Trying DISGUSTING Japanese Foods Challenge REACTION!

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  1. Japan has so many interesting foods and I do not back down from a challenge! What foods have you tried that you do not like? Comment below!!!!!

  2. By the way, mom being from Okinawa, we both love Goya AND grow it!!! When it’s in season, I eat it every day! LOL My pick for the smoothie…. umeboshi! 😁😁😁😁😁

  3. “Bizarre food” by Andre Zimmerman’s show….. Why not you try one ? You get more followers ! They wanna see you suffer and struggle eating weird unusual food! 😁 Shirako, fish sperm sack, Shiokara,fermented squid flesh….how about delectable tree maggots or Inago, crispy fried locus !😂🍻

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