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  1. Too many requirements. Nobody repeat nobody wants to go through all the hassles to visit places. The economy will continue to get worse until things can return to as close to normal as possible.

  2. Boom Rod, LOL, Thanks for this update my friend, its almost 1900hrs here 1400hrs there, yes we often stayed at the, Mango Park, as it was then, it was a nice hotel, quiet and clean and central. That was before we purchased our present home at Sogod.
    Great minds think alike Rod, yes i agree, it pays to be a bit circumspect about what one says in public there. We are basically back to normal here, we can go where we like when we like and was pretty much like that even during tighter restrictions. I could count on one hand, the number of times i wore a mask, hardly ever, though there were a lot of frightened people around then who were obviously freaking out.
    Cheers from, Land of the long white cloud.

  3. Interesting information thanks but the way the world economy is don’t hope to much that the Philippines will recover in the near future I’d say uneducated guests it’ll take two years to come right

  4. United Airline CEO mentioned last week, international flight will be normalized in year 2024. I personally think, it will get better in 2-3 years, but people are way optimistic about future. In order to travel freely, you need vaccine to prevent virus and medicine to cure, if one is infected. Both take pretty long time to develop.

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