They Sure Hate Me Now

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  1. I didn’t want you to talk to me either after that damn climb! Nice ending, ass! 555 🤣🤣🤣 There will be a reckoning! Oh and thanks for the shout out!

  2. Well Joe, now you will become very popular. Hitting the bell mean you are praying to bd lucky and popularity, pray that your popularity is loud and clear as the sound of the bell. Good luck and hit 100k soon.

  3. Ok… the old man leading the young studs up the hill. Nicely done. Workouts help. Likes like a nice area. Thanks for sharing …. Shout out to Chuck/Paige and Thai Girl Gift…

  4. Nice Joe 🙂 I got to visit Prachuap Kirikhan next time i go to Thailand ! I will try to stay at Claus place or the daughters newer place, i am swedish like Claus 🙂

  5. Joe great video. All those work outs pays off. You flew up those stairs. You weren’t even winded. Say hello to Chuck and Paige from me. Why didn’t Klaus and Toon join the group?

  6. Very nice place; a lot of hot springs and waterfalls around, stunning island near Ranong, Khao Sok park, Takua Pa old city, Michelin/Bib gourmand restaurants around Khao Lak etc..Enjoy with all friends, good vibes..

  7. Hi gift and joe and everyone great blog as always lovely areas lovely scenery love the three rings hope you are both well stay safe from frank in the uk London

  8. Joe, those steps and that music is what is unique about your vlog and you for me. If you hadn’t climbed it, no-one would have followed. Love it man, you own it!

  9. Way to go Joe, I was surprised to see Gift and Paige at the top, peer pressure is a wonderful tool 😂, I was in Ranong in January 2016 and it was hot and humid, gnats and mosquitoes were horrible, I was camping near the river so not exactly the same same, beautiful area though. Thanks for sharing Joe, many blessings to you, Gift and family 🙏🏼

  10. Shame you couldn’t played the Rocky theme when you guys reached the top of the hill ( copyright I Guess ).
    I saw the number 343 at the start I assume thats the amount of steps?
    Cool v/log regards ans best wishes

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