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  1. Ivermectin and HCQ has always been the answer, if people don’t see what’s really going by now, then you will gladly take a vaccine. So many people have been hurt by these unnecessary lockdowns.

  2. I switch masks every month or so whether I need to or not. Lol. I’m Uh… Saving the environment, yeah, that’s it. I’ll be glad when the scamdemic is over.

  3. I’m moving forward with my plans Rod. Lining up better living quarters. Helping the Fiancée and her family with their business endeavor. Life might be mostly paused but it will start again. Standing still isn’t a good use of my time.

  4. Hi Rod. I have heard of Ivermectin some 7 months back and I did look into it and certainly it does seem to be effective. Something for all of us to research and consider. Take care Rod 🙂👍

  5. I do not see international travel being allowed for the average person for a long time ..Maybe next year..We are under control by those we have no control over ..

  6. Great information didn’t think about the Disposal Of all the face masks and so on what a mess were making hmmmm I’m shaking my head at what’s going on

  7. We just had a woman who was Release from 14 day Quarantine test positive for the South African strain after passing her covid-19 tests in Quarantine she lives were I live the first three days we all put face masks back on shopping and used the Trackr app testing Stations We’re overrun With people being tested after the list of all the places she had been to so something new pass your last test for covid-19 but two weeks later your sick because your with after people who had it in Quarantine and all using the same aircon

  8. I like your parting advice – stay busy, safe and sane ! If we all did those things we will get out of this situation much quicker and in a better place. Thank you for the update Amazing Philippines 🇵🇭

  9. In Capiz no passes needed & entry allowed if you wear mask/shield. Once inside most flip the shield up over there head. The little kiddies have been out in malls/stores for months now & even today I saw 6 on a trike….

  10. Hey Rod Im here in Guadalupe Cebu we have a new lockdown just on Sundays (from what I can figure out)? Just the next 2 sundays. So that should clear up the virus, probably not even a need for the vaccine now. Im sure the order to dispose of the masks properly will work well. AND have you seen the new Covid response at IT park and Ayala?? looks like they blocked 30% of the roads with new bike lanes, Im guessing this somehow slows the spread by slowing traffic. I did see ONE bike at Ayala, Don’t recall seeing any bikes at IT park. Didn’t see any virus either so looks like its working.

  11. It so obvious that Duterte is owned by the CCP…when the WHO and UNITED NATIONS can enter the Philippines at will it says everything…Duterte is a Stooge

  12. Tanx for the update on the availability of the vaccinesOnce they start vaccinations,foreigners will probably be allowed in,that is if they show proof that they completed their two doses before being issued visas.Limiting entries is the only way to prevent infections. Also face mask is a must regardless if you’re already vaccinated!So patience is a virtue for the time being!At least we’re getting there,slowly but surely.Stay safe Rod!

  13. The government powers can keep the lockdowns and restrictions going on forever since a virus will always have new variants. The testing has been reported to produce very high numbers of false positives so lets keep the insanity going? Testing and isolating healthy people is nuts so lets keep it up? I was planning to spend this winter in Phils so instead of spending money, multiply thousands of dollars by millions of people you can see why the economy will continue to contract. Until attitudes completely reverse like 180 degrees and people understand that life has risks, I will stay away. I refuse to wear a mask and face shield outside in 90 degree heat like an idiot, I know I’m not alone, so they can keep the bs going and I’ll keep my money.

  14. The rules regulations and guidelines for travel & entry look like the Philippine wiring you see along the city streets there Rod. I suspect swab testing is really DNA gathering. Thumbs up Rod.

  15. Good Evenig Rod,
    I hope with you and everythingr good there.
    They change weekly,,this is good about the Vaccine I hope Philippines can reopen fully reopen this year. im planning to March .
    Thanks for the info. Stay safe on your travels.
    Tanx for the update on the availability.
    Take care of yourself friend.!!!

  16. thanks Rod mayb i can get there soon i have A 9a visa just waiting on USCIS now need to get my wife an daughter to the U S Embassy in Manila . to get there visa so i can bring them home with me to Atlanta . be safe my friend keep the video coming

  17. Hi rod.all states of australia will open midnight Saturday.covid19 safe has stated covid19 jab to begin late February. Jab not compulsory at the present time..What will be required is covid19 passport for international travelers ..great info for Philippines. Up to for cebu..thanks rod..ok

  18. So what i gather at this point in time is that foreigners with tourist visas won’t be allowed into or back into the Philippines after leaving the Philippines to satisfy their 3 year visa departure requirement?

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