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  1. You’re not wrong Rod, LOL. I agree with you’re initial comments. Of course the people carrying out the spraying and enforcement stuff
    are just doing what they’re told to do, even if they don’t agree with it, if they object to doing it, then they will be out of a job.

  2. Been there last year summer, good immigration service.. . I moved to bacolod city last year..all is ok here.

    Appreciate all your helpful Information.


    Expat ..(US Coast Guard – ret)

  3. This is my second comment Rod, the other vanished into cyber space LOL. I agree with you initial comments, you are correct.
    Of course the people spraying you with disinfectant etc, are just the pawns of the real ones behind this fantasy.
    Ace Hardware, one of my favourite places, the invection cooker looks very handy for cooking at home, and quick too, might get one when we come back, coz Lina is terrified of Gas, I had to turn it on and off every day for her, LOL. Good vid mate, hi to Arlene.

  4. That looks like a nice day out Rod, food looks really nice in the restaurant, and I always enjoy a look around Ace hardware. Thanks for taking us along, I’m missing my next trip there that I would’ve had by now. Enjoy your new cookware, induction is good.

  5. I had the same problem with my pans mate…
    Seems the screws are slightly different sizes..
    I wrapped a couple of layers of thread tape (silicon tape..) that plumbers use on pipes on the threads…
    That took up the slack and all works fine..
    (Not many things work as they should here)..

  6. Don’t know Rod, that YMCA song playing in the background may get u-tube upset more than they already are. Copyright infringement probably on its way to you now. Surprised mall that empty. They were even letting teenagers in there the other day. Guess each day different with the guards on duty.

  7. I was in G-Mall here in Davao City last evening & there we even fewer people there. I would say about 65-70% of the business was closed. I had to have an appointment once at the BI when we first were under ECQ but. not since then. They sprayed our hands, had us step in bleach & took our temperature. We had to have a mask & shield on in the Mall.

  8. Has BI realized yet that there’s a boatload of expats who now have expired 3 year tourist visas who were unable to leave the country over the last few months to satisfy the exit requirement due to lockdowns ? Have you heard anything new on this Sir Rody ???

  9. Hi Rod, i got ScoVille 5 set From my own country as they were. Half price and i had 40kg for luggage. Because one pan was the same price there. I’m was at J mall. Last December. Not so this year.😕

  10. Hey Rod.. I liked the looks of that face shield the check-out girl had on at the end of the video.. The cheap ones like I have are difficult coz it has a nose piece like glasses… I wear glasses, and the two clash when I have to wear the shield.. My girlfriend bought the ones we have, so I didn’t have a choice.. I am still waiting for my Ltr of reconsideration from BI.. 3 months now… In the BI website it says that the Ltr can be accomplished at any district office, but for some reason Manila is the only place this is being done right now… God knows why.. I submitted through JRC, and Kervan is handling my case.. Getting impatient over the whole thing.. Thanks for the video..

  11. I’m sure that gravy is loaded with sugar, poison. Apple pie and ice cream, not very good for you unless you want high levels of blood sugar in your body. Ever since I lost a bunch of weight adhering to a low carb keto / carnivore eating style, I am always aware now of how high carbohydrate, processed, refined foods damage the body. Consistently consuming high carbs and sugar causes a whole lot of damage in the body over time. Anyway, “food” for thought, haha.

  12. Rod I got the same set of frying pan @SM, they pretty good, but I don’t leave without them assembling. Here things go wrong sometimes…

  13. What’s JCR? When you transfer money where do you pick it up? Thanks 😊 for the visit to the hardware store..of course I love hardware stores and tools.hehe..if you go to ace again show or tell some prices on tools like the tapes, generators and dewalt tools.. thanks for another great and informative video 👌👍😁🤗

  14. Good video Rod. Maybe they have self tapping screws for assembly? They must run into this from time to time. Induction is the way to go. I do have a gas burner in case the power goes out but I live in a small city.

  15. Getting harder in Mindanao. Was just informed they got locked down again. I got a message:
    We’re totally lockdown hon
    It’s very bar
    Got to give it to the Filipinos for their resilience. Girl in Davao City. No work lockdown in March, then got a job at the mall, then they locked down again, job gone. Finally went back to the call center for work, earthquake hit, collapsed the her house. Got a new apartment, another earthquake, collapsed the call center building. Now they’re locked down again. 7:00PM curfew and the can barely move about. Not so bad in Davao City, but in smaller towns, they are noticed so they can’t do anything or go into any store.
    Feel so sorry for the Peoples.

  16. Great video once again! If you ever buy an item that turns out to be defective, do not even go back to the store, just log into your credit card account online (especially if you have an American credit card but anything VISA/MC or American Express should do regardless of country of origin) and dispute the charge. More than not, your money will be credited to you by the credit card company. Just do not abuse the privelege.

  17. I’ve been to J center mall many times. Nice place. Looks like the Philippines is possibly starting to budge on entry of tourists. They are reviewing it right now. I have a credit with the airline from my last attempt to enter the Philippines. They changed the rules a month before I left. Great video and keep em coming.

  18. Hi Rod glad to see the travellers resto bar is still in business it’s a must stop for me when me and the wife are in town really good food nice atmosphere clean, humidifier here in the Philippines lol that would be like selling a dehumidifier in the desert

  19. Haha I often went to that ace hardware store – it had a pretty good selection of things there. Got some paint made up there too the assistant was very helpful. Hope you are cooking well with those new pans.

  20. Hey Rod, how do you send yourself dollars now again? You remit it to yourself via ZOOM then you pick it up somewhere that gives you dollars instead of pesos, is that right? I have a HSBC account in L.A. so i go to the HSBC ATM here by Ayala mall for my pesos but i would like to have dollars stash as well, please advise and thanks, man

  21. Good morning Rod, thanks again for the tour, never realized Mandaue city is so developed. I just passed through this city from airport to Cebu City for 20 years, definitely will enjoy this city next vacation. “alcohol by the gallon”, does that include your drinking alcohol?😁

  22. Ace should fixed their flooring first looks horrible. If there is anything I miss in Cebu it has to be the buffet choices, US and Canada used to be the malls and buffet capital in the world, now I think Philippines got that title.

  23. Hey I plan to go to Philippines in December I hope it’s all well I would love to come visit you and show my appreciation with all the great work you do

  24. Nice video. That’s the only place to get exit certificate. Island mall immigration wont do it. Nice pans. I notice the handshake with your friend. Good! Trump uses the ymca song. Thanks for keeping us informed. We count on you letting us know when we can come back. Take care Hot Rod.

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