Travel to Thailand… The path to Normal is still unclear.

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  1. 17 minute vlog 2 thumbs down the vlog as only been up 7 minutes. Sad

    I’ve had a tough week getting my application into the Thai Embassy this week we are moving back permanently and I will never get on another plane.

  2. The bulk of Covid 19 infections have been young healthy people and few elderly so the death rate has been low, thankfully. Have witnessed that compliance with rules on masks and hand washing has been very high. Overall Thailand has done well in this pandemic.

  3. Thank you…I see your sadnes because of the covid😭…Please give is an update now and then about Claus and so in👍..So everything is okej..Watching your chanel for two years all the people around you is like family❤️

  4. What I think may be the biggest concern in the future is all the surveillance over us, which has been built up during this time period 2020. NOTHING WILL BE NORMAL AGAIN

  5. Have fun in Belize. Make some cool diving videos. I’ve gone scuba diving in Roatan, Honduras (super awesome place to scuba), but never Belize. I’m afraid they aren’t going to open up Thailand for at least 8 months, but that’s just a wild guess.

  6. I have lived on Phuket Island for going on 25 years. We rode out SARS, Bird Flu, some others, without much of a blip on the local economy. But this one has been something else. I can’t see foreign tourists returning until late this year at best. Take years to recover, like 5 years.

    Down here in Kata/Karon we drive about and it’s just ghost town the entire day. No one walking, beaches empty, shops closed. Even more 7-11s given up in this second wave = no domestic tourism. Even noticed our local SCB Bank closed 2 months ago and gone complete with ATM. Same with other small bank branches.


  8. I think the real issue is it was very controlled, but the original lockdown caused it to stop being spread. I believe whats being spread now is from those importing labor illegally is much easier spread. The one person should have stayed in BKK.

  9. Your last comment is what the scientists have been saying recently. Vaccines into as many people as quickly as possible is the only way slow it down and reduce the possibility of new variants with different capabilities to spread and cause harm. It will be around, in one shape or another, for a long time. The vaccines can be updated to tackle these but masks, distancing and hand hygiene could be with us for even longer ☹


  11. People should read the insert that comes with all vaccines. It’s required by law to give it to you on request. This mRNA injection is not a vaccine and says in the insert that it does not protect you from any viruses. It does reprogram your DNA though. I read that in Russia the vaccine they are using is just a seasonal flu shot which has questionable protections from viruses which are constantly mutating making a vaccine useless. The human immune system is the best vaccine ever created. It just needs to be kept functional with proper diet, vitamins and minerals. People with age factors and certain chronic diseases are susceptible to viruses because their immune systems are compromised by certain pre existing conditions. These are the ones who need the extra precautions and supplements to prevent getting sick. There are volumes of statistics and science on this virus from the past 13months, much of it has been kept out of the mainstream. I’ll leave it up to you to find a reason why. On a different note, Paige is something else. Such a wonderful, kind soul. You are blessed to have found each other.

  12. In Japan with a man has a waist size over 33 inches he must pay a higher health premium for his insurance. Diabetes is a disease about insulin which causes people to get fat. Most of the people getting sick or fat people. Thai people generally are not fat so you’re not getting sick.

  13. hello sir … i must say this vid is kind of funny in a ha ha ha not so much so way and i’ll tell you why
    in this vid you’re talking about stuff that when i commented about it you deleted the comment
    even if something seems negative when i type it i’m just calling it as how i see it (and too often i’m right)
    i’d like to think i’m a happy person with no real problems semi retired for the last 14 years not very much debt
    blaa blaa and for the most part i enjoy my life

  14. More Americans died of Covid-19 than soldiers died in WWI
    With more than 700 new deaths yesterday, the United States now has more deaths from Covid-19 than American soldiers died in World War I. According to Johns Hopkins University, exactly 740 deaths occurred in 24 hours.THINK ON THIS

  15. In my opinion the reason Thailand have so few cases is the measures that were taken right in the beginning to prevent such spread. In the UK this was not the case and it is evident by the spread and amount of deaths on such a small island. The USA was another country that ignored it for far too long and we can see the results there. All around the world livlihoods are being ruined but by taking no action to contain it and stop the spread more people will lose their lives. The virus does not legislate and many people with no underlying health conditions, young and old, have been affected. Not being able to travel is a necessary evil and one we just have to accept if we are to help in stopping/slowing down this terrible disease.

  16. I fully believe that the Thai diet with the hot chilies and so forth contributes to somebody not getting the virus. Simply put the Thai people’s diet boost their immune system to a point where they’re stronger

  17. Chuck what I love about your videos is that it feels like I’m having a conversation with an old friend. Informative, thought provoking and overall enjoyable. Thanks

  18. So nice to see you are well doing Chuck, and also that you can service Paige with coofee… Oh I know that rang-order aswell here. rgds fm Denmark. 🙂

  19. In a war, one doesn’t simply count the deaths, one counts the wounded as well. Where are the numbers for covid related stroke, amputation, cardiac complications?? These are the “covid wounded”…add on these as well as the “long covid” people and you have a significantly higher number of people whose health has been permanently damaged. Much of the damage occurs when the immune system is too unregulated – cytokine storm. The immune system does more damage than the virus in these cases.

  20. Chuck, I agree with you 100% in what you said. I truly believe that what you eat builds your immune system. What food, I don’t know, maybe it’s the hot chili pepper or garlic. When I was on Army Recruiting Duty in Hawaii, we had many Korean applicants, they never had high blood pressure. We said it was because they ate a lot of “kim chee.” Lol! Give it time, just like the flu shot every year?😷🙏🏼🌶🌶🙏🏼🤞🏼

  21. china gave us this virus, no apologise, not even co operation to investigate, world should teach lesson to china by looking for alternatives for imports and exports

  22. Chuck, there is a big difference between bacteria and a virus.
    Bacteria is a multi cell organism, there is good and bad bacteria.
    A virus is way smaller and lives inside a cell, there are no good viruses, you can’t go to 7/11 and buy a tub of virus to stay healthy.

  23. I’m pretty sure a lot op people there all getting it, they just don’t try to panic there population into submission for something that is mainly Asymptomatic.

  24. Haha Paige was funny “You haven’t finished, what were you doing?” I’m sorry I’m watching this video and Paige is making me laugh. Her face when Soi Mafia walked in and was talking was classic. Thailand’s approach to the virus is very good. Protection, Caution, Respect is what has kept communities safe, not only in Thailand but in places like Australia, New Zealand and others. In places where the Government and many citizens did not take the virus seriously in the beginning and didn’t impose restrictions early, and people did not social distance or wear masks, the death toll and infection numbers are horrendous.

  25. I think one big problem in Canada and the U.S. is that all the food is sterilized and we dont get live bacteria in our foods like yogurt and kimchi/sauerkraut unless we make it ourselves. I agree with you Chuck its here to stay ,we just got to learn to live with it

  26. Sat in quarantine now got home last Saturday. I think Thailand are coping better than most countries even with this second wave. Things going to get better soon. Got to stay positive. Great video Chuck

  27. G’day Chuck and Paige. cut..cut..cuT.. Cutt.. cut..This is the everyday of your Thai life I like seeing..My partner lives about 300k west of you but I’m stuck in Australia…Plus, Everybody can have an opinion. It’s good for them. As long as they are not hypocritical. Chok Dee.

  28. Instead of a trip to the shopping mall, take a trip to the top of Khao Kitchakut and look at the footprint of Buddha. Take a video of the drive up og down of the mountain to give all of us a real experience.

  29. Death rate in Thailand is about 0.64% Its insane to destroy lives and the economy over this. Lockdowns and the quarantine are doing more damage than the virus ever could. OPEN THAILAND 🇹🇭

  30. As you said most people don’t get even sick, I think we need real time testing that works, then you just test everyone getting on planes,trains and automobiles, you fail you don’t go!

  31. You should think ur selfs very lucky to be in thailand
    in the UK there is more than 95.000 people have died of this
    And more than 1300 in just England
    It’s better to be safe than sorry
    It won’t be long till Thailand gets control of it again

  32. Agree Chuck with all you say and this infection will never go away ,infection ,1,then ,2 then 3 as mutates all the time,i had the flue jab 30 odd years ago but still get it sometimes. At least thailand reports deaths as related ,due too heart ,lung ,diabetes conditions not the same as us or europe die in a car accident covid.More thai die of Dengue each year.

  33. A man asks his doctor “How dangerous is this virus? Is it that bad?”
    *Doctor* – “How would I know? I’m not a politician.”
    “Never let a serious crisis go to waste”… what politicians live by

  34. Chuck FYI – The Government of Belize Dept of Health does not have much confidence in any of the vaccines. Reason is that there is no data on how long the Vaccines will be effective and with the Virus Mutations occurring there is only an assumption that the Vaccine will be any good for a Virus Mutation. The Belize Government is going with preventive dosing of Ivermection also using as a front line treatment. 1 dose taken every 7 days for 4 weeks. You can research this on the internet and there is even a YouTube channel called Clinical Trials. You can watch it your self. Very informative.
    I am also thinking of Belize as an alternative.

  35. I think my favorite in the US is the horting of toilet paper .everywhere the shelves were empty. I guess covid gave you the runs. My son in naung wang is back in school

  36. The Test for covid is not reliable, the WHO just said you’ve got to have two positive results plus the covid symptoms in order to call it a real positive!

  37. Hiya Chuck, can’t stop travelling so we are hunkered down on koh Lanta for a few weeks, not a lot going on but at least we have the beach and the sun down here.Cheers Bruce and Noi from Korat.

  38. The latest update because of the new South Africa corona they are going to introduce 14 day quarantine on
    Arrival all flights from Brazil and South Africa have been banned all borders are closed death rate is about 1500 per day with 40,000 daily infections this is the same across Europe

  39. Had to test negative 72 hours before flight to BKK, ASQ 2 weeks in BKK with 2 negative tests, went to another province they said you came from BKK you need to quarantine another 2 weeks, Will I be in quarantine forever?
    Sorry for the rant and keep see you in Belize!

  40. The lesson for us, Thai, from COVID is to practice sufficiency economy instead of relying too much on the outsiders. This’s the case of tourism.

  41. Just finished my quarintine after having covid-19. I’m not going to fear anything, I take all the safety measures and I still caught it. I have high blood pressure so maybe thats why I deveoped flu like symptons, but I’m over it, life goes on, I’m not going to change anything or fear nothing, I will continue to follow the guidlines and still live thru it all!

  42. Unfortunately new variants of the virus have shoot up infection rates dramatically so it will get worse before it gets better.
    However once all most vulnerable categories of world population have been vaccinated the fatalities rates will go down.
    Even considering that more variants will arrive and adjusting vaccines will be needed similar to what we have for seasonal flu we can expect the world will have learned to live with this ongoing pandemic and adapted to the new normal.
    What is not clear is how much social and economical damage will be inflicted before recovery starts.
    It’s ok to be sad, all we be fine in the end.

  43. I do not mean to drag politics in the comments, but it appears, now that the coup was a success, Neil Ferguson, CDC, WHO, Fauci, and Goldman-Sachs are giving positive outlooks regarding covid and are writing articles about reducing PCR use and calling out false positives. All of this is the last 2 days btw.

  44. I’ve actually been using the Japanese Olympic updates to tell me how travel is going to go this year. Covid protocols will not work for the Olympics nor is it desired because it would be flushing money down the drain. Japan is closed to visitors but still very much alive.

    The west is in the Twilight Zone

  45. It is not bad being “stuck” in Chonburi! Between the beautiful hills and the sea, there is always something to do. The first lockdown was a bit harsher, but I’ can’t complain about living in Paradise.

  46. Went to Playa del Carmen for two weeks Jan 7/21 2021. When we returned, had all the. Symptoms of Covid and now in quarantine, so when you say you are going to leave Thailand, I wouldn’t because it is safer there than most places. I have a very strong immune system but as we age, it gets weaker. (60) now. The Covid came out of nowhere, feeling fine traveling back to USA , but when I got home, all of a sudden, body ache, cough, and fever. So be careful if you thinking of traveling. Regards

  47. Last night we learned on the news here in California that Stanford University is tracking the mutating variants and the Gnome of the Coronavirus, the concern is that is is hoped the present vaccine will be good for the inoculation of the population. This virus is hereto stay , sorry for that but it is now our reality so going away seems to be a dream. All I can say is to keep acting’s social distancing and wear your mask and disinfect your hands regularly. Be safe, Be happy and may the Buddha bless you and the Family P.S. Good time to build the Pizza Oven Chuck!

  48. got my 1st shot yesterday at the VA – #2 in a couple weeks – I’m 71 now & my Daughter is getting married on Valentines Day (They only been together 21 years – go figure) my arm a bit sore to lift –

  49. You’ve mentioned Belize several times now. You’ll undoubtedly go there. Once you go there, you’ll realize how good you have it in your Thailand bubble. Right now you seem to think the rest of the world is similar to Thailand right now. It isn’t. And you’ll realize that Belize is also significantly different than Thailand, with much higher crime rates (especially on the mainland), etc. Personally I think you’d be bored AF there, and would return to Thailand more quickly than you think. Good luck.

  50. Did you read about the
    efficiency of CCP vaccine ? They are pathological liars ….don´t go along with anything from there. Please keep safe and wait for Pfizer one. You both are important to us!

  51. It is what it is. Just have to keep going. Keep the videos coming. I look forward to them. I really liked the last travel series. Thank you for doing them and stay positive.

  52. Some I agree with, some I don’t. The Thais were much stricter with the initial response, and it’s common in Asia to wear masks. Many will wear them when they are sick with just the sniffles, or on public transport like the BTS or MRT just “because”. I find it hard to believe *ANY* “official” number in Thailand, full stop! But I also think there is something in the way the Thais are often rather unhygienic (by western standards) when food comes to mind, and even quite often in rural living conditions, and I think they therefore have a much stronger immune system than molly coddled westerners. Their type of diet is also possibly helping. A lot of fresh fruit and vegetables, and vitamin D, I personally think boosts their immune system. Many westerners are very unhealthy and fragile these days.

  53. Well said Chuck. Unfortunately in my humble opinion I think lockdowns worldwide has been far more deadly than the virus. Causal effects of lockdowns include, depression, job loss, suicides, alcoholism, domestic abuse, (I myself have not been able to return to Thailand due to the mandatory 14 day quarantine in a expensive hotel, also 14 day mandatory quarantine upon returning home.) Most people don’t have a month to quarantine. and a few others i fail to list. I think once this is finally over, and people do actual studies of the above mentioned, will probably show a marked spike in all the above. Again just my humble opinion. All storms pass. Take care and keep posting.🙏

  54. Great video chuck and the China 🇨🇳 part was great very funny well sort of if you know what I mean and very true.Chinese plan is working very well for them and their economy is booming now.might send you another music video again.thanks for yours .stay safe.Damon

  55. That guy said elderly should avoid going outside wrong covid is mostly acquired inside sun and wind kills it. Check the sustictes on how many will die as result of shutdowns. Young people do well

  56. Chuck, you’re correct, we all have to live with it even after the vaccine has been distributed globally. However, what this virus has taught us, is that we have to strengthen our immune system and start living a healthy lifestyle.

  57. So let me get this straight. 71 deaths out of over 12,000 cases is a fatality rate of .5%. Ridiculous panic and vaccine for no reason. Just say no

  58. Heya Chuck and Paige. Glad you are both well ❤️. I must admit I am fascinated as to how Thailand has had so few cases/deaths whereas the UK is just awful. Is it climate, immunity, diet?? Hopefully one day we will know xx

  59. The demonization of MSG started around the 1980’s (I think) without scientific analysis and spread in the media as a filler article. It’s only lately that it’s coming back with the popularization of travel-cooking shows presenting foods from around the world. Umami is the redemption term now. Whatever….live your life regardless of the greed, you can’t take it with you. Cheers

  60. Hi Chuck N Paige, you hit the nail on the head, the preditors will come in and swoop everything up cheap. This is the biggest transfer of wealth the world has ever seen. This is a planned scamdemic to subjugate humanity. The science mainstream media put out is false.
    The so-called vaccine is not even a vaccine it is an MRRA injection. I could go on with evidence but this is not the place for it. Take care. GOD Bless you and yours. M

  61. Chuck & Paige I really love your channel. I lived on Koh Tao a while back. I’m from the UK & I can let you know by comparison the Thai health authorities are really looking out for the country & have succeeded. We have been in lockdown since November 2020, as many jobs lost as Thailand but way more fatalities (heading for 100k) & our Government are trying to do the right thing too. Wishing you guys more travel & adventures soon (& me too). x

  62. COVID is 99.97% recoverable. WHY…would I ever take a mRNA DNA modifying experimental vaccine?? I would never do that. With Ivermectin, vitamin C & D, Fish oil, and Selenium, No mask…You’re good to go. If COVID infects your lungs, and your cells, depriving them of oxygen, why on Earth would I wear a mask that also deprives me of oxygen? Makes no sense. The best way to fight COVID is to NOT wear a mask.

  63. Mafia cracks me up, she don’t give a damn about your blah blah blah 😂 apparently China does though 😆 Thanks for sharing your thoughts, hopefully things will get back close to normal sometime this year. Many blessings to you, Paige and family 🙏🏼
    Cheers 🍻

  64. Pure stupidity has infected the whole Earth. COVID is never going away. Get use to it and allow our bodies to become immune to it. Frigging irritating!

  65. The high risks of contracting a virus on the “golf trip” where one “forgets” the camera, would be one hell of a test for “saving face” in households and communities.

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