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  1. Cheers Brian. Looks like you’re very comfortable in that sort of traffic. Are there any decent stretches of road where you can go over 50-60km/hr? BTW, that cheese will last for quite awhile, even if it hardens up.

  2. I like your riding vlogs. So much traffic in that city and I quite understand why you need a bike to get around. I must get me a bike too when I’m there. Enjoy your lobster and biscuit. Hope it kills the craving. During lockdown, man I was craving for so many things. As soon as the lockdown was lifted man I ticked off each item at a time until I was satisfied.

  3. 1000000% correct that Red Lobster went downhill. Service and food quality went down but, prices and wait times for food went up. Not a good combination.

  4. The plane you saw was a Cesna and they use them at the Omni Flying School; at least they did when I was there in 2000. I flew one of those around Pinatubo quite a few times with my instructor, Captain Dan. He used to frighten the bejeebies out of me by switching off the engine while I was doing a steep climb. Ah, happy brown-trouser days!

  5. I like looking at your vids when you go wandering around, i do recognise some places and check with Google Maps street view to see if i’m right. Today you were right near a craft ale place (at around 11min 30) called Pinatubo Craft Beer Bar in Youkon Street which i visited a few times on my last trip back in November, something different to endless SMB! The CPI Call Shop & Craft Beer bar at the front of the Euro Asia Hotel is another good one, run by an American guy with his Philippino wife, maybe worth checking out when things get back to normal?……

  6. It makes me laugh that those biscuits were filler food. In the Philippines you can get high quality seafood all day long but no filler. Here in GenSan you have tuna, shrimp, squid and mussels caught that day but no biscuits.

  7. Clark has quite a few larger planes although not many long haul types (Korean Air fly in Airbus A330s though) but does get a lot of Air Asia & Cebu Pacific Airbus A320s & A321s and PAL turbprops. Most flights are local to the Philippines and around the local south east Asia region…..There are also a lot of small private aircraft that use part of Clark as well but use a slightly different approach path….

  8. People with different pronunciations of the words usually came from parts of the Phil. Due to the dialects they speaks😊some got harder tongues🤓I love the biscuits too in Red Lobster that’s why my meal don’t get eaten up😩 take care of your family too👍thanks for the road vlog🤓

  9. I missed dairy food (milk, cheese, yoghurt etc) when I was living in the Philippines. If only SE Asia had a thriving dairy industry it would be so cheap like their other food items.

  10. Whats cheesy is me telling you how to say chis mis as chis moso and forgetting your speaking Togolog and I’m speaking Basayan. That’s me admitting I was wrong. I am a subscriber

  11. How long does it take to get used to riding a bike in the Philippines, or haven’t you gotten to that point yet? Haha. Man, I like those cheesy biscuits, too. However, I can’t even remember the last time I ate at a Red Lobster. The one nearest me, here in middle TN, is awful. Everything tastes like nothing but salt. They overcook everything, except the biscuits, have horrible service, and started getting way too expensive. Another great video. Always a thumbs up.

  12. Yes, the vowels are crazy there, I always get confused by my Filipina wife too. However, it is even worse in the Visayas. My wife is Visayan (pronounced Bisayan). A bag is pronounced as bug. Seven is sibin. So I stir her about her sibin bugs!

  13. On your ride you mentioned some people ask you about things like aircraft activity at Clark, and other information about stuff in general. It amazes me that these people never try to find the info from official websites. I enjoy your vlogs and snippets of information, a bit of chismis is okay. Keep up the good work. For those dumb watchers I’ll add some advice. For info about CLARK flights, try their website. For info about tourism, try the Dept of Tourism website. It really is that easy.

  14. Watching and laughing. The trike with the little plastic chair the dude was sitting in got me laughing. Showed to my wife(from Cebu) and she said Yes! that’s what I was riding in last year when I was there. Sooooo scared because chair was small.Poor honey has gained a pound or two since being here lol.

  15. I forgot to mention that Brettos meat shop down perimeter road used to stock a large selection of cheeses and similar products. I don’t know if they still operate.

  16. I miss the driving in the Phil. I learned to drive and drove in that crazy traffic and driving style. Now I’m scared to drive there coming from a different perspective.

  17. Please get rid of the stupid bell during the videos. It drives my dog to start barking. If this continues I will unsubscribe. Really enjoy watching your videos but cannot deal with the dog barking.

  18. My wife does the same thing with pronouns. Always mixing he/she and him/her. She said they don’t use them there. They usually use names or Kuya and Ate.

  19. Hey Brian, when one lives in another country it is the little things from home that get you all excited. You’re a master on the motorbike you think and drive like a local. Take care.
    GOD Bless you and yours. M

  20. It’s always fun when you find something that you grew up with. Especially when you live in other places. Have you found your Honey Mustard sauce yet? Enjoy and be safe.

  21. Great ride good video where i am you cant get stuff like that its really small town but about an hour away can go to get a great selection and its a good road see ya later

  22. Hi! There I know some store who sold a lot of cheese in there in Luzon I far as I remember name Gerald the company name, they had deliver too I guessed.

  23. Great vlog, glad you got the cheese. With me it’s Watkins Meat Magic, the best tenderizer ever made, can only get it online or thru a dealer. But no one sells door to door anymore.

  24. Remember back in the 60’s when I was Ft. Benning, Columbus Georgia we went to a new restaurant in town and it was wonderful. The line was out the door and down the street. That place was called Red Lobster and was just getting started. No comparison to what you find today.

  25. Hi Brian, there is a Red Lobster in the Philippines, it is in the mall connected to the Conrad Hotel. It is limited in some menu options, no unlimited shrimp, which I always got in the USA. And they do have the Biscuits and you can get some to go. The service is really good, but the costs are a little high. I haven’t found that Biscuit mix anywhere here. I sure wish I could find some here in Taygatay.

  26. Lots of commenters that arent subscribers are usually keyboard warriors in the states. Im a frequent watcher of your vids but thats because im here in your timezone in Guam. I think the timing of your vids coming out has to do with it and catching that target audience and the mood they are in. Plus you kinda have to diversify your content. Most of your vids are just on the bike or walking. Throw a food video in there. SHow the best mexican food places, the best currys, etc.

  27. My wife loved Red Lobster, but we very seldom ever went. The nearest one to us was 75 miles away. You would think in Massachusetts there would be one closer. There are none in MASS and the nearest one is in Connecticut.

  28. Thanks for the motovlog they are great!! That deli is the best, the one in Koreatown?? Yes some people are hard sells I think and just wont subscribe. There is no limit to how many you can subscribe to so why not? Have to admit I didn’t care much for the bell either but lately seems like a lot of youtubers have tried that in there videos too.

  29. Worked in Maryland for awhile. They got fresh seafood from the cheasepeke bay and I really got spoiled! not literally. After that Red Lobster lost its appeal. But I would think phillipines would have terrific seafood? Or its just red lobster is comfort food? Can understand the biscuits. Missing pancakes much too.

  30. Your 100%correct red lobster has gone down hill me and the wife haven’t gone there in at least 20 years also thanks for using real cheese as a italian man I can’t stand that canned stuff 1 tip use fresh grated or bulk because they add cellulose or potato flour to keep it from clumping anyway love the videos

  31. I am pretty sure the reason that many Filipinos confuse “She” and “He” is because their native language doesn’t differentiate. I believe in Tagalog the word is “Sha” and it can mean either he or she. Once you understand that you should probably just use the context of what they are saying to decode what the mean. If they ask you for help then give it, other just move on. After a while they may start getting annoyed if you keep correcting them. I worked with a woman who described and argument her brother had with his Filipino wife over the pronunciation of the word Ham. It was funny to me but for them it was an argument and really not worth it.

  32. I am not a subscriber but for 5 minutes I thought you were saying farmer john cheese until I worked out it was parmesan cheese you were actually looking for very funny your right sometimes it is very hard to understand you but I enjoy your videos

  33. We baked that same kind of bisquit last christmas, and they are selling as well frozen ones at Costco…try to go to S & R, they might have it there too and some pancake mix you want.
    About english accents, you will encounter people speaking different accents depending their province…visaya (like epple instead of apple), tagalog, kapangpangan(instead of here, it will sound like “ear”)….; but your accent is just fine. You know more words than my kids, hehe.
    What street is that Korean furniture store? I like window shopping when I get there again. They sometimes have better furniture wood….
    Thanks, Brian, for today’s ride!

  34. I have a box in the pantry myself ! We have two dead lobsters in the area , one alright one horrible . They are not what they used to be for sure . As far as unlimited , it’s always “ they are making some now , or I’ll have some fresh shortly sir “ And don’t even get me started about how the prices have risen !

  35. Where the guy cut you off to turn left, I see that they have traffic lights. Do they only operate at certain times of the day? Black Ford Explorer in front of you on the shortcut, some people must have some $. Time for a batch of spaghetti or lasagne to use up the rest of that parmesan! Thanks for the video!

  36. Another great adventure with Mad Maxx… always love when you go careening down the right lane… I almost feel as if I have to lean and dodge through the traffic as I’m watching… you do it with such ease and give a running commentary as well…

    Now let’s get to the subject of the Red Lobster Biscuit Mix… it has been available here (Las Vegas) in the local grocery stores for quite some time… I buy it regularly to have when I make my ‘Long John Silvers Fish and chips (from an online copycat recipe site)… and yes… the biscuits are good even if you don’t always have the fresh Parmesan cheese to add… but they are GREAT when you have the fresh shredded cheese to add… fortunately for me the deli section of Smith’s Grocery (a division of the Kroger Stores family) always has reasonably priced small wedges of Parmesan…

    Keep up the great videos… looking forward to your next outing… whether on foot… Mad Maxx or trike… also glad to hear from Lot’s vlog that she has the start of a delivery service available… perhaps that is an option to consider for the trike business…

    My best to you… Lot… and Hannah Grace…

    PS- Oops… almost forgot this… as for the not getting notifications… I believe you have to be signed in to your Google account (like you have to do to make comments)… I don’t get the notifications if I’m not signed in to my account… but when I stay signed in the notifications do pop-up…

  37. You made me cook pancakes this morning, lol 😝‼️ it’s been a while since I made some. I prefer hungry jack over bisquick as it is light and fluffier.
    Tell you what, if things opened up next year and we can go, I’ll bring you all the stuff you mentioned in this vlog as my “pasalubong”! Like the real Parmegiano Reggiano . I know exactly how it is to crave for native food ; unlike when I was in California where there’s an abundance of native food. Being here in the inland northwest is like being back in the early ‘80’s where there’s almost non-existence of native products. I can’t even drive to Seattle to get stuff because of this covid19. If there’s anything from Philadelphia that you crave and I can bring, please let me know‼️

  38. I’m looking forward to moving to the with my wife in about 2yrs. and not knowing about much and not owning much…My life will be better!!! Keep on vlogging love it man!!!

  39. Notification i never get. You got scammed San fernando were my Filipina lived for while. Could this be same girl? i had stupid on my forehead buying her thing paying 100$ rent. Thank God no scam No address number I did not believe her it was true.

  40. I enjoy and appreciate your videos and look forward to the next One been watching for a while now I have a recipe I’m gonna figure out how I can send it to you because I am not on Facebook and I don’t ever plan to be you should be able to get all the ingredients there stay safe brother I too am retired law-enforcement

  41. Brian, i think the reason people just view your videos but they not subscribe is because they don’t want to sign up for a you tube account, which requires an email and mobile phone…..people don’t want to give up such info…..what you think?

  42. Thanks for this video, I’ve seen the Eurotel hotel is now reopen… I will be staying there when i get back home as i have been every time when I’m in Pampanga… It’s affordable for me also nearest of everything like if i want to get food just walking distance… Hopefully by 2021 everything would be back to normal and I can travel NO NEED to quarantine or to be tested of COVID-19…. Again thank you for your vlog 👍👍😊 be safe and family….

  43. Believe it or not am addicted to your videos and this one was great go on find interesting details of every life matter food drinks or even general mater

  44. It seems, by default, youtube notifications default to personalized. I would test it out. I just checked my notification settings and it was set to personalized on your channel and I know I clicked the bell. I changed it to all.

  45. You are driving me crazy i do your same walks almost every day. But now trapped in the states. You can find US pancake mixes at Marquee Mall and big containers at S&R , i get it quite often. Of course out of stock some times. The deli you talk about in Korea town is H&M deli next to BPO , the best deli meat , cheese and sourdough bread in town. Thanks for your walks helps me keep hanging on, cant wait to get back home.

  46. Sorry i posed before you showed up. The parking lot is full because they are next door at Korean shops. Really good smoked turkey and salami. They are the best

  47. I have not received any notifications for over two weeks and did what you suggested to no avail. You speak well, the topics are interesting, and you’re a fair-minded person. Thank you for sharing your life with us. Peggy in Los Angeles, Calif.

  48. Doughboy but was a good video. Yea your right living here we don’t think about some of those things. Last time I was in the Philippines and I ate shrimp made me sick as a dog. Maybe it’s just me. Lost 50#. Needed to lose but just not that way. You take care.

  49. I unsub from alot of people cause of notifications….just too many. No way i could get through all the videos in my free time to watch youtube….so i have to be choosy to who i sub too. Cause i do that i do get alot of SUB IT IS FREE…..yes i know it is….one guy released 3 videos a day, foreigner farming in the phillpines….i cant sub to someone like that cause too many videos.

  50. The subscribe bell button is not stupid I like it! Suggestion though, you’re probably just trying it but 5x bell for me is too much! Lol maybe 2 or 3x one in the start and one at the end. Lol! Also like the thumbnail with rambutan lol! It’s funny! Keep up good videos guys!

  51. LOL Brian! Besides between ‘he’ & ‘she’, large number of Pilipinos are also conPused between ‘eP’ & ‘Fee’ (i.e. Prench Pries, Pried Pish, Preeways, Past Pood & last but not the least ‘Pak’ u).

  52. My Filipino wife bought some Rambutan and introduced it to me for the first time yesterday. (Delicious!) Got home and saw that on your video.
    This morning I had Aunt Jemimah pancakes and just heard you mention that on your video too.
    Can you please tell us what we’re having for tomorrow so we’re prepared. Ha!
    Thanks for the great videos, Brian, and Best to the Family!

  53. I love the sightseeing riding around looks pretty nice can’t wait to go to the Philippines again but this covid-19 really messed everything up we have plans to go on our vacation but I guess we have to wait and see what happens thank you for all your videos

  54. I subscribe to several vloggers on here including yours and lately the notifications are not working on my pc but get them on my phone and tablet. No idea what is with that.

  55. Back in the mid to late 70’s we would eat at the Red Lobster in South County in St.Louis . They had a meal called the seafood platter or something for $9.99 and I’m telling you I miss those days !

  56. 8:20 why are there a lot of Koreans in Angeles city? is philippines accepting foreign immigrants from Korea? china? I know they live there and even own property…when you have a city with many Korean restaurant or grocery , furniture store they are there to stay they are not visiting. anyone know the numbers? 10,000? 20K? and this is not just in Angeles btw. anyone been to Korea? do we have filipinos having big business like the Koreans do in the Phils? I’m aware of ofw in Korea its not the same as Koreans in Angeles.

  57. hay good job looks like you are back to yourself today we all have bad days just don’t let the virus restrictions get to you it gets to everyone at some time me included I just set back and say it could be worse keep up the good work we like take care

  58. Hello from a pinoy in Seattle!!here’s one for the stupid comment award!!it not gonna be called AUNT GIMIMA any more because it’s a racist thing now!!the name is being changed!!😃😄😆

  59. Parkson has been open for most of the lockdown but getting to Clark is hit or miss. Just yesterday a security guard refused me. He said that since 8/19 you need to have a Clark address or work permit. BTW – the guys at Parkson til me they are getting two containers in September. I think over the last 6 months they only received one new container of merchandise.

  60. I am laughing. I love Red Lobster biscuits and bought the same mix. I had RBI make them for me but they didn’t taste right. I think maybe they left out the Parmesan. Let us know how they taste.

  61. People don’t subscribe because they’re petty and they don’t want to support you. They want to enjoy the content, make their dopey comments and not give you any credit for taking the time to put yourself out there.

  62. Just trying to figure out if the deli is near Clark? I’m planning on moving to a final home in the Pampagna area and decided Clark would be a good option for me. How are the housing costs currently and I’m wondering if they will go down and will there be some nice homes on the rental market ? I’m 74 in Sept and haven’t been there for almost 6 years now. I bounced around after 2005 and now wish to settle there. What would the best visa to get if I plan on not going out of country? Is it hard to get a resident visa? I’m on one of the first planes when they open up.

  63. H&W is pretty good. They have a lot of British stuff. English hot mustard. Pretty good hot dogs. Real hard to find H&W even after you’ve been there. You gotta look for that BDO bank.

  64. The video quality looks great. Like 4K UHD quality. I love it. Keep it coming. My wife is from Pampanga [Macabebe]. If you can make the visit there. .thank you so much.

  65. Good to see you more cheery this time, Funny thing, my wife says “he” for “she “ and vice versa , it’s so funny you should mention that🤣
    Another great video/vlog. ✌️Peace to you and family.

  66. I am with you on red lobster I used to go for the all you can eat shrimp also.
    But is a motorcycle instructor while i was in the USAF, and also a ridder myself,, You scare the bee Jesus out of me. And i was over their for 2 years at Clark before it was closed, Had a 380 cc Suzuki triple 2 stroke. had it mailed in from Japan, x cop bike. and fast as hell
    And my girlfriend says he for both guys and girls..

  67. If you have or have access to a food processor, you can make your own bisquick mix in about 5 minutes, and if you don’t, that would make a great gift to your wife who would find many, many uses for it, and also, you could make some chessy bisquits with it as well, maybe not as good as Red Lobster, but probably pretty good.

  68. Briaaan…. Lol you have to understand that Pinoys speak a gazillion of languages/ dialects. Mindanao/Visayas speak like Lot ( which is not bad or inferior or anything just different) in Luzon, there’s no vowel sound difference like you’re talking about but then there are a gazillion of accents . Aside from the fact that there are also a gazillion of languages/dialects. Tagalog alone has so many versions much like there are Mexican Spanish, Salvadoran Spanish, castlilian Spanish, etc. Don’t go further, take English, in the states alone, you’ve got the hillbilly English which is so difficult to understand but it does sound unique.

  69. Marinate that steak in soy sauce,7up, garlic, & lemon! As far as Red Lobster goes I’m the same way, biscuits are good and the rest sucks! I don’t even know why they ever put a Red Lobster here in New Orleans, never could understand that other than getting a few older people to dine in. 👍🏼🇺🇸🇵🇭👍🏼

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