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  1. Im confused. If a married man with a child travels to his country Alone for a few weeks to visit does he still need to get a 9 A visa from the philippine embassy to get back into the country, Are can he now show his marriage certificate and child birth certificate And supporting Documents upon arrival in the philippine.

  2. ….Maybe if I fly to Guam, take a boat to Manila, take a ferry to Cebu and get a Barangay Chief to sneak me a tourist visa….then I can get in…….

  3. Great news, maybe I won’t have to apply for a visa here in Los Angeles. Let’s hope in a few days we can clarify exactly how this will work. Even thou I’m married to a Filipina and have my marriage certificate with me here in California.

  4. Did they saying anything about lowering the quarantine in Davao City? They just put us back on GCQ. We are back to 3 day passes, check points. everything is locked down on Sunday and no alcohol sales. No one could fly into here from another province because the rest of the Philippines is on MGCQ.

  5. Hmmm yes they may start opening up but very few countries will allow overseas travel talk here is a not till the end 2021 ps I hear Philippines airlines is asking financial help to stay afloat it sounds bad for them unless they get the help

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