debt rising cost of living and Ana aging society China will definitely slow down they will never reach the average standard of living that the USA has 60,000 gdp per capita. China will halt around $15,000 per person and will grow at the rate of every other country. They will never get out of this trap because they do not encourage individual thought, inspiration, and creativity. The nail that sticks out gets hammered down. New ideas get tossed aside. This is why China will never be at the top. They will be powerful however and still have one of the largest economies but that is because they have 20% of mankind living in their country. China will only be a minor innovator but never a leader. Only a leader in large scale cheap infrastructure projects that pay slave labor prices to be built. Cheap labor can only get you so far China. To be a high income economy you need to be a major innovator not copy what others have done and sell it cheaper.

  135. Your dead right again Winston. I feel for the Chinese people with the amount of bullshit propaganda fed to them every day by their government. Never trust the CCP.

  136. Not buying things made in China is harder than it sounds. I’ve been looking. Pretty much everything is made in China. We have a tool company here called King Canada… And it’s made in China. Frickin Ryobi which is a Japanese company is made in China. The only other place I can think of finding something made from was Taiwan. Nothing is made in N. America as far as I can tell. Even most of the big US name brands are made in China.

  137. I m Chinese from Vietnam,but I m Chinese,and I never had relate some much on what this man is saying,CCP is terrible,example last week,they go and tried to take away the Mongolian the cdp is still butt hurt over the Brittish colonizing HonKong?
    And another thing this man said touches my heart is he’s not bitter and love the hard working chinese,you give them a job and they do it,fuck yeah I survived and strived when America give me a job to do,I do it.
    Thanks for the video

  138. its like a weird situation, democratic country want trade to uplift each other while nazi regime totalitarian like country is trading with you to beat you up in the future and takeover your properties

  139. Marx and Lenin are their inspirations…
    CCP is the application.
    If you want to know 100 year history of China, look at Shanghai.
    If you want to know 400 year history of China, look at Beijing.
    If you want to know 2300 year history of China, look at Xi’an.
    If you want to know the future of China, look at Hongkong, the fall of democracy…

  140. The mental gymnastics required to call someone sinophobic who.. married a Chinese woman, participated in traditional cultural events in Rural China, learned the language, etc. is on a level only a nationalist could get to.

  141. i like how after several months, the comment section of each video on this channel still tells the same jokes
    you can clown on china but come up with new jokes or something

  142. love your videos but America bombed japan to keep Russia and communisms from winning. Russia was about to crush japan before the bombs. Sadly communisms still won where china is concerned anyway.

  143. Censorship is the CCP’S way of letting none of their citizens grasp individualistic evaluations, thoughts, or the freedom to question what is best for their lives. It can never bring out your God given creativity or talents. Poets cannot have a career to freely express their thoughts in this type of regime. Comedians will be punished if they say anything that ridicules their leadership. Brainwashing them at an early age is merely a tool to take control of a child’s early thought process. Stripping their citizens of past historical culture and history, if it doesn’t fit the CCP’S narrative. Ordinary citizens cannot express their true feelings without negative consequences. They are bribed with money and work as long as the CCP can profit off their labor. The CCP needs this firewall to protect themselves from individuals that can openly analyze or compare other government institutions. The masquerading of corruption and true intent of laws imposed on their citizens guarantees the CCP the fulfillment of their greedy agendas and must be a closely guarded secret. Their citizens will always be treated as mindless peasants and nothing more. Instill fear and harsh punishment, if you cannot accept these control measures, that in reality, dictates your existence.

  144. I discovered your channel a couple of weeks ago and have been enjoying many videos. I appreciate your stance and most of your observations/opinions.  However, as good as you are, you are in no position to criticize the CCP or any of its leaders, unless you want to start a political movement and replace them. Calling Mao the turd is extremely disrespectful and childish, not only will it offend many Chinese (although most of whom you may potentially offend do not get to see your videos, and it shows the extent of your sincerity and courage), but it propagates very base sentiments in America and elsewhere.  Besides, to judge him as you have goes against the very basic and bedrock thinking of the West, which values the individual.  Yes millions of Chinese died during his time, but can you honestly attribute a single person directly to him?  Also, have you thought how many millions of Chinese whom he inspired?  Amongst them some have willingly sacrificed their lives for him and his cause.  Let it be clear, Mao Zedong was a great man, as man is made in the image of God.

  145. The world “the nazis were evil because they killed a few million people. We must remember their victims”. The world “CCP killed far more people? Who cares? Let’s forget about it”

  146. They have planted a developer in Melbourne to get a Tax number and have been buying Island resorts off Queensland and NSW coast and forcing the Australians off them . Illegal locked fences , closing Airstrips to everyone else , shutting Wharfs and marinas off to other Boaties . Yet its turned a blind eye to our multi level Governments cause it brings in Money !! Then they find its locked out for exclusive use ? Plus recent Senate Enquiries to Crown Casino operations in Sydney has uncovered money laundering by chinese operators

  147. I thought that Japan was defeated by chinese peasants. I saw their war movies where a guy throws a granade into the air and destroys an approaching plane or a single peasant kills a whole platoon of Japanese soldiers with a bow

  148. What actually is Communist about China? They always speak about how they’re communist but it does seem like they use a lot of capitalist system.

  149. China doing same as every country in the world.
    West at first didn’t help China, they tried to destroy China.
    China have rights to become Great Empire.
    No one in any country can’t change government, and at the same time make new government not control people.
    In 99,99% counties of the world government spreading idea to think that they own citizens country is the best, and they right to do so.
    World need China, China needs world.
    China still growing and developing country, and it needs time to improve.
    China plays huge role to protect world from Islamic Extremists.
    In such a big country, not so long time ago becoming rich economically, communism for the moment is ideal political movement.
    It’s not the right place and time to change it. They have they own historical path, and they need time as everybody to go through it.
    China manufactory machine of the world,and to keep sustain they need they own rules.
    No one can stop buying products made in China. Not because Chinese government bad, but because your government bad…

  150. ADV/Serpenta/Laowhy/Etc…thanks for all the work you guys have been doing in exposing the CCP and China. I really never knew much about the Chinese government until I started subscribing and watching all of your videos. You guys are fearless, truthful, and very entertaining haha. Keept at it! You have my support. You have changed my life, my view of the Chinese govt., and my perspective of international relations of the world for the better!

  151. It’s very sad to see (from the outside) the amount of propaganda and lies the citizens of China accept, even though it does not work in their favor and punishes them.

  152. Hmm… “No real industry to speak of. Crumbling old infrastructure. Unsustainable society living hand to mouth. Decades behind the rest of the world when it comes to medicine, science, infrastructure, education…”

    Perhaps it’s time to take inventory? Bring back jobs that others do for pennies on the dollar, 65 year old Interstate bridge system that needs overhaul, non existent mass transit, depreciated dollar and broken social securitySounds

  153. I know of someone who served in WWII Navy that patrolled China to stop the Japanese from taking out everything of value as they retreated (post surrender) thru Korea back to Japan. China still owes the USA $1.7 Trillion USD in Bonds loaned (before WWII) to China before the CCP took over China. Mao was an idiot thug just like Stalin. They gave us the Korean War and a backwards wasteland of North Korea.

  154. What I learned from this channel ultimately is that Chinese citizens are afraid of their government to the point that they will justify their wrong doings. Sounds like communism.

  155. The worst thing is, people are stupid and or greedy. So China is buying half the world. We NEED the USA to come back from this coup, and put back Trump in the reigns of the country. Otherwise, China wins.

  156. Yes and no on your theme. The truth is that western markets are “saturated”, they sell everything to the westerners that they can. In this scenario, the only direction for market leaders is down. China, as a market is huge and still growing. As that happens, for businesses to grow, they must have someone to sell – and China is now an advanced economy but still growing.

    So… If you want to sell to China, you make it in China or they won’t let you sell there. That means, for growth (the swan song of CEO’s), they move their manufacturing to China and now China spends over $145 billion a year on tourism – and that number keeps growing (so “low pay” is a joke. Chinese now spend more than anyone else on tourism.)

    So these businesses lose that share of their markets, the only growth area in advanced countries, or they do their manufacturing there and feed wealth to China because they CANNOT grow in the west – it’s saturated.

  157. Just stop trying to separate Chinese people and CCP. Most normal Chinese people really think CCP is good enough. It’snot about CCP, it’s about china is catching up.with western countries. They are too worried abour this and want another party to rule china, one party that follows their path and order. When western country has some technology, it will gain 10 times benifit from it, but when china has similar technology, the price will fall to normal level and everyone can afford it. And thus they can’t lie down and enjoy good life based on other countries’ pain. They have drawn a world power map. But china is challenging it. It’s that simple, benifit is the root reason, orhers are just excuses.

  158. It’s funny how you always say that you’re married to a Chinese “doctor”, not a Chinese “woman”. It’s like you’re more proud that she’s a doctor than that she’s Chinese. First, your wife is a doctor, second, she’s Chinese.

    How do you plan these videos? Do you wake up and think how you can insert that your wife is a doctor into a video, then how you can dump on China? Every country has issues, every country has problems in its past, this is not unique to China.

    If you want to be an equal opportunity country basher, then why not do a series on other countries? Start with your home of SA, you’d have enough material for decades. Then move to your new home of the USA.

    These ongoing videos criticizing China, which there are many areas to criticize, reek of desperation and regret. You were forced to leave China because of your videos and you can’t get over it, so now you do your best to try to tear down the country that you can’t return to.

    You made choices, there were consequences. Move on and stop living in the past. I’m sure your doctor, err, I mean your wife, is tired of these videos too.

  159. “Think of the rivers of blood spilled by all those generals and emperors so that, in glory and triumph, they could become the momentary masters of a fraction of a dot. Think of the endless cruelties visited by the inhabitants of one corner of this pixel on the scarcely distinguishable inhabitants of some other corner, how frequent their misunderstandings, how eager they are to kill one another, how fervent their hatreds.” – Carl Segan

  160. My Samsung Galaxy S10 is made in Vietnam and that’s a good start. The bad thing is that Facebook book cannot be uninstalled. China doesn’t have a consumer economy and that’s our weapon against them.

  161. If YOU are a member of the CCP – Get out as soon as possible!
    They don’t care about you. They don’t like you. They take advantage of you.
    They are leading you down a very sinister path. Get out now!

  162. Unfortunately, I do not agree with you. There are governments far beyond China. who kneel in the face of China’s economic threats Norway is an example

  163. What China is doing to Australia should a warning to the world. And we should all be concerned that many of the biggest US corporations are lobbying for Chinese slave labor.

  164. Communist Party of China is Evil which under garb of fabled Dogma called Maoism has webbed Chinese people freedom.
    I feel sorry for Chinese Citizens who are enslaved by CCP comrades. CCP cadres supress people and known for brutality against its own people.
    World must unite to isolate Bloody CCP ruled China

  165. Whatever, dude! Lets get over to starving children in Yemen or the ladies working endlessly making
    t shirts for next to nothing in Nepal. China can solve its own problems.

  166. “Can we all just be friends?”

    Until chinese people themselves dare to sacrifice their lives to overthrown their government. Even when Xi Jinping got assassinated it’s not going to be enough

  167. What Thomas Jefferson said remains true today, “The two enemies of the people are criminals and government, so let us tie the second down with the chains of the Constitution so the second will not become the legalized version of the first.”

  168. ☂️ Free Hong Kong and recognize Taiwan (ROC) as the country it is ☂️ 🔥 CCP ʕ •́؈•̀) 🍯 🔥
    Xi Jin pooh
    Organ harvesting in China, is the real life horror story. The victims are mostly, religious minorities, like Uighur Muslims, Christians, and Falun Gong. ☂️ 🔥The CCP
    and Xi Jin pooh ʕ •́؈•̀) 🍯☭ are a murderous crew. 🔥

  169. You only said the true and only the true that we love to hear, your title here 100% correct, i support you keep up….Only CCP are very bad but the Chinese citizen they’re not ….

  170. Exactly similar communist turn happened 60 years earlier in the Soviet Union. After the Revolution in 1918 Soviets started slowly to renew trade ties with Western Europe, but it was still limited. But after being defeated by small Poland and stopped in their revolutionary advance to the West in 1920 Lenin changed his mind. To a great surprise of his fellow bolsheviks he suddenly announced “New Economic Policy”, which opened Soviet industry to foreign investments, and even gave the (rotten capitalist…) investors high degree of freedom and control over the companies, which was unthinkable in terms of the revolutionary ideology (which before despised even the concept of money). In agriculture communists suddenly stopped opressing small private farms, and gave them freedom to low-volume trade instead of murdering them for being “Kulaks” (this changed back 10 years later when Stalin took the wheel).

    Lenin supposedly explained this to his red comrades saying: “The Capitalists will sell us the rope with which we will hang them.”

    And N.E.P. succeeded – Soviet industry, despite of having the country destroyed, despite poverty which killed millions (only in 1932/33 almost 9 million people died from hunger), managed to acquire technologies and expand. For example Soviet military expenses were the largest in the world, and their technology in some areas matched the western one. This (plus demographic reserves and again, Western help) allowed them to defeat Germany, and later spread red ideology to half of the world.

    Of course communists depicted all this success as the result of communist ideology being way superior to the rotten capitalism…

  171. So true! So many Chinese movies tried to reclaim Chinese’s face showing how Chinese kung fu kicked Japanese’s asses… blah blah blah… Even I did enjoy watching kung fu movies, other than that, the rest of propaganda was just laughable and shameless. China will never get out of the Japanese’s embarrassment shadow, needless to say about the US’s.

  172. Some historical context Imperial Japan came as a result of the US forcing it to open its borders for trade. Japan woke up realized they needed to modernize to prevent foreign powers being able to force them around like that. They even fought a civil war over that. In the meantime China was trying to hang on to its past while also getting screwed over by western imperial powers. After the second opium war China was a shell of itself so it’s no surprise Japan kicked there ass. If the western powers weren’t fighting their own wars hopefully they would have stopped that. Because of the Japanese invasion and subsequent war crimes is how the communists gained power. Not excusing anything they are doing now because they are the number one threat to a free world

  173. I would love to not buy Chinese goods. But. EVERYTHING is made there. Again not the fault of the Chinese, but of greedy western corporations outsourcing for slave labour.

  174. 9:20 Vietnam had done the same (copied from its big beloved brother China) “to cleanse the society from bad evil capitalism”. Millions were killed in most hatred ways. It turned children against parents, family against each other, neighbors against neighbors, etc. and society had become a distrustful snitch zoo. Karl Marx is an idealist dumb ass, so are the people who think his idea is great.

  175. I find it strange, but at the same time rather amusing about the depiction of the communists’ “defeat and the great and glorious victory over the imperialist Japanese”. One can’t even begin to fathom the inordinate amount of movies, depictions, etc. that appear/have appeared – and constantly – for years – on Chinese TV surrounding this. And, exactly how Winston describes and tells it. There are literally tons and tons of these. One thing for sure about Chinese TV is that one can always find these propaganda films, depictions, etc. being aired at any and all times. And, not just now, it is constant and on-going. Like, for literally years unending. After so many years (and to this day) of observing this, I finally told some of my Chinese friends that – it’s no wonder that many of these “shows” must now resort to using actual Chinese actors to play the Japanese roles – because at this point, with so many years of movies/etc. depicting the killing of all these Japanese – if one took the time to count it all up that there would certainly no longer be any Japanese actually left in the world. They’d all be dead by now. LOL

  176. You mentioned china made foreign companies offers they can’t refuse so they invested in the country. Is that not demand and supply? Basic economics. You made it look as if it was a humanitarian act on the part of west. China does not owe anybody anything. It’s can’t become a democracy to please western ego. The soon people realize that, the better it is for the world. Every society hasa form of suppression. Even white people in South Africa are politically suppressed. Is that fair? Why don’t you do something about that instead of talking bad about Chinese govt all the time.

  177. 世界是一个大家庭,并没有谁需要谁,也没有谁被需要,国家与国家总是根据自己的利益来决定跟谁来往以及跟谁不来往。The world is a big party. None of us really need others, none of us really needed for others. Countries and countries just choose which one to do business and which one not to do business based on their own value and profits.

  178. The foreign companies who was there in China have moved their operations to Vietnam and India, and the government there in China is to blame for that and they now have to rely on stealing technology from other countries like the E.U. nations, the Russians, Australia, Japan, and North America. I stopped buying products made in China and my newest cellular phone was made in Vietnam for Samsung.

  179. I don’t know if you guys ever listen to Peter Zeihan, but he has an explanation for why China is changing the way it has. He agrees that the world made modern China possible, but things are changing in ways that aren’t going to allow that to continue into the future. He says the CCP’s behavior is their way of dealing with the future they know is coming.

  180. CCP government much better than Indian and American government.
    Biased channel.
    Nathan Rich gweilo 60 Goyvon mexicano en China jaoye Barrett Blondie in China etc these were real youtuber show truth about China..

  181. From a German view of point: Actually you say in your video the Chinese culture is vastly better than the rest of the world cultures and only the bad policy of the Chinese government is the only cause, why China isn’t lifting up more. This is disturbing for me.
    I do think, that Taiwan has a better government, but took a comparison for China to countries like El Salvador for example.
    There is capitalism, but all the country is about drugs and criminal wars. The people work there hard too, believe me or not, but it is destroyed by violence all time long.
    I see the huge amounts of money, that is used to handle the Corona crisis with really small effect. France had a total lockdown for months and had a small result in comparison to countries like South Korea by using simple hygienic rules and without an economy destroying lockdown. But in the latter country the population don’t destroy any success.
    This is very frustrating for me to see and the South East Asian cultures are challenging the Western democracies including China with the CCP. We have to improve, not to be angry about Chinese government, I think. We don’t have to be naive about the intention of the Chinese government, but we can’t fight them if we stay so week or getting even weeker.
    Trumpism, new socialist dreams, new European patrichialism let the European democracies detoriating further.
    Last word. German stole technologies from England in 19. century too, like China do the last decades. But they improved the culture simultaneously too and got one of the world leading cultures of the world till Hitler destroyed it all.

  182. Well when you have an entire race of people . Being taught to be obedient since birth .
    And the rulers use Stockholm syndrome education to control there people , especially the The younglings or how the ruler is called them 「韭菜」.

  183. I always wondered why Star Wars isn’t very popular among Chinese people ?
    And by reviewing the classics ,it clicked in me.
    In the movie revenge of the Sith , we see how Palpatine manipulate the entire galaxy, and we all see the massive flaw within the Jedi order itself.
    The Jedi order is really like the CCP but with good morals.
    They snatch babies away from their parents to brainwash ;
    The whole is more important than the individual ; aka for the peace of the galaxy or the balance of the force, So F U Anakin .
    And the Jedi often have unique privileges. The more higher rank in the chat I system the more resources you can use to your display .
    Doesn’t all that sound familiar ? Just replace the Jedi with the Sith . And give chairman now a black robe and a red light saber ,oh wait his whole foundation is built on bloody red . Never mind !
    Now do you see ? Déjà vu anyone ?

  184. Did your western world help China? Are you referring to the Eight-Power Allied Forces’ War of Invasion of China or the Two Opium Wars, to open up channels for you to burn, kill, loot and sell drugs to China.Of course these will not appear in your history books. I have investigated European history books. Below I will post all the so-called trade assistance treaties you made here, and let you white people see for yourself whether these treaties are based on so-called assistance.

  185. Thank you. I totally agree with everything you have said. However, just about everything I pick up when shopping , has ‘made in China’ on it. I have cut down on buying Chinese products but it’s almost impossible to completely do this.

  186. It should be clear to everyone on Earth that the Chinese Communist Party’s plan is to conquer the world, kill off and enslave everyone who is not Chinese and replace entire foreign populations with their own people. This should be obvious given everything we have seen them do over the past ten years or more.
    More recently, they’ve become extremely aggressive in the South China Sea, trying to claim the sovereign waters of their neighbors as their own. They’ve become more hostile toward India and they’ve taken land that was once held by that country. They’ve interfered with the governments and elections of Western nations like the U.S. and Australia and we’re constantly discovering their spies.
    All of this, combined with their genocidal actions in Tibet, Mongolia and Xin Jiang should make it clear to everyone that the CCP intends to wipe out foreign populations all over the world and replace them with their own people. The only question is, will it be allowed to continue?

  187. Sorry Winston but you are wrong. World can not function without China. It’s impossible to substitute chinese market and (cheap) chinese products without mutual economic destruction.

  188. Yes Australia helped China became a friend got slapped in the face Japan is willing to take Australian Coal from all ships sitting off China Coast but CCP is blocking it yes thank you stop buying made in China Yes this is about the CCP not the people but that said how many Chinese people in Australia are loyal to CCP and not to a beautiful country that provides Chinese people with freedom and a sweet life.

  189. Thank you Serpentza…………….a ‘potted history’ all should understand …..As Global domination …’The Belt and Road Initiative’ takes it’s toll……..sharing…… wishes from UK……

  190. There is a saying among people who fled the PRC for America that goes “To massacre the people, hitler needed concentration camps and stalin needed gulags. But mao, only needed a pen.”

  191. In the title, you change the word “China” to the word “America”, which is also valid, basically saying a nonsense, why do you throw in the continuous nonsense?

  192. The Xi era has been a particularly nasty with oppression/ atrocities ramped up extensively. World needs to stand, firmly, together against him and the party.

  193. If Japanese took over China, it will still be China ruled by the Japanese race. Just like Yuan dynasty ruled by Mongolian race, or Qing dynasty ruled by Manchu race. Think of China like Europe, China will always be China regardless who controls it, like Europe will always be Europe regardless who controls it.

  194. Bravo serpentza, I just add you like! good country doesn’t steal or plagiarize other country’s intellectual property and a dog never bites its master who feeds him. Let him know this.

  195. Ha ha ha the World DOSEN’T NEED YOU, AND CHINA DOESN’T NEED YOU, You need the WORLD, Your life is hard i see your face is not HAPPY ALL THE TIME Right, I FELL SORRY FOR YOU,

  196. Mao the TURD hahaha, that’s very accurate brother …that’s what I’m going to call that son of bitch murderer
    your words are beautiful man their from someone who deeply cares about china

  197. I think this is your BEST CONTRIBUTION EVER!
    Your message is clear, to the point and highly credible! You better never go back to the PRC while the CCP is still in power….! My wife (since 35 years) is.Hong Kong Chinese… two years ago we both moved to Malaysia….. attributed by our interpretation of the meaning of the „writing on the wall“…. the Happenings in Hong Kong since June 2020 raved us right…

  198. Gone out of my way 4 times already to not buy “made in china” It isn’t easy especially from big supermarkets here in the UK as everything electrical, pots pans etc etc etc are made in china…these large chains are massively funding the CCP as I write….GREEDY FCUKS!

  199. The communist government of China are pure evil. I feel so sorry for the people there. Here in California, there are many Chinese living here. They are free and hard working people.

  200. good video but calling poeple names discredits you and i think you’re too naive to think that people can stop buying made in china, because it’s literally 90% of the products if not more

  201. The West truly didn’t provide much relief. America saved China with the nukes, but all that did was create a survival timer that China had to beat itself, that yes, without the nukes, wouldn’t have existed. China was really saved by a certain brilliant KMT general who went to Japan’s best military university and was such a talented student actually was gifted a prized katana from the emperor of Japan himself. He laid out a general plan for Chiang-kai Shek that would force the Japanese into a few roadblocks that slowed down the fall of China that eventually managed to let us last long enough before the nukes dropped. I remember that he was also the guy who convinced Chiang-kai Shek to send soldiers to Germany to create elite KMT divisions that would come back with world class training and German weapons which were better than Japanese weapons. If every KMT soldier were like those guys, Imperial Japan would have been sent home crying.

    China did not fight nearly as hard as we could, the KMT truly failed to garner enough fighting spirit, and internal warlord politics made many Colonels (plenty of whom were really just provincial warlords who are temporarily loyal to Chiang Kai-Shek) conservative of their own troops. The educated in the cities often fought to their death because they joined the army to protect their people. There were too many peasants who were just suddenly drafted and poorly trained, these guys were fucking hopeless.

    My own third oldest great grandpa was a KMT sniper. According to my dad, he could disassemble and reassemble his rifle in total darkness. I have little respect for him. My dad also didn’t have much respect for him. Japanese soldiers? My dad’s San Ye hasn’t killed one. CHINESE Communist soldiers? He’s killed hundreds. He told my dad that his gun has turned red from firing on Communists.

    Why could he kill the Communists but not the Japanese? They lacked fighting spirit. The Communists felt easily beatable, fighting the Japanese felt like a death sentence.

  202. China has always been self sufficient, since Ancient times,

    CHINA is reaching out to the world, but China needs to protect its own stability, as in the past , western powers do not like yellow skins to reach for the skies.

    History taught us that western powers will amorally dis mantle Chinese social stability.

  203. People think the world can’t spin without the existence of China because they only focus on the cheap goods we get so easily and abundantly without a slither of thought how China came to be where it is today, with seemingly endless wealth and high speed rail and empty apartment blocks!

  204. 🚨Pearl Harbor, Japan killed 24,000 Americans, lost hundreds of billions of dollars and Japan was punished. Now,with the biological weapons of Wuhan, the Chinese Communist Party Zombie killed 280,000 Americans, killed 1,530,000 people in the world and caused trillions of dollars worth of damage. CCP zombies have serious challenges, threatening to invade and expand the East Sea, East China Sea, Taiwan Country, India, … CCP Support Pakistan to fight India, support Iran, North Korea, .. .to fight Americans and Allies. The CCP threatens to expand the ‘Global Economic Supply Chain, and the Military, threatens the‘ debt trap ’to expand. CCP brutally suppresses and kills people in Hong Kong, Xinjiang, Tibet, … CCP steals technology, copyright and confidential information with Huawei, ZTE, by Chinese living abroad, … CCP ‘drinking the Mekong water’ and ‘creating a new dispute with Nepal and Buhtan’. The United States, the Allies, the UN, International Law, the WTO and the International must immediately eliminate the CCP Zombie.CCP zombies must be severely punished.

  205. Call me a tin hat loony but I believe China has been played from the beginning. Now this may come across as a conspiracy theory to most however it makes a lot of sense to me. One fact that can’t be denied is true value belongs to food, water and other primary resources which the west and democratic nations hold in abundance. Western nations only need to control or find a viable energy supply (oil) which they have pursued and secured relentlessly, with this they can maintain the military complex which by design protects their supply lines and blocks their enemies.

    Western nations being the largest exporters of food product in the world by a long shot, owning most arable and resource rich land and aid dependency to African nations to suppress their own development ie. prevent them from competing in this market. It does not take much to trigger a world food crisis where countries are put in a position where they choose over a toaster (China) or loaf of bread (westernised democracies). Now while china has a massive food output it is barely enough to keep up with domestic consumption and as of yet militarily can not secure trade routes from Africa which is their plan.

    To top all this off, the globalist elites, central bankers/financial institutions etc. the organisations and people who actually run things not PMs or so called leaders (though some play a role), will continue to accrue debt and exchange bits of paper for labour and manufacturing essentially converting paper into infrastructure and material assets and when it’s all about to burst they pull the rug with a financial reset, confiscate all foreign assets and say screw you to anyone who is left holding the national debt.

    In the darkest of times food is leverage and leverage is power, if you can defend that leverage with a mighty military you win. And people want to be with winners not losers.

  206. Winston, you do realize it is exactly the government of China that has guided China’s development over the last 70 years? CCP this, CCP that, but in the end your arguments are driven by hate and make no logical sense. Your study of the Chinese civil war, the Sino-Japanese war and the second world war is also highly lacking.

  207. Imagine some one is judging you from the way move or the way you arrange your home !! And trying to force you to change to the way they want !!
    Kindly speak out to the world about your ansistor colonizers what they did to South Africa native people ( blacks) .
    I know your talk is 55% correct, but no body is 100% correct, that why I am a fan of your channel since 2018.
    I have been many times to South Africa, some tourists hiking at ( Table Mountain ) in South Africa were raped and cloths stolen. Some tourists were killed at ( Long Street ) at South Africa.
    If go to Kape Town , just few kilometers away from the Airport you will find the biggest and poorest town made of steel sheets no running water or sewer system in a quiet rich country !!
    Tourists luggage were opened by airport handling labor searching for valuable stuff to steal with no punishment.
    I have many friends form South Africa, they always keep complaining about President and the government.

    Why not speak out about all that ,,,

    No hard feelings, I respect you and I will continue to watch you videos.


  208. Winston, I think you need to put all your China love on a business card. Hand it out like TEFL’s do in Japan when someone’s trying to get a free English lesson out of them. It’ll save you from repeating it.

    That bird is like “Alright, F-yourself kid. I’m out”.

  209. China’s bitting more It can chew, Napoleon tried and failed, Hitler tried and failed, Soviets tried and failed. This world is too big for China to dominate.

  210. I’m not sure if I can agree with that. From what I see it looks like everybody rn is dependent from China. So many things are produced there. And china knows it, that’s why they don’t care and do whatever they feel like. Or am I wrong?

  211. The ROC received support from the US and UK in order to help hold off Japan but they wanted 2 China’s afterwards to keep the nation divided. It wasn’t altruistic in nature. Debt against the ROC was used to hold back the KMT when it could have won against the PLA by Truman. Winston always comes off as a Western bigot when it comes to imperialism towards China. The KMT also did much better against Japan as time went on so to say it was a 6-0 affair is an exaggeration. The opening set was 6-0. Then the second set was a standoff. Then the KMT eventually won some battles and such. The PLA also had some successful operations in Manchuria. To say it was all due to nuking 2 Japanese cities is silly. It wasn’t that simple. The Soviet Union also played a big role at the end.

  212. I hate what China has become under the CCP, they have pretty much destroyed China’s history and culture!

    I’ve been saying since the start of this pandemic one thing needs to come out of this, we stop supporting China (Made in China)

    We need to stop outsourcing to China and instead create much needed jobs in our home countries to help the world recover from this pandemic, yes it will cost more but it will gradually boost the economy, would you rather pay £100 for an item made in china? Or pay an extra 20-30% for an item made in your own country?

  213. I couldn’t say it any better than you did. The world need to wake up to the CCP threat. Who can believe they will treat us better than their own people? The CCP owes the world and we need to terminate the bully.

  214. The only reason the CCP will listen now (like the Nazi party) are the whine of bombs and bullets being fired in their direction. Are we (in the rest of the world) have to put up with pandemics (coming out of China) again and again and again? I see no reform (just in this direction) in containing pandemics within and going to outside China, by the CCP. The next viral pandemic, they will do the same thing; cover it up, not stop the spread of the infection before it’s too late and wham, another horrible pandemic with millions of deaths worldwide and countless damage to the economies of countries with the CCP pretending that it “didn’t come from here” and acting as the guilty bullies that they are. How f**king much longer are we (the rest of the world) put up with plagues coming out of China, before we say “enough is enough”? Let’s get rid of these criminal CCP types lording it over the Chinese and ourselves outside China; our precious lives that the CCP does not give a shit about.

  215. If you look at the definition of narcissistic personality disorder, it describes the CCP perfectly. Trump was standing up against the CCP, if Biden gets in next year, I fear the US will be owned by the CCP in no time. I’m in Australia, and apparently, they already own us.

  216. i kinda disagree with the part where japan conquered china, they’re segmented into the communists and the roc, where the communists made the roc face the bulk of the japanese forces making them weaker in which they will take advantage of.
    And i don’t think that the allies necessarily ‘gifted’ independence (in form of nukes to japan) to the asian states, i believe japan will fall either way cause we’re fighting their now weakened force until they admit defeat.

  217. From what I understand the US stopped supplying Chinese nationalists with weapons and other aid because they were hording it to fight the CCP instead of the Japanese and started arming the CCP exclusively which directly lead to the CCP taking power

  218. Rightly Said indeed! Almost everything sellable that ” Made in China ” are Foreign Companies’ products that assembled in Communist China! So called Native or locally established Communist Companies’ products ‘ Hardwares or Softwares were initially copied from Foreign Companies , then reEngineered them using cheaper materials & employing cheaper manpower to produce them & dump them back & flooded the World markets! Many of these badly made in China products ended up endangering consumer lives or landed into landfills. Many Countries’ factory works have been taken over by these Godless communist Chinese for decades! It is time we take these jobs back to our own Countries , many of us are without jobs!🕯

  219. It is great that you realise how evil the regime is. We Chinese know this too well but we can’t do anything about it. Western democracies are in a grave danger if they are unable to decouple with the regime.

  220. What I find very hilarious is the CCP using Chinese history as an excuse for what they’re doing, when they are the same ones who went on a crusade to destroy what made them China.

  221. Large American corporations are only too willing to sell out the US to the CCP. Both the Chinese people and the people of the US are being screwed.

  222. While I understand your reasoning I point to the fact that WE The West do not have the capabilities to Overcome CCP because of the fact of Exactly The People That control us

  223. Wow look at all the victim blaming here, essentially condensing the all the military aggression they faced to an embarrassment on China’s part for being vulnerable and the West coming to save the day, rather than admitting it was all the foreign intervention that destroyed the country’s old system and its stability. The CCP would not have had to take such drastic matters if not for the detrimental damage caused by foreign powers like from the opium war in the first place. Who were the ones who always initiated the wars? Not China. And now you’re asking Chinese people to be thankful after all the damage that was caused? And no, foreign countries did not set up businesses in China to help the Chinese, but because the labor was cheap and beneficial for them. The CCP is very much flawed but the western government is no saint, and will only act in ways that are also beneficial towards them. Wake up frog? I can say the same for you looking how biased you view things, completely overlooking whatever doesn’t align with your narrative.

    Don’t justify the past aggressions from the west as acts in the name of liberation and peace. That’s fucking messed up.

  224. serpetza I love you man and I hate a lot of what china is doing but your hypocrisy is incredible, shinning a light on the atrocities of china while pretending the west is is this all around good guy that only wants peace if only china would extend a hand for peace is at best idiotic and at worst a conscious attempt at misinforming your audience, the west with its endless wars and atrocities has demonstrated that it does not stand for peace let alone represent humanity’s best attributes, the fact of the matter is china is a bully because if it is not it will get eaten by the wolves, in conclusion fuck china and fuck the American empire and fuck your western hypocrisy

  225. You once did need China until you ran foul and had to leave? You should have stayed in S Africa and teach kids how to be better citizens. On 2nd thought, seeing how you have become, it wouldn’t have made any difference to them.

  226. The western world wants to share the freedom with everyone right?
    So, what about technology for free instead of technology embargo? What about free trade instead of economic sanctions? What about infrastructure building support instead of chaos causing and wars?
    So please tell me, who is more horrifying? The western world or China?

  227. Don’t glorify the past violence and intervention from the West as ‘acts in the name of peace and liberation’. It’s embarrassing. Who were the ones who always initiated the wars? Not China. And now you’re asking Chinese people to be thankful? So who’s the true bully?

  228. China should also be careful with what military actions they try to do over their borders. India has a very similar population size, and they also have many talented people, and I’m clueless as to how good their government is, but I doubt it’s as oppressive as the Chinese, and they definitely didn’t do anything nearly as big as the cultural revolution to destroy local culture.

    With how many enemies the CCP has made, if those two nations started fighting a war, I wouldn’t be surprised if others would join to help India to dish out payback to the Chinese government

  229. What you are talking about is a mentality shift, as society is built on mutual agreement and understanding, it just takes a while for those things to shift but it does happen if there is something we can all agree on

  230. Even during WWII, the few battles China won were fought by the Nationalist army, not the Communists. Though CCP takes credit today, if you go to Japanese army archives, you will see the truth. CCP would not have taken over the country if Russia did not join the war in the last moment and rushed into China to take over right after Japan surrendered and handed over to the CCP.

  231. A very nice video as usual, mate. However, when you said at the end to stop buying Chinese made products as a kind of protest against the regime, it reminded me of when the West introduced sanctions against Russia in the hope of turning the people against Putin. All it did was create more nationalism and anti-western sentiment. And the same would happen in China for sure.

  232. I think the fact you need China most is quite hilarious, you make a living based on bashing and slandering China, without China you are nothing, probably still digging your way out in South Africa.

  233. wise words from my Father he told me as a young boy to “Never Trust a Communist” & “The Only good Communist is a dead Communist” words I believe and will live by until my dying day.

  234. Probably not easy to obey to the communist Youtube platform guidelines and agenda, to not criticize Chinese people in general because you are in a Chinese wife/family/relatives-trap and to play the sinophobia card for our western viewers. Under these circumstances there can be no objectivity.

  235. How to de-program the brainwashed? … The USA has a lot of brainwashed, subverted and corrupt leaders who Love the China system … are we in trouble here ? I think so.

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