Uncertain Times in Thailand. Let’s Talk About What’s Next. Notim2bsad

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  1. Cheers from snowy Rock Island, Illinois. The “officials” of our states are hiding behind the “Virus thing” saying that it will be months before they work on our concerns.

  2. Hello Chuck and page you guys are looking good I sure enjoy your blogs try to watch you everyday and this is Ed and Nan from kanchanaburi I know you been here several times I’ve been living here now going on 2 years have a great day God bless you guys and the Mafia Family

  3. Sorry Chuck and Paige, I missed your live streaming. I always miss your fellow YouTuber in Thailand, probably because of the time difference from there to Hawaii. Yea, we are bored in Hawaii from results of Covid-19, rain, and guess what, 60 and 70 degree weather. I hope the vaccine brings back the “Happy Days” for everyone worldwide. I watched the entire blog, good updates. Stay healthy and safe!⭐️🤩⭐️⭐️FOOD, FOOD, Food???🌶🌶🌶

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