Traditional Thai House 10,000 Euro ($11,000 USD) – Update additional info

In this video I bring you back to Khao Ta Mong Lai village, Khiri Khan Prachuap Thailand for an update on the traditional Thai house and to get the contact information of the house builder.
Link to my previous video “Traditional Thai House 10,000 Euro

For more info on the house that you see in this video, copy and paste the following link to your Facebook search bar; C101 ขายบ้านไม้&บ้านสไตล์โมเดิร์นไม้ฝาเฌอร่า You can also call this phone number within Thailand 0830641300 or if you have line you can send the builder a message and he will use goggle translate, or you can have someone call that speaks Thai. Gift called the gentleman and the company is located out of Nong Kaeo, Mueang Roi Et District, Issan Thailand. He said that prices start at 300,000 Thai baht and delivery is free for the first 500 KM. There is additional cost for delivery outside of 500 KM zone.

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