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  1. I’m planning on flying home to Chicago from Cebu in about 10 days. Cebu > Manila > LAX > Chicago – on PAL. Any thoughts or potential problems you or anyone can foresee with this? I can’t get a medical certificate to fly here in Talisay City, but my travel Agency is helping get one in Mactan (I hope!)
    Thanks for the update!
    PS: I just used a service like JRC. Fast, reputable and cheap to renew my visa. 100% stress-free and so easy!

  2. If you haven’t seen it please watch Still Report 3126 on Bitchute. Here in Cebu I was able to easily add a 5 day course of treatment of the medication to my usual order and have it on hand just in case. Cost 850p total.

  3. I called the JRC guy, and asked him some questions. I asked him if he knew any visa consultants in CDO. He said he’d look into it, and that he’d call me back. He never did call back, and he won’t answer my calls to him.

  4. Giday my friend, sounds like, you have a cold? I recommend more lubrication LoL.
    The way things are looking there on Cebu, i doubt we’ll be back there for quite some time Rod.

  5. Great video as always. Love the closing SLS video clip as background to the discussion of reopening the Philippines to tourism. It can’t be too soon, both for people’s livelihoods, and also for families to be together and other of life’s most important facets.

    Keep up the great work. And hang in there. Some may try to make this last forever but it won’t. It’s just already far longer than it should have.

  6. As long as a senior citizen is going out for essential needs and medicine they are allowed. I am 69 and have a notorized certificate from Talisay mayor…no questions entering the malls here but only allowed 2 certain days a week. Tues and Fri now. Thanks for the update video again.

  7. Being proactive seems more like trial & error. I can see desperation getting worse as this thing lingers on & sometimes you begin to wonder if anyone really has a clue what’s going on.

  8. Hey Rod like this volg i may try that consultant as I think things will not be as simple as before to travel to Philippines.
    Remember Rod your not a spring chicken anymore LOL even if you have a gf.
    I cant help wonder Rod as a foreigner is your personal safety going to be a issue in lieu the current circumstances. Remember locals will see a foreigner as a rich white folk who have loads of money. I think it will only be a small amount that maybe try something .

  9. Thanks Rod. After all this time I still can’t figure out the different quarantines. Doesn’t matter really, being over 60 always means stay in the closet and don’t come out!

  10. Rod, I knowJRC was closed during the ECQ time period.. Do you know if they were able to open back up today?? I had to file a letter of consideration to BI via JRC, also ACR card, and visa extension.. So they still have some paperwork of mine in the mill.. I will FB message them tomorrow for an update.. I’m sure they have other peoples stuff on the stove.. Thanks for the update.. We have to take it a day at a time.. Bruce Boggan..

  11. keeping in the old people is going to kill them they can’t move around their lungs become less efficient to colds whatever else and their sons or daughters teens who are out instead of being indoors. I have been indoors over 130 days which is ridiculous based on the assumption if your old your more apt to get the covid-19 just down the street from me are people that are 30=40 who tested positive. what a lot of people don’t know is if you get the virus and get over it you can catch it again because the antibodies you developed only stick around for 3 weeks and then they’re gone. I hate to sound negative but COVID-19 is going to be around for a long time until they find a vaccine that could take 3 to 5 years.

  12. if you born overseas , you must be allowed to go and see your families regardless of everything. while testing and quarantine in place paid by person governments must stop being inhumane

  13. Hi, I’m curious what you would suggest with my situation. I have been in the Philippines on a tourist visa for about a year and a half. Extensions all went smoothly and have my ACR card for about a year now. I am in Leyte and cannot go to Cebu now with the virus going on. I have to go to Tacloban which is about a 2 1/2 to 3 hour drive there. The BI isn’t answering any phone calls at all. I am 5 months overdue to extend my visa now. They opened up the travel restrictions and an Appt was made to finally go. That was only for about 7 days and they locked us down again. The BI never called us the day before like they said to confirm the Appt. Said to not come unless they called. So Appt passed. The problem is (and we have confirmed this from other expats who just went anyway) that if we do go we will be quarantined in Tacloban for 14 days at our expense. Then they won’t see you unless you have an appt. then if and when we try to return they might now let us back in our city and IF they do? We will be quarantined again for another 14 days. I have all the passes, QR code, permission from the barangay Capt, etc. we are keeping all documentation of our attempts to get this taken care of so that I will not be penalized for overstaying. We just cannot get there. I’m a little concerned. Any suggestions? Thank you.

  14. The mass media hype has truly worked on the Philippines about this nothing burger virus. Now in America they are trying their best to sell a ” second wave” while the number of deaths is lower than regular flu. Total manipulation of sheeples.

  15. The ” virus” will magically go away around November 4 2020. Give the Philippines a few weeks longer, since they always follow. Should have a regular Christmas.

  16. Rob so you know all the flu deaths are now covid 19 here in the USA so they are adding the flu with the corona. Also I dunno how accurate these test are everyone now has covid 19. I’m really questioning this Philippines ate the whole hype of the media. I have family work in medical field saying that all deaths are now classified as covid 19 so they get the funds it’s like 50k per death

  17. Rod, I’m hoping that PH will re-open some international flights to the Philippines by Christmas because Christmas is so big there but I just read where Qantas Air is mothballing it’s planes for international flights until at least 3/21.

  18. I am a nurse, my wife is an MD, I can assure you this virus is the worst medical danger in my life time, (I am 61) I’m amazed that people have been given so much misinformation about this. We need to be both personally responsible for our selves and do what we can do to help society. I’m starting to think this is not the society that I grew up in where people would reach out to help each other. Since this comment section appears to be skewed toward conspiracy theories I will add one of my own. I believe that most of the misinformation is not coming from within our society but from outside our country. And while I’m getting things off my chest, the response from most leaders in the US is horrible, I attribute this to greed, misinformation and blindly following a narcissistic idiot who could care less if hundreds of thousands of people die as long as he can be reelected.

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