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Travel to the Philippines and SE Asia is increasing slowly with various restrictions in the Philippines, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, etc. Proper travel documents, medical certificates, and possible quarantine at your destination may be required.


  1. Ok I give up, there are some sites where ya can view condo, home repos and distressed properties..and list foreclosure prices usually, but not always accept 30 ish % less than list….one remixed me of you, smaller than yours, it’s a studio, with parking spot plus….posted as. 2,000,000 pesos would take1,400,000 maybe. The view was water and cebu city which it obviously abutts…if anyone asks me about this site I’ll go dumb… have way to much respect for what you do. Ya been a great value to me and a friend I’ve never met…one of the wonders of the internet

  2. Always great information Rod. I know many guysneed to leave because of tourist visa is up 3 year and they need to leave..but countries are hard to find for entry. .so I really don’t know what to say to them. It hard now for sure.

  3. Rod. Yep, time to get ahold of JC again. All he could get was a 3 month ext for me so need to get a 6 month this time. Want spousal visa but still cannot get out to her all the stuff done. Also he was trying to update the ACR card so as they say ” here we go again”. Take care and healthy.

  4. Thanks for the info we acquired our tickets to go back to the USA 🇺🇸. Going in August. With five months of lockdown lol we have had better times

  5. Hi Sir Rod, I came across this blog which is really helpful. Thank you. My questions is, I’m a U.S. Citizen Filipino and bought my ticket (Single flyer) before the Covid-19 starter last April and my schedule to depart is the first week of September bound to CEBU CITY. I still have 2 more months to start to worry. Do you think before then things should start getting back to normal if not almost normal? Apperciate your input and Thanks again for your informative video. Take Care.

  6. How long do they keep new arrivals quarantined in hotels upon arrival from abroad? Are the covid tests still mandatory on arrival? What happens if one of the family members test positive and others don’t?

  7. Rody, I still don’t see any info on those who overstayed on there 3 year Tourist Visa & could not exit the country prior to it expiring due to the virus. Do you think they will throw people in the hoosegow ??

  8. Looking like my September flight will be a no go. Seemed like it was under control but now seems not so. Going to be some more hungry folk

  9. Geez, i hate those hard aluminium chairs there Rod, especially the long time waiting, with everybody around me looking p****d off. LOL. Take care amigo.

  10. Question: Would it be possible to purchase a 2 month visa to cover my overstay and a 6 month visa on the same visit to the B.I.? Also, it’s good to know that there is an extension til July 30th for visa extensions, but if there still are travel restrictions and checkpoints it won’t help me until they are lifted. I live to far away from Cebu city to travel and waste a trip there and then be denied. Thank you!

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