Touring the Visayas of the Philippines :)

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  1. Hi Henry,I really do envy your life there in the Philippines,really enjoy your video’s
    and hopefully one day i will be able to have the resources to emulate your lifestyle there in that beautiful country.
    Hope you enjoy your tour,and i will keep tuned to see your travel’s,thank’s for your video’s.

    1. “The man who clings to nothing, is capable of anything.”  With the right focus, it can happen.   Like my ex-wife used to say, “Shoot for the stars and you’ll at least make it to the Moon.”  🙂

    2. Thank you for your reply,very much appreciated.
      look forward to your video’s all the time.
      and i respect the work you put into doing them .

  2. Sounds like a great plan.  I spent a few days in Dumaguete last year and liked it.  Me and a few friends will be in Cebu City next month, maybe will see you around.  

  3. I had similar experience in Cebu, Gossiping about my background, its best to live a place after six months even if one gets fun at home or outside….

  4. Hey there Henry its Marcus from down under here. Have a bloody fantastic time on tour mate, keep the posts going and vids as well. 
    I am coming over to the Philippines for my 3rd visit in May from the 7th onward , I’m doing a bit of a roving holiday this time going to Manila for a night or two then Illigan City then maybe Palawan because I friggin love the place. However in the interest of consuming copious amounts of alcohol I may look you up in Moalboal.
    Anyways GODSPEED to the scooter warrior and be safe mate…

  5. Hi Henry ! When in Iloilo I recommend jumping on a boat out to guimeras island. Very clean and lush. The beaches are nice. The best mangos!!

    1. I used to know a guy who lived in Gamaras.. he said it was very tranquil.. and that there were definitely cobras there so.. still weighing out that decision.  🙂

  6. i am sure this will be interesting trip looking for your videos about it your opinion is so much important for me about the areas you will visit . yes Davao is missing and bagio 

  7. Sounds like things are going to be interesting. Personally, I would have informed the landlord about my USA trip, and I’d probably also have left a house sitter.

    1. The landlord knew I’d be coming back when I first left, and we’d made arrangements for rent, utilities.. all that was in place when I left.  But I didn’t know that people were feeding the landlord bad information while I was in Calif, or that they’d believed it so.. it turned out the way it did.  But, the way I see it, it was a blessing in disguise as I will now be free to do this Visayan Tour.  🙂

  8. Hi Henry. Sounds like you will be having a great time. I heard that you visited Popz for a while. How did that go? I think he mentioned you in his latest video. Have you seen it? Anyways, Enjoy your adventures out there and be careful.  I am hoping to be out there sometime soon to stay.

    1. I haven’t met PopZ in person ever, had maybe one or two quick emails with him at his channel last year.  Seems like a nice guy though.

  9. I never would have guessed that you were notorious and on the run … haha.  Your youtube vlogger masquerade and “hide in plain sight” strategy is brilliant!

  10. I spent about 3 weeks in Carcar with my wife’s family. Visit the church and have some of the best lechon in PI. The West coast of Cebu is pretty awesome. That would be a great ride at sunset. 😉 Great update…

  11. If your staying three months you should practice your pronunciation of Philippine place names, i.e. Moalboal is not pronounced Mole-bowl it’s pronounced Moe-all-bow-all. Good luck.

  12. Hi Henry,  Make sure you check out Kawasan Falls in Moalboal. Later in your southbound travels, I suggest you visit Oslob, where they have whale sharks.
    I’ll be on vacation in Santander Cebu with my Filipina/American wife from April 6 – 20. It’s my wife’s home town and we have a small western style home there on the main road (national highway). Santander is at the southern tip of Cebu, a 25 minute boat/taxi ride from the outskirts of Dumaguete (weather permitting). If your schedule overlaps ours, it would be our pleasure to have you visit us.  

    1. I’ll have to check that out.  Maybe I’ll go once with camera/video and then return without that stuff so I can enjoy swimming without worrying about where my stuff is.  I’ll be in Moalboal about a month or so.

  13. GREAT IDEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!. I go to Thailand and always go some place different. I hope you make it to Davao in Minidano..The woman are the most beautiful there.

    1. Yah.. I am familiar with Mactan and much of Cebu, Bohol.. but I don’t want my experience to get into a ‘rut’ of sticking with what I know.  I want to continue venturing out into areas I haven’t seen.  🙂

  14. Good luck Henry and thank you for sharing your videos.  Just don’t forget to keep an eye out for the weather as rainy season is coming in two months and you know what that means.  When I was young, typhoon paths rarely crossed the Visayas but with the climate changing,  the paths are now mostly crossing the Visayas and Mindanao region.

    1. Me too.  I gave it a lot of thought since things changed upon my return.  It’s the right time and, while it has it’s risks.. I’m just not ready to settle down in one spot just yet.  🙂

  15. ROAD TRIP!!!! YEAAAAAA I too vote for some time in Palawan and I hear there is a pretty good expat crowd in Bacalod that like it there.On the other hand Davao 
    Bob and others love it down there. I guess if someone has put down roots somewhere that they like it. I had planned to do just this sort of trip myself till I found my slice of heaven, Good luck on your trip and stay safe. 

    1. I checked out his video where he gave me a little mention.  I have no clue where or when I’ll be anywhere, just gonna play it by ear.  🙂

  16. I do admire you greatly Henry, for being fearless and so adventurous. You
    are in the midst of people’s you don’t know that well, and perceived as being
    somewhat of a wealthy American in their eyes. I would be worried about getting
    jumped and robbed or beaten up. You don’t know how the police system works
    there, so your kinda vulnerable. ( I would think)
       On the other hand, because of your personal disposition and being so open
    and friendly, it’s unlikely you would have a problem. People can sense when your
    unsure of yourself or have fear, and you seem to fit right in. I’d like to do something
    like what your doing, but I’d always be looking over my shoulder. Good luck and
    good health to you this year–love your videos. You know your adventures would
    make a good reality program on TV–I think a lot of people would tune in.

    1. I suppose it’s all a matter of perspective.  To me, all those risks are present even if I stay in one place.  I might as well roam about a bit since I have no family or g/f-wife to care for.  One thing that helps here is basic street-smart survival habits.  I’d say 99% of the situations I encounter have been very positive and enjoyable.  🙂

  17. you will love domungetti, it has some cool spots.  when you get to bogo please look me up.  in the evenings you might catch me at pizza point or pantilon but if you ask for the big white farmer most foreigners know me

    1. Add me on facebook to keep in touch.  I’ve been to Bogo several times but only to the province areas.  It may be later in the year that I pass through there.  Search me on fbook at;  ‘Reekay’.

  18. Haha! Welcome to the Philippines, Henry. Gossip, gossip, gossip. Silly Filipinos 🙂 Great idea about going on tour. Enjoy and always be safe. Cant wait to see future vlogs on your travels.

    1. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines can  you give me some back ground on Surigao city Surigao Del Norte area. I have never been  to the Philippines but  there is a girl I know  from there whom I have been in contact  with for about 7 yrs. We have become romantically interested. I hope  to visit there next year

  19. Hello, I have been following your adventure for almost 11 months now. First I want to thank you ! I also wanted to let you know I live in Dumaguete with my husband 2 sons and ours dog’s from Canada. Would love for you to stop bye or meet us for dinner, I know I have never commented before this lol and it must sound crazy! In my defense I am shy lol, if not again thank you for all your info, as you seem down to earth and trustworthy 🙂

    Tracy Mcdougall, subscriber.

  20. Your right about that Henry- “street smarts” is 98% of the game. You
    always have to keep your antenna up, to sense any trouble. I’d rather
    be there than in the rough parts of Chicago or LA. As one of your
    readers pointed out, there are cheap places in Boracay–just not with
    Ocean view etc. Since it’s acclaimed as one of the world’s most beautiful
    beaches, it be nice to see you make a stop there, and tell us viewers
    what you think of the place??? I’d love to go there-pics are gorgeous.

  21. Awesome videos! Thanks for giving us ideas and tips… I really envy you ,and I’m pretty sure there are others too.. That’s how to live life, not like me here in the US, all year in the office, living pay check by paycheck. saving money for my pathetic 2 weeks vacation. smh! Please continue to keep posting videos. Love it!

    1. I feel very lucky.  I did ‘the routine’ back in the States, mostly for the sake of my kids who were younger then and needed a stable environment.  But now that they’ve gone on to babies, college and business.. even they said it was time for Dad to find his own new adventures.  🙂

  22. Thank you for your time and words
    I look forward to seeing your updates and you really pack alot of information in each video……B safe B careful and God Bless

  23. That’s funny I was there over 24 hours and slept in a nipa hut and didn’t come across cobras. But I did bump into a water snake while snorkeling. Omg.

    1. Now that I’ll be on tour this year, I’ll be staying at a larger variety of places across the Visayas.  I’ll include some lodging reviews along with prices as I go along.  🙂

  24. Good work Henry! I am looking forward to what you would say about Dumaguete! I had similar cities in mind to retire at. I am in Davao now but the next step would be Dumaguete then Puerto Princea depending on who might kick me out 🙂 Stay safe!

  25. Hi Henry, love your spirit of adventure. coming to Philippines soon and was hoping to meet up.Guess  that’s not gonna happen now ha ha. Enjoy your tour, looking forward to sharing your feedback on different places.

  26. Hello Henry, I am enjoying your adventure very much. Salamat. I have twice in the last few years visited the Philippines, and intend to retire there come 2015. Stay safe, and keep up the great perspectives you are sharing.

  27. El nido on Palawan! Touristy, but go inland a short jaunt to El Nido proper, and the hotels become affordable. as a base, one can find spectacular scenery nearby. All according to youtube of course. Not sure what the foreigner surcharge would be like:

  28. Have you had LANSONES yet?  and MAKOPA? It’s a Philppine’s tropical fruits..Try it! tell me what you think.. For Makopa is mostly grown in Bagio the upper part of the Philippine  map

    1. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines Hey! kamusta kana ba dyan kabayan? Masarap ba ang buhay mo sa bayan namen.?  I’m in Minnesota right now,..I miss my Island a lot…And you my friend is a very adventures.. So, free like a bird…  I miss my lansones..I’m from pampanga province.

  29. Good day my name is Jaymz from Canada done already what your planning on doing been now to 11 different islands been a blast also bought a motorcycle everything has been very good   the people are always helpful  take care just watch out for the traffic he he

  30. if you ever decide to go to big island/luzon,get in touch w/me and i can get some of my family members to assist you if you need any help or whatever.there is a lot of military history there.if you every watched WWII documentaries about the war there..corregidor is the spot.stay over night and relax on the hotel viranda overlooking the island.i wanted time to freeze while i was sitting there.thanks for vids

  31. Recommend when you’re in northern Cebu, at Bogo, take the Hagnaya ferry and explore Bantayan Island – beautiful beaches and peaceful. (Stay at the nature preserve north of Santa Fe). After Bantayan Island, don’t miss far northern Cebu and Daanbantayan region, and finally – since you’re in the neighborhood, catch a boat to Malapasqua Island for real tranquility, scuba, snorkel.  I really enjoy your videos and appreciate your thoughtful and useful sharing!

  32. Wow Henry changes… looks like you had a good time in US and gained some weight lol. I just got back to the US after 5 mths in PI and Thailand. Was hoping we would be able to meet up but the disasters seem to Change every plan I made.. Take care and we will all be waiting for your next adventure and new discovery.

  33. wow I can’t believe I spent so much time just for this clip. You are an amazing guy with so much life and excitement. Keep going Henry….

  34. Me and my asawa spent several days on Palawan and it was beautiful! I really wish I could have spent more time there. Puerto Princesa has much to offer but outside of the city it does not take long to outrun the power grid. Have to visit the Underground River if you have the chance. 

  35. All your stuff was crammed into one room?…could it be possible that the landlord simply had someone else move into the space while you were gone, and that the rumors were just an excuse(possibly made up) to explain why the landlord had someone else in there?

    1. The house was still vacant when I arrived.  But by the time it was all sorted out, I found it better to just find a different place to stay.

    1. I did tell them, but ‘gossip’ got around while I was gone.  Around here, gossip is easily believed by most people.  Doesn’t matter, it all worked out and I moved to Dumaguete where I’m enjoy life here.

  36. I suggest you give Palawan a go and while you’re at it….check out my island…Panay.  Iloilo is a big city which is why I spend almost all of my time out in the province on the farm in Lambunao.  I’m a farm boy from Ohio which is why I love it out there in the country  🙂

  37. hej how aer you,i need your help i see almost your many program,realy i buy ticket from philippines, i want to go cebu and lapu lapu, can you give any reference i found home or livning place seprate in lapu lapu,i am i reach in 5 novmber,2014. i am from sweden,thanks for you if you help me for livning place, and some good resturant for eating in lapu lapu

    1. @Ahmad Ali @Ahmad Ali
      as for good places to eat near lapu lapu.. i would suggest the Family
      Restaurant, near Tamiya and the airport.  Also Manny Fe’s BBQ, near the
      Grand Mall.  Also The Landaw, over in Cordova about 10 minutes from Lapu
      Lapu.  Another favorite of mine is the Maribago Grill in Maribago, also
      near lapu lapu.

    2. @Ahmad Ali @Ahmad Ali
      if you don’t mind paying a higher price, you can view apartments/condos
      for rent online via or .  but if you really
      want to find a deal, you need to canvas the neighborhoods looking for
      ‘Rent’ signs.  I cover this in more detail in this video; 
      Finding an Apartment in the Philippines

  38. At the tip of Negros Island lies one the world’s best known marine havens, Apo Island boasts of 650 species of fish and over 400 species of corals maintained by the community of local fishermen. Visitors can experience the island’s beauty by snorkeling and diving for a fee that is used to keep the sanctuary clean. The island has been listed as one of the top 100 diving spots in the world by Sport Diver Magazine back in 2008. 

    Visit us:

  39. Hi Reeky,
    l would give Roxas City a miss. Compared to Dumaguete there is nothing much there. They have a ‘baywalk’ but it’s a poor imitation of the boulevard in Dumaguete. It’s also located a couple of km outside the town centre.

    1. i got as far south as dumaguete, thinking i’d be there maybe 4 months.. stayed for a year then moved to bacong. but palawan is def on my list. 🙂

    2. Funny I commented thinking this was from recent then I noticed it was from 3 years ago! 🙂 Glad I’m on top of things. Did you ever make Palawan? I went there last year for a month. I could retire there!

    3. i will be resuming the tour around summer. still undecided if i’ll keep my apartment near dumaguete or not. but i definitely see more travel ahead. 🙂

  40. NIce Video..Im considering doing a trip like this for 6 months to a year in the PI as well in 2019…any major tips, suggestions, time of year to begin, ect? Thanks

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