1. That was awesome , specially the very end with those ( 3 ) northern Vietnam girls . Awesome 👍🏻🙏✌️👏👋🏻😁👍🏻.

  2. LOL those are some lively ladies! They’d make a fun sitcom I’m sure.
    Context on why they kept saying no after the fruit was already split then later insist that Troy eats too: In Northern Vietnam, it’s polite to invite someone to eat, however it is kind of expected that you don’t actually take up on the offer, so they hesitated because they were not sure which kind of offer it was (also they thought Troy meant “eat a piece with him” instead of “eat everything”, which is more of the norm if someone really insist you eat with them in the North). It’s also polite for Vietnamese people anywhere, north or south, to share treats, so they felt bad when Troy didn’t eat and made sure he has some.

  3. Look at the way she cut and peeled that melon! I would simply cut it in slices and eat it off the rind. I spent four years in Cambodia and I’ve learned so much, from better/easier way of cutting fruits to tying plastic bags around with a rubber band. Things in life were simplified after that.

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