1. Always a pleasure to watch. Was gonna say a few things about foreigner prices etc but decided against it. One thing I will say is a crappy doctor at home is probably better than an average doctor in the Phils or Thailand etc.

  2. enjoy your video’s mate, stay safe and keep it coming…i am heading back to Mactan as i’m stuck in New Zealand ( not a bad thing) waiting to join my family there in Mactan. Got a flight booked for 1st Sept. thru Singapore Air from Auckland thru Changi and to Cebu. Betweeb nw and then, i hope no major changes….but you never know, fingers crossed smooth sailing….cheers.

  3. Hi Rod,i’m living here in Bohol and i need to go to Cebu to the US CONSULAR AGENCY to obtain paperworks to marry my girlfriend,is it safe to travel now,or should we wait for some more time before making this journey.We appreciate your news broadcasts, what is your opinion?

  4. Scared to travel? If they will even make it feasible to travel. Not everyone is playing by the same rules. I’d certainly be staying home until everyone has the same rules.

  5. That road needs widening and asphalting. No sidewalks for pedestrians and not safe for those who are walking in the street. Lapu-lapu should make road maintenance a priority cuz it is considered a highly urbanized city.

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