1. I was tested this morning. I was told my appointment was 7:30 so I went at 7:00. I was in and out by 9:00. They will contact me if there is a problem. From the video, I was at the same testing location. Glad it all worked out for you. I agree the nose swab is the worst. They believed that my nose extends all the way into my brain.

  2. Good video. Whenever you ate frustrated or hsve a hardship pratice patience and calming skills. In the end, every inconvenience you have means you will have an equal positive one later.

  3. I’ve read in the group forums that a few people were asked to come back in the afternoon or the following day. I live in Hoa Hai Ward and I’m for the landlord to contact me as to when and where I should go to be tested. Thanks for sharing your experience.

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