Three Amazing Must See Sites in Chiang Rai Thailand

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  1. Love watching your videos…living the good life in Thailand. Happy you are enjoying your retirement to the fullest.

  2. VERY Nice ,, The Wat are beautiful,,, and the area around it too,,,, I want to take Boom there next visit to Thailand ,,Oh Yea –do you have an Hz Setting on your camera–Mine allows me to change between 50 cycles and 60 Hz to cut down on the Flickering Lights,,, Anyway Good job as always –Randy + Boom !

  3. I’m not a Buddhist but my wife is and I have been to many Pagodas and I’ve got to say I feel very relaxed spiritually when I have visited them. Nothing on such a grand scale as this or as modern . They do not seem to be as elaborate in Vietnam as they are in Thailand. Stay safe .

  4. What Huai Plakang, looks very Chinese, with the Dragons and Phornixes and Guan Yin (Goddess of Mercy). I am sure when the Chinese return they will throng here.

  5. Hello Joe and gift. Wise words and good to hear I believe at 5:35😎✌️ hope to get there soon and have a coffee and a beer with some green curry over rice . Thanks 👍

  6. Around 5:25, In this situation, Joe you made a statement from the heart. That heart belongs to great passionate person, you!! I believe in people and think of others, I see you have the same mindset. Thank you for letting the viewers know you are real good person by being your natural self!

    You and Gift have a wonderful trip and adventures always. See you in a couple of years when and if I get to Thailand.

  7. why did u not show the wood carvings of the Buddha image at the first place you visited they where more beautiful than what you showed graham in Masai


  9. In English the administrator of a Buddhist temple is the Abbot of the temple.
    Very cool video of some very beautiful temples! Thanks for sharing!

  10. hi joe/gift amazing looking temples the detailing and craftmanship is extraordinary .i.v been to the white temple,,,the others are on my list 🙏🙂👍

  11. Gift, The White Temple Walkway meaning: As you walk up towards Heaven’s doors, those people who did not make it to Heaven and went to hell/pergatory are crying out and reaching out, begging for water in their containers to drink. They are begging for help…but it too late. The Yin Yang sign is on the Pathway/Walkway: Life & Death, Good & Evil, Heaven & Hell.

  12. Hi gift and joe u are right all temples in Thailand are beautiful and well made hope you are both well stay safe from frank in the uk London

  13. Title says it all and they are all beautiful..the elegant beauty of the blue temple is a sight to fact all 3 are..this was a nice video to watch and enjoy..In the first temple were you and Gift able to go into the other strucure and see all the hand carved buddas..on each floor.

  14. My wife n I visited both the white n black temple 2 yrs ago. The Blue Temple must b a late addition to Chiangrai .how far is the Blue n White temple from each other Joe ? As usual beautiful coverage. Many thanks .🙏🙏

  15. Those Temples are amazing. Almost beyond description. I told my Wife May be we should build a house in Chang Rai instead of Korat. She says Chang Rai is too smoky, that they burn a lot there and the mountains hold the smoke. What do I know. Anyway very nice.

  16. I had no idea Chiang Rai is so beautiful. And what a place to have all these great temples. So finely carved. Can’t imagine what it takes to keep them so clean. What a great share this is. Thanx.

  17. Lovely blue temple love Thailand ,I regret that I had to cancel my big trip to Thailand and Australia in October ,hope for beter times thank you. lovely vlog thanks 🙏👍🏻🌹

  18. Fantastic video the temples are amazing it was so quiet at the white temple when I was there it was packed thanks heaps carnt wait for the next adventure take care daz

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