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  1. ROD mexico health care system is far far superior to the USA i live there for 8 years many many people came there for procedures at a fraction of the cost

  2. Hey Rod. Do you think anyone in the health departments do any overseas research? Here we seem wedded to more of the same, which is obviously not working too well. Are they going for total eradication while waiting for a maybe mythical vaccine? That’s surely impossible! Vitamins D3, K2 and maybe zinc should be given freely to all. But of course none of this is about a virus really is it!

  3. Mainstream media the world over were paid to push the shutdown narrative the world over…first it is enslavement and then extermination…the globalist goal is to reduce the world population down to 500 million.
    The Georgia Guidestones…

  4. I think it depends on the data that creates income if you know what I mean .I still think it will be at least April until there will be freedom of movement o hope I’m wrong but everything I have predicted since March 15th has been spot on

  5. Hi Rod,
    I will be doing the same process of your Canadian friend:
    Marriage visa, migrating to Cebu from Toronto in the new year.
    Would you be at liberty to share his contact info?
    I would like to benefit from his experience and
    possibly pick his brain to make my transition as smooth as possible.
    If you can, I can email you my contact info.
    Thanks …

  6. So the states where Trump held his rallies with thousands gather shoulder to shoulder didn have increases in covid 19? Thats interesting Photos from protest they bhad plenty wearing mask and Trump rallies mask were prohibited. Are the leaders of the BLM movement in the hospital like Trump is with covid 19?.

  7. wow, where do you get ur info from ? For instance, in texas, gov Abbott only tested 1/3 of the atate b4 opening, then he forced schools open, then trump had a rally there, massive increase in covid. Stop blaming immigrants & blm, you are showing ur racism, 2nd : show where those articles about babies came from regarding shutdown. Eveeyone knows shutdown has saved lives. Instead of our govt stealing 5 trillion dollars, we would not be in this mess.

  8. Main stream media is not delivering news, they’re serving us with ‘their’ opinion. Indipendent reporting like this one is the only way to find and face the truth.

    When you print money, it’s called counterfeit. When the government print money, it’s called bailout.
    When the mob confiscates your money, it’s called racketeering. When the government confiscates your money, it’s called taxes.
    When the government conspires against its people, it’s classified. When you conspire against your government, it’s treason.
    When the government kills people, it’s war. If you kill someone, it’s murder.

    If you behaved the way your government does, you would be in prison. NOW, wake the F#[email protected]^ up!!!

  9. You totally misrepresented the Telegraph article. Talk about headline reading. Funny, you also mention BLM’s relatively low numbers and yet no mention of the Sturgis rally.

  10. Thanks for your informative vlogs.
    Im an american, and have been living in The Phillipines 2 years. My tourist visa 36 month renewal limit is coming up. With covid19, where can i go? Cud you do a video for us informing us of our options? …destinations? The 25k overstay penalty…any good options?

  11. Hi Rod
    Sounds to me that you may be in a similar mind set to me.
    I agree with much of what you say, so in that vein, I commend to you the “No Agenda ” podcast that looks at current news and analyses ( or destructs) its contents in an often irreverent manner.
    I have no skin in the game, just being informative.
    Thanks for your channel, I am a sub and watch all your content.
    Best wishes.

  12. Great video as always Rod. And as always a great point: it’s not what you know it’s who you know! Glad my fellow Canadian was able to get through, and hope he didn’t have any more problems. Now if only we knew someone who could convincingly argue before the powers-that-be that there’s been enough already.

    Keep up the great work!

  13. Good video Rod. I believe this is the first time ever to Quarantine healthy people. The pre industrial people were to smart to fall for it. Also, never in the past was the governments so ready to hand out (not) free money. Some people got a pay raise when they were layed off. Take care.

  14. There’s so much greed & drama nowadays. You have to wonder that as long as there’s still a buck to be made that this will drag on for as long as it can be milked…..

  15. Good video…..I have been living in Cebu City for 2 years. I’m from Houston area 30 miles away. They opened up early and were doing good until they had the BLM protests/riots for a few weeks ..They had George Floyd’s funeral with thousands of people in the streets

  16. Just renewed my tourist visa in Batanga City and got a nice surprise. Finally got my 1st 6-month extension. It was hassle-free for the most part and only about 6350p.
    Another great update!

  17. Very good. Now to just get all the World leaders on the same page with the compiled Scientific and medical facts and collaborate more efficiently to save the World’s population from starvation and health problems due to the lock-downs. The World did good coming together to fight what could have been a terribly deadly pandemic/epidemic. Now to come together to fix the starvation and problems caused by the lock downs.

  18. I am not paying anymore then the ticket flight. Thats about it, hundreds of thousands of people are thinking the same not a red cent will be spent in the Philippines tourism will suffer until they open without restrictions . BTW Rod i dropped $$5k my last trip.. so it will hurt them times hundred of thousands of people just like me dropping that amount of money or even more

  19. I have a resident in on 6th Sept.from Akl to Sing to Cebu with a copy of marriage cert, hotel booked certified for 2 days ( house quarantine 2 weeks after hotel), booked a PCR covid swab test at Mactan Airport ( avail. To book online Mactan Airport), thats about it. Hope this helps others trying to get in….😊

  20. You are absolutely right about cases and data. What matters is deaths and hospitalizations. This is no worse than the flu. Certain people are using case numbers for political purposes. They are destroying economies. Protect the vulnerable. No society has ever controlled an epidemic by quarantining healthy people. Test and quarantine the sick and old.

  21. Travel in the Philippines was far more strict than my international flight in August. I almost couldn’t get to the airport to fly out. Can’t wait to come back home.

  22. Up until around the last election, foreigners were the right people to know. You were given the red carpet and special privileges just for being foreign. That’s changed. I think in an effort to follow their own laws. It’s probably the right thing to do, but I will admit I liked it better when I was treated like royalty everywhere I went because I was a foreigner.

  23. I bookmarked the Mactan Cebu airport site, thanks. The correct paperwork and testing is exactly my concern flying into Cebu and then delays onward to Bacolod. Thanks for all of your research and information. Stay safe out there!

  24. Keep up the good work Rod. It looks like the liars and trolls are now infecting your factual data talking points. It’s like a religion to them. The false official narratives that authorities are putting out have their lunatic fringe adherents. Those people are buang as they say in Tagalog. Keep putting the data out there and continue to make no apologies for doing that!!

  25. It’s unfortunate but there are a lot of really dumb people who have no interest in customer service in positions of authority there as in many foreign countries. I was taking my fiance from Davao to Thailand for a week of vacation and our flight from there to Manila was late so we missed our connecting flight. The airline put us up in a hotel room and told us to come back the next day and wait for standby seats. We got one on the first flight and went through the security checkpoint except she never appeared and after 15 minutes finally someone came and got me and said I needed to come back on the other side.

    Turns out since it was her first foreign flight an idiot who worked there decided she needed to be interviewed before she could be allowed to board a plane despite the fact that we had already gone through security in Davao. They intentionally held her for an hour making us miss the flight and when I said to her that this was bullshit a big burly supervisor came out all angry and trying to intimidate me for daring to question their authority. So they made us miss our flight and then told us next time we should be there two or three hours early and I politely told him that he was a moron since we were on standby and we’re never supposed to go through that in the first place, not to mention we had no control over how long before the flight we were allowed to board.

    Impotent people who get a taste of a little power and decide they’re going to try to screw over other people just to feel good about themselves.

  26. Check out Dr John Campbell ‘s Youtube channel for accurate no drama data.
    We must practice the simple rules, masks, distancing, hygiene, and be patient for the vaccines.

  27. You are right Rod. I landed at Manila on 27 September with visa from NYC . I had to pay around $100 for COVID-19 test at airport and had to stay overnight at DOH approved Hotel for overnight . I got the test results by email with in 8 hours. Then I have to register my self at department of health site with my Covid-19 test results. After few minutes department of health send me health certificate to travel. Hotel receptionist made copies of my emails for me to show for flight for Davao next morning.
    Davao airport I had no problem. I had to submit my health certificate to local authorities with my address where I will do my Two weeks quarantine.

  28. Well at least you were smart enough to take hydroxychloroquine out of your completely irresponsible slideshow. As you probably noticed that the president of the United States who believes the same stupidity that you subscribe to here in this video and many of the people around him have now come down with the Coronavirus you see that part of his treatment in no way included hydroxychloroquine. And the doctor that has replaced Anthony falchi I believe his name is Scott Atlas who also put out the same kind of non science-based BS and out of context slides that you show here is also not involved in treating prompt there is a reason for that. You have lost a subscriber

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