TRAITORS working for Communist Chinese Government?

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  1. serpentza, check out American John Wear’s “Wear’s War” website for accurate, non-propaganda facts about WWII from both the German and Anglo-American angles. Why do 99% of us get our ‘history’ lessons from hollywood movies and series and captured MSM?

  2. Loghtning struck twice…..again!…imagine wonderland WHERE ALL is possible ….even get inprisoned for meditating …or KIDS dont allowed TO go Kindergarten when grandma meditate ??? Wtf. Germany follows slowly china i fear…

  3. Great insight into how CCP influence and Racism in China is state sponsored. The way the CCP destroyed all the Muslims’ properties and enslaved them in the camps seems to be tolerated by the world.

  4. I can’t agree more with you, even though i REALLY don’t want to. I have LOVED JaYoe’s videos, and I truelly believe he is highly underrated as a YouTuber, his travel-videos are amazing and his Drone-Skills are out of this world. But i’m also aware that he has spend MANY Years trying to grow his channel, sadly enough without too much success, I know he has committed himself to his Family in China which is more than respectable. But it is painful to see that he has chosen the easy path of doubling his Channels subs by going the ‘subsidized’ path. His channel grew 2x ever since he took on the paid trips and his comments changed from genuine to 80% WuMao bullshit, his channel went from a beautiful piece of art to absolute bullshit and all he is focused on is the amount of traction he’s getting. Don’t get me wrong, I understand his struggle, he has been working so hard to get his channel of the ground for MANY years and I really think it is not fair that he never got the amount of attention he should have gotten, no offence SerpentZa and LaoWhy86 but the quality of his videos, the cinematography often surpassed both of your videos. But now he is stuck forcing himself to believe his own bullshit, it is a vicious circle that I really wish he wouldn’t be in. Matt is a well versed, broad thinking amazing guy and it is hard to see him choose this path, but at the same time i can’t blame him … am I the only one in this thought?

    And no, i’m not some random internet-troll / keyboard-warrior, i’ve talked to Matt on WeChat and have had great conversations with him before … I’ve lived in China for 5 straight years …

  5. You are so right. In Australia we had to make quotas when buying baby formula as locals are missing out. But now Chinese companies are buying the Australian baby formula companies.
    Luckily our government has woken up to their (Ccp)dirty tricks.
    We are paying the price for standing up, they hope that we will surrender.
    I am concerned if we have a government change.

  6. When I was there there in the 80s. We took the tours of factories and communes. We did sneak out and take our own tours of the neigborhoods. We only brought back slides back then but nothing is new.

  7. I do remember that communists’ propaganda of fake success in Poland. Westerners do not realise which direction they are wish to go to. Communism is the worse virus.

  8. I sat through the entire 73 minutes of this video and I thought it was very well put together and very convincing. For me, the only member of the Shill Squad that had any gravitas was Jayoe Nation and the question was always ” Is he being dishonest or is he really that naïve ?” I think the answer is that he is not naïve. Good work SerpentZA.

  9. Hey Winston, just wanted to point out something very interesting that you touched on for just a brief second in this video. You mentioned the local video sharing platforms in China and how it is difficult as a foreigner to create profiles on them due to their being certain requirements such as an ID card etc. I don’t think I’ve ever heard this before and would be extremely interested in a video discussing the way social media works in China, it seems very foreign to me as a westerner that an ID card would be used online considering in the West the majority of people are trying to be anonymous when posting online. The implications are obvious since the CCP tracks everything, but I’d be interested in what other things they use to limit and track individuals through their social media accounts. Love the longer videos btw, thank you!

  10. Interesting and informed as usual. Benn watching your stuff for ages now, but the recent stuff about the CCP is worthy of mention (and widespread sharing for those not in the know!)
    I’ve seen a few videos from the Barrett’s and honestly – I think (the older one) is just fabulously naive – It hits you as soon as the videos start. Also, the sheer amount of edits in their videos gives you a headache – and doesn’t really inspire trust in their (obviously completely unwritten) speeches/explainers…

    BTW: Enjoyed your ‘Conquering:’ series. Be good to see a follow-up in your future travels 🙂

  11. Once I saw a video from an American living in China. He said that he was happier living in China during the pandemic. He said that nothing was closed. The flood and lack of electricity recently were exaggerated by the US government’s propaganda.

  12. The Barrett guy looks absolutely terrified in everything I have seen him in… My Chinese wife made me watch one of his videos a long time ago and I told her I couldn’t stand to watch it, because the whole time I am debating in my head if he is making these pro-CCP videos under duress or if he is the personification of a weak Chihuahua shivering at its own shadow.

  13. Pressure from the wife. Why wouldn’t a spouse encourage her partner to learn her native language, the language of the country they love and live, so he can communicate with her family? I mean family is so important! I think he may be between a rock and a hard place, and I feel for him, but you are spot on.

  14. I know you probably wont read this comment, but massive respect to you serptenza. You slug through all the insults and assaults on your livelihood and family just to tell the truth. You don’t deserve the hate you get for illustrating the facts of this situation. Stay awesome man.

  15. Sadly it’s just a matter of time before your youtube account will be taken down. It’s now more or less confirmed that talking about these topics are not accepted, especially not on facebook and twitter. If you’re somewhat critical of globalism and china you will be censored.

  16. I am so glad and grateful that you never sold out, Winston, and that you are not the type to do so.

    In many ways, you have chosen the more difficult road, but you have chosen the road of integrity and you stand apart and above for it. Laowhy86, as well, of course.

    Thank you from someone who loves both truth and freedom.

  17. Recognize.. the forigners that always do well in china are the ones that make themselves ‘inferior to chinese and the joke, the jester, .. its no different that how black people were seen’.whatever for that money right

  18. This is a great video and exemplifies exactly why I watch your channel. I do not understand the language and need an honest representation of what is happening. You and Laowhy86 do a wonderful job. <3

  19. I was wondering what you think about the idea that the CCP is not really a Chinese phenomenon, but actually just a prominent manifestation of the globalist cartel?


  21. I think you are a CIA agent or men in black. You always wear suit mostly black suit. If you are not an agent wear T-shirt and jeans and prove that you are not a spy. :))))))

  22. So if you get paid to promote tourism in China, you are a traitor? @serpentza the first videos from you that I have watched are all about China and about you encouraging others to come to China also. Are western tourists in China considered traitorous to their homeland?

    Every country I know promote tourism, that includes the US, UK, France, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, etc. So you are saying that if you are a foreign influencer, you should not be promoting tourism in these other countries? Sorry but that’s just ridiculous. Promotional videos to these countries are as common as water, everyone knows that they are promotional videos to bring in foreign tourists.

    Do you think in a US tourism promotional video for L.A. they would be filming the slumps on Skid Row? Of course not! Then you would be accusing them of being dishonest because they only show you the nice touristy spots in L.A.! It is a tourism promotional video after all.

  23. The existence of this video should be completely unnecessary, because the points you’re making is just plain common sense. The world lacks quite a bit of common sense though, so unfortunately you had to make it anyway.

  24. I considered unsubscribing to Jayoe Nation after I noticed a trend of him posting anti-America videos, but the final straw that made me finally do it was him blatantly lying and slandering you Winston. I thought he was a good guy, and enjoyed some of his content, but once I was presented with the evidence that he lied about being paid to do propaganda for China’s government…I unsubscribed immediately.

  25. I like you’re older posts but now it seems like the only thing that you do is go after China. Like they’re the only thing wrong with the world. You’re not even there anymore. Try focusing on something else for a change. I know going out there Chyna gets a lot of clicks but you really need some new material

  26. Winston..Everytime I think I’ve seen you at your go above..
    Respect you so much bc I know how hard you struggled in China at times..
    Thank you for being moral, telling it straight & as always
    Staying Awesome 😎💕

  27. In the beginning of the video I thought “Well that isn’t so bad, they are just doing normal tourism marketing stuff”, then I saw the “The Problem with Democracy” video lol

  28. I wonder if we’re seeing a lot of wumao comments on youtube? They happen in the middle of the night, and make preposterous claims and attacks. Can’t their “patriots” even do a night shift to manage appearances?

  29. Even tho I believe you speak the truth, Winston, I’ve been warned not to take as truth everything I read on the internet. Xi Xinping and his “thug brigade” seem to think their “Communist” form of government is just what America needs…and they have been infiltrating and forcing their propaganda on our media sources for awhile now. That’s why I don’t take as the truth one iota of what comes out of China…and as for the rest of the Internet…I fact check anything important!

  30. I lived in China for 3.5 years and did not learn any chinese. I worked in the corporate sector and had a lot of chinese staff that spoke chinese. The people that matter in china do not care.

  31. Shite man your from were … Yes South Africa .
    Where is your (I must say acquaintance) FROM.
    (Please don’t say Canada)
    AS.. he is a just simple …Not every one is all grown up
    just cuz they are of age. … Sorry the booze is good and mari bad… Your still young and slow in your own way which is a big part of the beast. Solomon Ash report can clear your training since youth…we all start as puppies.

  32. Sometimes I wonder if the CCP have given problems to your wife’s family that are still in China due to the videos you now make in America about China?

  33. Those performances remind USSR so much. During the day we had parades and demonstrations. And during the night men in black coats visited those who were considered enemies of the regime and they have never been seen after. Freaking communists…

  34. Thanks FOR man LIKE u . “Wisdom Winston”dont explain urself FOR Being experienced enough that they dont see CCP Motto is “cash now no soul later”

  35. Serpentza,
    You are so cool.
    Mad respect for you.
    Couple years ago I wanted to go to China and work as an English teacher for several years.
    After watching your (and C-milk’s) channels for some time I dropped that idea.
    Now I am pursuing IT career in my own country.
    I realized you can’t grow much as English teacher there and can you be kick out country for almost nothing and found yourself with zero new skills but older.
    P.S. I still think China is very cool country. I want to visit it one day (not rn :D)

    I like your integrity. Not that many YouTubers have it as much as you. Mad respect to people like you. I could name only several YouTubers with the same level of it.

    It sounds totally like kissing your *ss , ha ha lol, but I just wanted to point out how important it’s for me.

  36. In a communist economy, where private property is officially non-existent, ultimately, everyone is a government employee, either directly or once removed. Also, there are three highly distinct classes, the Nomenklatura government ruling class officials, the Apparatchiki, high level functionaries, and the proletariat, who are ruled and regulated by the Nomenklatura via the Apparatchik class. Class names may vary by country and culture, but “classless society” communists are not. For example, Nancy Pelosi aspires to be Nomenklatura. James “Corney” aspired to be a loyal Apparatchik ascending one day to the Nomenklatura, and both classes see ordinary Americans as the unwashed masses to be ruled, regulated and used to serve their state.

  37. Absolutely brilliant! I’m glad you used footage from the removed videos as it helps people understand the the full backstory. I’ll bet these guys aren’t declaring their income to the US/UK either.

  38. As you’ve said before, the CCP will suddenly see the high profile foreigner as a having more value to use as an example and sacrificial lamb for an domestic or international political issue and arrest them arbitrarily. They are playing with fire.

  39. Fantastic video, spot on. Bang to rights. Loved the Lord Haw-Haw comment, I was thinking this myself. Keep up your good work for the benefit of the world.

  40. Wow. Great video. Well backed up. Wish there was one for Nathan rich. Likes to pretend he is the expert on china with his authoratative voice and shoddy evidence.

  41. Extremist thoughts , getting new skills?
    Welcome to gulag my fellow friends because it was exactly what they did there 😀
    What was their extremist thought? That CCP is not perfectand they said it out loud. That’s enough reason to get there.

  42. Those kind of CCP puppets will be dropped by the CCP like hot potatoes sooner than later and they will dearly regret it. By then they will have done enough damage. And that is the problem with them.

  43. BISImfWefFed (China has a seat on BIS) has it all arranged amongst themselves. Good bye free speech, free trade, free wild animals & fish, free outer space and soon, free water. Fortunately bureaucrats & civil servants will mess up the best laid plans. Entropy will save the Free peoples of the world!

  44. I think not understanding the Chinese language is probably the most important point, that they have no counter on. Its ok not to be able to read or write Chinese, its super hard, I tried myself, but then you are not as qualified then to be an authority on whats happening there. On the trips you could probably capture a lot more if you can easily listen and read whats going on. That’s why I take some of the things with a grain of salt compared to those who know the language.

  45. I watched a video from Jayoe, end it was him riding his bike from the top of the hill in Taiwan all the way to the bottom with no music or anything and it was very cool he should continue in that direction

  46. 56:00 during that vegetable dance, I couldn’t help but think “I wonder if they had a “kill the sparrows ” dance at one time and everyone just smiled and smiled?”

  47. 17:17 isn’t that what you are doing as well? Constant anti China propaganda to get views from american people and make money from your patreon page? Remember making anti China video doesn’t stop you from making money off patreon

  48. I mean all governments all over the world does the tourist stuff. You could call it propaganda, but that feels a bit dishonest. I mean it is propaganda when Coca Cola pays for adds as well if we are going to be that picky. I have nothing against placing all the corporate adds in to the category of propaganda. But then we have to be true to that idea.
    Just because it is China doesn’t mean that trying to boost the tourism industry is inherently worse.

    Well I can agree that it is a bit dishonest to pretend it is your own opinion and not a commercial. But when was capitalism ever about honesty and integrity lol?

    The sad thing is that China is like a trap when it comes to this. If you do stuff for the local Chinese governments, promoting parts of China, you naturally gain a new audience of Chinese nationalists. What you are left with is to either clown for these people or loose your source of income. :/
    I guess it is a slippery slope in to supporting concentration camps and genocide.

  49. I really appreciate your honest reporting. It is becoming more important than ever to speak out against the CCP. You always make is very, very clear that you love Chinese people, but you hate the CCP. Thanks for the really in-depth video and I wish you all the best!

  50. another reason the non chinese speakers are pro-beijing is because they are low effort losers. to live in another country without learning the language is a sign of a loser. these guys are just there for easy money and cant be bothered to be adults that do responsible things like learn the local language.

  51. it is such a shame that people do not understand any of the social media and how people make the “money”… that people do it, of course I do not blame them as such, but the people falling for it it.. that is so sad…

  52. Great video. YouTube recommended me some of these pro China videos. When i watched them, it was such blatant propaganda i was amazed that the CCP think people with even a basic education wouldn’t see right through it. Sadly, some people will believe the propaganda, so really pleased you made this video.

  53. The Chongqing thing was the first time I was exposed to Barret and Jayoe. Their response to serpent and laowhy seemed so authentic to me that I genuinely bought into a lot of it when I didn’t see a full counter response. Thanks for putting this out there SerpentZa. I joined you this year in the ranks of China content creators to get the message out to my friends and family.

  54. idk who that sellout dude is but my god why does he keep looking like that. hes got a hell of a creepy, intense and uncomfortable gaze. I couldn’t watch that shit

  55. This is a ridiculous assertion. As a senior tourism strategist from Australia we did exactly the same thing with foreign “influencers” ….even Chinese. Spinning this as just “communist” propaganda is disingenuous. Every other country does the same.

  56. Winston… as one that wrote for the China Daily ‘back in the day’, you have to admit to one other possibility: They could be ‘True Believers’.

  57. Well Done Winston, I think this has to be one of your Very Best videos EVER, I have noticed the video for the two people but Never watched because I was guessing there wrong about you for whatever reason. I thought I will wait to see if Serpentza makes a video in response or to explain things, and you have done. FANTASIC it all makes sense and you have shown up these fools for what they are, so they can stop making excuses now, again FANTASTIC JOB. Gold Star for you my son. 😀😀😀😊🎆🎇✨❤💛💚💙💜

  58. Go on, Winston! We need more people like you! Thank you for exposing the truth to the rest of us!!!!

    For anyone who’s listening, the fall of China is simply money. China’s “god” is money. Simple. Offer them more money, and they’ll give you their loyalty. Not different then mercenaries.

    “He who has the most money, commands the most loyalty.”

    Everything you need to turn any intelligence officer is cold hard cash…..

  59. Adam Carolla calls this situation “Stupid or liar”. Are you lying or are you so stupid you actually are this naive? Tis one or the other. Great video Serpentza.

  60. ‘The older Barrett is a bell-end.’
    -That quote is on par with ‘turd warrior diplomacy’.
    Looking forward to many more classic lines from Winston in 2021.

  61. 15:13 then antifa, blm, and minorities should be put in re-education camps… oh, wait, Biden-Harris wouldn’t do that, they’d put conservatives and the right inside them, or every single individual they consider to be a “Nazi”, which is anyone who doesn’t agree with them.

  62. Oli说汉语的水平突飞猛进。他肯定努力努力学习。Lee说英语的办法很有意思,尤其是他的modalizing和modalization。serpentza 可以向他取经,好像儿子Oli这样做。这些外国网红解码学习汉语的幸福。

  63. Thank you for the education. Not that I watch any other YouTubers out of China. It was interesting I ran into you and see milk on YouTube about 5 years ago just on random streaming about motorcycles. It’s been a wonderful and interesting road. Keep up the quality content

  64. What I noticed is in those videos China always sound so nice no jackhammer sounds or honking horns. How?

    I only watch Jayoe sometimes because I miss China at times and the exploration.

  65. 1:07:12 “he is young” .. he is not a kid … he is an adult … that is not an excuse. If this in some circle projection is to condone ones youthful blindness and getting exploited by professional manipulators and be kept in a blissful yet ignorant state. Well this will not help anyone in his youthful position there.
    Call it as it is. actions have consequences .. the harsher and faster the fails the more one has the tiny opportunity to grow from them as an adult. If he were a kid the responsibility would shift towards the parents to instill this growth.

  66. I am pretty plugged in to American politics and somewhat global politics and less so the west in general but my prediction is that Winston and laowhy86 are going to play a key part in the future of relations between China and the west. This content is so important but so hard to get Normies to understand.

  67. I can’t get enough of Richard the Ginger Boss, he is so funny 🙂

    Thnks for the video really interesting and enjoyed listen to you for more than an hour:) keep up the good work!!

  68. It’s also unbelievable that this gray haired Canadian YouTuber is defending China all the time while 2 of his fellow countrymen are kept hostage by the CCP. Be a man and give up your Canadian passport and get a CCP one.

  69. politics mean someone are happy by what you did ( may be US) and another one no happy,
    if you always against china then you are just a US helper ?!?
    you should attack both
    and at same time, tell positive from both side

  70. I checked the comments on two of those videos at 14:30 and I can’t take it anymore! It’s beyond belief that someone ACTUALLY thinks they’re free in China. Simple question: Can you protest against the CCP or Carrie Lam without being arrested?? Yes or no. Jimmy Lai will spend the rest of his life in prison over NEWSPAPER ARTICLES. Think about it, wumaos.

  71. As an American Chinese who was born and raised in China, I should say what you displayed to westerners about the real China is so true, you are those very few westerners who can say through CCP’s tricks they played, everything presented in Chinese state run media are fakes, they are fake news centers, just recently, I noticed a bunch of youtubers are promoting big cities in China in a pretty positive way, they only touch the out layer of Chinese society , how prosperous and vibrant it seems be, it intended to misleading outsiders about real China that is CCP control everything, Chinese don’t have basic human rights at all. the whole country is a giant prison.

  72. I appreciate this coverage, and it’s a shame there are foreigners willing to sell out for the CCP. Sadly the people impacted most will be the ones kept in the dark, prime targets for this CCP propaganda. BUT! The best way to fight wrong is to shine light on what is right, the truth stands on it’s own. Thank you for this coverage of the TRUTH and for acting on your conscience. You have my support all the way!

  73. Guy’s video: “Is the US preparing for war with China?”

    Dude it’s the US, if we’re currently not at war with you, we are preparing for war with you.

  74. I guess you are not a traitor unless there is a “declared “ state of war. Otherwise, it’s free speech, unless there is censorship, then it’s propaganda…

  75. So basically all i have to do is go to china, travel around, eat food and meet nice ladies, and i get paid, while here i don’t have a job and my government doesn’t give me sh*t but is spending $10M on Pakistani gender studies ? I’m all for not being a commie but you gotta wonderWww

  76. Actually, their channels are so unrealistic I always suspected something was not right, it is pretty easy to feel. I am happy you shed some light into how the process occurs in which they seem to be so ignorant of reality.
    I actually have seen only some of their videos then stopped watching because they seem too buyest. It is very transparent that they are somehow tied to the CCP, so don’t be worried anybody will actually fall for anything they say.
    In fact I think they are in a very fragile position and they have to be careful, since they have many goverment eyes on them, if they want in any way not to be targeted by the CCP, in case they want to open their eyes and show the reality to the world like you do, since they live in China.
    But as you say, it is what it is. Don’t take it to your heart however, time and life will show them the truth and what they are involved with.

  77. Of course the government of China is paying for these promotions it’s their country, who the hell is stupid enough to use their own money to promote their own city. Every city around the world would like to promote tourism, but the best way of doing this is collaborating with famous people. Why USA has a lots of tourism, it’s because of the famous movies and music and why Dubai is also famous for tourism it’s because lots of famous and rich lives there.

  78. I’m enjoying seeing how many of these bloggers will ban me. Like the Russian saying China is safe…”so why are you wearing a mask?” BANNED. My favourite was a Colombian commenting on the virtues of Chinese Communism….he says you can get a job in a factory, get a mortgage, buy a car…isn’t that Capitalism? says i. Didnt Marx define communism as the State ownership of the means of production, distribution and exchange? BANNED. And since when did Marx say billionaires should be tolerated? China has over 300.

    As for infrastructure… having lived in China over five years, I was sick of being blown up by gas explosions, or live in crappy apartments with electric wires bare, or their utilities managers charging me 600 RMB for water, per month, when i KNEW it wouldn’t be worth more than 50 RMB. It’s a laowai!!! He won’t know we’re screwing him!!!

    China is corrupt and their intent is to dominate… everyone. CCP go to hell, free China.

  79. the sad thing is the realise it and they know they are living on brought and borrowed time and that one day when they say the wrong thing it will be them that vanishes off the street …

  80. Let’s guess this Brit was university schooled in UK with his leftist ideology. I was there in 65 & saw the blatant leftist indoctrination I knew then,that wasn’t for me. Sadly this rot spread ,if they only knew ! ♠️ 72 expat

  81. I am so glad you said somthing because I asked this question to laowhy86 and I didnt understand why jayoe always said somthing to counter what you and Laowhy said.

  82. Communists (and their sympathisers) are liars and morally bankrupt scumbags. I was gonna add “Also in other news, water is wet”, however in this day and age of data over-saturation people’s attention span lasts about as long as the next meme filled 10 minute sound bite. For many people, this is actually breaking news I’m sad to say.

    Almost everyone I know has already forgotten where the Pooh Virus came from and in some cases, are afraid to speak of it for fear of being labeled racist.

    Communists being communists will lie, cheat, steal, deceive and sometimes kill to protect their lavish lifestyles (see the Kims from NK and Vladimir Putin) and throw anyone under the bus who disagrees or tries to oppose them.

    I have disagreed from time to time with what Winston had said, in particular about Australia, but I highly respect the work he does to make the free world aware of the crapholes communists are and to make sure no one ever tries to impose this “utopia” on the free world.

  83. Thank you so much for the honesty and clarity you present which is sadly lacking in the world today. Big changes are coming for the good of us all however.

  84. Thank you for describing reality so that hopefully more people understand how badly the Chinese people are treated by the ccp.
    Greetings from Stockholm Sweden Europe 😎🇸🇪

  85. These guys, like jayoes, which are belittling themself willingly for easy YUAN will be asked to pay more than they are gaining in the near future by any ways that are beyond them. This is the red NORM of how to work.

    Two ways for them: rush to swallow more circumbers without washing just like jayoes in a rush or think twice before that circumbers are swallowed if need to bite and how to bite.

    These guys are just the ‘loved’ dogs of the red menaces to eat in the ‘winter’ for protecting themself from the cold.

    jayoes, take out your sunglass in that darkness, it can’t be meaning anything other than punishing yourself by your willingness.

  86. China is all fakes and knockoffs. What a lame culture Jesus
    This is why the notion that they will take over as a world leader is ridiculous. You can’t copy your way to a leadership role

  87. I saw you say you were going to make a video on this stuff on Twitter the other day, no idea you’d take the time to carefully go into so much detph on it. Thanks for the excellent coverage and attention to detail Winston.

  88. It’s sad to see those people just sell out their home country for some quick cash and fluff from the CCP. I’m so proud of you Winston for refusing to sell out to the CCP. Your reputation is priceless and you have maintained it with grace and integrity for all these years. You’ve never been jaded by the CCP and it’s stranglehold on the chinese people. These other fools have become a mouthpiece for the CCP and it’s disgusting that they aren’t ashamed of themselves. The CCP needs to be exposed for all of its atrocities, not defended. Those other guys will see eventually they are just a pawn in the CCP’s game and they will be swept under the rug when they are no longer useful.

  89. Gweilo 60 a Canadian was filmed with the rest of them but not mentioned. He pokes out his pro China
    anti western videos as well. He is another paid stooge of the CCP, he drinks a lot of beer
    so I am guessing he will be back here looking for a Canadian doctor sooner or later

  90. Chinese communist party always do such childish things,Gweilo 60’s wife even misdiagnosed cancer by the Chinese hospital,he still doing such stupid things

  91. I could say a lot of things Winston but I’m not wasting my time sometimes it’s best some people learn the hard way anyway that person not in my life anymore and I don’t actually care about that person anymore he basically dead to me if I’m absolutely honest with you..

  92. I used to watch JaYoe after he appeared in my feed for a little while, but it became pretty apparent that he was a stooge for the CCP. I unsubscribed and haven’t watched since.

  93. Very informative. I appreciate the time and effort you have put into this video. I wish you could address the average Chinese individual in China and help them see how they are constantly brainwashed by the CCP.

  94. *Very disappointing people are succumbing to the CCP propaganda machine. Ignorance is no excuse. You should know better if you’re from the Democratic West*

  95. That guy really seems incredibly naive, or he is lying. I spent a year in China as a intern, working on a engineering project. So I was not heavily involved in anything political and I didn’t do White Monkey Jobs or anything like that, but even so, the Chinese company I worked with paraded me around at events quite often and it wasn’t hard to figure out what was going on. When they grabbed me to go have dinner with some old dude and everybody was kissing that guy’s ass and he was behaving like he’s some mighty ruler and everybody around him is lucky to be in his presence and he asked me what I think of the city, or whatever, I didn’t need to be an expert on China to figure out that this has to be some local government official, even though they almost never were introduced to me that way.
    All I ever got was that this is Mr. X or Ms. Y and I was doing one of the people I worked with a favor by meeting them.

    We’re talking about basic perception, picking up very obvious cues and not being a totally oblivious dimwit who doesn’t understand what is going on around you.

    It also only took me a day or two to figure out how opaque everything in China is and that you basically can’t take anything anybody is telling you at face value.
    People tell you they will do something and that is just as likely to mean they won’t do it, but they don’t want to say that and don’t want to talk about it, than it is to mean that they actually intend to do it.
    Everybody I met was introduced as a “engineer” to me and then later I figured out that that “engineer” didn’t do anything else but serve the managers tea and run errands for them all day.
    And so on.

    It also wasn’t hard to figure out the constant office war, back stabbing and conniving that was going on all around me, even though I was never told the truth.

    They always told me stuff like “Mr. A was promoted and will be heading a different project from now on and you need to contact Mr. B, if you need something.” And then I would find Mr. A sitting in a office half as big as his former office and 2 floors lower in the building, wearing a company uniform, instead of a suit, like previously and shit like that.

    Even with my superficial knowledge of Chinese culture and the country, it is baffling to me how someone can be a “China blogger” and believe that the old, well fed and well kempt guy in a suit he meets in some village and who is overseeing some silly propaganda show, is just some old farmer who likes to make TicToc videos.

  96. Just like when we point out people buying chinese goods in shops, don’t want to feel responsible for anything.
    Yes China traps everyone even the most honest people. And when people fall into the trap, they find excuses.

  97. So basically it’s the same as North Korea, where they are on a movie set specially made to Hide the crappy parts and the human rights atrocities. That’s why they’re bussed around to staged perfermances, as that’s exactly what they are!

  98. I remember when I first went to Japan I had a hard time not knowing language so it pushed me to study and learn it. By the time I went my 2nd year I was able to speak and understand at JLPT n5 lvl (most basic lvl)

    I’m also surprised they have been there so long and do not speak at least some mandarin

  99. Must be pretty awful to run from the communists in South Africa, then run from the communists in China, to end up in America… at the beginning of a communist takeover.

  100. Seems that some dudes so much into living the China lifestyle, that they already learnt the concept of “FACE”, ande now are willing doing and saying anything to save their own, specially after being busted. I by some of those chances of life, happened to have watched those exact videos, and couldn’t believe in how much bullshit were being said there. “Could theses guys really believe all this nonsense they are saying?”, was my immediate thought. And, well, the term “traitors” has crossed my mind, I have to confess. (Like, “How come these guys absolut trash their own nations to defend this one that are actively and unmistakably working to destroy them? Are they just stupid, or are they that much in love with this new “home” they chose?”). The bottomline is they are definitively naive, either to actually believe this speech, either being aware of the lies, but yet believing that this exotic nation they now adore will embrace and protect them in the future. I don’t know, just a thought.

  101. All the things you are saying here are absolutely true. I think by now you should understand why the Chinese government in all different layers don’t want to hire the foreigners who speak good Chinese and really understand the Chinese people and the Chinese situation. The more you understand what China is all about, the less valuable you are to them. Also, the more talented and honest person you are, they pay close attention to you. China is a truth triste country. Chinese people live all their life in lies to the point that they lie as naturally as we breathing. Please don’t give up! Thank you!

  102. I wonder if any of those “veggie lovers” asked how much REE was used to fertilize those “dancing veggies” (small print: rear earth elements are heavy metals which have been used for 30 years by the Chinese to improve their agricultural output; they are also added to the animal feed which makes pigs bigger, etc.) – the point is, as heavy metals, the body doesn’t eliminate them, they accumulate in their consumers and potentially cause cancer; how’s that helping the Chinese people?

  103. I kind of feel bad for Matt. I watched his channel for years and it never took off. He’s very outgoing and we’ll spoken but you can tell that something rubs people the wrong way about him. His Mt Everest series of videos exhibits that. People just kind of seem annoyed with him and it’s more than the camera. Then out of the blue he just decided to bend over and take it from the CCP. Painfully obvious. I’m obviously not interested in sticking around for that. Hope he thinks it was worth it many years later when he’s thinking about the left he lived.

  104. Search beijing xiangtang in YouTube,you can see what’s Chinese communist party doing,they rob and destroyed people’s home and property,sell it to construction companies,and corrupt the money,and do it again,that’s where the propaganda money came from ,this kind of YouTuber earned the bloody money,they are not only traitors,they are crimes!

  105. Lee Barrett shamelessly points out Ollie Barrett’s shilling at 52:56 when Lee himself did it for a Kickstarter project back in September… for a fake “American” company IntecGaming. Look up the “Warrior 64” Kickstarter video and read their laughably fake story (“John” in America = “Richard, from England.” You can even see Lee wearing the same “Lee” shirt on his channel.

  106. I’m glad you mentioned “the Streisand effect”. This happened last night whereby I found my partner watching the ADV China podcast from yesterday because she had been watching Uncle Roger’s videos including the collab with the dumpling guy. Seems that youtube directed her to you guys and now she has a better understanding of the CCP tactics. Funny how things work!

  107. Dear Winston,

    You do wear your suit most times, and it looks good on you, but it would look even better if you buttoned the top button of your shirt as well. Otherwise, you could not wear the tie for a more laid-back look.


    A viewer.

  108. 14:44 The guy speaking doesn’t believe what he is saying, tries to hide it but those “don’t look at the camera” eye movements are giving the game away 🙂

  109. It’s a shame that “Living in China” Jason Lightfoot has become a massive shill for the CCP within the last year. I used to enjoy the very casual and raw feeling his content gave off, as well as the fact he seemed to be quite funny, but he just seems insane now!

  110. Money talks, why pay it yourself for anything when everything will be paid, and everything you get in return was top the class!?

    Or simply be “disappeared” like many in 2020, for those know what’s going on in CCP!

  111. PS meant to say, with a non PC heading, YT had put very long ads on this story, I call that “shaddo demonetizing” no bucks but they don’t have to tell you.

  112. I hate this.
    What an irony that it is BRITISH youtubers who are DEFENDING the concentration camps in East Turkistan more known as Xinjiang province in chinese.
    When it was the BRITISH themselves who opened up the FIRST concentration camps in Blomfontein in South Africa during the infamous diamond war or anglo boer war 1899-1902
    It was lord Roberts who opened up the first camp on 2nd august 1900.
    And when lord Kitchener took over the office in september well he opened more camps in Transavaal.

    Another irony in tjis drama is that China is still hurt because of the opium war and who started that war.
    Yes as usual it was the BRITISH EMPIRE who started it in 1839 and it was then the british created the infamous Gun boat diplomacy uuppss another annoying detail those youtubers “forgot” to mention i wonder why lol.

  113. I don’t get why Winston likes to politicize everything related to China? Every state in US has a tourism department or state tourism authority funded by the government to promote and provide tourism information and guidelines. Different IG or TikTok influencers getting paid to promote tourism for different places or endorse a specific product. As long as the influencers are strictly doing for the tourism and the product itself I don’t see anything wrong with it. Just because the local Chinese tourism department is funded by the Chinese government doesn’t mean they are evil. Your video is so biased and full of prejudice.

  114. I feel like it is probably because Matt’s wife is rich, and he can live a better life in China do trading business. Maybe that is why he likes China, cause he got a wealth life

  115. Fantastic video Winston! I think this really shows how Google and other large Internet corporations have become our new mass media. As such, they need to be held under scrutiny by national governments for the tactics they use to promote certain content, restriction of free speech, favouritism, foreign ownership and preventing competition from gaining traction.
    Keep up the great work!

  116. Winston as you may or may not know I am critical of some of your videos as well as those made by those you mention in your video alike.

    This was really good. Good job presenting the issues, evidence and wonderful summary. I applaud you 👏.

    I am Canadian and I love Taiwan, China, Republic of Korea, Japan and Southeast Asia as I have visited and spent some time in those places. It is so very difficult seperating the people from their respective governments but it is necessary in order to really speak about the issues facing society. Thank you for your efforts.

  117. I have been watching yours and Matt’s channel for quite some time, since I was living in China. I feel like I probably can understand the difference options you guys got.

  118. Hey Winston what about Horticultural Scientists mate are heavily into growing in general Winston. Stay Awesome mate. All the best to you and your family Winston. From Scotland B🍀.

  119. I’m pretty sure some of these pro CCP Youtuber (like that Nathan boy or the Barrett family) will come up with their version of counter argument against this video 🤨.

  120. 15:27 One only has to look at what his eyes are saying rather than what he’s actually saying.

    I was surprised to see one of these ccp youttubers advertising for a VPN service. So now everyone should know that’s a VPN to totally avoid.

  121. Ah communist gangsters are brides those guys .So the wester people he forgot his home land country because of the money gangsters gave to him.If communist is good country those guys can stay with communist gangsters for the rest of u life.We do not surprise with the propaganda of those

  122. The Barretts propaganda story was on australian tv news.
    They have ruined their future outside of china. And they have set themselves up for a mighty great fall in China. Id hate to be them.

  123. I’m so jealous of how well so many ppl speak Chinese lol
    All the 5 star hotels in China are like 2 star hotels in the USA 🙁
    There is always mold in the showers >:( Hotels would be shut down in the USA if they had mold issues.
    Even in the biggest Tier-1 cities there’s mold in the (5 star) hotel showers :'(
    I’m also wondering why it’s so impossibly hard to find a hotel with a AC unit that at least blows cold air lol
    but seriously, why is it so hard to get the hotel room with a functional AC unit :'(

    The best air conditioned room I’ve ever been in was at a university dorm.
    Turning on the AC during the summer was sooooooo nice!!!!!!!
    The kitchen staff were also nice; even though I don’t know Chinese, they noticed I *LOVED* eating my favorite dish and that was the primary thing I’d eat. They would make it on days they weren’t serving it *JUST FOR ME* !!!!! 😀

  124. Diffrent society has different game rules, just hope people in the world can understand and respect each other so as to make our world better and better

  125. Ive never seen Serpentza on the attack vs other YouTubers but when he does – It’s beautiful, a lot of these guys needed a reality check. Hopefully, they take this with grace…..haha just joking we know they won’t.

  126. They just have a different view on China。What are you bitching about?Just stick to CCP,dont drag other people in your video,respect their views!You went too far and you’re adding hate to the world making people very toxic。

  127. Don’t think it so serious. The local government do these to support influencers (foreigners and Chinese) just to attract visitors, please don’t think it in a political way, it’s just business.

  128. Winston, your tagline should be “China – good people, bad government”. I know that is your actual opinion (I think I heard the sentence from you), but I think you should hammer home that slogan in every video. Because all your China-criticism is, for the vast majority, aimed at the CCP only. Stay awesome.

  129. sadly plenty of freer states/westerners will sell their morals, to do biz with criminal state. The west has misjudged, helped to build up a rich & huge dictator, criminal state, from WTO days

  130. The German Nazis made the propaganda village Theresienstadt for the persecuted Jews, to make themselves look good to the outside press. Looks like China has its own versions. JaYoe should have stayed clear of politics…seems he now has become the Lord Haw-Haw of China vloggers.

  131. Transparency and Genuine are very basic requirements of a YouTuber whether like or dislike China. Let wheir audience know they cooperate with government travel companies is their obligation. Winston didn’t hide the fact he was making video with CRI but why jayoe and others feel so bad to admit it? it’s a question that they haven’t answer.

  132. Those YouTubers who defend the CCP you see on this video content are China’s version of serpentza and laowhy86. China created it’s own version of serpentza and laowhy86 out of these foreigners (5:18, 28:16) to counter against criticisms that it received from the anti-China YouTubers like serpentza and create rivals against them.

  133. Fair play. I’ll be honest, I hadn’t seen a lot of Barret’s videos. Living in China myself, I get why they love China and the lifestyle. But we can’t be supporting concentration camps.. I too have been appalled at foreigners living over here for 8 years plus not learning to speak the language. Your video is thought provoking.

  134. I feel like those guys would probably go on a sponsored trip to North Korea if they had the chance. And they are a propaganda machine as well.

  135. I use to enjoy your videos but I dont like the fact you use other youtubers to get more views on your videos and create more drama online…Stop trying to create hate towards other youtubers, everyone is entitled to their opinion and views.

  136. I just wonder at this point if the CCP and liberals have “worked” together with COVID, the “Bidens”, lockdowns, etc. for the overthrow of Trump.

  137. So if the CCP pays me to promote tourism to China, how does that make me a traitor? I am not actively transferring information about my native government, or doing anything to HURT my native government.

  138. Winston, I always watch your videos. When I saw that this is 73 minutes, my finger hovered over the pause button, but I watched to the end. My understanding about China and my respect for you have deepened. 🇺🇸🤝🇿🇦

  139. I’ve been suspicious of the Barret for a while now. Not that I don’t believe that they genuinely like China. It just that all the statements they make, like you said, parroting what the Chinese propaganda is saying, and I can’t shake the feeling that they are somehow tied with the government. Also, the son made a video about why he came to China to live with his dad– he dropped out of college, nothing could interest him, so he came to China. Although at first he didn’t like China, he slowly became a fan of this country AND he became an influencer. Honestly, how much can you trust someone who dropped out of college and became a foreign influencer in China, getting paid to travel everywhere ?? lmao.

  140. Actually I would give them more credibility if they just admitted they are just losers who can’t find regular jobs in China and take full advantage of Chinese people’s need for a token white person to reaffirm their confirmation bias.

  141. Great video, important to keep the sunlight on these shills. But to some of my fellow commenters, I have to ask: where do you get the idea that the Chinese “government” is leftist? You really think Winnie is a communist? CCP are just a bunch of opportunist thugs, that’s as deep as their political philosophy gets

  142. So how do we distinguish between legitimate criticism of western governments and anti-China media bias, vs those who are commercially influenced to spout pro-CCP talking points? How do Western governments maintain good relations with China but maintain their own values and sovereignty? Especially the case with multinationals nowadays having China markets, so they are incentivised not to rattle their key customers, and indeed pressure their western governments not to be hard on China. The waters are indeed being muddied.

  143. This is a very well done and informative video. I’m glad that I just keep myself in the ADVChina video eco-system and don’t branch out into other China vloggers since you two more than cover what I need, and are trusted sources.

  144. There’s an Australian (don’t know his name) pro China youtuber who is also a TV news anchor of some regional Chinese station. Not sure if he speaks the language but he’s very critical of Australia and promotes China as a wonderful place.

  145. Excellent video….Everything you say about speaking Chinese and the dynamics involved is EXACTLY THE SAME as the situation and dynamics involved when people WHO DO NOT SPEAK ENGLISH go and LIVE and VOTE in a western country. IT IS CRIMINAL that through pure greed, western politicians allow THE MASS MIGRATION of people who can barely order a hamburger or direct a taxi IN ENGLISH to migrate into their western societies CLAIMING THAT THEY ARE ENGLISH SPEAKING. This is only ONE reason that ‘western culture’ around the world has been UNDERMINED and SABOTAGED.

  146. serpentza I saw the clips that Prime in China posted about Jayoe Matt and the Barrett’s admitting that they were paid by CCP officials to then go back and mislead their subscribers I knew these guys were not trustworthy.

  147. Thank you for making this! It had to be said! These people are so obvious in their sell-out acts! You hit the nail on the head with them not being able to speak Chinese. Only those in their eternal honey period who are clueless to what society is saying about them will support such evil.

  148. Anyone with a brain knows that it’s all propaganda. Just like anyone with a brain would know that mentally, they’re not all there. You just need to look at them. I don’t know why they would be taken seriously in truth.

  149. People still eat dogs in china its bullshit that they have lifted people out of poverty, if anything they’ve put more people in poverty from their shitty communist government.

  150. I wish that you could work as a consultant to the state department in the US. But Biden has picked cabinet members who have ties with the CCP all of them. The Trump administration would have bene open to it. If chairman Biden takes the Whitehouse (I say if because the inauguration is less than a week away and Kamala Harris has not vacated her senate seat. That is usually done at least a month or more in advance. ) Anyway if Chairman Biden takes the Whitehouse Chinese have troops in Canada and Cuba and Jamaica ready to come in and occupy. That is their agreement with Biden/Harris.

  151. There are also many other youtubers that speak positive about China and NOT paid by the allegedly CCP too. STOP TRASHING OTHER YOUTUBERS and making money off this.

  152. The comments on those YouTubers vids are creepy. Also, every argument is just about saying see “China and it’s people are beautiful, the media lies” but the replies to those comments say it’s not the country that’s a problem its the government.

  153. Winston , Matt, Chris and the crew at China Uncensored deserve the Congressional Medal of Freedom. You’re doing important work not only for America but the democratic free world. This is practically NEVER discussed by the legacy media, esp in the US

  154. Has Winston ever really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like? Even before this, you are actually going to use that “which” anyone would want to more make? Where has gone really been done more with? WHERE?

  155. Honestly we have very valid points but it’s been such a step back with the trump administration.

    His been chinas wet dream of making the west look back. We need a United front that promotes and stands for democracy and western values.

    We can’t be undermining our institutions.

    But yea please keep shining light into the dark corners of the propaganda machine

  156. it’s not that they try to hide the fact, but sometimes it’s that they don’t know they were funded by the ccp, rather they honestly believe they were paid by some local town government or a company to do a fluff piece as that’s where the check came from but don’t realize that the ccp was the one who was pulling the strings from the shadows.

    That or they are naive and don’t realize there’s a political/government motivation behind the sponsorship they received and truly believe that there was no hidden agenda behind the sponsorship they recieved.

  157. Imagine what would happen when put serpentza, laowhy86, Matt, Gweilo 86 etc all together is going to make me laugh.
    Come on, you guys are just some good people with different political views. But this YouTube drama is really awesome!~

  158. Man, you bring up some really good points. Why are those that actually speak the language the ones that are critical of the CCP, but the ones that don’t speak the language are so tolerant of the CCP? Interesting point.

  159. GO ,, Winston ,, your honesty sincerity & truthfulness is most welcome in this day .. THE CCP HAS NO SENSE of humour … this will crush their own souls … they live desperate greedy oppressed lives , they HATE being controlled & manipulated to kowtow to this despot… it will ALL END SOON >> nothing like this can gain any long lasting place in our universe of GODS LOVE>

  160. I am a Chinese living in the west for a couple of decades and had been working in China for 10 years before moved out of China. I believe I understand both the west and China very well and can see the gaps in all aspects. I have been trying to act as the bridge, but got frustrated mostly from my root side. Yes, from the surface, China is much much improved economically, but deep down, a lot of issues. Most People are working hard to improve their life, some people make easy money by using their power and networking. And it seems most of people are having a good life and happy.

    Chinese are lack of self esteem and confidence and seek approval from the west, by showing their $$$, not by proper behavior and proper communication. The ways of Chinese communicate are very different from the west, very subjective, judgmental and aggressive. One the web, if you can read Chinese comments, i believe westerners won’t like the way they talk. For an example, last week, to prove my point I don’t need to kiss anybody’s ass to gain respect and I gain respect by respecting other people. And tell a true story I experienced in Australia. I smiled at a lady who passed me and a few minutes lady she walked back and told me I was great and left. The person I told the story to , said I was over excited being complemented and I must never been treated nice when I was in China. She/he just kept twisting my words around like that and eventually she wished me die. On a Chinese website, saw one person’s comment on an article regarding COVID-19 in India, saying he/she wish all Indian die. I was trying to report that to the website, but they don’t provide that function. It’s so hard to communicate with my folks even with my university classmates, most of them working and living wealthy lives.

  161. Those other You Tubers are in a precarious position. They have family in China and they live in China wanting to make a living. Its kind of a symbiotic relationship of sorts. They both need each other but to the detriment of the USA I think. I did watch Matt during his travels to the USA and Covid and it was very interesting. At first he seemed very impartial of the China US relationship but now he seems to have gone over to the otherside….bashing the US. Thats when I stopped following him. How dare he criticize his country while on foreign soil. That’s not an American! My grandfather, my father, my husband, my cousins, my nephews fought for his right of free speech just to spit on America?

  162. I tried to put this comment on bald guys channel but YouTube is blocking me.
    But it was in defence of you, so here it is.
    It’s very easy and also tricky once we all get lost in the details. And what needs to be done is take a big step back and look at everything from wider perspective. The issue really and the heart from which Winston is coming from is the that over all this there is an Evil and corrupt system of which he has had first hand experience with. You haven’t been at the receiving end of that totalitarian regime. Now that system has not just sprung out of a fantasy novel into Winston’s head it has been around a long time, longer than you me or Winston and has killed so so many innocent people and tortured and destroyed families over its time in China 🇨🇳 Details aside we are alarmed by these kind of videos because they don’t represent the truth. They represent, yes, your experience but it is who is crafting that experience that is the crux of the matter. But Winston has a point, why is it that these cheery channels that praise the CCP and shit on there countries are either illiterate to Chinese or can only speak a few phrases? But all those who can speak fluent speak negative? I’ll leave that one with you.

  163. I’d like to quote another Winston “An appeaser is someone who feeds the crocodile hoping it will eat them last”…..but eat them he eventually will

  164. I Unsubscribed from Jayoe Nation a year ago,,, the only channel I have unsubscribed from out of hundreds,,, I was deeply hurt and disappointed that he started to speak badly about the USA his own Country while Praising China as a result of His Chinese Wife and Family been Influential with the CCP,,, it just seemed Contemptable to me.

  165. My saying is that China should open up Youtube and Google to be accessible to the population of the Chinese Nation Zhong Guo, then only things can be considered as “balanced” of what it said about the West.

  166. they dont need to learn language because Google translator is so much better now. your experience is outdated. 直播 is common everywhere. it is apolitical, just about selling products, like vegetable.

  167. Just wait until Biden is meeting with Xi. He’ll be calling Xi an interesting guy, passionate about helping the people of his country, with a lot of great ideas.

  168. I don’t think they’re being paid to spew that bullshit they’re just morons who buy into the CCP. They don’t exactly sound like the Wests best and brightest.

  169. Sorry but you bet on the wrong country!
    It should have been “India”! with all its chaos, colour, and hard fought democracy!
    Dragon is fictional! The elephant is slow but real!

  170. With every further video winston just proves to me that he is a brother from another mother. Very high on the list of people to have a beer with. Cheers to your unwavering morals!

  171. Unfortunately, your last sentence says it ALL: Their are ‘PEOPLE WHO ARE WILLING TO SELL THERE SOULS AND MORALS (INTEGRITY) FOR MONEY’. We are currently exposing our own right here in the USA (written Jan 16). Excellent Winston. You’re a beacon of truth.

  172. if ya’ll comrades would quit Stalin and slide thru, we will be having a communist party 🥳🎉🤪 Don’t forget to subscribe to my ONLYTRAITORS account for spicy state sponsored nudes.

  173. BOOM….Not an easy video, but it had to be said… Well done Winston. We all need to shine the light to find the truth and be brave enough to stand for what’s right when we are confronted by it.

  174. I will attest to your channel being very different before you moved to the US. It is important to hear the reality of the CCP’s conduct but I do miss the videos of you walking around China and exploring fascinating places and people….. I HATE the CCP, now that I’ve written that both of us can never ever visit HK , unless we want to be imprisoned.

  175. I watched that JaYoe video titled “Covid Started in America first” and it is a disgusting video. He goes and quotes a research paper and makes assumptions from it without quoting its stated conclusion.. probably because he knows it directly conflicts with his assumptions.

  176. Traitors outnumber true hearted loyal folk in these times… if you are not anti white you will face the full wrath of the establishment fall down on you. Btw if you havent worked it out yet, the british and US were on the wrong side of history with hitler… that was the last chance european folk had, you wouldnt be living in such a messed up world now. This IS the oy vey crowds virus and scenario, they will come out of this more powerful than ever, think larry fink and stephen schwarzman, the new world rulers.

  177. Disgusting anti right ok anti left your a nazi 2020 21 world !Churchill was right stood against facism and communism Reagan thatcher trump right political side to all stood against communism open your eyes people to what’s going on

  178. Keep doing what you do, my friend! Without people like you, we have no hope! 加油!
    I am a Brit who speaks 7 Asian languages including Chinese and Cantonese and Barrett sickens me.

  179. Having spent 8 years in China I can confirm the truth of Winstons videos. These YouTubers, and others, are certainly channeling CCP narratives exactly. The only possible explanation for them doing this is the monetary and ego stroking support they get from the party.

  180. It was clear that Jayoe was lying in his video as he constantly averted his gaze and rarely maintained eye contact, often looking to the side and pausing often to think about what he was going to say, all the hallmark signs of someone who is trying to mislead and lie.

  181. Jayoe is living in China, his family is in China. He needs to get along with CCP, his YouTube pieces are so clumsy and obvious, he gave you materials that exposes the CCP propaganda. Of course a lot of people out there would still buy those obviously propaganda pieces. 😆

  182. how is promoting China a treacherous thing?? If I were promoting Iceland, Would I be a traitor too?? I see a double standard here and a harsh bias. The Icelandic government has also become tyrannical like the CCP and uses the virus as an excuse like most of all countries are doing right now !!!! I have a strong feeling that you are working for “The Five Eyes” which have committed horrible crimes against humanity in the middle east for the last 20 years ! It’s time to put “the five eyes” on trial ! And I hope China takes care of that !

  183. An informative and well put together expose! Watched all the way through and will probably watch several times. Nice one! I have always said these guys were feeding into their narcissism by making these videos for the nationalists and it’s good to have more opinions on this.

  184. Respect to you for persevering all these years making informative videos and having the courage to speak the truth. Living through, dealing with, talking about, and making videos about all the topics you make videos about must require such great mental fortitude.

  185. The problem here Serpentza is that you assume that anybody who has anything positive to say about China is inherently a ‘Chinese nationalist’. Is it not possible that there are just lots of people who like China and agree with what they are saying? There are also lots of people who watch your videos, don’t like China and agree with what you’re saying. To call this a mass government scheme and these guys traitors is what is the biggest lie of this whole saga!!

  186. Appreciate Winstons ” It either is, or is isn’t ” way of communication. I feel his turbulent upbringing in SA shaped this and provides a fresh realistic approach on topics discussed. I think a lot of foreigners “Simp” the CCP for kudos, cash and a burning desire to be accepted .

  187. Many of us are a long time subscribers for both Winston (Serpenza) and C-milk (Laowhy86) and Matt (JaYoe nation) and we know that you guys are all good people (no one is a traitor) and have been doing an amazing job to introduce China to western audiences. You guys are the only source and gateway to know more about China for non-Chinese speakers. So hopefully you guys get along with each other and continue along with your passion, vlogs, and quest for China.
    We also understand that it is extremely difficult for China-based or focused Youtube vloggers to have neutral views on China because there is no democracy or freedom of speech in China. This fact itself alone is greatly affecting (basically deciding) the nature and outcome of the videos of many vloggers. To be direct, Chinese audiences themselves are “not allowing” for western YouTubers, to be honest, and neutral about their country. As soon as western YouTubers present neutral views about China and want to show the negative side of China or about the CCP, the Chinese viewers flock to their channels to demonize them just like they’ve been doing to Serpenza and Laowhy86. Of course, no one wants to have so much hatred and loathe in their channels. Perhaps that is why some western YouTubers choose to stay “one-sided” to please ungrateful and uneducated Chinese audiences and simply collect their votes for their channels.
    The Chinese audiences do not give a sh’t about all the hard works that these western YouTubers go through and all their beautiful and positive videos about China that they always post on their channels. All they care about is their CCP and the CCP’s reputation. The Westerners or non-Chinese speakers learned so much about China from the China-focused YouTubers and their videos. And for that reason, Chinese people should be very grateful for these people (such as Winston, C-milk ) instead of demonizing them for being neutral and honest.
    It is kind of ironic that how Chinese people like to brag about their ancient philosophy about Ying and Yang and the fact that Yang does not exist without Ying and yet, Chinese audiences do not tolerate the negatives (Ying) but only demand the positives (Yang) from western Youtubers. And this exact hypocrite and unfair attitude of Chinese people is the main reason why some western YouTubers choose or want to stay one-sided and it is not because they wanted to be that way, but because they simply might not want much hatred and mistreatment from Chinese audiences (China’s 50 cents army). In that sense, I fully understand Matt and the Barrets and their choices. And I also have the deepest respect for Winston and C-milk for standing up against the odds and persistently keeping their unbiased, neutral, objective views of China.
    I’ve been familiar with Matt’s channel for a long time just like C-milk and Winston’s channels. Matt is a good guy and his videos are always positive and he mostly stays away from politics. His recent collaboration with some tour companies might have caused some misunderstanding, but hopefully, people would not call him a traitor as if he is truly working for the CCP because that would be unfair. The Barrets are kind of new vloggers and their videos are awesome, but if they lean too much to one side, that is not a good sign as their western subscribers might not appreciate that. Winston was right about the Barrets channel and how fast it is growing and again it is understandable that pro-CCP Chinese audiences are deciding the fate of these channels.
    Lastly, we (your subscribers) hope you guys (Winston- Serpenza, C-milk -Laowhy86, Matt -JaYoe nation, and Barret) get along with each other and put your differences aside and continue on your journeys and deliver us awesome videos on China. We appreciate your hard works, passion, and dedication! Without you guys, we know nothing about China and that makes you guys special and unique! God bless you all!
    (if you read the whole comment, you are an attentive and awesome nerd, kkk, j/k)

  188. Why are you Keep abusing chinese government ? I have lived in China for a long time, you can list your dissatisfaction. Try to convince me. From your previous episodes, You were forbidden using drone to fly over government buildings and were prevented from visiting Inner Mongolia. I think it is normal. The government must ensure national security. Anyway, there is no perfect government in the world. Tell you more: If I want to choose, I like a government like this: work hard to maintain safety, people can hang out at night ; work hard to ban guns, people will not be afraid of guns crimes; Efforts to prohibit drugs, no drugs, no drug dealers; development of technology, 5G technology has made the entire United States tremble; strict to social media, people will not speak rumors, people are responsible for their own words; strives to develop the economy instead of building military bases everywhere; No homeless; High-speed broadband is also available in remote villages…

  189. Excellent presentation of the facts Winston. One of your top videos, IMO. There are even more sophisticated channels doing this like the guy traveling around China in an RV.

  190. I wonder how easily these guys accept those offers, I did not have bad experience with receiving strange comments from chinese viewers, turned out it was because I focused on my russian language channel, and now when I started an english channel….. and recently released a video about vaccination in a local airport and how ppl get fired, some weirdo approached me on youtube with threats to my life saying that now I need to watch out living here in China, well, that’s what they (these littke haters) really are, their goal is to talk about best things only and of course they get mad every time when they hear truthful things that they don’t like to hear

  191. You have presented a fair, balanced and well-documented expose of morally weak CCP-mouthpieces masquerading as innocent travel vloggers.
    Thank you Winston. Having a conscience is your strength. The world needs more like you.

  192. Why are you wasting your thoughts and words on these no-name youtubers? No offense Winston, but I’ve never heard of either of them. Why even give these jerks your energy. WE ALL KNOW WHO YOU ARE AND YOU DONT HAVE TO DEFEND YOURSELF! Seriously, we support you and trust you.

  193. these staged happy living scenes is so much familiar to me to what we had in USSR when I was a kid and it f//cks someone’s brains so much that you STILL can find many adult people around ex-USSR that don’t think that there is something wrong with it.

  194. Barrett looks actual soulless when he talks, as if he sold his soul to the CCP, literally…

    p.s. Serpentza was so proud he kept a 20 year-old newspaper clipping

  195. Great video, but you did attack that moto vlogger “investment banker wanker” for e-begging after he hurt himself. I cant remember his name but he lived in taiwan.

  196. Now it all makes sense. I’ve been always questioning the opposite vloggers and then comparing them with yours. The truth is revealed with your genuine integrity. Thanks for another informative video. You are a passionate friend. Keep up the good work. Stay safe.

  197. Barrett’s response: that’s not true I chose to film what I want and the gov’t had no influence on that decision….for example I did not film the contract we signed or the part where cash was exchanged I also did not film me falling asleep so yes my video was completely objective and biased free.

  198. Jayoe nation youtuber don’t pay taxes in United States so he shouldn’t talk bad about the Republican and President Trump. Does any one know if jayoe nation youtuber matt paying taxes in United States.

  199. It’s a bit of a stretch to refer to Jayoe dude as your friend at this point. . Don’t get me wrong I’m hugely disappointed in him because he was likeable.

  200. I am behind your points 99% of the way, but when you admitted that email wasn’t addressed to you but someone else it really hurt. Please don’t say you got something if you didn’t.

  201. I am a person of Chinese descent (two generations) living in Australia and a member of the Australian Labor Party (similar to the UK Labour Party , and was a member, while in England, and generally similar the Democrats in the USA). The CCP must not like my western political affiliations.

  202. Yuri Bezmanov talked about this (and did it) years ago for the Soviet Union. Ted Kennedy was one of these dupes who fell for one of these guided tours. Bernie Sanders was probably the last U.S. politician to go on one of these tours.

  203. i learn authentic english and vocabulary, all the time from this guy. He’s legit. No wonder why he is successful(atleast to the level that he is) because nothing in the world is more powerful and deadlier in the world than the power of speech, well formulated and articulated. He inspires me a lot honestly. Honest and candid. Your family (Sasha and the beautiful daughter) is really lucky to have you as a husband and Dad. I just wish you well, good health, and 幸福🤒

  204. tks Winston one of your best vlogs yet, we owe you a lot in terms of objective reporting. Miss your motorbike adventures of course , but the podcasts with Cmilk are great too. To both of you guys and your families, all the best. Hi from Jakarta

  205. So because, I’m born in the west I must have a blind allegiance? I must go somewhere else and espouse my western values to other people that has their own norms and culture? This pompous attitude you should sit your ass in the States and don’t come running telling people how they should live. If Jayoe Nation wants to “sell out” to make a quick buck, it’s his fucking business and not yours. You’re doing the same thing aren’t you? Here let me save you and your minions the trouble, I”m a paid ccp troll.

  206. I remember the Barrett’s posted huge amounts of videos on the ban of Huawei in the UK. They slagged off their own country of UK without even reading any documents the British government had placed online, they were only knowledgeable from the Chinese point of view. So, from that point, I knew they weren’t even looking at the perspective of their home country to discuss a more balanced piece. A Canadian guy, you probably know who I mean, does the same thing about his home country. We all have likes and dislikes about our own and other governments, but when that is very oddly hate one and love the other it’s a bit suspicious. Oh, and the people who comment on their videos are mostly bots.

  207. I’m glad for guys like Uncle Mikey and China Bill for showing the actual facts about what these shills are up to. People might not believe you when you call them out. but these guys are open minded Chinese and living in China. . you have to trust they know what they are talking about.

  208. Yeah I never knew exactly if they were getting paid directly or just highly incentivized but I could definitely tell those youtubers were putting off a propaganda vibe.

  209. Winstons mind handlers voice him to play even so they can move him back to China like they did with Obama and Joe Biden back then they blame trump .lol

  210. Would they let you do non-political, strictly tourist friendly material but without these “tours”? Obviously there would be some edges, one would have to point out in neutral way, omit some facts… But apart from that? Why not? I wouldn’t consider such material as immoral per se.

    But you guys are already on the opposite side. Now, talking about China only in positives(turistically), would look to us as you guys being coop’ed. And me – of course – Uygur camps are in the worst 5 things happening last decade. I wouldn’t want to deal with anything having relation to these… I should stop using chinese produce….

  211. Winton what happened to Winston Ortiz for you your mind handlers did it . And matt the jayoe nation his mind handlers did James Dodson and the Chinese mine workers and Brazilian children down the bridge like they did the Chinese bus driver down the bridge. Lol

  212. Years ago, I was already calling that bald ex scientologist the CCP’s Lord Haw Haw. In honor of Tokyo Rose, I have the name Beijing Bob ready but too many sellouts to apply that name to

  213. People need to remind themselves that there is a difference between politics, religion and people. Not all Asians are communists. Not all whites are Nazis. Not all Blacks are radicals. Not all Indians practice the caste system. Not all Free Masons are satanic cultists…

  214. These pathetic sellouts reminds me of my co-worker who loved going to China for business trips because of the women and sex the Chinese vendors provided… this co-worker betrayed our company and worked with these vendors on his own side project during work hours and got fired when he was caught… insecure, immoral people are so easy to control with women, money, and power… especially when they never had any of it in their lives.

  215. Great Video, spectator here not subscribing, but respect your viewpoint bud we’re a dying breed. I feel most secluded nations especially Asians need to open their eyes and hearts western mentality. Life is about freedom, work hard play hard, enjoy don’t abuse one another.

  216. Very informative about these CCP shills. If Soviet Union still lives today, they would follow this trend without a doubt. What’s your view on Cyrus Janssen and what’s his motive being relocated in Vancouver where Meng Wanzhou is detained?

  217. A Communist faction that needs to be brought to trial, evil slumlord that are here at the direction of the CCP . They run shit but their conformatly doesnt exist these are people we want to be donr by 2060 90

  218. Great video! 👍 Not surprise at all. If politicians around the world could be “Elite Captured” by the CCP, why not these so called “Influencers! 😝

  219. Serpentza thanks for taking the time to lay it out. I’ve been trying to reframe from taking part in this topic for about three years and now I just can’t stand by and let these blind mice walk all over the place. 我無法理解為什麼他們不花時間學華文!他們不會變成中國通!They are more like misguided minions. I am jumping on this train.

  220. Meanwhile, you and your fellow friends are working for Falun Gong.
    The Falun Gong is also a Chinese cult, btw. lol, so what’s so bad about the Chinese?
    Try not to get covid, we need some losers like you on youtube.

  221. As expected, just heard biden & son Co. & team started licking CCP with the same old policy, basicily back to bizs and gd old days allow continue infiltrate US in harmony, precisely CCP wants US go to be

  222. Anyone else noticed how all these pro-ccp appeared like mushrooms (or started being political) right during the massive HK protests last year?
    It’s obvious that what happened in HK has really shown the evil of the CCP to the whole world, and now they’re just in damage control.
    That includes all these foreigners who are defending the indefensible (xinjiang et al)

  223. we just stumbled upon the party secretary and he just so happened to have a propaganda banner about our visit and dancing ladies in a livestream room and veg for us to dance with, what a co-incidence! …. lol

  224. Winston I am honored to know that you are now safely living in the USA. I am certain you will much positively contribute to society here. Also I have become sensitized to the refugee community in South Africa thanks to you. Awareness is the first step to freedom. Cheers.

  225. So China wants to encourage foreigners to come to China and foreigners to promote the different states of China. Yet at the same time, weren’t you and others, harassed by the police on several occasions, because they were suspicious of you. This was in one of your videos.
    Love the videos anyway👍

  226. I’m so happy you did this video. I’ve watched a couple of these YouTube personalities and at the time they were saying shit about you and Matt. It’s so apparent that they are biased and out for the money. They should be ashamed of themselves for being such sellouts. One day the CCP will turn on them and Karma is a b——h.

  227. Lee Barrett is every inch a walking stereotype of a mediocre middle aged Westerner who washed up in China because his life back home wasn’t going anywhere. Which in itself isn’t a bad thing if he was just honest about it as I myself am one of those mediocre middle aged wash ups in China. But the fact is Lee Barrett is in denial with a chip on his shoulder about his lack of credibility in his own country so he throws his lot in with a society which gives him some credibility ; however superficial and transient ; and sells his soul making spiteful attacks on the society he was born and raisd in.

  228. I don’t usually agree with Serpentza but I agree many of these people have been used by the CCP. I will say though I like Serpentza but he has strange views concerning South Africa and comes off as extremely racist towards Black Africans (but extremely typical in SA). Is Serpentza a bad human being I doubt it. Does he make a lot of money from YouTube drama ? Probably
    I wish Serpentza would go back to driving and testing cars I miss those fun videos.

  229. Like the guy who call himself for Hotpot king ? I gets angry seeing his videos … they are so openly pro-china made… there is nothing wrong in China according to him, and everyone who says anything else is wrong…. even you guys Serpentza.

  230. Lee Barrett is a walking contradiction. He is an old hag constantly ranting about anti-China Western media bias who depends on a Western owned and operated social media platform to do his ranting on. He proclaims that physical location and first hand direct experience with a location are vital if one is to speak with any credibility on that location yet he makes absolutist claims regarding the situation in Xinjiang and Hong Kong places which he has little to no direct experience with.

  231. The good old CCP talking point “pulling people out of poverty.” As if the people are limp noodles and all praise goes to the one who pulls them out of their poor state.
    Better put: _they allowed the people to pull themselves out of poverty by lifting the boot of their necks which kept them in poverty in the first place_

  232. One fact debunks all CCP propaganda: We google and can constantly find news about illegal immigrants from China desperately trying to sneak into western countries in form of border jump or sham marriage for a new life, and bring their families over as soon as they’ve obtained legal status. Do things happen the other way around? Almost never (except for fugitives).

    Simply ask any CCP propagandist: Why is that?

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