1. I will not agree to pay only with electronic exchange and will not wear anything to track me. If this is their idea of opening then for me they might as well stay closed.

    I wonder if I am an oddity or mainstream. Time will tell.

    Can someone please explain the difference between a false positive test and an individual who is asymptomatic? If one is asymptomatic it would seem to me that the only evidence of infection would be a test. So if the test is wrong then they really are not even infected. Hmmmmmm?

  2. Sounds incredibly horrendous! I am praying these are only temporary measures. Bought my ticket to go back home to Cebu in March 2021. If this craziness persists, I will cancel again. You sound tired. Please take care

  3. Doesn’t sound like a vacation with a wrist monitor. Sounds more like an arrest or probation. Wonder if it will zap ⚡you if you don’t spend all your money. Lol. I can imagine the think tank behind this… We need their money, but let’s track the foreigner like this is communist China, even in the CR.

  4. Hi Rod, i guess this rule will not apply to expats such as myself, married to a Filipina citizen and owning property there, only those visitors going there on vacation. This will have a negative effect on tourism revenue methinks. Warm regards amigo. Bob.

  5. I am in Bohol,, from what I am hearing things will not be Pleasant here in the Philippines until there is a proven Vaccine,, so unless you have plenty of time to do the 14 day Quarantine you might want to write the Philippines off for the next couple Years.

  6. Hello Rod
    Yes no USA into Thailand.
    RFID isn’t looking good either.
    The recovery for the Philippines is not V or U shape, but a leading economist said it’s going to be a long slow L….that’s not good. This is partly attributed to the increasing CV rate appearing again in Manila. He also mentions the local chiefs aren’t helping the situation but are making it worse
    Sadly, it’s over not just for the Philippines it’s world wide.

  7. If you have family I can understand why you want to come to.t he philippines . If not no tourist wants to travel to come here and be under travel restrictions and be under control !!!!! So the depression will continue to get worse!!! If not for family I think that most would leave!!!

  8. Thank you for the update. It seems like a lifetime ago, when I was young and I’d watch the news for useful information. Now it’s sensationalism.
    But I look forward to your uploads. Your videos give me that old feeling of being informed with reliable information. It’s relaxing, informative and sets me at ease. You always have something to say that pertains to me. Thanks.

  9. Big Rod lol, I usually don’t comment but, but you forgot about trysikads, pedicabs and local transportation. Haha no RFID no paperless with locals. I will cover this on my channel

  10. The people that are sick will not go to a testing place cause like you said they want to be around family and friends. the idea is good because some people want peace of mind but testing should be mandatory to weed out those who don’t believe they have a problem. it’s a great idea to have a point of entry tracking and the wrist band, money is one of the dirtiest things you handle all those little COVID germs hiding out in your cash just waiting to infect you and others. I think a lot of businesses will be impacted but were not living in the old world that much it’s a new set of parameters now and everyone has to adapt.

  11. RFID wrist bands to track us day/night/24/7?? And attached to a debit/credit card? And it’s MANDATORY!?? Makes Big Brother and the CCP look like amateurs. No stinkin’ way!!!

    And if they persist, something tells me there may be a lot of unexplained malfunctions with these evil devices…

  12. The rules change constantly in the Philippines on again off again, even with all the challenges I’m still enjoying my stay here! The locals make it worthwhile, just go with the flow it will improve eventually! I hope hehehe

  13. Rod, I have spent more hours listening to professionals covering all of the false information on the kung flu.
    Stop for just one minute and ask your self this, if 2 people live in the same home, why would they need a divider between them well on a motor bike? The elections are November 3rd for the President in the USA they (democrats) are hellbent on getting back in the Whitehouse at any expense. There is more to this then you can imagine. It is designed to destroy the economy then they will say look at how poorly the economy is with Trump as your president. I have herd all kinds of stories about false positives in testing.
    Bill Gates is the largest contributor to the world health organization. I have heard him in speeches saying the problem with global warming is overpopulation. And the best way to reduce population is threw inoculation.
    Please don’t take any shots thinking you are helping to protect yourself. Please watch some videso on YouTube about why you should not take any shots. Why do you think autism is at a rate of 1 in 30 when just 30 years ago it was 1 in 3,000 . Rod, I love you and want you around for a long time. I did not want to send this but when you don’t know, someone has to speak up. One last thing, President Trump pulled out of th World Health Organization.

  14. Yes sir, those ‘rider barriers’ for motorcycles could be very dangerous, faster speeds more so i would say having been riding since 1967.
    Speaking of bikes, I have not been able to contact that American with the red Harley for sale, if you should see him…?
    Rod, how do these new rules impact us long term visa holders? I’m married a local (thank you Lord)

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