1. Given the situation if you are over 70 years are older not going on a visa run out of the country and being quarantined upon arrival around other people that could have the virus is to DANGEROUS !!!! Its better to overstay and pay the penalties for as long as it takes. Even paying 50,000 pesos fine for twelve months is better than catching the virus !! And under this corona virus time I think that immigration will understand !!!!

  2. Thanks Rod.. Reekay’s latest video tells us of Korean Air essentially shutting down.. They have closed their operation at LAX.. Take care.. We will see what tomorrow brings…

  3. Thanks for the update Rod. I sure hope KE is back on schedule next year🙏🏼. Fly from Hawaii to Incheon to Cebu every year, then on to Leyte. Married to filipina, and we have daughter….We like to come home soon!

  4. The Philippines is NOT a safe idea now nor for the long term…likely years.
    Duterte has set his sites on a a vaccine for ALL of this country. Likely it will come from China ….that will change the Philippines forever.
    He stated he can’t do anything about the Chinese in the Philippines waters unless he goes to war and can’t do that.
    This vaccine will be mandated for all or leave the country.
    He won’t can’t tell the people of the Philippines this.
    Don’t believe the media large or small!
    FOOD WATER SHELTER MONEY will be the immediate concerns for people WW but in the Philippines it will be much worse.

  5. Still going with the propaganda machine I see pffffft Sadly the natives are suffering the most, from all this crap, being pushed towards their “Agenda”

  6. Things in the PI are not under control when it comes to the virus. New cases are on the rise. Relaxing the quarantine level has only made the numbers rise. As usual, there are people who don’t comply and raise the risk of spread.
    Plan to stay away from the PI for at least another year or more. Maybe Xma$ 2021.
    If you are a Walking Street guy then I suggest Thailand. They will most likely be ready to service your needs before any other country.

  7. As long as the Law makers/Government/Governors Ect,,get there pay like clock work then they actually don’t CARE,, but if there pay was to be cut off,,, you would see things changed at Warp Speed.

  8. I will not travel to the Philippines if I have to be poked and prodded just to be put in a bed for 14 days. No way. If I have to, I will plan on traveling to somewhere else.

  9. my top stay 36 month visa application sent to head office in manila a month ago but no response yet. if anyone has been approved please share

  10. You are right about the travel bubble it’s not working out 💪 to will , and now the 14 days in Australia 🇦🇺 will to payed by the person 💰

  11. I’ve been hearing many bad things about Thailand from foreigners. That’s off my list of ever visiting. Sounds very unwelcoming.😁

  12. Good video Rod. I wonder if the government of the Philippines has considered why would happen if they had a Cat 4 typhoon hit while nobody has any extra? Help might not be coming either. This could be the Philippines “Great Leap Forward”.

  13. Testing for what the FLU this is the most outrageous deception that has been foisted upon humanity, there are so many false positives that a test is irrelevant to diagnose a case.To put people in cubicles like there animals how do people put up with this or maybe the IMF is paying the Govt.to facilitate as many as possible what a damn shame for Humanity.

  14. The problem with testing at airports is the virus while in incubation stays undetected by tests for up to a week that’s why the uk government has decided on a ten day quarantine for returning hoiliday makers from Spain so the PH is doing it wrong 😂

  15. Thanks for the update..
    What’s the deal on extending the tourist visa when you reach the 3 year Mark?
    I am married to a Filipina and would like to stay in country if it can be done legally.

  16. Thanks for the info
    When more or less you think ph would start give tourist visa for us the foreigners?Next year, or 2022?
    Cheers mate

  17. I did further research from your screen shots (JRC, B-of-I, etc.) and found out there is a Bureau of Quarantine. I also found out a few more minor details. Thanks a bunch Rod!!!

  18. Great info as usual Rod…i always use the immigration office in Makati. I don’t even need to be there the wife does it all..i just give her the money..lol plus they open at 6:00 A.M.

  19. Hey Rod I just used JR again to extend my visa. Trouble free and smooth, will keep using him even after the lockdown just so much better than going to that office. Also I remember you talking about looking for coffee in a past vid? I found a pretty good source. Next to Robinson’s Fuente Grocery (under the mall that isn’t the cyber mall) is a small coffee shop and they sell beans and can grind them fresh I think it was p620kg so about $6usd a pound and it was pretty good

  20. Thanks as always for the update Rod, doesn’t look like we will be going anywhere anytime soon. Things are changing almost daily. Yes Uk now requires fourteen day quarantine for passengers from Spain, even Uk residents returning from short one or two week vacation. Spain not happy with Uk government.

  21. I don’t know how the Bureau of Immigration can say that there will be penalties if people don’t get their visa situation sorted by July 30 since there are so many of us that simply cannot get to an immigration office due to the restrictions. Cebu City is on MECQ, there’s no transportation available.

  22. I can’t wait to get out of here. The Philippines, and Cebu City in particular, has become pure hell. I will never come back to this awful place.

  23. I miss my Filipina wife bro so much
    I’m in Britain but my wife is in Philippines
    Came back now I’m stuck in Britain
    I’m so SAD
    Miss my Filipina

  24. well we have stated from the beginning there are more deaths being caused by lock down than the virus it self, why these politicians think they know better baffles me, its them that need locking up and let the people live and be able to feed there families

  25. Wow not much getting better
    UK is for returning English tourist in Spain Rod not Spanish.
    They got caught over there after new covid alert.
    Told they come back must do 14 days quarantine at home

  26. what worries me is a “false positive” result…..it will happen to some…..wreaking havoc on their holiday ! also, what will the test cost? how much for the hotel? A 2nd test should be protocol if positive.

  27. Wow, interesting information. I really like the user friendly way the Philippines tries to accommodate everyone. Of course the passport agency is the best thing to use there. I am not trusting Thailand in recent times the monarch there is becoming problematic towards foreigners. I still think the Philippines is the best nation in South East Asia and maybe Asia to retire in. Great thanks on the updates.

  28. Luckily In Denmark healt officials were Quick In realizing the problem by having full lockdown, and that it likely Will create more damage than virus itself.
    I Think these countries such as Philippines and Thailand Will start to realise this once tourist season starts and they miss out on the Money. Domestic tourism Will not have much impact since people has been locked Down for so Long, so they do not have Money to travel.
    I hope Philippines start to prepare for such opening, however impression is they are not working together.
    Have you heard news on when they might Will allow Filipinos to travel out again?

  29. Hello thanks for all your videos they r great am looking at visiting Philippines have had a test already as my work has never gone in lockdown ,i have cancelled once in april and hope buy sept 2nd i will be able to travel somehow will keep watching and praying

  30. Good morning – I’m a new subscriber to your channel. Love the content you provide. Thank you. Quick question: do you happen to know if it’s possible to obtain an SRRV visa from outside the Philippines? I’m currently in the US but am working on meeting all the qualifications for the SRRV but not sure if you must be in-country to actually apply. Any thoughts you have on this would be appreciated. Thank you

  31. The three years stay is this continue stay in the Philippines, what happens if you leave and come back in those three years, I have been coming to the Philippines for 30 months in and out

  32. Had a ride and travel pass all set up to do my visa update on July 31st. My friend has to take his wife’s sister to the airport tomorrow and afterwards stop at the B.I. Now it won’t be open.

  33. If you truly understand what an economic depression is going to do to people, then you can understand that this virus business is only a hiccup compared to what is coming!

  34. These countries are going to continue to push a flu virus, until they have every human into submission to get the mandatory tracing and financial poisonous vaccine. That is so sick n twisted.

  35. We have to wait until election November 3 is over 🤔. Well, or the most obvious:- The price/cost on all this will “force ” us back to normality. What a time to be alive 😂

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