Things Returning to Normal Within Thailand? A Look Around Prachuap

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  1. Wow thanks beautiful once Thailand opens. I’ll check stop by. That train station looks very Familiar ? Have to ask someone if we was there once. Thanks. It feels like I’m. There

  2. That’s cool that Prachuap is having the jetski racing. Joe, you’re mastering driving around streets pretty well on the motorbike. Interesting to see an Airstream trailer in Thailand. I’m curious to know how that got there. Nice to see the train station. I told my girlfriend that we need to take the train next time when we go to Prachuap.
    How can Gift eear that long sleeve hoodie in that heat and humidity and not be burning up?

  3. Glad you recovered from TTTS party we hope to visit you next year hope all the dogs are Ok all the best David and Pairin from beautiful Devon stay safe youall

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