1. I guess the best care must be strictly enforced. I’m enjoying the inside Moon Base social distancing to plan things and get caught up on various personal matters, like my airplane. Best Regards, Thaland Paul

    1. peter poulter, yeah it takes so much time to prepare and edit video clips into a 10 min segment for you to watch. I live a very active life and there are never enough hours in the day to do it all. hehe

    1. Yes we live here in Louisiana,ASAP is a air fair company she gets her tickets from,,she has got some
      fairly good prices from them in the past..I haven’t been back since 2008 but am now retired , hope to go back at some point,, you take care out there,,,

  2. How much is the daily rate for an apartment there?
    I must admit, this virus has brought my disgust with the US to a whole new level. It’s increased my determination to leave tremendously.

    1. ,@That Guy I am staying in Airbnb apartments for US$ 30-40 per night.
      If you rent long term (monthly) you can probably find decent apartments for 30% less.

  3. Good to see you again Sir….U.S. Navy took me to Taipei for my first Asian
    cultural experience as a young man. I was only there for 72 hours many
    years ago , much of nightlife..Looking forward to see what the city look
    like today through your eyes..Be Healthy , Be Safe, Be Happy!!

    1. I’m a retired world traveler now, I’ve been to mostly all the major Asian countries and i would love to revisit Taipei and Guam soon.
      to reminisce about old times.. I’m sure there will be a 2020 shock change LoL…
      Now i’am in Central/South America.

    2. @ASIAN ROMANCE I was station on GUAM
      it was around 1970..Funny! I had such a good time and was hours late getting back to my ship..Big Trouble !! I was not allowed off the ship again until we were back @ home port..But man was it worth it! LUV Taiwan.

    1. So, bio-engineer a killer virus, declare an emergency, become a fascist world and the sheeple will roll over and say “What should we do next?” Population control better than any war in history!

  4. Try to find out where the Filipina maids hang out on their days off. They would be pleased to meet an English-speaking Westerner with a wallet and a heartbeat. Regular local girls were always difficult to pull unless they were desperate. On the plus side, the food is a delight, even by Thai standards — try ‘Cho (pungent) Tofu’. Get to see the inland scenery after your confinement — Taiwan’s colourful ‘San-Ti Ren’ or mountain people live at the genetic dispersal point of most Pacific islanders.

  5. Isn’t Taiwan a communist country and considered Chinese territory? Not sure if I’d feel safer there but that’s just me. I’ll ride the wave out right here in the states.

    1. China is China and Taiwan is Taiwan. They are separate countries. Chinese civil war had ended in China with Chiang Kai-shek and his followers fleeing away to Taiwan. Today they and their descendants only constitute 12% of the population currently living in Taiwan.

    2. rudes69440, Taiwan is safer than most countries I have visited.
      Taiwan exists because a Civil War was fought between the Pro-Communist Chinese and Pro-Capitalist Chinese back in 1949. The Pro-Communist Chinese won the war and from the “People’s Republic of China” we know today. But the Pro-Communist Chinese failed to finish the other side and the Pro-Capitalist Chinese fled to the island of Taiwan and maintain an independent government (Called the “Republic of China”) ever since.

    1. MrLolligagger, yeah – I am traveling as a single bachelor in Taiwan.
      However, my son left California and flew over here to Taiwan around the same time as me.
      I am not looking for a new girlfriend in Taiwan, but simple looking for safety and some level of normality. It is a reasonable trade-off for survival and comfort.

  6. Hi Nils! How long time did you live in the Philipines? Have you got any property there yet? I also think about retire place so it wil be helpful if you kindly explain

    1. @ASIAN ROMANCE Nils, you are right from one side, but all the time take bags and every time buy something for kitchen like plates and etc is also not convinient. I know some guys had bought condos appartment

    2. KrdSamsung Mymobile, I normally stay only a few months per trip in the Philippines – but have been living in the Philippines part-time for more than 10 years.
      I refuse to buy any property in markets that I do not fully understand, like Thailand or the Philippines.
      Renting is so much cheaper and less hassle. Give me one good reason to buy and be locked into ownership in a single building you may not like 2 years from now.

    1. Don K, thanks for the good words.
      Mathematics and Physics were my favorite topics in school. I am having a much harder time with language and arts – and making videos. hehe

  7. I’m glad to see you’re doing well Nils and I think that it was a good strategic move to go to Taiwan. A Filipina friend of mine was in Singapore and she decided to come back to Manila. I thought that maybe she should have stayed in Singapore where the health infrastructure is better and the government is better at managing these types of things. Now her barangay is shut down and nobody can move about, she is well and hopefully the lockdown there can slow the transmission.

    1. Father Bertolucci , I believe you are right.
      I decided not to change the frame rate of my camera phone and try to use a different light source next time. hehe

    2. @ASIAN ROMANCE Nils I noticed a slight strobing effect in the background of your video. Is it because the flicker rate of the light in the room out of sync with the frame rate of your camera perhaps?

    3. Father Bertolucci, yes I would be safer in Singapore with better government and health care systems.
      Lockdowns should slow the spread of the infections.

  8. Very wise move, hospitals will be getting overloaded in PH. They’re reporting 1k cases but god knows what the true number is.

    1. A Twit in the Philippines, yeah they have limited testing in the Philippines.
      You can instead look at the death rates (which is harder to miss) and multiple by 100 (assuming a 1% mortality rate) to get an estimated number of infected people.

  9. I was just in Panama City, Panama and Medellin Colombia, (2-3 hrs.) flight, 30+ days each, living like the locals..Doing city tours by day and nightlife by late evening. Then settle down and enjoy the “Girlfriend” experience and maybe a few “Mangos”:)here and there.
    U get da picture??
    “Freedom Is Sweet”, just enjoying life 2 da Maxx…Today i’m back in Los Angeles paying bills while on LOCK-DOWN.. Be Safe, Be Happy…

    1. watchman, I am glad you asked this question.
      Americans get an automatic 3-months visa when arriving in Taipei. The exact date I will return to the Philippines will depend on the ‘inflection point’ of the virus exponential curve that the Philippines is currently in.
      If interested, I will make a new video to explain this concept. Let me know.

  10. Thumbs down for leaving the place you “love” to take a break, whatever that means, and for not taking your channel or your subscribers seriously enough to post updates more than once every three months. Unsubscribed.

    1. John Smith, thanks for taking the time to say farewell.
      I also wish I would take the time to make more video postings. I agree that is one of my short-comings.

  11. Nils,
    What field or area is your engineering degree in? What kind of projects are you working on nowadays? What a great opportunity to be able to work part-time, see the world and still have a great income. You’re always the class act!
    Stay safe.
    By the way, here in the states I’ve heard some doctors say that quaranteening may not be the best approach. They gave said that distancing coupled with herd immunity is a good way to operate.
    Remember the “legionnaire disease” which was on cruise ships and hotels and hospitals? It seems to me that it tended to happen where there were large captive audiences…high density populations…re-circulated air. Any of it causal do you think?
    Thanks much!
    Not to be political but I think president overall and his medical team have done a great job. My biggest concern is the associated death that a major economic meltdown will produce. I’m wondering in retrospect had we just requested that older people like myself (66) and immunocompromised (diabetic) coupled with self-isolation or distancing plus herd immunity would have gotten us better sooner?
    Lol my degree was in business so my opinion is about as worth the cup of complimentary water! Lol

    1. Stephen Bond, thanks for watching.
      My degree is in electronics engineering and I also run another youtube channel in science and Physics topics.
      I am retired but still do some consulting projects in electronics, data science projects and mathematical model building for the stock markets.
      The cruise ship report may be good for estimating the max percent of a fixed population that can be totally infected with the virus. I read recently that only about 20% of the people on the cruise ship got infected. This means the herd-immunity will kick in much sooner than the 70-80% population infection, as previously predicted by experts.

  12. In the small island of Iceland (in the middle of Atlantic) they have done mass testing of a substantial part of the population (DeCode Genetics corp). And found that there are 40+ versions of the Corona Virus, you may have several versions at the same time. Many claims that it CAN means that there will be hard to archive full “herd immunity” which is regarded as when a population becomes resistant (usually around 60%).

  13. Everyone including foreigners can get 14000 NTD for being quarantined in a certain place and the amount of money almost covers 80% of your expenses in lodging and food consumption.
    You must arrive Taiwan 10 days ago before the government issued the injunction banning foreigners from coming to Taiwan but I’m not sure because every principle is destined to the exception.
    Several days ago, a high ranking official from department of tourism went to the airport to pick up his son back from the Philippines without taking a leave, after that he immediately went to the congress to meet other high ranking officials and legislators. His behavior was questioned by the opposite legislators in the congress and he was transferred to another post immediately after the investigation.

  14. Hey Love the video! I’ve recently just come back from the Philippines due to the corona virus! was planning on building my channel over there but obvs cut the trip short! Manage to get some content though!

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