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  1. I’m taking everything with a grain of salt until things are officially back to normal to where masks and face shields aren’t required. I’ve been waiting since last march to get legal capacity to marry from the us embassy in Manila, they just will not budge for interviews. I’ll be baffled if it goes past an entire year of waiting.

  2. Yes Australia is one of the banned ones its a pitty only NSW and Sydney has the virus hear in South Australia is clear but they ban all of Australia

  3. Mainstream media is the fastest spreader of misinformation about anything including the dreaded CV. People in Philippines eat bitter melon that is high in quinine and a natural remedy for malaria. Malaria drugs are good for treating CV.

  4. Well researched Rod, very informative for many in the West watching this, i’m glad we are not planning on returning soon, who knows,
    this could all be a thing of the past in 6 months though i’m not holding my breath. Looks like i will require a visa at this time if we came back unexpectedly. Happy New Year mate to you and Arlene, from both of us. PS. Everyone in this country, has complete freedom.

  5. Hi Rod. Your scientists are full of bs. If you remember the virus came out of China a year ago. So it has already been through one winter and one summer and it is still increasing worldwide. We can’t try the winter, summer theory here because the only cases we have are bought in on airplanes from overseas but as I said it has already done one cycle or a year. Cheers from New Zealand

  6. Domestic travel require money . No work no money . My wife went back to the phils she said when she gets back to the
    US she will not come back till there’s free dome of movement
    I will not come back for the same reason

  7. Im not positive but if you are married and have a child you might not get the visa to travel back and be allowed back in.. If you come from one of the twenty countries

  8. Thanks as always for the update Rod, still looking like no return there for a good while yet. I’ll say Happy New Year to you now in case no video for a day or two.

  9. Hello Rod…
    There are a lot of Ex-pats on a Facebook Group for Ex-pats telling people over seas to get married via internet….
    I think you have covered this internet marriage question already… ( people with internet marriages are not allowed into the Philippines…
    *PERO… some people need to hear it again.
    Happy New Year Brother…
    ( I moved out of Lapu-Lapu…. I living in the Province of Balamban now ).

  10. As always Rod great updates…i always said i never will have a reason to go back to the U.S. …unless i do something really stupid and they kick me out…married and happy and retired

  11. The new mutated virus is no more dangerous than the original virus that’s the facts out today, the Oxford Vaccine will be rolled out in the UK by the first week in January, there target will be a million vaccines a week, we are already up to now vaccines done 800K so all good news, the Vaccines are the way forward these have been tested and are giving 95% success rate that’s a Fact!! so the people that are saying no to a vaccine well you wont be travelling much as this will be a necessity in your passport when you travel, a bit like a health passport, so lets get vaccinating the World and try and get back to some normality !!

  12. Once things do get back to normal in Philippines, foreigners better be extra careful with their belongings because i am pretty sure the snatchers and salisi gang would be out in full force because of the economic retraction the lockdown caused. People will be desperate for money.

  13. A balikbayan visa (1 year) for the spouse has always had the requirement to travel with Filipino. At least as long as I have been going there. So it is not a new requirement.

  14. Here in Las Vegas at Albertsons pharmacy the vaccine is coming soon. Maybe the Philippines will open up to expats that have been vaccinated. I can’t wait to get back to northern mindanao Where I live for the last 2 years.

  15. I am over it all mate. I came back to Cebu a few mnths ago from New Zealand. And will now take my wife and daughter back to NZ now they have NZ Residence Visa. I have enjoyed your videos , very informative and mostly correct. I expect 2021 will not be normal until EOY and beyond in Philippines. Hope i am wrong, i doubt it.cheers mate, keep up the good work.😁

  16. Basically the Philippines economy is f’d. Worst performing economy in all of Asia for 2020. Services and Tourism are the biggest contributors to GDP there. Tourism is dead, domestic services hurting, and export services at least on the BPO side is basically treading water. Even OFW remittances accounted for about 10% of Philippines GDP and that’s down or gone. Countries like Vietnam that are more business friendly and foreigner friendly have blown the Philippines out of the water when it comes to GDP growth and this country as well as places like Thailand and Malaysia I believe will likely reopen faster than the Philippines will as the Philippines would rather see their economy crumble than have a couple of Covid cases. Philippines always has so much potential and the best people, but so poorly managed by govt.

  17. Good update report, thanks. But it’s funny how some don’t understand the Balikbayan privilege, and don’t understand when they are a citizen of another country, like the US and Canada, and hold passports of these countries the can only enter as a tourist, even though they are filipino.
    As for the covid, here is something interesting from the British Columbia (Canada) health minister Bonnie Henry, as of December 10, the total deaths in BC for 2020 is 587, and she also said all but 2 are elders and seniors that where in long term care home.

  18. Hi Rod,
    Always enjoy your videos. We were in the Philippines for 3 weeks in Jan and just missed the COVID outbreak. Very hopeful that in mid to late 2021 that we can go back and visit again. Clearly, the vaccine will play a role, and it’s my understanding Duterte has put the US on notice that they need to provide vaccine to Philippines or risk the joint military pact. Hopefully the new administration here in the US will be helpful in that regard because an outbreak anywhere threatens everyone-the vaccine should be shared. And the US has the ability to help others and thereby helping itself. Sharing of vaccines between developed and lesser developed countries can help restart the global travel and trade industries.

    I would like to comment about the saliva test and also ivermectin (IV).

    From what I have read, the Philippines is still waiting on final results of the test before making a decision. Here in the US there are several emergency use approved saliva tests. These all use a saliva sample rather than nasal swab, but for the assay all are still pcr-based. The Philippine Red Cross said the saliva test would be less expensive because PPE not be required for sample collection, and that it is in fact the PPE that adds to the cost. I guess we will see how this sorts out.

    Regarding IV, it is important to note that there are NO randomized clinical trial results available showing safety or efficacy on the treatment COVID-19 with this compound. The small study described by Dr Beens was conducted in Bangladesh, and had serious design flaws. In fact, the results as published by Ahmed et al in the International J Infectious Diseases on Dec 2, shows that there was NO statistical difference ( meaning that the statistical confidence intervals overlapped) among the 3 patient cohorts (IV for 5 days, IV for 1 day plus doxy for 5 days, and placebo group). They also incorrectly said that the IV cohort fared better than the IV+ doxy group, but this is nonsense because the first cohort had IV for 5 da and the second cohort for only 1 day, so this comparison is a non-sequitir. The authors even stated, “ the study sample was too small (n=72) to make any solid conclusions”. There is as yet zero evidence on the safety and efficacy, using randomized, properly designed clinical trials and comparing to the proper standard of care, which should be dexamethasone. On their website, FDA advises that the safety and efficacy of IV in the intend-to-treat populations has not been established, and they advise against its use for this purpose because of serious side effects (neurological, gastrointestinal, sudden drop in blood pressure, hepatitis, and others) of its use. IV may work or may not as future clinical trials may show, but at the moment, it’s premature to consider much like hydroxychloroquine in my view.

  19. Covid is a Trogen Horse for the Great Global RESET
    And won’t be gone until Agenda 30 is fully in place and its going to take away all our freedoms
    It’s Communism 101

  20. I haven’t seen my engaged future wife for 11 month. In November we planned everything to meet on the maledives and exchange marriage documents. But the boarder control refused her to leave because it’s to risky to meet after that long time with me. The boarder control said I’m a huge security risk for her. She had all documents, covid test, insurance, round ticket, a letter from my side, pictures… The officer said that even on a marriage visa she will not get the allowance to leave. What they are doing to couples around the world is destroying the people mentally and physically. We hope and wait… There should be a regulation for that but the government doesn’t care. They have no heart… I go for a test, quarantine… 2 times if necessary and I pay for that, but… 😪

  21. Thank you so much again for your vids, mate. For some of us waiting to come back to their loved ones, girlfriends, wives, kids, your channel is part of the lifeline.

  22. It doesn’t travel on the trade winds
    Itv travels by the world wide internet system and is more political than contagious and the Globalist Cabal are useing Covid19 ,Covid21 and future covid strains to further their Globalist Agenda

  23. Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquin should have been utilized months ago.
    But it would end the pandemic and that’s bad if your a communist globalist slime ball.

  24. Hi rod, UK vaccine has just been approved and they are talking about supplying poorer countries at cost price as this vaccine is much cheaper to manage, let’s hope the Philippines is one of those countries.

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